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  The bench press is a common training movement in fitness, while there are many types of bench press, such as upward incline bench press, downward incline bench press and so on. In fact, the upward incline bench press and downward incline bench press is not only in the direction of the bench press difference, of course, these two kinds of bench press is a lot of benefits, but also have to pay attention to. So, what is the correct position of the upward incline bench press? Here’s a look at it!

  The correct posture of the upward incline bench press

  1. sitting on the upper incline bench, holding a dumbbell in each hand, put it on the thighs, palms opposite each other.

  2. Then, lift the dumbbells with your thighs, one at a time, and place them in front of your chest with your palms forward and shoulder-width apart. At the same time, lie backwards onto the backrest with your chest and abdomen. This is the starting position of the movement.

  Then push the dumbbells up with your chest strength while exhaling, remembering to keep control of the dumbbells throughout and keep your chest and abdomen up.

  The arms are naturally straight, and when you reach the top, you hold for a moment and then begin to slowly descend, inhaling as you do so. Ideally, the time spent descending should be twice the time spent lifting.

  Repeat to the recommended number of reps. 6.

  6. After completing the exercise, place the dumbbells back on your legs and then on the floor. This is the safe way to place the dumbbells.

  Notes on the upper incline bench press

  The first time you do this exercise, pay special attention not to push the barbell up to the front of the chest like the flat bench press, but should push the barbell up to the vertical top of the shoulder and neck, if the direction of force in front, it will increase the burden on the deltoid muscle, reduce the stimulation of the pectoralis major muscle, there may be too much weight and lose balance, smashing limbs.

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  Arrow squat is a very famous exercise, but also a simple and easy to do exercise, and often do arrow squat is a lot of benefits, such as exercise muscle, strengthen the legs and so on, of course, in addition to these, there are still many benefits. So, what are the benefits of doing the arrow squat regularly? Here’s a look at the benefits of the arrow squat!

  The benefits of the arrow squat

  1. exercise muscle

  The arrow squat is a comprehensive training movement of the buttocks and legs, the action process of the buttocks. Legs and other muscle groups have a great stimulation, like the quadriceps. Gluteus maximus. gluteus medius. Hamstrings. Gastrocnemius. Core muscle groups such as muscle groups can get different degrees of exercise.

  2. strengthen the legs

  Arrow squat is one of the most important strength training movements, the exercise of the leg muscles is particularly good, the correct arrow squat can strengthen the leg strength.

  3. Strengthen physical fitness

  The arrow squat is also very good for improving physical fitness, core muscles. The lower body strength training, are to form the main points of physical fitness, so by practicing the arrow squat is able to shape a strong physical fitness.

  4. improve sports safety

  Most of the natural movements of the human body, such as carrying, running, climbing, etc. is the dominant role of the lower limbs, climbing the most commonly used muscles, is the muscles of the legs. If the muscles of the legs are not strong, climbing is easy to muscle legs weakness, barely walking then easy to hurt the knee joint, lose balance and easy to fall and other injuries. So in the lower limb exercise, it is best to exercise the muscles of the legs first, so as to be safer, and improve your athletic ability!

  Arrow squat standard action

  1. front and rear toes are facing directly in front (the second toe is facing forward).

  2. the front foot hip rotates outward to let the buttocks out (let the knee go to the third to five toes).

  3. Rotate the back foot hip inward to allow the buttocks to clench forward (let the pelvis turn to the front and let the anterior hip muscles be stretched, with the knee and the second toe of the back foot facing forward in a straight line, not too far inward).

  4. the upper body straight, the abdomen is closed not arch waist (so that the front hip muscles are stretched).

  5. Imagine the movement throughout the head extended up and chin tucked (this can lengthen your spine, so that the thoracic spine up, the shoulders can naturally retract to the joints square).

  6. descending process is straight up and down, imagine the back foot knee down lightly touch the floor.

electric cherry bottle

  bought a leaked brand of the same brand before. However, this one is better. It won’t leak. However, even though it says that the dishwasher is safe, I still wash it by hand. Washing them in a protein shaker bottle actually stretches the lid, so water leaks when shaken.

  The price of the electric paint shaker does not tell you the quality of the shaker. Although the price looks cheap, the bottle itself is amazing in terms of durability and cleanliness. The protein shakes shaker can definitely be used as an electric spray bottle, which contains a lot of water and anything you mix into the water. I’ve never seen something so cheap, but yes, it’s good.

  Large electric shaker, easy to clean, no leakage. It looks very durable and mixes quickly. My trembling is like two arms trembling.

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  Lunge squat is a simple and famous exercise, and it is also a very effective exercise. Frequent lunge squats have many benefits, such as exercising leg muscles, strengthening balance, etc. Of course, in addition to these, it is still There are many benefits. So, what are the benefits of lunge squatting for men? Let’s take a look at the benefits of lunge squatting!

  1. Exercise leg muscles

  In most of the natural movements of the human body, such as running, climbing, carrying, etc., these need to rely on the lower limbs as the leading role. In life, we need to rely on the lower limbs to do a lot of activities. Regular lunge squatting can help exercise the muscles of the legs. It can protect the legs more favorably, especially the knee joints and other important parts, so the benefits of lunge squatting are very obvious. At the same time, lunge squats can also help thin legs and stretch, sticking to it can make the legs more slender.

  2. Strengthen balance

  We know that lunge squats are actually performed unilaterally. By insisting on training lunge squats, it can help train the balance of the body, and this can also prevent injuries due to loss of balance in daily activities. Especially for some people who need to stand on one side or exercise on one side from time to time, regular practice lunge squats can increase the balance of the body. Even long-term one side standing can maintain the balance well over time.

  3. Improve hip muscle line

  Many people cannot achieve perfect hip lines no matter how they train. The advantage of lunge squats is that if lunge squats are performed correctly, the hip flexors can be tightened continuously during the exercises and the hip lines become more perfect.

  4. Improve sports safety

  Most natural movements of the body, such as carrying, running, climbing, etc., are dominated by the lower limbs. The most commonly used muscles for climbing are the muscles of the legs. If the muscles of the legs are not strong, the muscles and legs are likely to be weak when climbing mountains. If you barely walk, it is easy to injure the knee joints, and lose balance and fall and other injuries. So when doing lower limb exercises, it is best to exercise the leg muscles first, so as to be safer and improve your athletic ability!

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  We all know that regular exercise is very good for the human body, and after exercise, it has the benefits of enhancing physical fitness and shaping the body. How to exercise the abdomen, you can exercise the abdomen by supporting the left and right legs, passing the ball on the back and other methods. So, what are the actions of abdomen exercise at home? Let’s take a look at the actions together!

  Support left and right swing legs

  1. Support left and right swing legs

  Bend over, with both arms directly under the shoulders, supporting the body, slightly bend the elbows, and straighten the legs back.

  The back is straight and the body is in a straight line from head to toe.

  Keep the body stable and swing a leg to the side to the point of the toes, then restore and switch sides.

  2. Supine pass

  Lie on your back, put your upper body close to the ground, raise your arms, clamp your feet on the yoga ball, and lift your feet off the ground.

  Lift up the legs with the force of the abdomen, and at the same time move the arms forward to catch the yoga ball.

  Then, the legs are restored (do not touch the ground when restoring), hold the yoga ball in both hands and lift it above the head.

  Then, get up in the same way and pass the ball to both feet.

  3. Lie on your back and straighten your belly

  Lie on your back, with your legs bent, knees and feet on the ground, your upper body is close to the ground, and your hands are next to your ears.

  Get up with the force of the abdomen. When you get up, the shoulders, upper back, and lower back are lifted off the ground in turn.

  The apex keeps the body stable, and alternately punches each side with both arms.

  Then the lower back, upper back, and shoulders are restored in turn.

  4. Yoga ball bends knees and abdomen

  Bend over, with both arms directly under the shoulders, slightly bent elbows, legs straightened back, and calves pressed against the yoga ball.

  Apply abdominal force, bend the knees forward with both arms, and at the same time drive the yoga ball to roll forward.

  After the apex stops for a while, slowly restores.

  5. Supine windmill

  Lie on your back, with your upper body close to the ground, arms open at your sides, legs together and feet off the ground.

  Apply force to the abdomen, lift both legs up, and turn to the side of the body.

  Stop for a while at the apex, then raise your legs and turn to the other side of your body.

electric shaker bottle

  I just bought the third bottle of electric shaker. They are one of my favorite shaker bottles. I never leaked. Honestly, one of the biggest reasons I like them is that they can be washed in the dishwasher. I am lazy, because so many water bottles are hand-washed. It can also mix protein powder well. I never agglomerate.

  I like the new design of protein shaker electric. I also like the color of plums, they look very nice and look exactly like the pictures! I use my juiceplus every day, and I will never be another protein shaker brand. So it is easy to clean and durable.

  I like this protein shaker. I just use it to hold water, but it’s perfect, the color is different, it fits the cup holder of my car (I would say any cup holder)

electric blender bottle

  I have been using protein shaker for about two months, and the effect is very good. Work as expected and always integrate well. The only thing I know is that this child’s part is really difficult to clean unless you have something like bottle electric cleaner, because the child has some small corners and cracks, you can’t get too much, I started to notice some remnants Vibration is formed, it may be formed. So remember this. But other than that, I definitely recommend it to be great.

  I started using the same electric shaker bottle last year, and I haven’t encountered any problems so far, and it’s in good condition. The electric bottle shaker is easy to clean and very suitable for drinking protein shakes. Although the effect is good, I still hope that the measurement result is clearer or the font color is different. Otherwise it is very suitable for daily use and would recommend it to anyone!