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  I gave this electric shaker bottle to a friend as a Christmas gift. He uses the protein shaker bottle for his daily BCAA, pre-workout and protein shake. He really likes it. It looks cool. Every time we go to the gym, people comment on how cool the protein shaker looks. Super easy to clean, just put in some cleaner and water and turn it on. I even bought one for myself.

  It really mixes up in seconds and it’s the best for making protein shakes. I really like this protein shake blender. now working out is even easier for me. Very easy to clean. I am very happy with this purchase.

  This Shaker Bottle is a game changer for anyone who loves superfoods, protein, collagen and powder for every workout. No clumps, easy to clean!

  I really like this blender bottles. make sure you wash it after every use! Hit it with hot water and rinse the whole thing off. The middle blender blade is made of plastic, so I was worried about the long term durability of the protein bottle, but the glass shaker bottle is great for blending powders.

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  In the exercise action, running in place is a very good action, of course, it is good to practice running in place regularly, such as enhancing muscle elasticity, accelerating body detoxification, strengthening bones, etc., but many people don’t know about running in place what is the benefit. So, what are the amazing benefits of running in place? Let’s take a look at the benefits of running in place.

  1. Improve heart function

  Running in place can help improve heart function. In the process of running in place, the blood flow of the coronary arteries will be greatly increased, and myocardial nutrition can also be significantly improved, which helps prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and improve heart function.

  2. Enhance muscle elasticity

  Running in place can help increase muscle elasticity. In the process of running in place, the muscles of the whole body will contract and stretch rhythmically, which can help increase muscle fibers, improve muscle elasticity, strengthen muscle strength, and so on.

  3. Improve lung function

  Running in place can help improve lung function. When running in place, it is also required to cooperate with deep and rhythmic breathing, which can effectively exercise lung breathing, enhance the oxygen uptake capacity of the lungs, and increase lung capacity and so on.

  4. Speed ​​up the detoxification of the body

  Running in place can help accelerate the detoxification of the body. When running in place, the body will sweat a lot, and the toxins in the body will be excreted along with the sweat to achieve a good detoxification purpose. Running in place is also effective for detoxification and beauty.

  5. Strong bones

  Running in situ can strengthen bones. During running in situ, the blood circulation of the body will be accelerated, which is conducive to improving the nutrient supply of bone cells, increasing their growth ability, and contributing to the normal development of bones. In addition, running in place can also delay the degenerative changes of bones.

  6. ​​Weight loss

  Running in place can help lose weight. In the process of running in place, the body’s metabolism speeds up, detoxification can also accelerate the consumption of body heat, which is helpful to lose weight. However, it is important to standardize the exercises so that the heart rate can be maintained at around 120 to speed up the body’s fat burning, otherwise the weight loss effect of running in place will not be obvious.

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  Life lies in exercise. Some people liken the body as a machine. It takes regular exercise to maintain vitality. Speaking of sports, everyone might think of running, skipping rope, swimming, etc., but there are also some sports that can be done at home anytime, anywhere. Instead of spending a lot of time playing with mobile phones before going to bed, let us put down our phones and move our bodies to stretch and increase flexibility, so that you can stay young forever.

  If you still hold your mobile phone to browse Moments, visit Jingdong, and play games before going to bed, you might as well put down your mobile phone for a period of time and try to do these exercises, which will not only effectively lose weight, but also help sleep. Hurry up and take action, your beautiful figure is all exercised.

  One, plank

  1. Improve muscle strength, lose weight quickly

  Whether in the gym or in the sports field, this action can be seen everywhere, because it is very simple and the most effective way to train muscles. Do not need to practice for a long time, only need to spend five minutes a day, the effect of exercising abdominal muscles is obvious. For people whose fat is concentrated on the belly, it can effectively burn belly fat, improve the core strength of our human body, and shape a perfect body.

  2. Improve hunchback condition and improve your own temperament

  Plank support is very helpful for people with hunched back and forward neck, because plank support not only uses abdominal strength, but also depends on the strength of the shoulder muscles to keep the body in a straight line, so it can effectively stretch the neck The shoulder muscles correct curved bones. People with hunched back and forward neck may wish to give it a try. Do it for five minutes before going to bed every day, maybe it will greatly improve your temperament.

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  3. Promote blood circulation, detoxify and beautify the skin

  During exercise, a large amount of toxins will always be discharged as perspiration. The plank support is the same. Although it does not consume too much calories than running, it relies on the strength of the abdominal muscles, so it can accelerate the consumption of fat, increase body temperature, and circulate blood Smoother, the body’s metabolic function is also improved, the toxins in the body can be discharged naturally, and the body and complexion are better.

  Two, practice yoga

  1. Improve flexibility and stay young

  Yoga is an elegant exercise. You will find that people who practice yoga for a long time have very good physical flexibility. Some yoga movements are designed for the spine, waist, and buttocks. For example, the mermaid-style side stretching exercise is beneficial to stretch the muscles on both sides, stretch the shoulders, and also release pressure.

  2. Create a sexy body to help lose weight

  It is impossible to reduce weight by practicing yoga in a short period of time, and yoga is a static exercise, which naturally does not burn fat faster than running. However, only if you are highly concentrated and practice patiently for a long time, you will slowly find that your body fat is slowly turning into muscles, and you will feel that you are slowly becoming thinner and more temperamental. So keep practicing at night, and it will be effective after a while.

  Conclusion: There are many more ways to exercise before going to bed, and it will certainly not be immediate at the beginning. This is also the time to test your perseverance and endurance. Exercise will not only change your temperament and stay young forever, but also help you prevent diseases. So from now on, move every night before going to bed. Three months later, you will definitely meet a better self.

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  Many people who lose weight will encounter some difficulties in the process of losing weight. The biggest difficulty is that they cannot lose weight even if they lose weight. What is going on? In fact, everyone will encounter a weight loss plateau period when it is difficult to lose weight even if you lose weight. Weight stagnation is very common during weight loss, but if the plateau period exceeds one month, it means that there is a problem with your weight loss method. Today, let us look at the common weight loss mistakes, let us lose weight through the correct way to lose weight!

  One, do not control your diet during exercise

  First, let’s take a look at the most common mistake that dieters make, that is, not controlling their diet during exercise. If we do not deliberately control our diet during exercise, but freely eat a variety of foods, it will easily lead to excessive intake of calories or other substances that cause obesity, which will backfire.

  Speaking of weight loss, exercise cannot be omitted, and exercise is a kind of consumption to the human body, consumption will increase our appetite. Therefore, during exercise, if we are unable to control our diet, we will easily consume more food, thereby absorbing more calories, resulting in more obesity.

  This is also the reason why many people get more obese during exercise. If the diet is not well managed, our body may become fat instead of thin, and our weight may rise instead of falling. Here I have prepared some noteworthy points for everyone. Doing these small details can help us easily manage our three meals a day.

  (1) Eat as few staple foods as possible, and the carbohydrate intake of each meal needs to be the least

  (2) Insist on protein intake and eat no less than two eggs a day

  (3) Eat less for dinner, don’t eat anything after dinner

  (4) Give yourself a rich and nutritious breakfast every day

  Two, insufficient exercise

  Some people who lose weight do not exercise enough during the weight loss period, which also cannot achieve the effect of fat consumption, so the weight loss effect is naturally not good. I suggest that you ensure your own exercise volume and exercise at least 5 times a week to help you lose weight smoothly. Every exercise requires 5 minutes of warm-up activity, 1 hour of anaerobic and 30 minutes of aerobic. I have found a set of motion pictures combining anaerobic and aerobic exercises for you. Let’s see if it’s difficult, right?

  Action 1: From both ends

  4 groups are recommended, 15 in each group

  Action 2: Dynamic side lying

  4 groups are recommended, 15 in each group

  Action three: hip bridge leg extension

  4 groups are recommended, 15 in each group

  Action 4: Stand and bend over

  4 groups are recommended, 15 in each group

  Three, choose a messy weight loss method

  Some dieters choose various very unreliable ways to lose weight during their weight loss, such as the tea weight loss method, the banana three-day weight loss method, the 21-day weight loss method, the plastic wrap weight loss method, the apple three-day weight loss method, and the black coffee weight loss method. Law and so on.

  Turning on the Internet will mess up the eyes of the dieter, but most of the weight loss methods are extremely unreliable, and some can be very harmful to the body. Therefore, I suggest that you steadfastly manage your exercise and diet to lose weight, so that we can lose weight smoothly.

  Conclusion: These are three common weight loss mistakes. As long as we avoid these three mistakes, insist on exercising, and manage our diet well, we can definitely lose weight. Losing weight is not a difficult thing, but the difficult thing is persistence all the time. I suggest that everyone stick to weight loss and let yourself have the good body you want.

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  I used to stir all my protein with a spoon. When you do this, you will always get some small pieces. No matter how hard you stir them, or how long you stir them, they will not completely dissolve. Just like that, I shook it for about 30 seconds, everything was perfectly mixed, no big lumps! I now drink a protein shake for breakfast every morning! It is easy to clean the voltrx protein bottle, just put some soap and water in and shake it!

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  This is a great product. When my girlfriend started this weight loss plan, I bought her the electric shaker bottle, she liked it very much! She adjusted the protein in the morning and took them to work or something, and they never spilled it again.

  The plastic is hard and durable, although the slender center makes it difficult to reach the bottom when cleaning. But to be honest, this is a great money product, and I will definitely do it, but still that sentence!

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I like to use this protein shaker bottle to make protein shakes. I usually mix a scoop of powder with 8-12 ounces of vanilla almond milk. This kind of electric shaker bottle helps the two to mix evenly, so no thick lumps are left. Easy to use, clean and water-proof. I happened to get a defective golden protein shaker bottle. I know mine is a fluke, because the company immediately sent a replacement, the golden bottle is perfect. Very good products, backed by excellent prices and excellent customer service. highly recommended.

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  I like to use this protein shaker bottle to make protein shakes. I usually mix a scoop of powder with 8-12 ounces of vanilla almond milk. This kind of electric shaker bottle helps the two to mix evenly, so no thick lumps are left. Easy to use, clean and water-proof.

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  Temperament can be said to be invisible and intangible, but as a member of the lower-headed army, it definitely does not match the temperament. It takes a long time. There is ugly fat on the back of the neck, which is called rich white, the birth of this ugly thing. The temperament has fallen to the bottom and cannot rise. Today, we will use yoga as a springboard to launch a series of actions to save the bowed race. In order to let the sisters of the lower-headed race leave their mobile phones, hold their heads high, and exude the breath of a goddess inside and outside, exercise is not only a slogan, but also a thorough steadfastness. Share three practical yoga, I hope everyone will do well.

  01 How to perform low lunges and how to exercise well

  1. Perform an inhalation exercise

  Inhale, take a step forward with your right leg, the sole of your foot supporting the ground, the heel of your left leg falls to the ground, and the tip of your toe supports the ground.

  2. Perform exhalation exercises

  When exhaling, the left pelvis sinks down, the knees are slightly bent, the hands are supported on the floor, the head is raised, the eyes look forward, and the exercise is maintained for 2 to 3 minutes, and then return to the Downward Dog Pose, switch sides to continue, each group 3 ~ 4 times.

  Temperament is not innate. Yoga can improve the aura by practicing ballet and body shape training. Of course, the simplest and easiest to operate is yoga! Just like ballet, you have to grasp it from an early age. It needs talent. Yoga doesn’t need to be so troublesome. Xiaobai can also start.

  02How to continue the half-dove sport, and according to different movements

  We still use the summer dog pose to enter the half-dove pose. When inhaling, bend the knee forward with the left leg and place the left leg on the front yoga mat. The left leg should be as parallel to the hip as possible. Bend your right knee slightly, leave your calf off the ground, and support the ground with your toes. Hold for 8-10 breaths, and practice 5-8 times on the other side. The reason for the wealthy white is that people and mobile phones have not let go of their hands recently, and the method to prevent wealthy houses is also very simple. Occasionally take time out, raise your head, turn your neck, or buy a special massager for the cervical spine to relieve neck pressure.

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  The understanding of exercise to lose weight is also different, because exercise to lose weight is not as simple as you think, the main reason is that it requires your persistence. As long as you stick to it, you can see certain results. But many people have the trouble that they cannot lose weight. They may choose to diet to lose weight, but the effect is not so obvious. Even if there are obvious changes for a while, they will rebound in the future and become fatter than before. At the same time, dieting to lose weight is also harmful to your health, so this is not a good choice. Therefore, many people choose to exercise to lose weight. This is an exercise that can provide a good way for people who lose weight. This is a better exercise that is conducive to weight loss. But a certain method is needed. A good fitness method is the shortcut to lose weight. Therefore, there must be a good exercise method to better fitness.

  03How do we carry out the double-pigeon exercise?

  Withdraw from the final personal rituals, namely half-dove and double-dove. Bend your right leg with your knee, place your calf on your right knee, keep your head down, look forward, keep it still for 3 to 5 minutes, and practice on the opposite side 4 to 5 times. The styling effect of the double dove body shape is very good. Sitting improperly puts considerable pressure on the spine. This body shape can help us correct our sitting posture, sit gracefully, reduce spine compression, and bend over to improve our back condition. Sisters who have suffered from riches and nobles must not miss this posture.

  Many people have the trouble that they cannot lose weight. They may choose to diet to lose weight, but the effect is not so obvious. Even if there are obvious changes for a while, they will rebound in the future and become fatter than before. At the same time, dieting to lose weight is also harmful to your health, so this is not a good choice. Therefore, many people choose to exercise to lose weight. This is an exercise that can provide a good way for people who lose weight. This is a better exercise that is conducive to weight loss. But a certain method is needed. A good fitness method is the shortcut to lose weight. Therefore, there must be a good exercise method to better fitness.

  Conclusion: People with good temperament can wear simple stalls and the feeling of wearing millions of famous brands. People with bad temperaments can bend over and wear expensive clothes like a stall. So the training ground is a course that all women must learn.

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  The exercise of the buttocks is the pursuit of every girl’s fitness. Many people like to use squats to practice the buttocks, but the effect is not very obvious. At the same time, squats are used to practice the buttocks. The knees cause a lot of damage, but the girls are obsessed with creating hips, so next we will introduce ways to exercise hips in addition to squats.

  1. Understand the structure of the hip muscles

  The buttocks are a large group of muscles. It is composed of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus almost occupies the entire buttocks. Its shape is square. Its main functions in sports are: Stretching backwards under the control of the nervous system, while rotating the thighs outwards, when our lower limbs are still, the trunk can be straightened, reducing the phenomenon of pelvic forward tilt, and better maintaining the normal posture; the gluteus medius is located The deep layer of the gluteus maximus and the gluteus minimus in the deep layer of the gluteus medius. The whole image of the two looks like a fan. Their function can make the hip joint extend outward and rotate the thigh inward and outward. .

  To sum up, if you want to train your buttocks, you must first exercise the above 3 muscles and make your own diet plan. Only perseverance can achieve good exercise results.

  2. How to make the hips and improve the false hip width

  Action 1: kneeling hip extension

  This action is mainly aimed at the gluteus maximus. We maintain a kneeling position with our arms extended and supported below the shoulders, and the thighs and calves are perpendicular to each other. When exercising, tighten the hip muscles, lift up one leg, and stay at the highest point for a few seconds. During the whole process, you need to pay attention to keeping your waist straight and not to collapse. It is recommended to perform the movement slowly to feel the maximum contraction and stretching of the gluteus maximus.

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  Action 2: Straight leg clam style

  This action is mainly aimed at the gluteus medius, lying on your side on the ground, with the lower arm bent under the head, and the other arm bent at the elbow to support the body, and the legs are straight down so that the feet overlap each other. , Then tighten the buttocks muscles, let it exert maximum strength, and then slowly raise the exercise legs, let the toes point to the floor, the raising range is required to be about 30 degrees, slow motion when landing, and make sure not to touch Lower your foot and repeat the action.

  Action 3: Lying on your side and raising your leg

  This action is mainly for deep stimulation of the gluteal minor muscles. The body position is the same as that of the second action. Keep your arms on your side. The only difference is that the legs are bent at the knees, so that the angle between the thigh and the calf is 90 degrees, and the knees are only close , Tighten the muscles of the outside of the buttocks during exercise, so that the heels are slowly raised. This action requires the trainer to have a stable body, while ensuring the tension of muscle contraction and stretching, and focus on the strength of the gluteal minor muscles.

  Training intensity: It is recommended to do 4 sets of exercises for each set, and each set will complete 12 exercises in slow motion.

  Conclusion: There are many ways to exercise the buttocks on the Internet, but we must be very careful when choosing exercises. Don’t choose without purpose. It is recommended that the selection should be targeted, so as to better improve the exercise effect, otherwise it will cause physical injury, Jianyou We are accustomed to using squats to exercise the buttocks, might as well try these 3 new movements to give new stimulation to the buttocks muscles, and the effect is better.

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  Nowadays, more people have higher requirements for their body. So for a woman, what is the representativeness of a good body? Except for the well-known vest line, it is the hip. I believe everyone has heard the saying, “No buttocks don’t work out. If you don’t have a buttocks, you can’t see that you have a good habit of fitness.”

  Many people will inquire about more lazy weight loss methods on the Internet, which means that they can be done well indoors, because they don’t want to go to the gym or don’t have time to go to the gym, or there is no gym around where they live. At this time, indoor lazy exercises will be more convenient, but you must not underestimate the weight loss effect of these indoor lazy exercises.

  1. Side lunge

  The action is very simple. First of all, we need to stand naturally. When standing, we should pay attention to three points, raise our heads and tuck our abdomen. Take the left foot about a step to the left, and then quickly return to where you started. Then he changed his right foot, and took about one step, and quickly returned to the starting position.

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  This action is equivalent to an active action. If you have HIIT experience, you have seen him in many videos, which can make our body quickly adapt to the rhythm of the movement. It’s simple and easy to use. Basically, after doing a few back and forth, you can feel the fever in the whole body. Even the muscles and bones can be stretched along with it. At the beginning, there is no need to pursue speed, but to pursue the standard of movement.

  2. Sofa squat jump

  As the name suggests, we need to use the sofa. First, we need to stand in a standing position, and then sit on the sofa slowly, so that we can put our hands behind our heads at this time. The back movement is very important. First, you need to be straight, and then slightly reverse the bow. It is safer to choose a sofa with a backrest, sit in the deepest part of the sofa, and then use explosive force to make yourself jump up.

  3. Hip bridge

  This is a very common indoor training exercise for lazy people. Lie flat on the bed, then bend the knees and touch the soles of the feet to the ground. At this time, your arms can be placed on both sides naturally. Then slowly lift your hips up to the position of your knees. Here you should pay attention that the abdominal muscles should be in a state of tension at all times. Feel the contraction of our hip muscles naturally.

  The hip bridge is a good exercise for the buttocks. Freehand training will be more convenient and there is no possibility of overload. Except for the hip joint, there are no other joints in the body, so they will not cause damage to the joints. This action can last for one minute each time, and then rest for another 30 seconds. Exercise in bed is the most suitable way of exercise for lazy people. Just set aside five minutes before going to bed to do a hip bridge.

  Conclusion: The indoor lazy training methods mentioned here are more suitable for some beginners who exercise buttocks. If we want to have a more perfect body, want to have a more warped buttocks, then more still need to assist some other equipment. What benefits can hips bring to our body? Not only will the visual effect be better, wearing a dress in summer, even if you wear flat shoes, can also bring you the effect of wearing high heels.

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  I am looking for a protein shaker bottle. Many people on Amazon have been saying that it will be easy to break. Seeing that this ghost blender bottle is much cheaper than other wines that have been reviewed 1,000 times, I picked it up.

  Good conformity, no leakage during vibration, easy to clean.

  The electric shaker bottle did appear on the shaker. The negative comments here must be unlucky, even though I did not use the electric shaker bottle because I mixed my shaker with our nutrition ball.

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  Gatorade 28oz black blender bottle with blender ball is great! High quality! The screw cap is really sealed. Shake it about 45 times with both hands, there are more than 20 ounces of powder in it, it doesn’t leak at all! Honestly, I hope I can feel the liquid in my hand or the liquid outside the bottle. No! You get what you pay for! Thank you Gatorade!