Dilute the hyaluronic acid in the fascia, which has tended to be solid, to quickly eliminate the soreness and pain of muscles

  Fascia contains a large amount of hyaluronic acid, if the PH value in the body decreases, the hyaluronidase activity will increase, resulting in a decrease in the content of hyaluronic acid in fascia, or from the liquid state to the solid state to increase the adhesion of the muscle.

  After a person exercises a lot, the PH value in the body decreases, which in turn increases the hyaluronidase activity, leading to a decrease in the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body and a sore and stiff feeling in the muscles.

  Therefore, if you press the fascia after running, the tissue fluid in the area will increase, which will dilute the hyaluronic acid that has tended to be solid, so that the soreness and pain in the muscles after exercise will be eliminated quickly.

wand massager

  After fitness and exercise, many people will choose to use different equipment for massage and relaxation, such as message gun, foam shafts, fascia balls and so on, so just to reduce their own soreness and make the state recovery faster. However, many people’s concept of massage relaxation only stays in the massage of painful points and stretching the muscle group, but ignore many details, and even use the wrong method, increasing the risk of re-injury.

  The body massage relaxation of the 5 major points

  1. Why do massage relaxation

  After weight training, the muscles will produce small trauma, leaving scar tissue and small nodes (pain points), so that the future training performance is affected. Through massage and relaxation, you can unlock and relieve these pain points.

  2. The principle behind massage and relaxation

  The reason why massage and relaxation of human muscle groups can effectively unlock these pain points is because the mechanical receptors of the body’s Golfer’s tendon apparatus tell the brain that a pressure is being applied to our muscles. When the brain receives this signal, it will relax that muscle to prevent muscle tearing as a human protection mechanism.

  3. How to properly relax massage sore parts

  On the market, common massage equipment are foam rollers, massage rollers, soft baseball, peanut ball, fascia gun, etc., their use of the principle is actually much the same. When you find the muscle tissue sore spot, you should first massage the muscle tissue around the sore spot, slowly apply pressure to the sore spot, and stay on it for 15-25 seconds to apply continuous pressure. At the same time, massage in the direction of the muscle bundle, according to the muscle quality and tension of the soft tissue for about 30-60 seconds (each muscle group). The body should be completely relaxed, as well as deep breathing.

  4. The use of massage equipment

  Myofascial gun is the most convenient and direct equipment, which can be relaxed by different strengths and tips, so that both superficial and deep pain points can be taken care of. The use of foam shafts, massage rollers and other equipment, to adjust their own body posture, shift the weight of the body to change the massage intensity.

  5. Common massage error way

  Direct pressure on the pain points.

  The same pain point of the pressure time is too long. If so, too much pressure on the same point, it may cause soft tissue and nerve damage, later to spend more time to recover.

  Stretching before relaxing the painful point.

  Massage without attention to the position of the spine, especially when using a foam roller, twisting the spine may cause injury, and not deliberately use the roller down the back, because that wrapped no additional bone to protect the spine.

  Pressing too fast will not give the brain enough time to receive messages to relax the muscles. You should massage slowly to allow the superficial fascia and muscles to adapt.

hyperrice gun

  This type of prostate massagger developed for sports is stronger than the general vibration of home massage instruments. Many users believe that the myofascial gun can improve blood circulation, relieve tense muscles and speed up the recovery of physical fitness. Is it really that amazing?

  High frequency vibration transmits power to the deeper layers of muscles

  The current market price range of the fascia gun is very large, from 100 to 4,000 yuan, but still by the gym jerk iron people’s hot pursuit. This type of fascia gun, a high frequency vibration of 2,000 to 3,000 times per minute, transmits power to the deeper layers of the muscle, helping to relax the muscle, improve blood circulation, speed up the drainage of lactic acid, and reduce muscle soreness. Muscles have a certain thickness, manual or home massage equipment, the force only reaches the surface of the muscle, while the high-frequency vibration of the fascia gun, the force will be transmitted to the deeper muscle, the effect is more obvious.

  The danger of fascia gun: five misconceptions in the use

  Myofascial guns are coveted by many sports enthusiasts, hoping to improve muscle tightness and enhance sports performance. But many people use it incorrectly, and the more you use it, the more you hurt. Not all pains can be treated with a fascia gun, and the time and frequency of use also affect the effect.

  Do not use for muscle strain inflammation

  Myth 1: Any pain after exercise, can be used to relax the fascial gun massage.

  Fascial gun can improve muscle pain, tautness and other strain; but sports injuries appear muscle pain along with redness and swelling, it may be acute inflammation, do not use the fascial gun to press the affected area, otherwise it will aggravate the injury.

  There is a man after running, the right thigh muscle pain, the affected area did not see redness and swelling, mistakenly thought it was muscle pain and fatigue, after applying ice to see no improvement in the situation, then use the fascia gun to relax the thigh muscle, pain relief immediately, thought the root of the problem; the next day to get up, the right thigh very painful and swollen, affecting the action to seek immediate medical attention, found that the muscle itself has been injured, and then mistakenly use the fascia gun to aggravate the injury, and finally to Finally, they had to receive physical therapy.

  The same position is limited to 5 to 10 minutes

  Myth 2: The stronger the muscle relaxation with the fascia gun, the more effective it is, and the longer it takes, the more comfortable it is.

  A: Too much strength or too long time can always be injured. Under the high frequency vibration, the force goes through the skin, fat layer and fascia layer first, and then enters the muscle layer; the strength decreases through each layer of tissue. The skin, fat layer and fascia layer are the first to receive force, if the force is too large, it is easy to bruise the surface layer of the tissue, and even make the muscle slightly torn.

  The dangers of fascial guns: five misconceptions in use2

  Fascial gun is suitable for large groups of muscles, such as the buttocks and quadriceps, because the muscles are large and require deeper massage. As for the location of the thinner muscle layer, such as shoulders, may not bear too much strength, easy to cause bruises, it is recommended to use manual massage, the force is gentler.

  As for the time, each time you use the fascia gun, you can not massage the same location for too long, it is recommended to press 5 to 10 minutes. The fascia gun can be equipped with different sizes and shapes of fascia gun head, to facilitate the user to choose according to the needs, among the vertebral fascia gun head is suitable for small muscles such as forearms, the more pointed and fine the gun head, the more concentrated the force issued, the more likely to hurt the tissue, the use of time to be shorter, not more than 5 minutes; spherical gun head contact with the skin area is larger, the force issued more evenly, the most press 10 minutes.

  Can not improve joint pain misuse or injury fascia

  Myth 3: Joint pain after exercise can be improved with a fascia gun.

  Fascial gun only applies to the muscles, while the joints include bone and ligaments; when the high-frequency force is transmitted to the bones, the force bounces back to the ligaments, which may eventually be injured due to overload. One man had ankle pain after practicing running and used a fascia gun to relax, and the next day his ankle swelled. The ankle muscles are thin, and the fascia gun is like a hammer that keeps hitting the ankle and eventually injures the fascia. For muscle pain, massage to increase blood circulation can already be improved; but joint pain can be caused by different reasons, such as cartilage inflammation, abrasion or ligament strain, etc. These reasons cannot be managed through shock massage, but through stretching or strengthening muscle strength to improve, you can seek help from physiotherapists when needed.

  Myth 4: All muscles in the body can be used fascial gun.

  The following locations are not suitable for fascial gun: carotid or femoral artery location

  Although the wall of the large artery is thicker, it may be damaged even if it is constantly subjected to gravity, and the damage may lead to blood clots, and once the clot is dislodged and flows into the brain with the blood to block the cerebral vessels, it can lead to ischemic stroke.

  Chest and abdomen

  Because it is close to the heart, lungs and other major organs, it may be shocked.


  Armpits are full of lymphatic tissue and nerve lines, which may cause lymphatic damage and inflammation, or nerve line injury, leading to hand paralysis.

  Low-headed muscle less elastic manual massage is better

  Myth 5: Low-headed people’s neck, shoulder and waist pain, can be used to relax the fascia gun.

  Soreness caused by poor posture or muscle strength, etc., may not need to use such a high frequency of the massager. Especially often sedentary, muscle strength is not good people, muscle elasticity is poor, can not withstand the high frequency force of the massage ball, easy to be injured. In fact, general back pain, can be used manually or general home massage equipment massage relaxation, the force is not too strong, to reduce the risk of injury.

wand massager

  Today, my girlfriend saw that I was using Voltrx, a massage gun. She said that she had a good appearance, so she was curious and said she wanted to try it. Then she couldn’t stop!

  The first time she used it, she said it was very irritating when it was used, and it was a bit numb.

  I tried a few massage heads, and let me use her hands, feet, and shoulders. I can feel how comfortable she is.

  But she said that it will be a little numb after using it for a long time. It is true that it is not recommended to use it for a long time in the same area. You have to use it according to your actual situation.

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  I also use it after exercise, or massage after get off work overtime, and it doesn’t take too long, but it’s very cool.

  It has three gears that can be adjusted. I usually use one or two gears, and the vibration amplitude and strength are just right.

  Each massage head has its own characteristics. I personally like the flat head and the round head. My girlfriend likes the U-shaped head. It varies from person to person!

  Every time I use it, I take a shower and I can sleep comfortably, and I won’t get sore all over the next day.

  If you are a friend who exercises regularly and works overtime like me, you can consider buying Voltrx this massage gun.

muscle massage gun

  massage gun is now the choice for many people to relax their fascia muscles after fitness and exercise, but after all, the price of fascia gun is much higher than ordinary massage rollers or fascia massage balls. What are the advantages of it? Today’s article will analyze the difference between this popular massage equipment and other massage products. You can choose the most suitable relaxation tool for you according to your personal needs!

  Principle of massage Gun

  The so-called fascia gun can also be called a massage gun. The main principle is to stimulate the fascia, promote tissue blood circulation or relieve muscle tension through high-frequency vibration.

  Many people think that the more sore and tighter the muscles after exercise, the better the results and the muscles are being built; in fact, long-term poor posture or exercise may cause the body to become inflammatory, stick the fascia, limit the angle of physical activity, and cause pain Therefore, moderate massage is necessary after exercise training to help accelerate sore metabolism and maintain muscle elasticity.

  Advantages of fascia gun

  ❶ Vibration training, high frequency soothes pain

  Vibration has an analgesic effect, reduces chronic pain and increases analgesic threshold. The frequency of 50-150Hz works well, and stochastic resonance can further induce more deep core muscle groups.

  ❷Easy to carry, you can press any

  This is my personal belief that the biggest advantage of the fascia gun is that because it is hand-held, it can be massaged anywhere. It is not necessary to spread the yoga mat on the ground like a roller, or use the massage ball as a fulcrum on the wall, and the size can usually be put in a bag. It’s OK to take it to the gym or travel outdoors.

  Which one is better for fascia gun, roller or massage ball?

  In fact, the fascia gun, roller, and massage ball all have their own advantages, depending on everyone’s preferences and usage habits, but in terms of the depth of massage, the fascia gun is slightly better!

foot massager machine

  massage Gun

  It is suitable for both large and small muscle groups, and the piriformis, large and small round muscles that are difficult to press can also be relaxed with a single point


  Convenience/Easy to hold, can be pressed anywhere, but need to be charged

  Massage roller

  Range/small muscle group is more suitable


  Convenience / Large size can not be carried with the bag, better use on the floor

  Massage ball

  Range/output area is small, single point relaxation


  Convenience / very easy to carry, people have to work harder

  massage Gun Unpacking─Iron Man massage Gun

  After reading the introduction of the fascia gun above, we are going to unpack a HUEIYEH fascia gun that has caused a hot search from the end of last year to the present. The Iron Man model has been a topic of discussion as soon as it is launched. Is it good to use it?

  Shape design

  Huiye Iron Man’s ultra-fast vibration fascia gun is a design officially authorized by MARVEL. It adopts the classic red and gold color of Iron Man. The matte metallic luster of the high-grade car paint is very textured.

  Take a closer look, there is even Tony Stark’s signature

  Massage head combination

  It can be seen from the unpacking that Huiye massage Gun is equipped with seven detachable massage heads, each of which has a different function (please refer to the manual), especially the silver aluminum alloy bullet-shaped massage head. Unlike plastic, it can relax deeper to the point of pain, which is very suitable for people who frequently retrain.

  Breast massage

  If it is the chest, back, buttocks and other large muscle groups, the most common round head massage is the best.

  Leg massage

  Some people who are practicing squats and hard lifts often explode the front and back of their thighs and feel sore. At this time, they should change to a flat massage head for the best results.

  Three massage modes, four-speed variable frequency vibration

  According to the difference of exercise intensity, Huiye massage Gun is arranged with three relaxation modes ─ R, M, F and four-speed variable frequency vibration

  R  massage relaxation (relaxation mode)

  M  moderate exercise (quick relief)

  F   intensity exercise (for soothing use)

  1 step   wake up the muscles

  2 steps   fascia relaxation

  3 gears   crash decomposition

  4 levels deep massage

  According to the actual measurement when I went to the gym just the previous day, the M and F modes are more obvious, and the gear speed can be arranged in 2~4.

  High frequency but silent, the chase will not be disturbed

  Huiye’s Iron Man massage Gun is a high-performance brushless motor, which is durable and stable overall. The best thing about the performance is that although the high-frequency vibration is almost silent, I watch the drama while watching it, and I don’t need to turn up the computer volume.