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small protein shaker

  The invention of protein shake mixer is really a small miracle. It makes protein powder more silky, but it doesn’t seem so useful to spend a lot of money for a bottle that seems to have only one purpose, right?

  What if we told you that breaking down protein powder is just one of the things your pshaker bottle electric can do? If you haven’t purchased electric shaker cup yet, please check out all kinds of things they can do, not just your pre exercise / post exercise protein! If you have bought the electric shaker, you can unlock these games. Let’s see what role mixer cup plays in your life.


  This seems obvious, but many people don’t realize that your shakers for protein shakes can also be your water bottle! Shakers come in many sizes, but the typical size is about 24 ounces. You will be able to track how much water you drink and make sure you reach the recommended daily intake! (about 64 ounces). 2.Everyone should make sure that they have enough water every day, so as to help their metabolism and make their cells energetic.

  Protein Shake

  Don’t forget the beginning of shaker bottle blender! If you haven’t tried a protein shake yet, shaking the bottle is the perfect way to try. The main difference between shake flasks is that they are equipped with a mechanism that can decompose the ingredients and mix them correctly. Each time, it can smoothly stir your protein shake evenly and operate easily.


  Besides using it for the most basic protein milkshake, what better way to use your electric wine bottle chiller than making an interesting cocktail? Not everyone has room for a cocktail mixer, so throw your favorite raw materials and a small amount of smoothie into your electric protein shaker. The mixed wine tastes more delicate and tastes better than the one with ice cubes. You can try it yourself.

  Salad dressing / sauce

  For those who rarely cook or cook alone, buying large bottles of home seasoning can be a waste. In addition, when you make your own seasoning, you can control the content of salt and sugar to make you healthier! You can use a bowl and egg beater to stir any of your favorite seasoning recipes, then put them into the protein shaker bottle and mix quickly and easily.

  Fluffy scrambled eggs

  Scrambled eggs can be tricky; Over / under beat eggs, you may eventually encounter taste or texture problems. Who wants that? The electric blender bottle will make them smoother and make them into a more fluffy and delicious scrambled egg plate!

  Protein shake flask is not only a protein shaker electric, but also has more functions in life, and each function is very practical. Do you still think it is only a single function after seeing these?