vortex protein shaker amazon

    I bought this electronic blender bottle for my husband as a Christmas gift. I have to say it was worth it! He really likes this electric blender water bottle. it’s easy to clean and not too heavy. He mixes his own stuff in it.

  The protein is in there. When the protein shake mixer electric starts working, he turns it on and it’s ready for him. Mixes well without clumping!

  I love this electric shaker cup. it’s pretty quiet and the charge lasts for days. It dispenses the powder perfectly.

  This electric protein shaker is fantastic! Feels and works great! No bigger, great refill! Very portable, light weight, great!

  I use this vortex shaker bottle every day and it mixes 3 scoops of bare quality without any problems.

  VOLTRX takes customer service very seriously, I had a problem they solved perfectly in two days. This makes me feel very immensely refreshing.

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