This electric shaker is great. You don’t need any weird balls or anything in it to mix your drink. It always blends together perfectly, so you won’t have those nasty lumps when you drink it. Absolutely top-notch!

  I was shocked by the effect of this electric bottle shaker protein powder. It’s like using a traditional vibrating screen with springs. Fully recommend, but I would say that considering other retail prices are less than ten dollars, the price of protein shaker blender is a bit high.

  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the electric shaker bottle and the electric mixer bottle mixed my protein powder without adding shaker accessories. The way the lips stay firm at 180 degrees, so they don’t hit the forehead, which is also a nice surprise. Would recommend it 100%.

Voltrx electric blender bottle

  Among the exercises, the hammer curl is a well-known exercise sport, and regular hammer curls have many benefits to our body, but when doing hammer curls, there are also particular things, such as how to practice. Many people don’t know that hammer curls do not practice biceps. So, is the hammer curl to practice the biceps? How to practice hammer curls? Let’s take a look.

  How to practice hammer curl

  1. Stand upright, hold a dumbbell in each hand, and hang your arms naturally at both sides of your body, elbows against your body, palms facing each other. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Keep the upper arm fixed, contract the biceps to curl the dumbbell upwards, and exhale at the same time. Until the biceps are contracted to the limit, the dumbbells are at shoulder height.

  3. Stay at the top for a while, feel the contraction of the biceps, then slowly return the dumbbell to the starting position and inhale at the same time.

  Hammer curl motion feel

  1. When bending, the front side of the forearm has a significant contraction and force.

  2. Falling to the lowest point, the whole arm feels tight.

  Common mistakes of hammer curl

  Error: When bending, the body swings back and forth by borrowing force, resulting in poor training effect and waist discomfort.

  Solution: Lower the dumbbell weight; or lean forward slightly.

  Hammer curls or alternating hands

  Both are ok, depending on what you like. The advantage of doing alternately is that you can focus on the movement of the hand, so that you can concentrate more, and of course it will take longer.

voltrx Shaker Bottle

  I like this protein shaker. I added protein shakes to my diet to combat people’s cravings for sugar. I added milkshake to dessert instead of candy or ice cream. The protein shaker with protein powder is not the best way to mix the powder into the liquid, leaving a chalky, tough shake. BlenderBotton is great-the design density of the hybrid ball is higher and the metal is thicker, so the blending effect is great. The size of this protein shaker is also very good-I can add extra water or liquid to the milkshake to make it easier to drink than pudding. I am so glad I bought a branded bus!

flip it cap for bottles

  I bought it for my boyfriend. He exercises every day and uses this to regulate protein content every morning and/or night. It never leaks when shaking and is easy to clean. The only part that is difficult to clean is the inside of the lid. There is a lot of space, but I only use chopsticks in it once a week, which is perfect work. Highly recommend this project. Willing to report abuse