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glass shaker bottle blender

  In winter, whether at work or at home, the ruthless cold wind will always remind you of the severity of winter, cold shivering and stiff hands. At this time, the most hope is to drink a cup of hot coffee. But making coffee and soybean milk in winter is really troublesome.

  First of all, you have to equip him with a small spoon or stirring rod, especially for patients with advanced lazy cancer. After drinking, you have to wash it with cold water, which is really a torture for old cold hands. Moreover, the mixing process with a spoon is not uniform. In addition, we often throw the cup aside and forget to wash it after drinking. After a long time, when we look back, all the powder that has not been evenly stirred sticks to the cup, which takes a lot of effort to clean like concrete.

  In contrast, the Japanese have a particularly good way to deal with the same problem. As we all know, Japanese office workers have great pressure and fast pace of life. In addition, Japan’s winter is very cold, and the temperature can reach minus 6 ° C. In winter morning, wearing thick gloves and manually stirring coffee is very troublesome, which annoys the Japanese who have always been busy. Time is pressing and the climate is cold, which makes the Japanese try their best to develop more time-saving and worry-saving black technology products, such as shaker bottle electric.

  In order to liberate hands, save time and fully dissolve nutrients, it is more conducive to human absorption.

  After studying dozens of Japanese blender cups, the R&D team of voltrx, a well-known blender cup brand, has developed a best electric blender bottle.

  Quiet protein shake blender abandons the disadvantages of inconvenient manual mixing and insufficient manual mixing, and relies on the power of science and technology to save our advanced cancer. This is a protein shake mixer bottle built by VOLTRX brand with a lot of human, material and financial resources. When using, we just pour the coffee powder into the cup, press one button to start and start automatic stirring. Without stirring it with a spoon, it can be fully dissolved in 30 seconds under the action of ultra-high speed mixing system. A cup of hot coffee is ready!

  Best protein shake mixer can stir coffee powder to fully dissolve its nutrients and heat it more evenly. The special aroma and rich taste of coffee are stimulated. It tastes stronger, softer and lighter, which is more conducive to the absorption of the body. It’s no exaggeration to say that the coffee powder in the electric protein shaker is almost integrated with water. After mixing, it’s not hot at all. The beverage is warm and evenly heated. It’s warm in the stomach. It’s so comfortable. The cold of the body disappears, and the hands and feet return to warm~

  Because of the no residue mixing function of the best protein shake mixer cup and the powerful effect of 30 second instant solution, voltrx is popular in half the sky once it is launched, and voltrx can be seen on shopping websites.