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  In the previous dry goods article, we just talked about the difficulty of dumbbell press. If you still have an impression, you should remember that we said at the time that the over-the-top action has the longest power chain, and requires higher scapula and core stability. The dumbbell press is typical.

  Many friends may feel that doing dumbbell press is not as difficult as imagined. Amuscle thinks that you must be sitting during inertial training. During the sitting dumbbell press, our back leaning on the back of the chair has already helped us. Takes most of the stability, but what if you change from a sitting position to a standing position?

  You must be able to imagine that it is inevitable that the core cannot control the body to lean back a little, and the weight of the dumbbells will be greatly reduced. It is precisely because the standing posture better manages our core abilities, which greatly tests our shoulder blade stability and improves the strength of the whole body. It is more worthy of being arranged in our plan.

  Of course, today we still start with the advanced action-alternate standing dumbbell press

  Our preferred variant is to let the dumbbells face you at the beginning, and then rotate your palms outwards when you push, which is more in line with the natural range of movement of the shoulder joint and helps reduce the risk of injury.

  In contrast, when most people push dumbbells in a sitting or standing position, their elbows are spread out to the sides. The result of the outward elbow is that the shoulder joint is in an unfavorable position on the mechanical level, which may cause damage to the joint because the shoulder joint is in an external rotation posture.

  Below we will give you a clear explanation of standing dumbbell press, bringing you effective forms of action and common mistakes, so that all friends can safely and effectively complete standing dumbbell press.

  Arnold standing alternately

  1. Raise the dumbbells to shoulder height with palms facing the body

  2. Separate your feet, shoulder width apart, fix your knees, and tighten your gluteus maximus

  3. While keeping your back straight, push up the dumbbells and turn the dumbbells with your right hand, slowly turning your palms forward until your arms are fully extended. At this time, your palms should be facing forward and keep your elbows locked.

  4. Slowly lower the weight and return to the starting position, with the palm facing the body at the lowest point

  5. Repeat the action on the other side alternately in the same way

  Action suggestion

  1. When lifting the weight over the top of the head, keep the gluteus maximus and core tightened to prevent the lower back from arching excessively, and keep your chest and shoulders straight

  2. At the highest point of the movement, the body should form a straight line from the foot to the hand being pushed

  3. Look straight ahead, keep your head and neck straight, and avoid bowing your head forward

  4. In the process of restoring, inhale, when you push up the dumbbells, exhale

  common problem

  1. Lean back and arch your lower back

  It is the most common and dangerous posture when doing top press-whether it is a barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell. If there is not enough shoulder flexibility, or the weight used is too large, you may be able to take advantage of the force to complete the action by excessively bending the lower back.

  This uncoordinated back posture can cause serious injuries, so it is essential to maintain the flexibility of the shoulder joint. Another common problem is “rib valgus”, that is, the core is not in a contracted state.

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  Ideally, the core should be tightened so that the ribs will be tightened during the press. Keeping the ribs in the lower position during the press is not easy and requires a long time of training.

  2. The arm is not locked

  When you lift the weight above your head, the ideal approach is to lock your arms at the top. The upper arm should be right next to the ear and in a vertical position. This position requires sufficient flexibility in the triceps and shoulders.

  When the arms are fully extended, you can get a short rest at the highest point of the movement, and there should be a straight line passing gravity from the hands to the feet.

  3. Push the weight up by turning sideways

  Training with dumbbells is a good idea because it can help you correct muscle imbalances on the left and right sides of your body. If you find that you are unbalanced, such as the strength of your arms, or the quadratus lumborum or oblique muscles on one side of your body are weaker than the other, it may be difficult for you to keep your body in the correct posture at all times during the action.

  The correct posture is to keep your body upright and stable so that your body will not sway from side to side. When you push up the dumbbells, your body will lean from side to side. Keep your head straight and your gluteus maximus muscles tightened to help prevent your body from shaking.

  I hope here to help you confidently use the correct posture to complete the standing dumbbell press. Mastering this action can help you build a solid strength foundation, which is convenient for you to perform more advanced actions in the future, such as standing barbell strength referrals.

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  Many people in the gym focus on training the muscles of the arms, chest, or hips, but often overlook the back, which also has an important visual impact on body shape.

  Since we can’t see the back in the mirror, we usually ignore this muscle. In fact, a stronger back can bring very beautiful lines and contours to create an ideal physique.

  Not only that, in addition to the pleasing back line, think about how many young people suffer from cervical spondylosis due to prolonged sitting!

  Strong back muscles are also essential to maintain good health and correct posture. For people who want to exercise other upper limb muscles, a solid and strong back can provide an ideal foundation for compound weightlifting.

  In today’s article, we have compiled a series of the most effective exercises to help you achieve the V font type. More importantly, it doesn’t matter if you are in the home, these actions can be done in your own home.

  Home exercises for the upper back

  Resistance band rowing

  Place the resistance band horizontally on the floor, step on it, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Pick up the ends of the resistance band and stand up straight.

  Relax your knees, lean forward from your hips, and lean forward anywhere between 90 and 45 degrees as your starting position.

  Tighten your shoulder blades, open your chest, and then yank your elbows back toward your torso, contracting hard at the top. Slowly return to the starting position to complete an action.

  Perform 3 to 4 sets of 15 to 20 reps, depending on the strength of the resistance band.

  This exercise uses the least equipment to exercise the back at home and can exercise the latissimus dorsi and rhomboid muscles well. You can also try to make your hands pronation, supination, or neutral. The wider the distance between the feet and the stronger the resistance band can make the exercise more difficult.

  Back stretch

  Lie down and stretch your arms in front of you. Grasp the ends of a T-shirt or towel with both hands and pull it apart as if you are about to tear it off;

  Tighten the hips and core, and clamp the shoulder blades. The chin and chest should be a few inches off the ground.

  Maintain a tense state, slowly pull the T-shirt or towel to the chest position, and then return to the extended position to complete the action.

  Perform 3 to 4 sets, 12 to 15 times in each set.

  Back stretching is an alternative to the pull-down equipment of the back muscles in the gym. The goal is to exercise the outside of the latissimus dorsi during contraction and the internal during stretching. It is important to always maintain a constant state of tension so that the muscles in the corresponding parts can be effectively exercised.

  Betrayer rowing

  Prepare for the push-up position, but place your feet on a raised platform (such as a sofa or chair).

  Support the core to keep the body straight, and pull one hand to the body once in a rowing motion. Tighten at the top.

  Return the arm to the up position and repeat on the other side.

  Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions in each group.

  This rowing movement is a full-body burner, which can not only reach the lower part of the latissimus dorsi, but also exercise the shoulders, chest, triceps and core muscles. Increase the number of repetitions to slowly increase the difficulty of the exercise.

  Superman Rowing

  Lie down flat, holding both ends of the resistance band with both hands. The arm is locked into a V shape before stretching to keep it tight. Your hands should be wider than shoulders.

  Keep your head and chest a few inches away from the ground, straighten your legs, and tighten your hips to keep your hips on the floor.

  Clamp the shoulder blades, and then pull the resistance band to the back of the neck. Try to tighten and return to the stretched position.

  Perform 3 to 4 sets, 15 to 20 times in each set.

  Resistance bands may increase the difficulty of this action. It may be difficult to complete the action at first, but it can exercise muscles effectively. Combining this action with W rowing and back stretching can exercise the back very efficiently.

  Surface tension of resistance zone

  Wrap the resistance band around the tree (or similar object) that is parallel to the head position. Hold the end of the resistance band with both hands, and then move back until the belt is tightened and your arms extend.

  The height of the elbow joint is the same as the height of the face. Open the chest and squeeze the shoulder blades. Pull the shoulder straps to the sides of your chin while maintaining the height of your elbows.

  Slowly extend your arm back to its starting position to complete the movement.

  Three sets of 20 repetitions.

  This action is useful for the upper back area (including the posterior deltoid and oblique muscles). Keep the core tight and control the entire movement in order to truly maximize its effect.

  Back to back exercises


  Lie on your back with your arms straight in front and as wide as your shoulders. Straighten your legs, straighten your feet, and put your feet behind in the same way, making them as wide as your shoulders.

  Tighten your hips, shrink your shoulders, and lift your legs and hands off the floor. Relax and let them return to their original positions.

  Three sets of 25 repetitions were performed.

  This upper back and mid-back exercise, including spinal stabilizers and superman, is also a very effective core exercise. You can try to repeat more times, or you can stay still and timed like a tablet, you can say that you can give full play to your creativity!


  Find a suitable bag. Whether it’s a shoulder bag or a suitcase.

  Separate your feet from your shoulders, bend your legs and hips, and grab the bag. Make sure your back is straight so you won’t get hurt.

  Tighten your hips, stand up and lift the bag. You should be careful to use the strength of your legs, not your back, to control your movements.

  Carefully place the bag on the floor to complete the action.

  Complete 6 sets, 15 times in each set, depending on the weight of the package.

  This exercise is a traditional deadlift deformation. It is easy to exercise at home and can exercise all major parts of the body, including the muscles of the back, core and legs. You can put something in the bag to gain weight.

  W Rowing Boat

  Lie on your back with your arms straight and the front of your body in a V shape.

  Tighten the core, maintain the tension of the whole body, and retract the elbows to the hip. Open your chest, bend your waist, and lift the ground.

  Reduce the arms to the limit of the hips and then return to the starting position

  Repeat three sets of 20 to 30 seconds.

  This family exercise is a broad exercise that can increase the strength of the core and lower back. It can stretch together with the back and effectively exercise the upper back and lower back.

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  Hip bridge

  Lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet flat, your arms at your sides, and your palms on the floor for support.

  Keep your back straight, push your heels away, and lift your hips from the ground. Tighten the top of the hips.

  Slowly return to the starting point.

  Complete 4 sets, 8 reps for each set.

  The hip bridge effectively moves to the lower back by its own weight. Using only one leg at a time will make it more difficult, and try to shrink the hips to maximize the muscles.

  The home exercises we introduced above can allow you to create a perfect back without going to the gym. You can also exercise various parts of the back through various movements. Understand the basic form of movement, you can creatively use tools that we don’t usually think of to practice.

  In addition, as we said before, most people neglect back training when exercising at home, so it is best to add more variants to create a good back line.

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