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  I think these electric shaker bottles are great for the whole family and a deal for everyone, but no. I would not recommend it to children. They are wide/heavy and have no handles. It is difficult for children to grasp with one or even two hands, and their mouths are wide open. Even my hands are slippery when wet. Without grip, I had to adjust my lips and sip from my big mouth. The electric shaker bottle is not equipped with a straw, but it is wide enough to insert a large straw or a typical shaker straw. Why is it 5 stars? Cheap, well packaged, fast shipping, durable (dropped many times), and good shaking. My child can use it indoors, but adults or children can also use it indoors/outdoors.

  The electric protein shaker bottle is easy to clean and 100% leak-proof! This is not exactly what I want, but it is a good product, and my husband doesn’t mind at all (he likes it). The bottom is detachable and there are 3 compartments for use, as shown in the picture. As me, I can deal with it for a long time, but it is not suitable for me personally. Also, once it’s full (except for the space occupied in my bag), it’s a bit heavy. It is not very heavy, but when I lifted my bag, it was obvious that the increased weight caused my bag to move down on the side where the bottle was placed. Preference is very important to me, so I will not repurchase, but I will definitely recommend it. Once filled (except for the space it occupies in my bag), it’s a bit heavy.

  The electric shaker bottle is not very heavy, but when I lifted my bag, it was obvious that the increased weight caused my bag to move down on the side where the bottle was placed. Preference is very important to me, so I will not repurchase, but I will definitely recommend it. Once filled (except for the space it occupies in my bag), it’s a bit heavy. It is not very heavy, but when I lifted my bag, it was obvious that the increased weight caused my bag to move down on the side where the bottle was placed. Preference is very important to me, so I will not repurchase, but I will definitely recommend it.

miixr electric shaker bottle

  I am very satisfied with this purchase of protein shaker bottle. It is definitely the most durable and well-made electric shaker I have ever bought. I can already see that this will last a long time. I have a transparent black cover and a full purple cover. I really like purple, although it is different from the picture. The other is for my husband. He was also impressed by its quality and said that it is easy to clean the electric shaker bottle. All he needs to do is shake it with warm water immediately after use.

  I am looking forward to our third child, I really like these BPA-free cups.

  We will definitely buy two more sets to replace all our old ones.

  These effects are very good. I tried to use only loose shaker balls in the existing electric protein shaker bottle, but it didn’t really work. Then I lost the loose shaker ball and needed to be replaced. I picked them up with soybean oil for breakfast and lunch. They work very well. Something that helps me. First, make the soybeans the night before and put them in the refrigerator overnight. If you shake it well, the soybeans will dissolve well when it cools to room temperature. Of course, use a shaker. When I watched the electric shaker bottle, real soybeans taste better when it is cold. As part of the production, after you add water to the bottle, they graduate, so it’s easy. Then put the soybeans in the water, put the balls into the protein shake mixer, tighten the lid, and shake for a few seconds to dissolve the material in the water. If you do not do this immediately, the lumped wet powder will not dissolve in the morning.

  The electric shaker bottle can be cleaned with towel, soap and water. Be careful when cleaning, because shaking the balls can get tangled together, which can really slow down your process when you try to untie them.

  I like protein shaker bottle, I am very happy that I have this special shaker bottle in my collection. I only use the electric shaker bottle before exercise. It is leak-proof and can mix powder perfectly. I don’t use the bottom deck often, but if I plan to go to the gym after running errands, I really like to put my pre-tanning exercises in one cabin! No matter which kind, they feel good to the touch and I think they are very suitable As a snack after exercise.

  I bought this electric shaker for my husband because his old shaker is too old. I like the flexible and easy-to-clean electric protein shaker bottle. Plastic seems to be very durable. Larger storage containers can hold a scoop of protein.

  We rarely use a smaller protein shake mixer. Sometimes I use it as a seasoning in a lunch box. I finally bought myself a mixed bottle like this at TJ Maxx because I like his very much. You must add liquid first and then protein to get the best results. If you drink protein with milk, the blend ball is especially good because it will foam like a real milkshake. Will buy electric shaker bottle again!

motorized blender bottle

  I have bought other protein shaker bottles before, but I have to say this one is better than them. Not only does it have a mixing ball, but the bottle is 16 ounces. It also has great storage capacity! It has two of these electric shaker bottles, one slightly larger than the other, and a pill container inside. I can use both storage containers to put a scoop of my meal replacement shake and my creatine/pre-exercise in the other container. It also makes life easier because I don’t have to carry around three electric shakers. i can simply get the amount I need for the day and put it in one container.


  -Storage (fits one scoop of basically anything)

  -Storage (ability to store your vitamin pills or other pills)

  -Bottle (16oz bottle, perfect)

  Stirring ball


  -Not available yet

  The electric protein shaker bottle is perfect for my needs. I can put my protein powder in one small protein shake mixer and the other can hold supplemental powders or snacks. Plus, it has a perfect little container for my supplement pills. I always have to put my powder in another container or snack bag or something, so it’s perfect for on the go. Easy to clean, tightly closed, and never leaks. Very durable material, more durable than other shaker cups I’ve owned. I can’t say there is anything wrong with this product. electric shaker bottle is affordable, top quality, and overall perfect.

electric shaker bottle

  This bottle electric is great. It is much easier than using a vibrating cup with a metal ball. If I can give it 10 stars, I will. First-class customer service. There was a problem with my cover (after using it 5 times a week for 18 months), the company responded on the day I sent the inquiry and sent a new cover. I am glad to know that there is such a company. As long as they sell products, they will have loyal customers.

  Okay, electric water bottle. It’s really durable and easy to clean. Sometimes I get 1 or 2 small pieces of powder, but very few. Just don’t let the protein shaker blender last too long. Once the protein powder liquid is added, turn it off and shake it well. One person finds it helpful. Great protein shakes shaker! It’s really a good blend of peanut butter drinks! Super heavy! If not because I have the strongest electric paint shaker. No ball to throw, good value for money.

  What else do you want me to say? I highly recommend this shaker bottle

shaker bottle electric

  How to exercise a person’s pectoralis major is actually a lot of exercises, and among these exercises, some exercises are better, some are not so good, but many people don’t know what the exercises of pectoralis major are What, I believe someone knows it. So, what are the actions to exercise the pectoralis major? Let’s take a look together below!

  push ups

  Push-ups are a very versatile exercise method. They can help us exercise a lot of parts, and it is also very effective when exercising the chest muscles. Similarly, it is also one of the effective ways to exercise the abdominal muscles. Push-ups, you need to do at least 100 strokes to become a group of most people. After doing a group, you can feel the muscles burning obviously. At this time, we have begun to exercise our chest muscles. If more exercise is needed, everyone You can add some appropriately, but remember not to put too much pressure on the muscles.

  lie on your back, bend your arms and pull up

  Lie on the back of the upper back on the stool, with the head slightly exposed at the end of the stool, the legs are bent, the feet are slightly wider than the shoulders, the soles of the feet are supported on the ground, the lower back is relaxed, the buttocks are lowered, the chest is raised and the abdomen is raised. With your arms bent, cross your hands at the top of your head and hold the inner side of one end of the dumbbell, palm up, and the dumbbell drooping.

  When holding the bell in both hands, slowly bend the elbows to the top of the head, gradually bend the elbows until the upper arms are in a horizontal position, and the angle between the upper and lower arms is about 100 degrees-120 degrees. At this time, the pectoralis major should be fully expanded, the thorax should be expanded, the abdomen should be loosened, and the buttocks should be sunk. When the dumbbells are lowered to the lowest position, lift the dumbbells along the original path with the strength of the pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi muscles until the arms are straight on the chest.

  Pectoralis arm flexion and extension

  Use the widest spacing between the parallel bars to hold the parallel bars, extend your arms and support them on the parallel bars, bend your legs naturally, overlap your feet, and relax your body; don’t deliberately stand up your chest so that the lower part of your pectoralis major is perpendicular to the ground. Keep your back round, lean forward, put more tension on your chest muscles, and chin close to your chest; stretch your feet in front of your body instead of bending your legs back to prevent deceptive movements. This is an extremely valuable action, the ultimate pectoral muscle builder.

  Bend the elbows with both arms to lower the body to the lowest point, and then take a deep breath. When breathing, press the arms to prop up the body. Then breathe in as you fall, and then repeat the practice.

  Butterfly machine clip chest

  Keep the handles at the same height as your shoulders. Keep your arms slightly bent. Be careful not to open your arms too much (open to the back plane) to avoid hurting your shoulder joints. Don’t weigh too much. Pause for 3 seconds during adduction. , Fully squeeze the pectoralis major muscle.

  Take a natural breath every time. Be sure to straighten your body without the help of external force. Use your pectoralis major muscle to exert force when internally clamped. Be gentle when you relax and restore.

shaker bottle electric

  The push-up is a movement to exercise the waist and abdominal muscles, but also a good exercise effect on the back, do push-ups, must be careful, the action range is not too large, the action should also try to standardize, to avoid sports injuries. So, how many push-ups are appropriate? How to do push-ups?

  Prone push-ups do how much appropriate

  In doing this action, we can adhere to each group of movements for about 1 minute, each time to complete 3 to 5 groups. Because the difficulty factor of this action is not very large, so in the process of adherence is not very difficult, then we can choose to adhere to 1 minute each time, so that the exercise effect is better. In addition to do only one group, the exercise effect is very limited, so we can carry out multiple groups each time.

  How to do the prone push-ups

  1. lie prone on a flat chair, keeping the abdomen in the upper part of the flat bench and keep parallel to it. Keep the top of the chest and head hanging off the edge of the bench. 2.

  2. Place your feet under the bench and hook them onto the bench to keep your body stable as the initial part of the movement. Place your hands on either side of your head and place your fingers in contact with your ears.

  3. Bend the elbow joints of both arms and expend the elbow joints outward to lift the upper torso of the body up and off the surface of the bench about 8 to 12 inches.

  4. Slowly and carefully move the upper torso down to the initial position. Repeat the set of movements.

  What to note about the push-ups

  1. you do this action must be slow, if you come up very quickly that is likely to lumbar muscle strain or even injury.

  2. Roman chair against the thighs of the pad is adjustable, remember not to let the pad touch the knee, or do up the knee will be very uncomfortable (blood lessons, must remember).

  3. if you plan to do weighted push-ups, then hang your hands down, two hands and take a barbell piece or each take a dumbbell is okay. But do not put the barbell piece behind the head, so the weight is heavy is easy to hurt.

  4. do not lift the body too high, so as not to overstretch your spine.

protein shaker bottle

  The electric shaker bottle is great for milkshakes! A few gentle shakes and you can easily mix protein powder. Take a lot. Lots of fun colors! This is better than any shaker bottle I’ve used before. There is no powder left at the bottom. I recommend.

  Electric bottle shaker Been using this for a while now. Works great for both protein shakes and what you make in the blender and comes in handy often. Overall protein shaker , I’m really glad I got this.

  It’s the perfect size for when I want to make 1-2 protein shakes. the little ball that comes with the electric shaker is perfect for shaking my shakes with my flavored protein powder. The opening is perfect for the different scoops I see in protein powder packages.

shaker bottle electric

  When we exercise, we will choose the appropriate action in advance, and then we will exercise, which can exercise the target part more effectively. The exercise action of each part of the exercise part is different, so if we want to exercise the forearm muscles, we can choose exercises such as dumbbell lateral internal rotation, dumbbell weight walking and so on. So, how should men practice forearm muscles at home? Let’s find out together.

  dumbbell lateral internal rotation

  1. Hold a dumbbell in one hand, lie on your side on a flat bench, close your upper arm to your body, and bend your elbows so that your forearm and upper arm are at a 90-degree angle, with your palm facing your head. The other hand pinched the waist. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Keep the upper arm still, keep the arm bent at 90 degrees, rotate the forearm inside the body, and exhale at the same time. Until the rotation reaches the limit, keep the peak contraction for one second.

  3. Then slowly return to the starting position while breathing in.

  Dumbbell weight walking

  1. Choose a challenging weight and place the dumbbells on the ground on one side of your body. Bend your knees and squat, keeping your back straight, and pick up the dumbbells on the floor in a deadlift position. Then hold the dumbbells, keep your body upright, with your arms hanging down on the side of your body, straighten your chest and tuck your abdomen, and look forward. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Walk forward with dumbbells in hand, keep your body balanced, keep your weight-bearing arms straight and droop naturally, and your shoulders are in a neutral position.

  3. One walks forward until a suitable distance is completed, and can turn if necessary.

  4. After finishing walking, control your body to squat slowly and put the dumbbells back on the ground. Don’t throw dumbbells directly on the ground.

  The essentials of wrist rotation

  1. Separate your feet, shoulder width apart. Raise your arms and extend them until they reach a height parallel to the ground. And parallel to the height of the ground, evenly in a straight line with the shoulders. Tip: Your torso and arms should form the letter “T”: your palms should be downward. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Except for the wrists, the whole body is fixed, and both wrists are rotated forward. Hint: Imagine you are trying to draw a circle with your hands. Maintain normal breathing during exercise.

  upright kettlebell high turn

  1. Hold a kettlebell, stand upright, and hang the kettlebell on one side of your body. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Then swing the kettlebell back vigorously, and then swing it forward to lift the kettlebell to the shoulder position, with the arm bent at 90 degrees.

  3. After a slight pause at the top, lower the kettlebell and swing it backwards, and repeat the above actions.

protein shaker electric

  I use it to make protein shakes after working out in the gym. My protein shake is too thick and does not blend well. I used two scoops at a time, but the blender turned into a liquid milkshake after mixing. You must seal the protein shaker tightly to avoid leakage.

  There are many electric blender bottles, but so far, these are the best. They don’t actually leak, and they are blended with the best whey protein I have seen. Has been a user of OG mixed bottles for many years. If you haven’t tried it-you should try.

  Electric shaker I have bought several times. Love it very much. It is affordable, durable, and never leaks (unless you accidentally leave it alone), the powder can be mixed well, and it is relatively easy to clean.

  So far, the electric shaker bottle works well and is easy to clean. I mainly use it to make protein shakes. Durability is hard to say, I hope to stick to it.