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miixr electric shaker bottle

  VOLTRX glass shaker bottle is one of the best protein shaker bottle companies on the market today. This Superman version is great! It has a lot of liquid to store, and Triton plastic can prevent the fashionable smell of old protein from staying in the shaker for too long! In addition, it has a round bottom, so the stirring ball can enter the smallest place, Mix everything you drink thoroughly

  The best feature of electric shaker bottle is its round bottom. Whenever I electric protein shaker bottle, there is no powder at the bottom. The top is tight, and the beverage mouth is fastened so that the bottle will not leak when shaken. If you need to measure anything placed inside, there are some dents on the side with the measured value.

  I drink a lot of water and often go on the road, so the VOLTRX shake bottle mixer is very effective! The 32-ounce capacity, suitable for the cup holder, the color is great, and the wonderful Wonder Woman logo, which is the decisive factor for me to buy it.