electric shaker bottle

  The best cheap blender bottles in history! I have experienced bottles that have been repeatedly taken to the gym with protein powder in them. The original plastic bottle had a peculiar smell and nothing could be washed off, so I replaced it with a glass blender water bottle. The glass is difficult to clean, and it is difficult for me to mix it evenly. I tried one of them is sweet sympathy jebus, this bottle is great. It mixes protein powder in the simplest and most effective way without any peculiar smell. I don’t know why plastics are not made of such non-porous materials, so I immediately bought four more.

  Then, once my wife discovered the same attributes as me, she began to borrow these as her lunch shake…We bought three more metal blender bottles.

  I like to use this protein blender bottle in my protein shakes. I usually mix a scoop of powder with 8-12 ounces of vanilla almond milk. This shaker helps to mix the two evenly, so no thick lumps are left. Easy to use, clean and leak-free.

  I like the second version of this blender water bottle product better than the first version. The bottom is slightly wider and flat. When I make something that is too thick for the mixing ball, the ghost blender bottle is very suitable for my immersion blender.

electric blender bottle

  VOLTRX shaker bottle with stirring ball 2 packs are very cheap, but I hope there is no second version to store your “dry goods”. The shake mixer bottle is very well done, and the mixing ball can mix the dry material and the liquid very well. I find that these products are better than brand names because I have a few bottles that almost all burst from them. Only time will tell how long these materials will last, but they look better and the plastics are thicker. I think I like plastic shapes and mixed balls of different shapes because metal balls are easy to stick together and difficult to clean. In general, my only complaint was that the lid was not fully retracted when I opened it, so when I wanted to take the last bit out, the lid hit my forehead and I had to tilt my head back more than I liked. Because my neck is a bit stiff. But it’s well done, I would definitely recommend Voltrx electric blender bottle!