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  Speaking of protein powder, it can be regarded as the main nutritional force for fitness and muscle growth. It is estimated that half or more than half of the bodybuilders who train in the gym eat protein powder. Why protein powder is so popular among bodybuilders Well, the author’s personal test is mainly due to the following reasons.

  Save money, effort, and time. The so-called cost-saving piece of beef is definitely more expensive than a scoop of protein powder, and the protein content in that piece of beef is not necessarily higher than that scoop of protein powder. The labor saving is even more obvious. Beef has to be cooked before it can be eaten, so you have to toss about it, and it takes enough time to drink a cup of tea, unlike protein powder that takes just a flush of water.

  It has to be said that since the boost of protein powder in fitness can really make the muscles develop very well, naturally some people take it for granted that building muscles must rely on protein powder, so many people who exercise have become dependent on protein powder. Keep practicing, eat protein powder bucket by bucket, not to mention, muscle growth is good, but have you ever thought about what will happen to your body and muscles once a fitness person cuts off his protein powder supply? Variety?

  No significant changes in muscles

  It’s just to disconnect protein powder, not to disconnect training, nor to directly pinch off the nutritional supplement after training. If protein powder is not eaten, it is a big deal to eat eggs, chicken breast and other natural foods. Protein powder is not a medicine to stabilize muscle shape, but One of the ways for bodybuilders to replenish protein, even if they don’t use it, the muscles that they originally trained will not change because they don’t eat protein powder. As long as they maintain regular training and nutrition after protein powder is disconnected, the muscle shape will not change. How much will it change.

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  Reduced muscle growth efficiency

  The meat is so delicious, such as pan-fried beef, cumin chicken breast, etc., and drooling after thinking about it, so why do some bodybuilders choose protein powder without hesitation? Is it because of love? Is it a responsibility? It’s all wrong. It’s because protein powder is easy to absorb. The protein content of beef, chicken breast, and eggs is high, but there is no high protein content in protein powder.

  Moreover, the whey protein in protein powder can be more easily absorbed by the human body, unlike beef and chicken breast, which need to be digested for a while, and some of the protein will not be fully utilized. From this point of view, protein powder is broken. After opening, the specific gravity and efficiency of protein absorption will be more or less affected, and the efficiency of muscle recovery and growth will also be reduced.

  It can be said that there is no change in the body. Some people say that long-term consumption of protein powder will affect the kidneys. This is actually a misunderstanding. This is related to the amount of protein intake. Once the protein powder is disconnected, such as eating beef, the protein in meat is also It has nothing to do with the protein powder itself. As long as there is proper fitness training, the body needs a lot of protein as a supplement.

  In your opinion, besides protein powder, is there any better choice for bodybuilding and muscle building?

voltrx blender bottles

  I have an old-fashioned electric shaker bottle. I have to say that the new voltrx protein bottle is a big improvement. I don’t need to worry about locking it up when shaking or letting it leak in my lunch bag. The water bottle pocket on my backpack is also easier to grab and hold.

  I use voltrx protein bottle to stimulate my spark energy. Like the ergonomic design, it will not leak, super easy to clean, and there are no hidden wrinkles to worry about. This is also a beautiful juice bottle. I received many compliments and inquiries about where I got them. There are almost too many outside, but this is definitely my favorite!

voltrx blender bottles

  For those who drink various kinds of protein every day, it will change your life. I will never go back to the non-screw-top protein shaker again! I love how easy it is to open and clean, it never leaks! Woohoo! Be sure to buy one. You will not regret it. I have four now and will buy more Christmas gifts!

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  This is a great blender bottle! I have experienced several protein shaker bottles, and they seem to be leaky or inappropriate. This is the best. I use it every day. Shaking the ball is very useful. The cap will not leak when the bottle is shaken or knocked over. This is also the perfect size for my protein shake. Give my powder some water. Most bottles are large, so they don’t always mix well. You leave the powder ball in the drink.

voltrx blender bottles

  Just arrived on July 21, 2020. At least 30 days must pass the test.

  Therefore, as far as experience is concerned, the order is easy and arrives earlier than expected. It looks like an advertisement. A beautiful trumpet is a milkshake before work or a milkshake after exercise.

  If you are a runner, you don’t want anything heavy in your stomach. This is a good liquid container.

voltrx blender bottles

  Current surveys show that there are more and more obese people in my country. So today let’s talk about weight loss. There are more and more obese people, and obesity brings great inconvenience to people. Therefore, more and more people are taking the road of weight loss. Slenderness has become our pursuit. But according to surveys, very few people have succeeded in losing weight. Why is this so? Next, tell everyone what we need to pay attention to when losing weight.

  One-Knowing these precautions can make us lose weight more effectively. It is important to master these methods

  1. Diet adjustment

  If we cannot achieve effective weight loss during the weight loss process, we may not pay attention to our diet. So we must strictly control the problems of our daily lives. At the same time, we must manage our living habits well. A person’s living habits are also closely related to his degree of obesity. If we want to have a healthy physique, we must develop healthy living habits.

  2. Obesity needs attention

  In addition, if you can’t lose fat quickly during the weight loss process, you may have used the wrong method. For example, many people lose weight by dieting, thinking that they can lose weight without eating, but this is not the case. This method makes weight loss very fast, but it loses water. Your fat is still in the body, so the rebound will come back soon. If you lose weight through dieting, you will surely rebound in the next few months. And this situation will recur and will lead to obesity, so it is best not to diet to lose weight.

  Two-We need to understand these precautions in order to lose weight more scientifically

  1. Pay attention to your diet

  Next, I will share with you the food precautions. First, we have to arrange our own diet reasonably. In fact, the most important thing to lose weight is to control our diet. You must be strict with yourself for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you must eat regularly. Second, eat less greasy food. We have to eat light food for three meals a day, and fried food is a taboo for dieters. Third, strictly control three meals a day, not to eat too many meals a day, and no snacks when hungry. Because snacks contain a lot of ingredients that make us fat, snacks are also a taboo for people who lose weight. So if you want to lose weight successfully, you must control your gluttonous mouth.

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  2. Do aerobic exercise

  The road to weight loss is difficult. In addition to paying attention to our daily diet, we also need to match a series of aerobic exercises. This way you can lose weight faster. So, how can we cooperate? We can run 1-2 hours before dinner. You don’t have to run too fast. This helps our fat burn faster. But we have to run for more than 30 minutes to have an effect. Because the fat in our body needs more than 30 minutes of exercise to burn more effectively.

  3. Shape your body

  Running can also shape our bodies. Running is a sport that can drive the muscles of the whole body, so in addition to losing weight, running can also increase muscles. It really kills two birds with one stone! And the effect of running and anaerobic exercises will be better.

  Action 1: High pull down

  Action 2: Rowing

  Action 3: Goat stands up

  4. Muscle exercise

  Muscles are an important part of our body, and running is an item that can exercise all of our muscles. Therefore, when we are doing aerobic weight loss, we can also properly match muscle exercises. This can not only improve the dimensionality of our muscles, but also greatly help every part of our body to lose weight. Therefore, in the process of weight loss, muscle training can be appropriately increased to make the weight loss faster.

  5. Replenish water in time

  Lack of water can lead to constipation. When our body is short of water, it will absorb water as much as possible from the intestines. This will dry out our stools, make it difficult to defecate, and slow down our metabolism. Therefore, we need to add more water, increase the frequency of drinking water, and drink a small amount of water several times, which will have a laxative effect. Don’t wait until you are thirsty and drink water. Try to drink a few sips for 15-20 minutes. Sometimes you want to eat because of lack of water, because lack of water will make you feel hungry, so we have to develop the habit of drinking more Our feeling of fullness.

  Conclusion: Finally, I want to remind everyone that we exercise for health, not for exercise, so we can’t over-exercise during exercise. Many people want to get the effect they want quickly, so they blindly add to it. A large amount of exercise is very undesirable. We have to choose the amount of exercise according to our actual situation, so that we can more effectively obtain the good body we want.