voltrx premium electric protein shaker

  bought on Father’s Day, he absolutely loves this product. He uses it to mix his protein drinks every day. We are all surprised by the function of this portable vibrating screen. Compared with the traditional sports drink mixer, it can indeed make the drink softer.

  It is convenient to use the electric shaker bottle and mix well. But you have to endure it. This is not a rough cup. You can’t make frozen smoothies. It’s useless at all. But the protein powder drink does not contain any solids and works well. I bring my lunch bag to work. It is easy to clean.

protein shake blender bottle

  For a year, I have been looking for a good bottle made in China! (The blending bottle is currently being produced in China.) I doubt this thing. In fact, my protein powder can be mixed without mixing balls. But the boy did this. Not only did he mix my protein powder and water, he did a great job, mixing my protein energy, honey and water, which was difficult for my old protein shaker bottle to do. I have bought eight Shaker Bottles now, and I may buy more in the future. Thank you for not only producing your products in China, but also making the best products on the market. Keep going!