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  Among the training equipment, the home inverted machine is a kind of equipment with many advantages. Of course, it is helpful for us to use the home inverted machine frequently, but the home inverted machine is also particular, but many people do not know the benefits of the home inverted machine. So, what are the benefits of the home inverted machine? Let’s learn about the benefits together.

  The advantages of inverted machine

  1. Connect the blood that is not usually easy to reach the head to the brain. The blood that carries nutrients and oxygen helps to enhance memory and eliminate brain fatigue.

  2. It helps to relieve the pressure on the back spine and ligaments, relieve fatigue, and relax the muscles of the whole body.

  3. Help relieve and correct the aging and sagging of organs caused by gravity, such as gastroptosis.

  4. Promote blood circulation and train cardiopulmonary function.

  5. Promote the body’s endocrine balance and improve the skin condition.

  6. ​​Accelerate fat catabolism and avoid excessive accumulation of muscles and stereotypes.

  How to do inverted machine

  1. After adjusting the valve according to your height, turn the ankle nut to tighten the ankle buckle, and put your back on the lying board to prepare for inverted stretching exercises.

  2. Stretch the body and place it on the lower abdomen in a natural state, and slowly rotate the lying board to a horizontal balance position.

  3. From the horizontal balance position, slowly lift up with one hand or with two hands as needed, and the lying board will rotate according to your ideal angle.

  4. In the case of vertical inversion, push the bench with both hands to experience the best inverted upside-down effect of 160 degrees.

  5. When turning to a normal standing state, slowly place both hands on the lower abdomen, and the body stretches naturally, and then the lower legs are slowly bent and the lying board will rotate to the initial standing position.

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  In the gym, there are many kinds of fitness equipment. Among them, the stair machine is one kind, and many people still know it, and there are many benefits of the stair machine. If you use the stair machine often, there are some particulars. So, how to use the gym stair machine most correctly? Let’s take a look at the stair machine together!

  How to use the gym stair machine

  1. At the beginning, stand on the stair machine and select the desired option on the menu. Most stair machines have manual settings, or you can choose a program to run. Generally speaking, you can enter your age and weight to estimate the number of calories burned during the exercise.

  2. The legs move up and down according to the prescribed rhythm, and the pedals are driven down, but do not go all the way down to the ground. It is recommended that you keep holding the handle to avoid falling. The handle can be used to monitor your heart rate and help you stay at the right intensity.

  3. The stair machine is easy to use, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, and usually has less impact than jogging outdoors. They are generally more difficult than other cardio equipment. A 68 kg person can burn more than 300 calories in half an hour, and walking is about 175 calories.

  The benefits of the stair machine

  1. Low speed can effectively lose weight

  When exercisers exercise on the stair machine with a slope angle of 16% and a speed of 3 mph, they can achieve the training effect of a platform treadmill at a speed of 6 mph. This shows that the exerciser on the stair machine does not need to increase Speed ​​can effectively increase heart rate to achieve fat consumption. When the user is using a treadmill to exercise and wants to achieve the ideal weight loss condition, then the user needs to run on the treadmill for a long time at a high speed to achieve this.

  2. Double exercise

  When a bodybuilder exercises on a stair machine with a slope of 15 degrees or more, the proportion of mobilizing muscle cell tissue to participate in the activity will increase to 75%, while on a platform treadmill, this data is only about 20%. This means that exercisers can complete dual exercises of the cardiovascular system and the muscular system at the same time on the same machine. That is to say, when the user is using the stair machine to exercise, when the slope reaches 15 degrees or more, it will be able to effectively produce good exercise effects on the gluteus maximus, hind thigh muscles, and calf muscles, thereby achieving weight loss and shaping. Body, hip lift and other functions. And the continuous mountaineering activity, although it is at a low speed, also maintains an effective heart rate intensity at a slow speed, ensuring cardiovascular exercise.

  3. Higher energy consumption

  When exercisers exercise on a stair machine with a slope of 16 degrees and a speed of 2 mph, they consume 360 ​​kilocalories per hour, which is three times the calories consumed by a platform treadmill in the same time. Moreover, even if exercisers walk at low speeds on the stair machine, they can effectively mobilize the aerobic system, give strong support to the cardiovascular and muscle active tissues, and accelerate body fat consumption. When a user exercises at a low speed on a treadmill, what we consume is actually the carbohydrates stored in our body, not the fat in our body. If we want to achieve the conditions for consuming fat, we need a long time Running at high speed. However, when using a stair machine, we only need to raise the slope to ensure that when we are standing on the running belt, we consume fat instead of carbohydrates stored in the body. In this way, the weight-loss plan that is difficult to achieve with low-speed exercise on the treadmill can be easily completed when using the stair machine.

  4. Reduce sports injuries

  When we climb outdoors, we actually move our bodies to the top of the mountain. In terms of action, we look at the stair machine or outdoor mountain slope exercise is the same, in fact, outdoor climbers exercise is active, a lot of energy is converted into potential energy consumption through the lower limbs, the legs bear a large proportion, easier Causes short-term fatigue and leg stiffness and thickening. The movement of the person using the stair machine is passive, and more of the whole body joins the movement. Experiments have proved that with the same energy consumption, the stair machine can walk a third longer than the actual outdoor climbing, and the user will be much easier.

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  Among the training equipment, the indoor exercise bike is an effective tool, and the indoor exercise bike is good, but there are some particularities when using the indoor exercise bike, but many people don’t know what are the benefits of the indoor exercise bike, such as exercising legs. Muscles, improve joint flexibility, etc. So, what are the benefits of riding an indoor exercise bike? Take a look.

  1. Exercise leg muscles

  Through continuous riding movements of the exercise bike, exercises of different intensities and resistances, it can effectively exercise the leg muscles and improve the strength and endurance of the legs.

  2. Improve joint mobility

  When riding an exercise bike, you will continue to pedal, and due to the traction of the gluteus maximus and the biceps femoris at the back of the thigh, the hip, knee, and ankle joints can be fully moved and improved Flexibility of joints. Therefore, the exercise bike is also suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and people with walking disabilities to exercise.

  3. Prevent heart disease

  Riding an exercise bike can help promote the blood circulation of the body, and the blood flow is more unblocked, so that the capillary tissue can be further strengthened, and then it can strengthen the blood vessels and prevent heart disease.

  4. Exercise cardiopulmonary function

  Riding an exercise bike can exercise visceral endurance, which is conducive to expanding the heart. During the riding process, the blood supply of the lower limbs is abundant, and the heart rate changes will change with the speed of the pedaling action. Long-term exercise can help strengthen the contractility of the myocardium. Enhance the elasticity of the blood vessel wall, so as to improve the effect of heart and lung function.

  5. Weight loss

  Riding an exercise bike is a kind of aerobic metabolic exercise. Through continuous cycling exercise, it can burn calories and burn excess body fat while exercising.

  6. ​​Relieve stress

  For those white-collar workers who don’t have a lot of time to exercise, riding an exercise bike can easily exercise in their free time. Not only can they exercise, but they can also relax and release stress during cycling.

  7. Convenient to do other things

  When riding an exercise bike, there is no hot music like spinning bikes. You can choose to read, chat or watch TV while riding.

  8. No noise effect

  When riding an exercise bike, there will be no loud noise, so you don’t have to worry about affecting others when you exercise at home.

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  In training sports, in-situ running and running are both effective sports. Of course, regular in-situ running and running are beneficial, such as improving heart function, but many people don’t know the difference between in-situ running and running. So, is running in place the same as running? Let’s take a look together below!

  Is running in place the same as running?

  Generally speaking, running refers to outdoor running. Running in place is naturally different from running.

  First of all, it is different on the surface. Running in place refers to drawing a circle around oneself in a small space, on any field, when running, and people stand in the circle and run like stepping on the spot, with their legs up. Pedal, so that the whole body is in a state similar to running. And running mostly refers to outdoor running. There are many places, and the real running action is done, not just a running state like in situ.

  What are the benefits of running in place

  1. When running on the spot, the space required is very small, so the requirements for the venue are not high. I have to say that running in situ is a relatively economical way. There is almost no need to purchase any equipment, not to mention venue fees and training fees. As long as you find a suitable occasion, you can start exercising to lose weight.

  2. When running on the spot, it is often necessary to raise the legs, which can exercise the leg muscles.

  3. There is a strong running rhythm when running in place, which can bring a certain pleasant experience.

  4. Running in place can also increase the running speed. For example, it can increase from 64-step in-situ running to 120-step in-situ running at a time, which consumes a lot of physical energy and can lose weight.

  5. If you insist on running on the spot every day, it will relieve various sub-health conditions such as hyperlipidemia and high blood pressure.

  6. ​​Running in place can make people more energetic and feel relaxed. Running briskly and rhythmically can make people happy, improve the function of the nervous system, and prevent neurasthenia.

  7. The benefits of running are that it can increase the blood flow of the human body, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, and improve blood circulation. Data shows that the coronary blood flow can be increased by 10 times when running compared to when it is quiet, that is, the blood flow can reach 1200 to 1400 ml per minute. People who persist in jogging for a long time have significantly improved myocardial nutrition, strengthened and thickened myocardium, and improved organ function.

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  The number of comments I received about this at work. I usually drink the vortex shaker bottle or other products in it, just like the water you mix together. It works well and there are no problems. I also used soap to soak in hot water, just to clean it thoroughly, and then I closed the lid and turned it upside down. Not in my backpack or just sitting there. I once had an electric shaker that seemed to leak out of the lid. When you clean up those things in the gym, it’s not fun at all.

  For several weeks, I use this electric shaker bottle 3-4 times a week. It blends well with my protein shake. Wash every time you use it, and the paint doesn’t fade. The only thing I don’t like about this bottle is that the ounce marking is too fuzzy. Unless I’m very close to the bottle, it’s hard to tell how many ounces I want to hold.

  For several weeks, I use this protein shaker bottle 3-4 times a week. It blends well with my protein shake. Wash every time you use it, and the paint doesn’t fade. The only thing I don’t like about this electric shaker bottle is that the ounce mark is too fuzzy. Unless I’m very close to the bottle, it’s hard to tell how many ounces I want to hold.

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  Hula hoop is a very common training tool in daily life. I believe everyone knows it very well, and there are many benefits of hula hoop. Of course, it is very beneficial for us to use hula hoop frequently, but some people don’t know whether it is good for hula hoop. Can thin waist. Can I lose my waist by turning hula hoop frequently?

  Can hula hoop thin waist?

  Hula hoop can thin waist. When turning the hula hoop, the exercise time is extended and it is a continuous exercise, reaching the stage of aerobic exercise, so that the body’s stored fat and excessive calories can be consumed. In addition, turning the hula hoop can not help the peristalsis of the intestines, promote the digestion of the intestines and stomach, but also help smooth defecation, so as to effectively prevent constipation. In addition, turning a hula hoop can also speed up the blood circulation of the body!

  How to turn the hula hoop

  1. Stand on the floor, put the hula hoop around your waist, then take a small step forward with one foot and start practicing. After shaking for fifteen minutes, the other foot moves forward and continues to practice. This is the most basic way to practice hula hoop.

  2. Stand in a half-squat manner, then place the hula hoop above the knees and start to rotate and shake. At this time, our whole body is in a state of tension, especially the knee joints will be well trained.

  3. Choose a hula hoop of moderate size for arm exercises. Place the hula hoop above the wrist. The alternating rotation and shaking of the left and right hands can effectively exercise the muscles of the arm and make the butterfly arm disappear as soon as possible. At the same time, the shoulders can be well exercised.

  4. While shaking the hula hoop with the waist, we can also perform appropriate arm exercises, which will increase the amount of exercise and allow the body to consume more fat in a short time. We can raise our arms while shaking, or extend them in parallel. You can also practice high-fiving and punching while shaking your waist.

  5. Find a place that is more spacious and move forward while shaking the hula hoop. Walking around repeatedly is also a form of deformation exercise, which can enhance the coordination of our body and at the same time allow better training of the abdomen and legs.

  6. Spread the legs shoulder-width apart, then squat slightly, and start shaking the hula hoop. We can feel the special tension in the thighs. If we are too tired, we can alternately practice standing and squatting. This is very useful for eliminating the fat on the thighs. effect. And it can tighten buttocks.

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  Everyone should know that the exercise bike is a very good device, and because it is said that it is a useful device, it can not only reduce fat, but also make the body better. With the development of the times, the exercise bike is now Very well-known equipment, so do you know where the exercise bike is mainly thin?

  Where is the main thinner of the exercise bike?

  Everyone should have done cycling. In fact, cycling is very effective in reducing fat, and it is an aerobic exercise. In fact, aerobic exercise has great benefits for physical exercise and the improvement of the body’s cardiorespiratory function, but if you want to burn calories, you must end the exercise after half an hour. An exercise bike is a kind of fitness equipment that allows everyone to exercise indoors. This equipment simulates the action of a bicycle riding outside, and it is very comprehensive for everyone’s physical exercise. Basically, everyone’s limbs, legs, buttocks, and In the calf, 80% of the muscles and joints are involved in the exercise.

  Requirements for using exercise bikes

  Exercise bikes are basically played with music for everyone to exercise. Therefore, in the process of exercising, you must also follow the music to exercise. During the exercise, the strength of the pace and the music should be matched together, so that the effect of exercise is the best. In addition, the muscle endurance of people who have just started this exercise is relatively low, so the leg You should relax your legs before exercising, and do a good job of relaxation after you exercise. If this exercise can last for 3 to 5 days, your body will slowly follow the rhythm of the music. Faster response.

  Exercise bike precautions

  Although the exercise bike has a very obvious effect on everyone’s physical exercise, and it has many benefits to the body, the exercise bike is actually a kind of whole body exercise, so it is not just exercise to the legs. For some muscle groups of our upper body, the muscles also have an exercise effect, so when we exercise, we must pay attention to the two sides. First, if you want to consume fat and lose weight, you must exercise for more than half an hour. In addition, you should also use the gap time to replenish your body with proper water during exercise. You can choose some functional beverages or carbohydrates that are more suitable for drinking during exercise.

  Although the exercise bike has a very obvious effect on everyone’s physical exercise, and it has many benefits to the body, the exercise bike is actually a kind of whole body exercise, so it is not just exercise to the legs. For some muscle groups of our upper body, the muscles also have an exercise effect, so when we exercise, we must pay attention to the two sides. First, if you want to consume fat and lose weight, you must exercise for more than half an hour. In addition, you should also use the gap time to replenish your body with proper water during exercise. You can choose some functional beverages or carbohydrates that are more suitable for drinking during exercise.

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  This bottle electric is great. It is much easier than using a vibrating cup with a metal ball. If I can give it 10 stars, I will. First-class customer service. There was a problem with my cover (after using it 5 times a week for 18 months), the company responded on the day I sent the inquiry and sent a new cover. I am glad to know that there is such a company. As long as they sell products, they will have loyal customers.

  Okay, electric water bottle. It’s really durable and easy to clean. Sometimes I get 1 or 2 small pieces of powder, but very few. Just don’t let the protein shaker blender last too long. Once the protein powder liquid is added, turn it off and shake it well. One person finds it helpful. Great protein shakes shaker! It’s really a good blend of peanut butter drinks! Super heavy! If not because I have the strongest electric paint shaker. No ball to throw, good value for money.

  What else do you want me to say? I highly recommend this shaker bottle

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  The push-up is a movement to exercise the waist and abdominal muscles, but also a good exercise effect on the back, do push-ups, must be careful, the action range is not too large, the action should also try to standardize, to avoid sports injuries. So, how many push-ups are appropriate? How to do push-ups?

  Prone push-ups do how much appropriate

  In doing this action, we can adhere to each group of movements for about 1 minute, each time to complete 3 to 5 groups. Because the difficulty factor of this action is not very large, so in the process of adherence is not very difficult, then we can choose to adhere to 1 minute each time, so that the exercise effect is better. In addition to do only one group, the exercise effect is very limited, so we can carry out multiple groups each time.

  How to do the prone push-ups

  1. lie prone on a flat chair, keeping the abdomen in the upper part of the flat bench and keep parallel to it. Keep the top of the chest and head hanging off the edge of the bench. 2.

  2. Place your feet under the bench and hook them onto the bench to keep your body stable as the initial part of the movement. Place your hands on either side of your head and place your fingers in contact with your ears.

  3. Bend the elbow joints of both arms and expend the elbow joints outward to lift the upper torso of the body up and off the surface of the bench about 8 to 12 inches.

  4. Slowly and carefully move the upper torso down to the initial position. Repeat the set of movements.

  What to note about the push-ups

  1. you do this action must be slow, if you come up very quickly that is likely to lumbar muscle strain or even injury.

  2. Roman chair against the thighs of the pad is adjustable, remember not to let the pad touch the knee, or do up the knee will be very uncomfortable (blood lessons, must remember).

  3. if you plan to do weighted push-ups, then hang your hands down, two hands and take a barbell piece or each take a dumbbell is okay. But do not put the barbell piece behind the head, so the weight is heavy is easy to hurt.

  4. do not lift the body too high, so as not to overstretch your spine.