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  The advantages of strength training for each age group, the purpose we pursue for strength training 1. The purpose of sports for each age group is different

  So, for middle-aged people who are between young and old, their fitness goals are not clear, or their sports goals are more inclined to the requirements of the body. Because for middle-aged people living in society today, they may appear very young mentally and physically. But for the elderly, their health consciousness is not strong, but the pursuit of their own appearance.

  strength training improves health

  But middle-aged people have many health risks. For example, as they grow older, their weight will increase uncontrollably, which may cause various potential health risks, and our body functions are also degrading. Even if we can’t see it, we can’t just let young people waste their health. Moreover, hidden dangers will make us lose our health unconsciously.

  strength training to shape the body

  Therefore, for middle-aged friends who have a good body, it is important to lose weight to have a good body, but don’t use too much force and don’t sacrifice your health. Therefore, in the process of losing weight and shaping, we must choose the right method. First, we must ensure our health as the prerequisite, and then make a suitable exercise plan on this basis.

  We need to cultivate good exercise habits to get a more perfect body 1. Cultivate good exercise habits

  In addition, we also need to cultivate regular exercise habits. We know that exercise and fitness not only help regulate and lose weight, but also bring various benefits to health. Middle-aged people choose strength training to improve our health, because strength training can stimulate muscle growth by exercising muscles. Strength training plays an important role in avoiding muscle outflow. Muscle loss will not only reduce basic metabolism and prevent us from losing fat, but also lose protection to joints and increase the risk of injury.

  effective training actions

  Action 1: Goblet squat

  First, we need to stretch our feet, straighten our back, tighten our core strength, and lift dumbbells to our chest with both hands. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, push your hips back, squat slowly, and pause for a few seconds when you reach the top of the action. In the whole process of the movement, pay attention to straighten your back, don’t let your knees embed in, and keep your knees and toes in the same direction.

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  Action 2: Dumbbell straight leg deadlift

  This action requires us to open the feet, keep the distance between the feet the same width as the shoulders, straighten the waist and back, tighten the core strength, hold the dumbbells with both hands, and hang down in front of the legs. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, keep your calves still, bend your hips, and bend forward to move the dumbbells along your legs to below your knees. Stop slightly at the top of the action and feel the traction of the muscles behind the thighs. Straighten your back during the entire movement, keep it upright when you get up, and be careful not to arch your back.

  Action 3: Forward lunge squat

  First, we need to open the feet, keep the distance between the feet the same width as the shoulders, straighten the waist and back, tighten the core, make fists with both hands, and place them on the chest. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, step one leg forward, move your weight forward, and squat down slowly. The front side of the thigh is parallel to the ground, then stand up to return to the starting position, and then complete the action on the other side. During the whole process of the action, keep your back straight, keep your knees and toes in the same direction. When squatting, make sure that our front knees do not exceed the toes and the back knees do not touch the ground. Fully warm up before the start of the training. Ensure during the training The quality of the action.

  Conclusion: Adhering to strength training can not only make our body better, but also make us healthier, suitable for training for every age group. If we want to get a good figure, we need to exercise more, but we must do it within the range that we can bear. We must not blindly train, and we must pay attention to safety, so as to achieve the goal of scientific fitness.

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  How about the voltrx protein shaker bottle, the quality is really good–

  1. Thickness is the best thickness in Shaker Bottle I have seen

  2. Material

  Do you see the 5 in the triangle symbol? Do you understand the number at the bottom of the drinking cup? Do you see the 5 in the triangle symbol? Do you understand the number at the bottom of the drinking cup?

  Plastic bottle, look at the numbers in the triangle at the bottom:

  No. 1 PET: heat-resistant to 65°C and cold-resistant to -20°C.

  HDPE No. 2: It is recommended not to recycle.

  PVC No. 3: It is best not to buy.

  No. 4 LDPE: not strong in heat resistance.

  No. 5 PP: microwave lunch box, fresh-keeping box, high temperature resistance of 120 ℃.

  No. 6 PS: It is heat-resistant and cold-resistant, but it cannot be placed in a microwave oven.

  No. 7 PC other categories: water bottle, water cup, milk bottle.

  3. Smell

  Smell on the premise of packaging, you open the sealed bag, twist open the cap for the first time, and then smell it. There is no peculiar smell. I opened several of them and tested it without any peculiar smell,

  It’s said that it will get smelly when you wash the protein shaker bottle. It has nothing to do with the water cup? Is it the characteristic of protein? It’s because you don’t wash it right away after drinking the protein powder. Of course it will smell bad the next day. There is a reason that raw eggs will stink if they are not cleaned up for a day.

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  Of course, poor quality cups are not clean at all. .

  4. Easy to use

  With a pull ring, you can hang it to your backpack or hang a key. You can pick it up with one finger. There is a steel wire ball inside to stir. Protein powder, milkshake, milk powder, juice, etc. Shake it, everything!!!

  5. Easy to clean

  Just put your hand in and you can wash it. You don’t need to buy a special brush, it’s too much trouble. Drinking water is easy, right?

  Specially designed for sports and fitness people

  Large capacity, timely supplement of water and nutrition during exercise is essential

  Large capacity means you don’t go to the water dispenser several times

  With powder grid, easy to carry, protein powder, supplements, pills, portable food

  provides you with simplicity and convenience

  7. Don’t mention leaks. .

  No water leakage No water leakage No water leakage Say important things three times

  Can such a high-end, professional and flowery cup leak?

  can’t do it! Otherwise, it’s unprofessional

  put it in your backpack with confidence!

  caveat. . . Unless you fill it with boiling water!! Don’t use it as a thermos

  Okay, just do it like this!!

  Besides, it’s easy to buy

  Domestically, all major shopping websites have them. The prices are a little higher than those in foreign countries.

  I also sell it. If you need it, you can search the store with X treasure. Monster 168

  Little seller, elementary school students, there are still many things to learn, life is not easy, working hard together, do not expect to get sales here

  Go up and drill the crown, operate with integrity, walk there and count there, all are real shots, not to buy orders

  What’s the purpose?

  I just want to let everyone know the good things, it’s all collected information plus my own understanding

  You can go and see for yourself to feel different. Hope to adopt, thank you.

shake that bottle lyrics

  Shaker Bottle is mainly the material. Generally, the more expensive Shaker Bottle is very solid in your hand.

  Apart from this, I think there are roughly three types of Shaker Bottles.

  Multilayer Shaker Bottle

  Single layer Shaker Bottle

  Electric Shaker Bottle

  I use the multi-layer Shaker Bottle the most, and I have been using it all the time. There are usually 3 layers. One layer contains amino acids/granules/capsules for drinking water, and the other layer contains protein powder. The price generally starts at 30 yuan. The disadvantage is the capacity. Smaller, usually only about 450, and a bit cumbersome. We recommend the SMARTSHAKE signature Shaker Bottle. The price is about 30 yuan. The blender bottle Shaker Bottle is also very good. This brand specializes in Shaker Bottle, and there are many types, but the price is generally not Cheap.

  The single-layer Shaker Bottle is even the most common Shaker Bottle. The price starts at RMB 20. It is impossible to install anything except water at the same time. The advantage is that the capacity is generally larger, about 700ML. Some single-layer Shaker Bottles will have a similar The spring thing is convenient to break up all kinds of protein powder and amino acids. It is better than a simple stirring ball. I recommend Perfect Shaker’s superhero co-branded Shaker Bottle, which is for personal use, and the price is about 30 yuan.

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  Electric Shaker Bottle, the price is at least 50. It looks good, spicy chicken stuff. I regret buying it. It’s okay to use amino acids. It is basically impossible to open a little more protein powder or muscle building powder, and it is basically your own. Repair, cleaning is also very troublesome, it can’t be soaked in water, and it’s very inconvenient to get it to the gym. I bought one a long time ago, and if it breaks, I haven’t studied this spicy chicken stuff.

  My friends often give me some Shaker Bottles. Generally, I keep them for my own use or give them to others. The ones with a bad feel are given away at the gym. So I haven’t bought a few Shaker Bottles. Basically, I use them. Some mid-range gadgets, high-end ones that are more than 80 yuan or more, have basically never been used