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  This item arrived yesterday and I am very excited to be able to use it. During the meal, I shook the protein shake. It mixes well with the powder and has less lumps than when mixed in a mixing bottle. There is a comment or two comments that the lid is not fully opened, which is completely incorrect. The function of the cover is a bit like a car door, because it will stop in the middle, but if you push it a little, it will flip over 180 degrees. Also mentioned that the lid feels weak, I feel pretty good, but I can understand what they are talking about because the lid is not as strong as other vibrating bottles. It seemed okay, because I didn’t even notice any spills or leakage, even though the breakfast milkshake I had was much thicker than milk and protein powder. I really like the feel of this electric shaker bottle because it is stronger and more flexible than ordinary plastic bottles. I highly recommend this product as an alternative to classic products.

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  So I am used to the typical funny shaker bottle. They have been with me for many years, but to be honest, they are just “good”. I saw this bottle and saw the video of them shaking the peanut butter and said. Hey, why not. I lost some shakers when I moved recently and need to be replaced. Although these are much more expensive.

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  Having said that, I am not disappointed. These ideas are amazing! They actually changed my pre-workout habits (yes, I am a high school student and prefer to mix in water), so that the last point is always foam. After I exercise, shake milk is usually a mixture of two or three different supplements, so it tends to get stuck at the bottom. Finally, you have to use a knife or other things to replenish the older ones, especially if you pour water behind the powder. Not these. I even tried to get an item wet because it was washed, but the item can still be taken out.

  Yes, to answer your question, you can put the peanut butter directly into the electric shaker bottle and shake it well. Will combine 0 questions. Would recommend 10/10.

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  This is probably the best Shaker Bottle I have so far. It really mixes well. If there is unmixed powder at the bottom, I just need to turn it upside down and shake it. I find it easy to clean. I put in the dish soap and warm water and shook it. At first there were some holes under the lid, but I found that it was the user’s fault. I just need to tighten further (as much as you think, then a little more). I really think it would be better to put a gasket in the cover, but I don’t know if it will affect the design. Another disadvantage is that if you use it first, and then wait until the end of the day to wash, even after washing, I still have a milkshake smell. However, this may be because this material is plastic, which is known to stick to orders. In summary, so far, I am very satisfied with this purchase of voltrx protein shaker bottle.

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  Everyone has drunk sports drinks. Drinking sports drinks for fitness looks very good, but the truth is often not so beautiful!

  Basically, most sports drinks are sweeter. What is the sweetness? In fact, you have already guessed it, it is carbohydrates. One of the functions of sports drinks is to replenish body energy, so carbohydrates are indispensable in the ingredient list of drinks. If you are more concerned about carbohydrate intake, the carbohydrate content of this sports drink naturally cannot be underestimated.

  Let’s take a closer look at sports drinks. So what does a bottle of sports drinks contain? Carbohydrates, water, and vitamins will all be present. Generally speaking, the current capacity of a bottle of sports drinks is about 500ml. Take XX brand sports drinks for example, its capacity is 600ml. See the figure below for the specific nutrient composition. Simple mathematics can be converted into a calorie of 88 * 6 = 528KJ.

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  Assuming that we exercise for one hour, let’s try to calculate how many calories we consume in one hour of fitness exercise. There are not many data on direct calorie expenditure in strength training, or it is because the related factors are too complicated. The direct calorie consumption of strength training is generally not very high, and it is generally lower than that of moderate and low-intensity aerobic exercises at the same time. For example, in the following data, “Strong bodybuilding”, METs is only about 6. 6METs is equivalent to 6 kilocalories per kilogram of body weight per hour. For example, a person weighing 70 kilograms, who exercises heavily for bodybuilding, consumes about 420 kilocalories per hour.

  An ordinary person weighing 70KG consumes 420 kilocalories per hour of fitness, which is 420 * 4.184=1757.28KJ, 528/1757.28=0.3, which means that a bottle of XX sports drink is relative to the calories consumed for 20 minutes of fitness. If you work out for only half an hour on weekdays, a bottle of sports drink will basically recover your calorie consumption, which is really not worth it!

  If you don’t have precise control over your usual food calories for fitness, you obviously have not counted the calories of an extra bottle of sports drink. So bodybuilders still drink boiled water or mineral water. After all, the “energy” of sports drinks is a bit high, and it absorbs a lot of energy unknowingly, sin!