protein shake bottles

  When exercising, we all use some equipment, but we must pay attention to the correct method of using the equipment. Otherwise, during the fitness process, it is easy for us to use the equipment incorrectly and cause ourselves injury. Of course, if we use the correct equipment, we should treat ourselves Your body is beneficial. The effects of different equipment are also different, so come and see if regular exercise bikes can reduce fat.

  Is it possible to lose fat by riding an exercise bike?

  I can lose weight by riding an exercise bike.

  Riding an exercise bike belongs to aerobic metabolism exercise, which can help improve the body’s metabolism and enhance the level of cardiopulmonary function. Moreover, the exercise bike can promote the consumption of sugar in the body and the burning of excess fat through continuous cycling exercise to achieve the effect of losing weight.

  How to ride an exercise bike to lose weight

  1. Warm up before riding

  Before riding an exercise bike, it is necessary to perform sufficient warm-up exercises so that the body parts can be moved and put into the riding in the best state, which can increase the weight loss effect. Before riding, you can jog for a few minutes, stretch your body and move your joints to make your body slightly warm.

  2. Ride time is more than 30 minutes

  If you want to lose weight by riding an exercise bike, you need to ensure that the resistance load is adjusted to an effortless state, and the riding time is not less than 30 minutes, in order to effectively burn fat and achieve the effect of weight loss.

  3. Adopt aerobic riding method

  aerobic cycling is more effective for weight-loss people, that is, the resistance does not feel strenuous. There are two specific methods:

  Free riding: The riding time is not less than 30 minutes a day, and the speed can be changed freely during riding, but the breathing rhythm should not change significantly.

  Limited riding method: Limited riding can actually be divided into two aspects, one is to limit the number of kilometers per ride, and the other is to limit the number of calories consumed per ride.

  4. Carry out intensity riding appropriately

  After getting used to the exercise state of the exercise bike, you can try some intensity cycling exercises. Such as warm-up cycling for 5 minutes and rest for 3 minutes; cycling at 80% intensity for 5 minutes and resting for 3 minutes; cycling at 100% intensity for 3 to 5 minutes and resting for 5 minutes; cycling at 50% intensity for 5~ 10 minutes, this can help strengthen the fat burning effect to a certain extent.

  5. Use the correct riding posture

  Wrong riding posture on the exercise bike will not only affect the weight loss effect, but also harm the body. The riding posture of the upright exercise bike is to lean forward slightly, extend the arms, tighten the abdomen, and adopt the abdominal breathing method, with the legs parallel to the crossbeam of the bike, keep the knees and hips in coordination, and pay attention to the riding rhythm.

shake bottle mixer

  My son often uses these electric blender bottles and is very happy because they are easy to clean (even in the dishwasher) and practical. They can mix protein or powdered meal replacement powder and smoothies with fruits and vegetables, and they tend to settle on the bottom.

  I really like the idea of ​​including two protein shakers in one package to meet different sports training needs. The son uses energy and muscle stimulating drinks before and during training, and the other uses a professional or simple homemade recovery drink (fruit smoothie) taken at the end of training.

  They are well designed, and like most Amazon products, they did not disappoint me.

  These two shake bottle mixers are exactly the same, the number of pieces is the same, and the characteristics are the same. No instructions were found in the package, but the most important functions are printed on the bottom of the shake bottle mixer and on the Amazon display page.

  This is a promise to me. In fact, I often find myself suspicious of many products described in a flawless way. But after they arrived, they not only lacked manuals or guarantees, but also had no certification of the product itself, and sometimes lacked the manufacturer’s trademark.

  is at the bottom of the tray in the egg white. It has been proven that the product is made of polypropylene and does not contain BPA. It can be washed in a basket dishwasher but not in a microwave oven.

  The wall of   shake bottle mixer is durable and has excellent thickness, which can resist squeezing and impact. Polypropylene is very hygienic and will not absorb odors.

smoothie bottle

  They are composed of five parts: shake bottle mixer cover, shake bottle mixer, vibrating ball, protein tray and tray cover.

  Thanks to the well-protected thin gasket, the cover of the shake bottle mixer can also be completely sealed without loosening. It can be easily screwed on, in addition to the function of closing the lid, it can also be used to dispense beverages, because its diameter is about 2 cm, and it has enough protrusions (from 0.6 to 13 mm), so it can Well adapted to the use of beverages. Lips prevent overflow when sucking.

  The nozzle is also equipped with a liftable gland. After several cleanings, the spout cover can be perfectly fixed even in the dishwasher.

  The hook on the cover of the shake bottle mixer can not only be used to hang the shake bottle mixer, but also can be used to hold the shake bottle mixer.

  As mentioned earlier, the shake bottle mixer is very strong. On the one hand, its scale can reach 600 ml. Don’t fill it too much, you must leave room for adding protein, and make a good choice.

  The    protein tray can hold about 100 grams of powder, but if you want to add some biscuits or dried fruits, you can.

  There is a convenient shake bottle mixer cover on the    tray, which has an opening that can be easily closed, and then screw it onto the shake bottle mixer to keep the powder dry.

  The vibrating ball played an ingenious role, dissolving the powder very well, and preventing the formation of agglomerates according to the solubility.

  My son uses these glass shaker bottles for sports, but to be honest, I find that they are also very suitable for other occasions. You can also choose to bring your favorite beverage to school instead of drinking a smoothie. As mentioned above, you can use trays for biscuits, chocolates, cereals, etc. These two shake bottle mixers are good value for money.

Automatic Shaker Bottle

  The lid of the protein shaker bottle is placed in our yard. My husband parked the truck on the truck while loading the canoe. The lid is good, so it is very durable. And forgot to shake it in the car on weekends. It smells when washing, so it does have a deodorizing function, because I told you bad guys smelly. The picture comes from the way he unloaded the truck.

smoothie bottle

  Because he drinks powdered drinks, he bought them for my son. He likes that the things in the nearby shops are not twisted, so it is easier for him to own it, and he can also put it down. It will not open suddenly, and it will be scattered everywhere. There are many colors for voltrx glass shaker bottle. His favorite color is blue-green (he is 7 years old, so it will change), which is very suitable for powdered drinks or purified water. Everything is easy to clean. I clean ours by hand, so I can’t talk about the dishwasher.