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best shaker bottle

For over 10 years, I’ve been stirring milkshakes in glasses with a knife. The noise is driving my boyfriend crazy. So we got this electric shaker! Not only did the clang go away, but the milkshake tasted better too. No more clumps! Protein Shakers are 100% smooth, bubbly and delicious. Creatine also dissolves and no longer has a sandy texture.

Note that the lid of the electric blender bottle needs to be “snapped”. It took me a few days to realize this. Sometimes I think I break the plastic shaker bottle and shake it and the protein shake leaks all over the place. You really have to bottle the blender so that both sides bite. The protein shake flask was then sealed and nothing came out.

I have been on an elemental diet and protein powder is in powder form. When I put the protein powder in the blender, the protein powder becomes too full. This milkshake mix bottle is really airtight. However, you must make sure that the clips snap tightly. You may hear a click, but it’s not very loud. I find it hard!

I like that the protein shaker has no odor after washing because some protein jars can smell the contents. The size of the mouth is perfect for me. The only problem is that the electric protein mixer is a little too big for the car cup holder. It really can be one. But that’s okay.

A plastic sheet would obviously work, as a blender bottle protein shaker works just as well as a blender.