electric blender bottle

  This protein shake blender bottle can do the job, simple and clear. Before I got the milkshake, I had made the worst protein milkshake. I simply put the milk and protein in an ordinary water bottle and tried to shake it. At first I thought it was enough, but it was not enough. The protein will not be completely mixed with the milk, leaving a disgusting protein taste in the entire milkshake. This is absolutely terrible. Now with this bottle and matching metal stirrer, it never happened again. The quality of the plastic is very high, the way of opening the top is very strong, and the blender bottles are well made.



  -durable plastic

  -Since the top can be removed, it is easy to clean


  -This is not what I can think of. The only problem is that if you don’t clean it up, mold will start to form, but if you put water in it for too long, this will happen to all shakers, protein shaker bottles, plastics, or anything.

  The transportation is fast, and I don’t complain about the seller. I will definitely buy more of these because it is very cost-effective.

  I bought this protein blender bottle for my husband to use at work, lest he steal me. Mine has used it for more than 2 years and there is no problem. I think some people may put the lid on too tightly, which is why some people will crack. But I like to shake the ball. The white blender bottle combines everything. Even if I use it every day, my original is durable and looks new; I mostly use the dishwasher to wash it. highly recommended.

white blender bottle

  There are always many interesting things in this world. For example, there are always endless topics about protein powder. People who hear that fitness will drink this powder to increase muscles, so some people will drink it blindly. So what is the relationship between protein powder and fitness? What is the difference between fitness drink and non-fitness drink?

  Taking white powder as the most common fitness supplement is too high by many people who don’t know it. They even think that those big muscular men rely on a can of protein powder to pile up. This kind of cognitive Mistakes will have a big impact on us, and we should correct them as soon as possible.

  There are people who drink protein powder but do not work out, because protein powder does not require fitness to drink. It can also be used as a health care product, allowing the elderly or people with absorption problems to take in sufficient protein from it, so that the body can Keep it in good shape.

  So for normal people, if they drink protein powder while not exercising, although it will not bring much change, in their daily diet, because they have already taken in the required amount of protein, they drink The protein powder that goes down does not play a practical role, and more will be regarded as excess energy.

  Therefore, if you don’t work out and drink protein powder, it is extremely likely that you will become fat and will put extra burden on the kidneys. This will cause physical problems for a long time. So I suggest that if you are not advised by your doctor, you are not going to work out Don’t rely too much on protein powder.

stainless steel blender bottle

  For bodybuilders, if you do not drink protein powder, it will not have a big impact, because it is an auxiliary function. For general bodybuilders, as long as they pay attention to eating more protein-rich foods in their daily diet, There will be no shortage of food in this area easily.

  For people who have a certain level of fitness, or if the usual diet is not rich, they need protein powder to supplement, so that it is just right to use, and the total amount should be determined according to their own needs, not eating The more you get, the faster your muscles will grow.

  If the physical basis of the two is not much different, people who do not drink protein powder for fitness will be stronger than those who do not drink protein powder for fitness, because the protein is fully used and replenished after being absorbed by the body. The right place to make the muscles stronger.

  If the muscles have not completed the corresponding training, it means that the muscle cells have not been destroyed, so there is no need to supplement too much nutrition. In this way, people who do not exercise will not be able to drink the protein powder to play a corresponding role. After being digested, it will be used as energy, and the extra part will become an incentive for the body to gain weight. Therefore, when choosing supplements, you must buy and use them according to your own situation.