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protein bottle shaker

The biggest use of the electric protein shaker is that it can even mix protein powder evenly at low temperature, which provides great convenience for people who often supplement protein powder. However, many beginners do not know how to shake the bottle with a blender. In this article, I will show you how to shake the bottle with a blender.

We all know that the instructions for protein powders also say that you should shake them well to allow the protein to be absorbed by the body, which is true. The key is to shake. If it is difficult to shake completely with a bowl or regular cup, basically shake it in a professional “beater”, usually a stainless steel ball or coil spring. In fact, even a regular mug can be shaken well with a whisk.

01. Material safety.

Most of the cups are made of the same material as the milk bottle, which is environmentally friendly and does not contain BPA. When heated, BPA will be mixed into the beverage, destroying metabolism and known to cause cancer. However, it should be noted that many low-quality milkshake cups bought with protein powder cannot be counted.

Not only are many materials unqualified, but also because the sealing is not good, it is easy to leak, which makes people embarrassed in the process of shaking powder.

02. Prettier and more professional.

Most cups have a ribbon for protein powder and pill supplements at the bottom. Friends all know that adding water before pouring powder is not easy to form sediment at the bottom. Pour the powder in first. If the cup is wet and add water, it is easy to stick to the bottom and not easy to shake.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a professional plastic Shaker bottle to shake the powder, which is convenient, easy to use and safe.

For people who love fitness and sports, a lot of water is absolutely necessary, but for many people who want to build muscle, they often want to brew protein powder with water and add muscle powder. Ordinary glasses are no longer enough. Their needs, so many bodybuilders have a special glass, that is the shaker.

The biggest difference between fitness cups and ordinary water cups is that the shaker bottle is equipped with a spring device that can swing back and forth. The main function of this spring device is to make protein powder and muscle powder dissolve in water better and faster for fitness users.

If you use a regular water glass, dissolve protein powder and muscle powder quickly. Sorry, can’t disband. Either form a powder, or stick to the sides and bottom of the cup, or even form a layer after standing for 3 minutes. This is also the main reason why many bodybuilders choose electric shakers.