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  I actually bought it twice (a transparent black cover and a blue and purple suit). Buying two packs of electric shaker bottle is cheaper than buying in the store. I use these water and sports protein shakes almost every day. They work well, just make sure that the lid is properly tightened, otherwise they will leak (but once the lid is properly closed, they will hold the water perfectly!). I recommend these electric protein shaker bottles.

  These are the electric shaker cups that I find most suitable for drinking powder milkshakes. Pro tip #1: Before pouring the powder, add a few ounces of water to the cup-so that the powder does not stick to the bottom, but is mixed clean in the cup. Professional tip 2: Wash the cup like a drink: fill half with hot water, add soap, add metal ornaments, close and shake!

  In addition to the picture, there are different colors, although it is true that the color of the electric shaker may be different. I like the transparent electric shaker bottles because I can see that they are clean, but now I have four burning purple opaque cups. OK then. They will not return on this basis-for reference only. Although she is female, she hates the pink electric mixer bottle

  I like the design of bottle electric. The mixer will automatically work and shut down. The light gives a good feeling. The motor is firmly fixed on the device and can mix my ingredients very effectively. It is also very convenient to clean and store. I look forward to the durability of this product. I have a different mixing container, it is broken, and the motor is broken. I am very happy to be able to deliver this product to my home one day before the due date. Thank you for providing excellent products.

  I usually inject 12 ounces of water and a few ice cubes, and then click once to start spinning. This is a 30-second spinning timer; this is the best time to add my fans. Different pressures determine the rotation and stop of the timer. In addition, there are 8 LED lights on the base of the protein shaker, which can be turned on to display rotation. Very cool and amazingly powerful spin, absolutely effective. There is a charging base that can light up to show the battery level. When you press and hold the button, the protein shaker electric will light up briefly to show the battery level, or press it to turn on the rotation animation. Definitely recommend VOLTRX protein shaker bottle!

target shaker bottle

  This electronic blender bottle is great! It is my protein powder, the perfect combination of pre-exercise and other supplements! The effect is very good, I recently bought the second VOTRXportable blender bottle for the workplace. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and cool in appearance. I recommend this cup to all my friends because of the light on the bottom of the cup.

  In addition, after a few months of daily use, my electric shaker machine failed for the first time, so I contacted customer service because these cups have a one-year warranty. I am surprised by their speed of response! Needless to say, I will continue to recommend this product to everyone who wants to listen!

  I bought this electric spray can shaker just for bulletproof coffee. I have used this bottle for two weeks, and I still charge 50%. I highly recommend it.

  just mix the ingredients.


  peanut butter

  Mct oil

  then hot coffee

  I put the protein powder in and mix it for a while.

  Press once and stir for 30 seconds

  Stir twice for 3 minutes

  Press and hold for 2 seconds to display the battery level

  Press once while stirring to stop.

  I cannot ask for better.

  Is this the official shaker bottle or what?

how to clean protein shaker

  The bench press is a common training movement in fitness, while there are many types of bench press, such as upward incline bench press, downward incline bench press and so on. In fact, the upward incline bench press and downward incline bench press is not only in the direction of the bench press difference, of course, these two kinds of bench press is a lot of benefits, but also have to pay attention to. So, what is the correct position of the upward incline bench press? Here’s a look at it!

  The correct posture of the upward incline bench press

  1. sitting on the upper incline bench, holding a dumbbell in each hand, put it on the thighs, palms opposite each other.

  2. Then, lift the dumbbells with your thighs, one at a time, and place them in front of your chest with your palms forward and shoulder-width apart. At the same time, lie backwards onto the backrest with your chest and abdomen. This is the starting position of the movement.

  Then push the dumbbells up with your chest strength while exhaling, remembering to keep control of the dumbbells throughout and keep your chest and abdomen up.

  The arms are naturally straight, and when you reach the top, you hold for a moment and then begin to slowly descend, inhaling as you do so. Ideally, the time spent descending should be twice the time spent lifting.

  Repeat to the recommended number of reps. 6.

  6. After completing the exercise, place the dumbbells back on your legs and then on the floor. This is the safe way to place the dumbbells.

  Notes on the upper incline bench press

  The first time you do this exercise, pay special attention not to push the barbell up to the front of the chest like the flat bench press, but should push the barbell up to the vertical top of the shoulder and neck, if the direction of force in front, it will increase the burden on the deltoid muscle, reduce the stimulation of the pectoralis major muscle, there may be too much weight and lose balance, smashing limbs.

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protein shaker electric

  Took this electric shaker bottle for a meal at work to mix up a Keto shake. I tried it yesterday and it worked great. I’m going to use a real blender to pour it into the electric shaker, although a small ball to mix it with will work.

  Your basic electric shakers ! For my pre-exercise and water, it doesn’t get any better than this. Love that it’s black and so easy to clean and carry.

  Love this electric bottle shaker ! It’s perfect for shaking on the go and make sure to clean it right after you laugh!

  Make sure the drinking portion of the protein shaker lid snaps shut so you know the lid is 100% closed before shaking.

  is much better than I thought. By taking out the balls, adding the liquid, then adding the powder, and then adding the stainless steel balls, it seems to have the best effect on the protein powder. The electric bottle opener trembled like crazy.

  This is a great protein shaker bottle. I have been using it every day for several months and I have never missed it. The lid is still airtight, and the lid will still work, which is different from some other brands I have tried. It can hold a lot, and it is great when mixing powdered beverages.

  Dutifully. Assuming you fasten the lid, the protein shaker electric will not leak. Sometimes it’s hard to break. I think it was broken, but it was not broken, and no liquid was spilled like this.

protein shaker blender

  In the exercise, Arnold recommends a very good exercise, and it is also a very useful exercise. Of course, Arnold’s recommendation has many benefits, but there is a particular need to do Arnold’s recommendation, such as correct action essentials and correctness. The breathing method and so on are exquisite. So, what are the essentials of Arnold’s recommended action? Let’s learn about Arnold’s recommendation!

  Arnold recommends action essentials

  1. Sit on an exercise bench with a backrest, hold a dumbbell in each hand, and place it on your thighs, palms facing each other. Then lift the dumbbells with your thighs and place them in front of your shoulders. Bend your arms, palms facing you. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Lift the dumbbells up and exhale at the same time. Rotate your wrists while pushing up so that your palms are forward. Until the arms straighten naturally, the dumbbell stays above the head.

  3. Stay at the top for a while, feel the contraction of the shoulders, and then slowly put the dumbbells back to the starting position while inhaling.

  4. The above is a complete action, repeat the action up to the recommended number of times.

  Arnold recommends common mistakes

  Error: Shrugging, the elbow joint is overstretched and locked at the top of the lift, and the arms are not turned from the front of the body to the sides of the body during the press.

  Solution: Keep the shoulder joint stable, keep the elbow joint slightly flexed, and turn the arms from the front of the body to the sides of the body.

  Arnold recommends matters needing attention

  1. Try not to push to the highest point where the arms are fully extended, otherwise the elbow joints are fully extended and locked, and the deltoid muscles will not exert much force. The weight is almost completely supported by the bones. If you stop before straightening the elbow joint and start lowering the dumbbells, the exercise effect will be greatly enhanced;

  2. The movement needs to be completed strictly to ensure that the dumbbells are completely under your control;

  3. Don’t concentrate too much on lifting the dumbbells above your head, otherwise your arms will start to shake and tend to borrow force; this movement consists of half a flat lift and half a press, the front and middle heads of the deltoid muscles Can get a thorough exercise by this. It is an excellent deltoid training exercise.

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  Leg curl is a well-known fitness exercise, and it is also an easy exercise to train. Of course, training leg curls has many effects, but if you want to have these benefits, correct standard exercises are very important. So, how to practice leg curls? What should I pay attention to when practicing leg curls? Let’s take a look at leg curls together.

  How to practice leg curls

  1. Prone leg curl

  When doing prone leg curls, you need to lie prone on the leg curler first, adjust the resistance rolling pad, and let the back of the ankle get stuck under the rolling pad. Then stretch out your hand to grab the handle, tighten your upper body muscles, keep it straight, straighten your legs, and extend them. After you are ready, you can lift your legs hard and use your biceps femoris muscles to force the roller pad to move towards your buttocks. When exercising, be careful not to raise your thighs. When you reach a fixed point, pause for a few seconds to allow the muscles to be fully stretched, and then put them down to return to the original position.

  2. Seated leg curl

  When doing seated leg curls, you need to sit on the leg curler, hook your ankles on the horizontal bar below, lean your back against the backing board, and hold your hands on the handles. Use the strength of your calves to drive your body, doing curls back and forth. When exercising, you also need to be careful not to lift your buttocks, just use the strength of your legs. The amplitude of the curl should be larger, preferably greater than 60 degrees, otherwise the exercise effect will not be very good. When you recover, do not straighten your legs completely, so as not to hurt the joints.

  Leg curl precautions

  Regardless of whether it is a prone leg curl or a seated leg curl, you must first adjust the equipment to make it suitable for your height, otherwise you will not be able to achieve a good exercise effect. When curling, pay attention to using only the strength of the legs, not the strength of the abdomen or the buttocks. Weight is also a problem that needs attention. You should choose the weight that suits you. If the weight is not appropriate, whether it is too light or too heavy, the curling action cannot be standardized.

protein shaker

  It took five years to use protein shaker almost every day, and finally had to order a new one. The only reason was that it fell off the top of the truck when driving away and forgot where it was. I use it to make my protein shakes and fresh fruit drinks.

  bought two electric bottle shakers for our new recipe. We use them to mix drinks. They work perfectly! The top is tightly sealed and the lid is clamped in place to prevent any leakage. The ball can also be folded up for easy cleaning. The only problem is that DINK will not be really cold, because there is no insulation material. Will definitely buy again and recommend again.

  This electric shaker bottle is very strong, I like it. I have used other electric blender bottles before, but if you squeeze them hard, the plastic may bend or press in. The bottle, lid and metal ball are very strong, even though they have been washed in the dishwasher more than ten times so far. feeling not bad. Matte black looks great.

protein shaker

  Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a fitness expert, you will exercise the back muscles. Of course, there are many exercises in the fitness exercises that can exercise the back muscles, but there are also some exquisite exercises. For example, some exercises are suitable for women and some are suitable for men . How long does it take for women’s fitness to be effective? If you don’t understand, you can follow the editor to see the correct answer.

  leaning over dumbbell rowing

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, bend your knees slightly, lean your upper body forward, hips backward, bend over and make sure your back is straight so that your upper body is almost parallel to the ground. Drop your arms naturally, palms facing each other, and look forward. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Shrink the shoulder blades, press the elbows against your body, quickly lift the dumbbells to your sides, and exhale at the same time. Keep the back muscles tightened at the top for 1 second.

  3. Then slowly return the dumbbells to the starting position and inhale at the same time.

  sitting posture good morning pose

  1. Put the box under the barbell rack and set the barbell bolt to a suitable height. To start the action, sit under the barbell, put the barbell on your back, and don’t lean on the trapezius muscle. Contract your shoulder blades, turn your elbows forward, and make a movement of bending the lever with your shoulders.

  2. Take the barbell off the rack, and hold the bow tightly. Head straight ahead. The core muscles of the back, shoulders and abdomen are tightened, pushing the knees and hips outwards and starting to descend. Sit back with your hips until you sit on the box. This is the starting position of the action.

  3. Tighten the barbell and bend your hips forward as much as possible. If the barbell is set in the front parallel position, it can provide extra protection in the event of failure, and it can also remind you to stop the action properly.

  4. Stop when you are about to reach the barbell, and resume your movements until your body is upright.

  Kettlebell Sumo High Pull

  1. Hold a kettlebell in both hands, place it between your legs, and let your arms hang down naturally. Stand with your feet open, keeping a distance slightly larger than the width of your shoulders, with your toes slightly outward. Bend your knees, raise your head and chest, and keep your hips as far back as possible. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Then straighten your hips and knees, pull the kettlebell to your shoulders while standing, and raise your elbows.

  3. After staying at the top for a while, return to the starting position and repeat the above actions to the recommended number of times.

  mid-grip pull-ups

  1. In a neutral grip, hold two parallel pull-up bars and hang freely under the bars with your arms straight. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Bend the elbows, pull up the body, and stretch the glenohumeral joint. Do not use shaking inertia to complete this action. Try to put the lower bara on the pole, beyond the position of the hand.

  3. Pause at the top of the action, then descend to return to the starting position.