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  There are actually many ways to train a person’s back muscles, and in these methods, the training effect of each method is good or bad. Of course, to train the back muscles, you can use one-arm dumbbell rowing, back-grip chest pull-down, The four exercises of single-arm stretcher rowing and prone side lift are used to train the back. So, what is the best exercise for back muscles? Take a look.

  1. One-arm dumbbell rowing

  Preparation posture: Press the left knee and left hand on the bench, the upper body is parallel to the ground, hold the dumbbell with the right hand, and straighten the right arm. Look up, bow your back slightly.

  Exercise: Pull up the dumbbells and bend the elbows until the wrists are just below the waist, palms facing inwards. Stop at the highest point for about 2 seconds, then slowly straighten your arms to restore, tighten your back. When you straighten your arm, rotate your right hand with your thumb inward to fully extend the latissimus dorsi.

  2. Reverse grip and pull down

  Preparation posture: Sitting position, feet on the ground, adjust the rubber roller to press the knee to keep the knee stable. Hold the bar with your palms inward, with your hands at the same shoulder width apart.

  Exercise: Pull down the bar from the extended position to the chest, tighten the back muscles, and close the elbows to the body. Slightly arch your back, raise your chest, raise your chin, and keep your abdomen and lower back tense. When the horizontal bar is pulled down to the upper part of the chest, the shoulder blades on both sides are folded and clamped to squeeze the latissimus dorsi. Use the tension of the back muscles to control the horizontal bar to pull down forcefully for about 2 seconds, and then control to restore the horizontal bar to reach the highest point of extension When you straighten your arms, stop for about 2 seconds. Each exercise should feel full extension of the arms and stretch of the latissimus dorsi.

  3. One-arm rally rowing

  Preparation posture: Use a high pulley puller, grasp the handle with the palm of your right hand inward, kneel with your right knee, and bend your left leg for support.

  Exercise: Pull the handle down to the chest, keeping the elbows away from the body. Rotate your right hand toward your body while pulling down. In the fully contracted position, use the tension of the latissimus dorsi to control the pull handle for 2 seconds, and then slowly restore the pull handle.

  4. Stand prone and side lift

  Preparation posture: Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stand shoulder-width apart with both feet, knees slightly bent, and bend forward so that the torso is basically parallel to the ground, the arms are naturally drooping, and the palms of the hands are facing each other.

  Exercise: Lift the dumbbell by contracting the deltoid muscle, keeping the elbow slightly bent, and avoid lifting the torso when lifting the dumbbell. When the upper arm side is raised to the shoulder level, pause for about 2 seconds, and then control the dumbbell reduction.

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  This is not my first protein bottle. I have an old athlete with the same side marks. Tell me where to fill in. Clear and easy to read. I think if you don’t like washing dishes, you shouldn’t take this protein shake blender. I would say that hand washing guarantees the best cleanliness from all crevices, you will see other comments, please pay attention. If you are lazy, don’t buy it, but I don’t mind, because the dishwasher is my grocery store.

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  In general, I like the compactness of this protein shake blender. My milkshake is salted caramel, biscuits and cream. You only need a scoop of 8 ounces. If your protein or food needs more water, take a large protein shake blender. If you don’t need it, take a small protein shake blender to give your lunch more room to pale. If what you buy in the market is small, lightweight, compact, simple, and leak-proof, you must grasp this.

  just take a step back and say, there are only a few colors, compared to the old athlete mixer, there are more color choices.

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  Many women are very concerned about their posture. Because with the improvement of living standards, people no longer simply pursue the improvement of material life, and the beauty of appearance has become a lifelong pursuit of many people. For a woman, a good posture is even more important.

  The shoulder is the second highest part of our body after the face, so the shape of the shoulder is particularly important for our body. Many female stars have photogenic right-angled shoulders full of skinny beauty. This kind of shoulders is simply a straight male killer after wearing a skirt. So many women want to have a right-angled shoulder to enhance their feminine charm. This article will talk about those things about shoulder exercises!

  One. Two misunderstandings of women’s shoulder exercises!

  1. Shoulder training = muscle mass?

  Our shoulder contains a whole muscle. This main muscle is our deltoid muscle. The deltoid muscle is mainly divided into three parts. In many women’s impressions, if they go to the gym and do shoulder exercises on a large scale, they will surely produce hard muscles and lose their feminine charm. This idea is seriously wrong.

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  Because our female body anatomy and physiological structure does not allow a large amount of tearing and reorganization of our muscle dimensions, we will not cause a large number of hard muscles to be produced during our exercise.

  2. Only want partial exercise

  Our body is an overall system that works in harmony with each other, so partial weight loss such as simply reducing the shoulders or reducing the legs cannot be achieved at all. When we lose weight in our daily life, we must insist on whole body weight loss exercise.

  We can do aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Among them, aerobic exercise can help us better consume fat inside the body, strengthen the body’s metabolism, and can also help our body shape perfect muscle lines. Anaerobic exercise can help accelerate the decomposition of glycogen in our body, thereby promoting our body to consume fat faster.

  Two, these six movements can exercise right-angled shoulders? Keep exercising and solve your stubbornness

  Action 1: Lift the dumbbells alternately

  Action 2: Lift the tensioner forward

  Action 3: Standing dumbbell press

  Action 4: Sitting posture, leaning over and lifting sideways

  Action 5: Raise the side arm horizontally

  Action 6: Flat lift in front of dumbbells

  Summary: I believe you all have your own understanding of weight loss on the shoulders after seeing this! But there are still a few things to remind you! When we exercise in our daily life, it is easy to strain muscles and bones because the body cannot withstand too much exercise pressure at once. So before we exercise, we must remember to do some warm-up exercises to help our body better adapt to high-intensity training!

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  If a woman can persist in exercising, then this woman is really too strong. On the one hand, we have to resist the temptation of various foods. On the other hand, mobile phones are also waving to you frequently. At this time, if a woman can put down her mobile phone and put down snacks to go for a run, it is really rare. So is it good for women to run? As long as you can persevere, these benefits will come to you.

  1. Make you more independent

  In our impression, women should be of the “嘤嘤嘤” type, but women who like to run are different, they tend to be more independent. Because running is a relatively boring process, it requires us to exercise for up to 30 minutes or more by ourselves, so we can cultivate our independent character, so women who run often tend to be more independent.

  2. Make you stronger and more confident

  Women are afraid of “Xiaoqiang”? not necessarily! Women who run often often encounter many creatures, and running exercises can also cultivate our strong will quality, which can make us stronger and more confident, and our courage will also become bigger.

  3. Make you more self-disciplined

  We have already mentioned that running is a boring process. If a woman can persist in running, then this woman is undoubtedly very self-disciplined. If one is self-disciplined, what else can’t be done?

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  4. Make you happier

  If you have female friends in the physical education department around you, you will find that these people are often more optimistic and cheerful than other girls, which benefits from the psychological effects of sports. Persisting in running can promote the secretion of certain hormones in our body, such as dopamine. This hormone can make us happier, and some of the troubles we encounter in life will also disappear, so we tend to behave better. Happy.

  5. Increase your resistance

  Compared with boys, women’s bodies are weaker, so many female friends will catch colds in winter. But this is still relatively rare among women who insist on running. Persisting in exercise will greatly mobilize our various systems and promote the enhancement of their functions. The immune system is not surprising. So friends who often run are not easy to catch colds.

  Conclusion: Running this sport has a great effect on the body, so is it good for women to run? The answer is yes, as long as everyone can put down their mobile phones, the above benefits will come to you, which can increase your endurance, make you more optimistic, enhance your resistance, make you better in shape, and make you more self-disciplined.. ….

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  I have tried many bottles, the best is the easiest to clean (much easier than plastic grate). Please note that the lid needs a bit of force to close all the roads-1/2 road is a bit closed, it looks like it is closed, but if it shakes in this state, it will bring bad luck. When the voltrx blender bottles are completely closed, the voltrx blender bottles will make a “loud” sound. The voltrx blender bottles are safe, although I still recommend holding down the voltrx blender bottles when actually shaking.

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  In ordinary life and during fitness exercises, we may feel that our body coordination is not very good, usually there is no way to keep the center of gravity in one place, and at the same time, we will stagger when we start the action, not very focused. In fact, this is The reason for the poor balance of the body, the reason for this problem, one is that our muscles are not strong enough, and the other is that the balance of the body itself is not very good. Today, let me tell you a few actions to make your body better. The balance is improved.

  One, stretching exercise

  I believe everyone is familiar with this movement. In the usual warm-up exercises and exercises, everyone will perform this exercise. Stretching exercises. Actually, it’s very simple. Let the body stretch. We can choose to stand on the ground with one foot, and then move the left hand towards Extend the body facing straight forward, then lift one foot, let the foot stretch back, and grab the raised foot with the other hand.

  This movement is a basic movement in yoga, and it is also a good movement for practicing coordination and improving the balance of the body. We should try to keep the same weight on both sides of the body so that the foot can be balanced. Then make some adjustments on this basis. To do this action, we must hold our breath, breathe evenly and slowly, and must calm down to have the effect of practice.

  Second, stand and stretch backwards

  We don’t often do this movement. Generally, we do the standing lower body extension and stretching upwards, which has a very good practice effect on our body balance. First, we need to clasp our hands and make a fist, and then While the hands are growing upwards, bend downwards to make the basic movement of a standing sitting posture, but the difference is that the arms should be placed behind and extended upwards.

  When doing this action, the body presents two right angles. First, the arms and the back form a right angle, and the upper body and the legs form a right angle. When doing this action, you should do it slowly and don’t rely on inertia to complete it quickly. Everyone has different degrees of softness, so don’t force it. You can stretch slowly, step by step, and increase the frequency and degree of movement, which helps us to better stretch.

  Three, squat against the wall

  Many people think that squatting against the wall, why can they practice their body balance? In fact, this is a good exercise, because it can practice the muscles of our whole body, and it also has a very good exercise effect on the control of our body’s center of gravity. First of all, the basic exercise is to stand with your feet apart about shoulder width or even wider , And the distance between your feet and the wall is also a shoulder width, then the upper body makes a downward movement, and then the distance between your thighs and calves is about 90 degrees, and your back shoulders, cervical spine and head are all Lean against the wall.

  At the same time, raise both hands forward, make fists with both hands, and palms down. When doing this movement, it is worth noting that we must make the movement a standard. Don’t covet to hold on for a long time. You should hold on for a while after your legs are shaking. This is a normal phenomenon.

  Conclusion: There are many exercises that can be used to practice body balance. These three are only representative three. They are also very simple three movements that can be done at home. If you want to practice body balance, let your body When doing other movements, it is more coordinated. We can do more of this basic exercise. I believe that there will be improvement if we persist for a period of time!

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  In fitness, there are generally two types of fitness people. One type of fitness people will keep track of their fitness status, and will work out a fitness plan of their own, clear what the weight is during each training session, and the number of times is What kind of rest is between groups, and the other type of fitness people, they are more casual when they work out. Do whatever training action you like, and change to another when you get tired. I don’t know how long I have been training for a certain training action during this training session, and what the training intensity is. It is conceivable that only the former of these two training methods can really go in the fitness circle, because these records are very important in the later period. Rest between groups is easily overlooked by everyone. What is the correct rest between groups? What should we do during the rest between groups? During the warm-up and stretching before and after training, have you noticed these details?

  How should One choose a reasonable break between groups? What can be done during the break between groups?

  1. How to choose components to rest?

  Regarding rest between groups, many people have a misunderstanding that if the rest period is shorter, the muscles will get more exercise, and the effect will be better. In fact, if we want to consider for the whole, we cannot blindly pursue short breaks.

  The specific rest time between sets has a lot to do with the action we choose. If the intensity is too high, then a three-minute break between sets will be more appropriate, because at this time the body can have sufficient time to relax.

  In high-intensity training, if there is only one minute of rest between sets, it seems that after one minute you have been relieved, but the muscles are still in a state of tension. At this time, if you do the next set of training, it will have a training effect. Greatly discounted. Of course, if our intensity is low, choosing a three-point break between groups will only make our previous sense of muscle training disappear.

  2. What can I do to rest between groups?

  Many people just want to know, if there is a three-minute component break, what should be done? Do you just sit in the gym? If you feel that each group takes a three-minute rest, and the relative time is not enough, you can try to merge the two trainings together to form a super training group. After finishing the super training group, rest for three minutes, and the overall time can be adjusted.

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  Secondly, during the rest, we can walk back and forth, and do some stretching and relaxation appropriately, so as to ensure the temperature of the body and muscles. Of course, if you simply want to pass the time, during this rest period, it is understandable to take out your mobile phone and scan your circle of friends.

  02Even if time is tight, don’t omit the warm-up part. It’s important to warm up enough

  1. The importance of warming up

  I believe everyone has heard of the saying that sharpening a knife does not cut wood by mistake. Do you want to be able to increase the efficiency of cutting wood? First of all, the knife needs to be closed, so the process of sharpening the knife cannot be ignored.

  This principle coincides with the warm-up training in fitness. A gentleman can wake up the muscles of our body, so the next training can be more efficient.

  Therefore, during fitness, if our time is relatively tight, we can reduce the training capacity and the training intensity, but can not save the warm-up time. When chopping wood, without a sharp knife, the overall efficiency can be imagined.

  2. How to warm up?

  In the warm-up session, we can first perform aerobic exercise or dynamic stretching with a lower intensity for about five minutes. This will allow the muscles to warm up slowly and quickly enter the training state, followed by simple full-body strength training. Focusing on the target muscles that you mainly exercise on the training day can improve training efficiency.

  Conclusion: Rest between groups is easily overlooked in the fitness program. In fact, if you can take a reasonable rest, it can improve the overall efficiency. I hope everyone can pay more attention to it in the future. Secondly, the full warm-up has been emphasized many times in the fitness circle, and I hope that everyone will not take opportunism and think that they are different.

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  The protein powder for bodybuilding and muscle building has been trusted by fitness and fitness enthusiasts since its birth in the 1980s. In addition, with the overall development of the fitness industry, there are more and more muscle men, and there are not a few muscle men who have used protein powder for a long time, and protein powder has also become famous. Even in the minds of many people, protein powder has been equated with fitness. When it comes to fitness and muscle building, protein powder and muscle building powder are indispensable.

  It can be seen that protein powder seems to have become synonymous with bodybuilding and muscle building. However, many people have expressed doubts about the safety of protein powder. But at the same time, many people are convinced of the “efficacy” of protein powder, and even think that as long as they drink protein powder, they can “automatically build muscle.” Don’t think that the author is joking. Since protein powder was demonized by some netizens, some people really believe that only drinking protein powder can build muscle. And there are people around me who try to drink only protein powder and not exercise. So, what happened to those people who only drank protein powder and didn’t work out?

  1, changes in body

  Whether they drink protein powder for fitness or just drink protein powder for not fitness, without exception, they are all people who try to change their body, with the goal of gaining muscle. Drinking protein powder can increase muscle mass, but for people who only drink protein powder but not fitness, this wish cannot be achieved. After all, protein powder is not “clenbuterol”. The process of muscle growth is like this. You must first lift the iron to damage the muscles, and then add a lot of protein to repair and grow the damaged muscle fibers. Those who only eat protein powder and don’t work out, ignore the most important link-training. Therefore, no matter how much he drinks or how long he drinks, his body will not become the way he yearns for it in the end.

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  The author still remembers a friend from many years ago who wanted to have a muscular figure, but most of the questions he asked the author were about the price and quality of protein powder, and were indifferent to how to train. Because he is a little white and has no previous fitness experience, the author reminded him that it is useless to drink protein powder without training. He said that he knew, but he didn’t believe it. As a result, I could think of it with my fingers, and my wish to gain muscle was lost.

  2. Impact on the body

  If you want to talk about the effects of only eating protein powder without fitness on your body, many people may have to take the kidney as an example. It has always been said that drinking protein powder has an effect on the kidneys. Is it true? In this regard, the author believes that a word must be counterproductive. But for now, there seems to be no clear case of kidney effects caused by high-protein diets. Therefore, for people who only drink protein powder and do not exercise, the question of what their body will become in the future depends on the health of each person. Different people have different effects. In addition, most of their bodies will have several similar reactions, the frequency of their body’s gas emission will increase, and the taste of excrement will be heavier than before eating protein powder.

  3, give up the use of protein powder

  I believe that not many people will go to the dark one by one on the road without any return. The same is true for “fitters” who don’t want to make substantial efforts but just want to take shortcuts. Of course, it is not ruled out that there are people who simply like the taste of protein powder. When I was in school, I had a teacher who loved dairy products. It was fine to drink protein powder as a tea, so that he was just over 1.7 meters tall, but he had two hundred. How much weight. But people’s purpose is to drink taste, not to build muscle. In fact, people who only drink protein powder and don’t work out will gain muscle at the very moment when they first drink it. If they drink it for a few months, they won’t grow muscles. In the end, most people will give up this “shortcut”. After all, protein powder is also not cheap.

  In fact, the relationship between protein powder and fitness is very simple. I don’t know if it’s because of the biased views of some netizens or businesses that make protein powder a common but not simple thing in people’s eyes. Many people are obsessed with muscular body, but are too lazy to train. They just want to take the so-called shortcuts. Some fitness novices even asked the author in a private message, “Where can I take steroids?” It can be seen that there are still many people who don’t know enough about fitness. The author would like to say that there are only two words to gain muscle, training.

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  Although we all know that breakfast is very important, sometimes it is really difficult to get up early to prepare. How do you eat breakfast when you only have 10 minutes to go out?

  Many people ask whether it’s good to have a cup of protein powder for breakfast? Let’s put it this way, although you can get a variety of vitamins and minerals from food, protein shakes are a very convenient way to help you get these nutrients without eating a regular breakfast.

  So a cup of protein powder in the morning is beneficial and harmless, so what kind of protein powder is the best for breakfast?

  Why breakfast is a good time to eat protein powder

  The plan for the day is in the morning. Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast can help us get through the day better. A large number of studies have shown that eating breakfast helps to lose weight and improve mental performance. Other studies have shown that protein in breakfast can help suppress appetite and suppress food cravings that may appear later in the day, commonly referred to as cravings.

  Many people do not eat breakfast, or are not used to eating in the morning. Although protein shakes cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet, they can be used to supplement the diet to ensure that we meet our daily protein needs. For example, protein powder can be added to other ingredients to make a milkshake, which can increase the nutrition of the meal.

  How much protein should I consume every day?

  Currently, the reference nutrient intake (RNI) for adults is set at 0.75 g/kg body weight. Therefore, for a person weighing 60 kg, the average protein level to be achieved per day is 45 grams.

  If you want to build muscle, this dose may be slightly increased to 2.2g protein per kilogram of body weight. The reason is that muscle fibers are damaged during exercise, and more protein needs to be consumed to rebuild and support the growth of new muscle tissue.

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  The sources of lean protein in the diet include chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products, legumes and other legumes. Compared with the same amount of protein in food, protein shakes can provide a lot of protein in a smaller amount of liquid. It is also a convenient way to meet our daily needs, especially for people who have difficulty supplementing enough protein in their diet.

  Protein powder that can be added to breakfast

  Protein powder is a simple way to supplement extra protein in the diet. It can provide a large amount of protein to the body when the budget is limited. There are many different types of protein powders to choose from, some of which are more suitable for breakfast.

  1. Whey protein

  This is one of the most common protein powders and a natural by-product of cheese making. There are three main types, whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate.

  Whey Protein Concentrate is the most commonly used of these three. Each 100 grams contains 80 grams of protein, 5 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fat.

  The protein content in every 100g of whey isolate is higher, the total amount is 90g. It also has less fat and carbohydrates than concentrates. This is because the whey isolate is refined for better purity, which is usually a better choice for those who really restrict fat and carbohydrate intake. Whey hydrolysate is also a relatively refined protein, which can be quickly absorbed by the body. If you want to recharge your muscles as soon as possible after exercise, this is a good choice.

  So the choice of protein powder may depend on your goals. Choosing whey protein concentrate may be the best choice for people who gain muscle, because excess carbohydrates and fats may also help. For people who want to lose weight and want to limit their weight, separation may be better.

  Although these protein powders are good, in order to match the best macronutrients in your diet, you may want to eat other things at the same time as your breakfast, such as carbohydrates and fats. Fruits, nuts, butter, and oats are all good ingredients for milkshake.

  2. Plant protein powder

  Plant protein is a good choice for anyone. Even if you are not a vegetarian, research shows that, like other forms of protein, plant-derived protein can help build muscle. If you are intolerant to dairy products, or just want to limit your intake of dairy products, plant protein powder can help.

  It is more important to choose vegetable protein powder with higher amino acid content, such as a mixture of two kinds of protein, or choose soybean as a complete protein. If you want to quickly replenish energy, you can add some fruits, vegetables, seeds and even spices to make a delicious breakfast milkshake.

  delicious and healthy protein shake ingredients

  To make breakfast more nutritious, consider the following ingredients:

  1. Berries-rich in antioxidant vitamin C, which helps keep the body and cells healthy. Add a small amount of milkshake to unflavored or flavored milkshake to increase the taste.

  2. Nuts and flaxseed-rich in vitamin E and selenium, help to keep the immune system functioning normally. Add 1-2 tablespoons of breakfast milkshake.

  3. Spinach or kale-green vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals.

  4. Bananas are a good source of potassium and help regulate muscle contraction and nerve signals.

  5. Oats-carbohydrates rich in fiber, are a good source of whole grains, can help maintain a longer-term fullness, and help maintain a stable blood sugar level throughout the day.

  Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight, eating protein shakes for breakfast is not harmful to your health. This is much better than skipping breakfast or eating unhealthy things.

  There are many kinds of protein powder. You can also try to use some vegetarian food. Adding spinach or berries to breakfast protein shakes can enhance the nutrition of the milkshake and maximize the support of the immune system and overall health.

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  Many people focus on exercising the muscles of the arms, chest, buttocks, and legs in the gym, but often ignore the back, which also has an important visual impact on body shape.

  Because we cannot see the back in the mirror, we usually ignore this muscle. In fact, a stronger back can bring beautiful lines and contours to create an ideal physique.

  Not only that, in addition to the pleasant back line, think about how many young people suffer from cervical spondylosis due to prolonged sitting.

  Strong back muscles are also necessary for maintaining good health and correct posture. For people who want to exercise other upper limb muscles, a strong back can provide an ideal foundation for compound weightlifting.

  In today’s article, we have compiled a series of the most effective exercises to help you reach the V shape. More importantly, it doesn’t matter where you live. These actions can be done in your own home.

  upper back exercise

  Rowing with a resistance band

  Place the resistance band horizontally on the floor, step on it with your feet, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Pick up the ends of the resistance band and stand up straight.

  Relax the knees, and tilt any position between 90 degrees and 45 degrees from the hip as the starting position.

  Tighten the shoulder blades, open the chest, then pull the elbows back toward the torso, and then forcefully contract at the top. Slowly return to the starting position to complete an action.

  3 to 4 sets, 15 to 20 reps in each set, depending on the strength of the resistance band.

  This action uses the least equipment to practice the back at home, which can exercise the latissimus dorsi and rhomboid muscles well. You can also try to rotate your hands internally, externally, or neutrally. The wider the distance between the foot and the stronger the resistance band, the more difficult it is to exercise.

  Non-finish straight

  Get down and straighten your arms. Grasp the two ends of the t-shirt or towel with both hands and pull it apart, as if you are going to break it;

  Tighten the hips and core, and clamp the shoulder blades. The chin and chest should be a few inches above the ground.

  Keeping tension, slowly pull the t-shirt or towel to the chest position, and then return to the stretched position to complete the action.

  3-4 groups, 12-15 times per group.

  Back stretching is an alternative to the gym’s back muscle pulling down equipment. The goal is to exercise the outside of the latissimus dorsi when contracting and the inside of the latissimus dorsi when stretching. It is important to maintain a constant state of tension in order to effectively exercise the muscles of the corresponding parts.

  betrayer rowing

  Push-ups are ready, but put your feet on a raised platform (such as a sofa or chair).

  Support the core to keep the body straight, and pull one hand to the body at a time. Tighten from the top.

  Place the arm back to the pressing position and repeat on the other side.

  Repeat 15 times for each group in 3 groups.

  This stroke is a full-body burner, which can train the lower part of the latissimus dorsi, but also exercise the shoulders, chest, triceps and core muscles well. Increase the number of repetitions and gradually increase the difficulty of exercise. Superman Rowing

  Lie flat, holding the ends of the resistance band with both hands. Before stretching, lock your arms into a V shape and keep them tight. Your hands should be wider than shoulders.

  Keep your head and chest a few inches off the ground, straighten your legs, tighten your hips, and keep them on the floor.

  Clamp the shoulder blades and pull the resistance band to the back of the neck. Try to tighten and return to the extended position.

  3-4 groups, 15-20 times per group.

  resistance band may increase the difficulty of this action. It may be difficult to complete the movement at first, but it can effectively exercise muscles. Combining this action with paddling and back stretching can exercise your back very effectively.

  surface tension of resistance band

  Wrap the resistance band around the tree (or similar object), parallel to the head position. Hold the end of the resistance band with both hands, and then step back until the strap is tightened and your arms stretched.

  The height of the elbow joint is the same as the face. Open your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades. While maintaining the height of your elbows, pull the shoulder straps to the sides of your jaw.

  Slowly extend the arm back to the starting position to complete the action.

  Perform three sets of 20 repetitions.

  This action is very useful for the upper back area (including the posterior deltoid and trapezius muscles). Keeping the core tight and controlling the entire movement can really give full play to the effect.

  next exercise

  Superman style

  Lie flat, arms extended forward, about shoulder width. Straighten your legs, straighten your insteps, and keep behind you in the same way, keeping your shoulders away from the ground.

  Tighten the hips, shrink the shoulders, and lift the legs and hands off the floor. Relax and let them return to the starting position.

  Perform three sets of 25 repetitions.

  This exercise exercises the upper and middle back areas including the spine stabilizer. Superman is also a very effective core exercise. You can try to repeat it several times, or you can keep still and time like a tablet stand, so you can use your creativity!

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  Hard inquiry (a method of credit inquiry)

  Find a suitable bag. Backpacks or suitcases are fine.

  Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your legs and hips, and hold the bag firmly. Make sure your back is straight to avoid injury.

  Tighten the hips, stand up, and lift the bag. You should pay attention to using the strength of the legs instead of the back to control the movement.

  Carefully place the bag on the floor and complete the action.

  Complete 6 sets, 15-20 times per set, depending on the weight of the bag.

  This action is a deformation of the traditional deadlift, which is convenient for home exercise and can exercise all the main parts of the body, including the back, core and leg muscles. You can put something in the bag to increase the weight.


  Lie flat, put your arms straight in front of you, in a V shape.

  Tighten the core, keep the whole body tense, and retract the elbows back to the hip position. Open your chest and bend your middle back so that it can lift the ground.

  retract the arm to the limit of the hip position, and then return to the starting position

  Do three sets of 20-30 second repetitions. This home exercise is a wide range of exercises that can strengthen the core and lower back. It can be combined with back stretching to effectively exercise the upper and lower back.

  hip bridge

  Lie flat, knees bent, feet flat on the ground, arms at your sides, palms on the floor to support.

  Straighten your back, push your heels, and raise your hips off the ground. Tighten the top of the hips.

  slowly return to the starting position.

  Complete 4 sets, 8 reps for each set.

  The hip bridge effectively moves to the back waist by its own weight. It is more difficult to use only one leg at a time. Try to contract your hips and exercise your muscles as much as possible.

  The home exercises we introduced above allow you to create a perfect back without going to the gym. You can exercise various parts of your back with various movements. Knowing the basic movements, you can be creative and practice with equipment that we don’t usually think of.

  In addition, when exercising at home, as we said before, most people ignore back training, so it’s best to make more variations and create a well-shaped back.