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  Speaking of hula hoops, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Hula hoops are a very common exercise tool in our daily life. At the same time, there are many benefits of hula hoops. Of course, it is very helpful for us to turn to hula hoops every day. So, what are the benefits of turning hula hoops every day? Let’s take a look at the benefits of turning hula hoops together!

  What are the benefits of turning to hula hoop

  1. Weight loss

  Anyone who has turned a hula hoop knows that a hula hoop has a certain weight. If you want to play a hula hoop, you must have enough strength. This will inevitably consume body energy. In fact, there is a consumption of abdominal fat. Stick to a few After a month’s hula hoop exercise, waist and abdomen fat will decrease.

  2. Prevent constipation

  When turning the hula hoop, it is actually a process of massaging the abdomen. The pressure exerted by the hula hoop on the abdomen will promote peristalsis of the intestines. People who often turn the hula hoop will move faster than ordinary people. It is beneficial to the intestine to promote the movement and discharge of stool and prevent constipation.

  3. Exercise waist muscles

  When turning the hula hoop, it mainly relies on the relaxation and contraction of the abdominal muscles and back muscles. At this time, this part of the muscles can be exercised very well, which is very good for preventing cervical and lumbar diseases.

  How to turn the hula hoop

  1. Stand on the floor, put the hula hoop around your waist, then take a small step forward with one foot and start practicing. After shaking for fifteen minutes, the other foot moves forward and continues to practice. This is the most basic way to practice hula hoop.

  2. Stand in a half-squat manner, then place the hula hoop above the knees and start to rotate and shake. At this time, our whole body is in a state of tension, especially the knee joints will be well trained.

  3. Choose a hula hoop of moderate size for arm exercises. Place the hula hoop above the wrist. The alternating rotation and shaking of the left and right hands can effectively exercise the muscles of the arm and make the butterfly arm disappear as soon as possible. At the same time, the shoulders can be well exercised.

  4. While shaking the hula hoop with the waist, we can also perform appropriate arm exercises, which will increase the amount of exercise and allow the body to consume more fat in a short time. We can raise our arms while shaking, or extend them in parallel. You can also practice high-fiving and punching while shaking your waist.

  5. Find a place that is more spacious and move forward while shaking the hula hoop. Walking around repeatedly is also a form of deformation exercise, which can enhance the coordination of our body and at the same time allow better training of the abdomen and legs.

  6. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, then squat slightly, and start shaking the hula hoop. We can feel the special tension in the thighs. If we are too tired, we can alternately practice standing and squatting. This is very useful for eliminating fat on the thighs. effect. And it can tighten buttocks.

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  There are actually many ways to train a person’s back muscles, and in these methods, the training effect of each method is good or bad. Of course, to train the back muscles, you can use one-arm dumbbell rowing, back-grip chest pull-down, The four exercises of single-arm stretcher rowing and prone side lift are used to train the back. So, what is the best exercise for back muscles? Take a look.

  1. One-arm dumbbell rowing

  Preparation posture: Press the left knee and left hand on the bench, the upper body is parallel to the ground, hold the dumbbell with the right hand, and straighten the right arm. Look up, bow your back slightly.

  Exercise: Pull up the dumbbells and bend the elbows until the wrists are just below the waist, palms facing inwards. Stop at the highest point for about 2 seconds, then slowly straighten your arms to restore, tighten your back. When you straighten your arm, rotate your right hand with your thumb inward to fully extend the latissimus dorsi.

  2. Reverse grip and pull down

  Preparation posture: Sitting position, feet on the ground, adjust the rubber roller to press the knee to keep the knee stable. Hold the bar with your palms inward, with your hands at the same shoulder width apart.

  Exercise: Pull down the bar from the extended position to the chest, tighten the back muscles, and close the elbows to the body. Slightly arch your back, raise your chest, raise your chin, and keep your abdomen and lower back tense. When the horizontal bar is pulled down to the upper part of the chest, the shoulder blades on both sides are folded and clamped to squeeze the latissimus dorsi. Use the tension of the back muscles to control the horizontal bar to pull down forcefully for about 2 seconds, and then control to restore the horizontal bar to reach the highest point of extension When you straighten your arms, stop for about 2 seconds. Each exercise should feel full extension of the arms and stretch of the latissimus dorsi.

  3. One-arm rally rowing

  Preparation posture: Use a high pulley puller, grasp the handle with the palm of your right hand inward, kneel with your right knee, and bend your left leg for support.

  Exercise: Pull the handle down to the chest, keeping the elbows away from the body. Rotate your right hand toward your body while pulling down. In the fully contracted position, use the tension of the latissimus dorsi to control the pull handle for 2 seconds, and then slowly restore the pull handle.

  4. Stand prone and side lift

  Preparation posture: Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stand shoulder-width apart with both feet, knees slightly bent, and bend forward so that the torso is basically parallel to the ground, the arms are naturally drooping, and the palms of the hands are facing each other.

  Exercise: Lift the dumbbell by contracting the deltoid muscle, keeping the elbow slightly bent, and avoid lifting the torso when lifting the dumbbell. When the upper arm side is raised to the shoulder level, pause for about 2 seconds, and then control the dumbbell reduction.

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  This is my second voltrx protein shaker. The first one is okay, so I want another one. I like this, or the lid is easy to open and close, and it won’t leak when sealed. The same thing, the mouth, it opens and closes half-twisted, and it closes perfectly when it closes. The only thing I want to improve is the larger or thicker “ounce” mark printed on the side.

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  I hate juice bottles because they never seem to close easily. I ordered a good juice bottle and I liked it very much. There are screws on the cover, but not like threads. It only takes half a turn to close, and because it is not necessarily threaded, you don’t have to keep trying to catch the thread. And all the gaskets are better, and I have no air leakage problems. Oh, if you don’t need it, you can clip the carbine to the hook and break it, so that it won’t stick out all the time.

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  The “S” figure has always been the perfect figure that countless girls dream of. However, bee waist is easy to get, but hip is hard to find. If slim waist and thin legs can be obtained through dieting to lose weight, then the peach hip dream that everyone envy is not so easy to achieve. This set of actions shared with you today can help you realize this dream.

  Speaking of body shape, most people tend to only think of waist, legs, arms, etc., but in fact, many people ignore the visual effects brought by the hip shape. Although taking thinness as beauty has become one of the important standards of modern aesthetics, as far as body proportions are concerned, the thinner the hips are, the better they look. The H-shaped hip shape caused by being too thin will make the pelvis and waist very close to the same width, which makes the waist line very inconspicuous, and wearing clothes will give people a feeling of shriveling.

  However, the hip shape is not as full as possible, and fullness does not mean obesity or bloated. In modern and contemporary life, sedentary is our main state. However, long-term sitting and standing will not only slow down the metabolism of our lower limbs, cause fat and water accumulation in the buttocks and thighs, but also make the muscles of our buttocks gradually degenerate and become loose. I wonder if you find that with the long-term lack of exercise in sitting and standing, the hips become more and more collapsed, the fat on the thighs are more and more, and the pear-shaped body is getting closer and closer?

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  So, it is necessary to maintain a sufficient sensuality, avoid gluten-like hips, and control weight, so that too much obesity can lead to accumulation of fat on the buttocks? The answer is to maintain scientific and adequate exercise to make the buttocks muscles firm, and train the perfect peach buttocks like a star. A set of fitness exercises brought to you today can effectively lift the thigh muscles and let you easily get the goddess peach buttocks.

  Action 1: Deep squat.

  Keep your hands in front of your chest and keep your feet upright for a deep squat. There are 30 in each group, and 1~3 groups are recommended every day.

  Action 2: Support the ground with your hands and knees, and use the strength of your thighs to lift your legs back to lift the thigh muscles.

  20~30 times per group, 2 groups are recommended every day.

  Action 3: Support the ground with both hands and knees, and use the thigh muscles to pull the legs inside and outside to open and close.

  There are 20 to 30 in each group, and the legs are alternated. It is recommended to practice 1 to 3 groups a day.

  Action 4: Cross squat left and right.

  There are 20~30 in each group. It is recommended to practice 1~3 groups every day.

  Action 5: Fist with both hands in front of the chest, perform a deep squat.

  Each group of 20~30. It is recommended to train 1~3 groups daily.

  Action 6: Lie on your back with your knees bent and lift up as much as possible with your waist as the strength point.

  There are 20 to 30 exercises per set, and it is recommended to do 1 to 3 sets a day.

  Modern people’s love for beautiful buttocks can be said to exceed any previous period. However, we should not choose extreme methods for beauty. Only by mastering scientific training methods can it be possible to quickly and effectively train to be truly healthy and healthy. Type of peach buttocks. Nice buttocks dry goods have been provided for everyone, hurry up and practice~

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  I use a voltrx protein bottle for a cocktail. No, really. The voltrx protein bottle is the most suitable size. It is easy to clean. But that little spring ball is like the three-year-old bad boy you can’t catch. Squeeze it if you catch it, or you will forget it.

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  I have been studying blender bottles for a while, and I know that the voltrx protein bottle is just from the hype, but the comments afterwards are very good. The voltrx protein bottle is another great review. The bottle cap is incredibly strong and tight. You can shake it whatever you want. It won’t bounce off your body. The cap itself is sealed and very tight. Every time the whisk will make my whisk shake steadily. In terms of price, I bought a voltrx protein bottle for about 10 yuan, and you get what you pay for.