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  When exercising, we all use some equipment, but we must pay attention to the correct method of using the equipment. Otherwise, during the fitness process, it is easy for us to use the equipment incorrectly and cause ourselves injury. Of course, if we use the correct equipment, we should treat ourselves Your body is beneficial. The effects of different equipment are also different, so come and see if regular exercise bikes can reduce fat.

  Is it possible to lose fat by riding an exercise bike?

  I can lose weight by riding an exercise bike.

  Riding an exercise bike belongs to aerobic metabolism exercise, which can help improve the body’s metabolism and enhance the level of cardiopulmonary function. Moreover, the exercise bike can promote the consumption of sugar in the body and the burning of excess fat through continuous cycling exercise to achieve the effect of losing weight.

  How to ride an exercise bike to lose weight

  1. Warm up before riding

  Before riding an exercise bike, it is necessary to perform sufficient warm-up exercises so that the body parts can be moved and put into the riding in the best state, which can increase the weight loss effect. Before riding, you can jog for a few minutes, stretch your body and move your joints to make your body slightly warm.

  2. Ride time is more than 30 minutes

  If you want to lose weight by riding an exercise bike, you need to ensure that the resistance load is adjusted to an effortless state, and the riding time is not less than 30 minutes, in order to effectively burn fat and achieve the effect of weight loss.

  3. Adopt aerobic riding method

  aerobic cycling is more effective for weight-loss people, that is, the resistance does not feel strenuous. There are two specific methods:

  Free riding: The riding time is not less than 30 minutes a day, and the speed can be changed freely during riding, but the breathing rhythm should not change significantly.

  Limited riding method: Limited riding can actually be divided into two aspects, one is to limit the number of kilometers per ride, and the other is to limit the number of calories consumed per ride.

  4. Carry out intensity riding appropriately

  After getting used to the exercise state of the exercise bike, you can try some intensity cycling exercises. Such as warm-up cycling for 5 minutes and rest for 3 minutes; cycling at 80% intensity for 5 minutes and resting for 3 minutes; cycling at 100% intensity for 3 to 5 minutes and resting for 5 minutes; cycling at 50% intensity for 5~ 10 minutes, this can help strengthen the fat burning effect to a certain extent.

  5. Use the correct riding posture

  Wrong riding posture on the exercise bike will not only affect the weight loss effect, but also harm the body. The riding posture of the upright exercise bike is to lean forward slightly, extend the arms, tighten the abdomen, and adopt the abdominal breathing method, with the legs parallel to the crossbeam of the bike, keep the knees and hips in coordination, and pay attention to the riding rhythm.

protein shaker bottle

  What a great protein shaker bottle. No matter where you go, you can take the protein shaker. It’s also very suitable for our car cup holder! My husband uses it all day because he wants to keep moisture and a certain amount of protein, and he has a long straw that can be sipped in this bag because he can’t swallow it. He likes it! He drinks everything, from ice water to protein shakes and smoothies. Keep things cold and don’t sweat. Can’t wait to get my pink!

  I bought a shaker bottle to mix pre-workout and protein shakes. It was a bit rough when using protein powder, because I used two scoops for serving, but it was not intolerable. I have only used it for about 3 weeks and it is absolutely leak-proof so far, but plastic seems to be a bit cheap. I may update this review in the future, depending on the situation. All in all, blender bottles are a good wine at a reasonable price. For cleaning, I just add a little detergent to the water and shake it like other things. It’s very simple.

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  In the training exercises, supine leg lift is a more famous exercise, and training the supine leg lift is beneficial to the human body, but the training of the supine leg lift is also particular, such as the correct movement, but many people do not know the supine lift What are the benefits of legs. So, what are the benefits of training to lie on your back? Let’s learn about lying on your back and raising your legs.

  What are the benefits of lying on your back

  The benefits of lying on your back are actually very many, otherwise more and more people will not participate in this sport now. First of all, the abdominal muscles need to be continuously strengthened after exercise, so doing more supine leg lifts can strengthen the abdominal muscles and make the upper legs more beautiful. Another point is that it can significantly reduce the blood lipid content, so it is dangerous to improve the cardiovascular system, reduce the blood uric acid content, and prevent the aggregation of platelets, so it is good to make reasonable arrangements, and don’t be too anxious to avoid vascular embolism.

  Can you thin your thighs when you lie on your back?

  Supine leg lift is to help everyone to exercise stovepipe on the basis of abdominal exercise, so in terms of efficacy, there is still a certain effect of stovepipe, and everyone will make the whole body thinner and more lined with long-term persistence. Sense, this needs to test everyone’s perseverance.

  where to do exercises when lying on your back

  The exercise of supine leg raising is actually relatively comprehensive, so it is not easy to say which part of the specific exercise, because the position of this exercise is very comprehensive, which can not only help everyone to exercise the abdomen, but also help everyone to get the legs. All major muscle groups of the hip and buttocks have been exercised, and we can also see that these parts can be trained in the exercise of lying on the back, and then this exercise can exercise more muscles in more places.

  Lying on your back

  It’s not difficult to lie on your back and raise your legs. Just prepare a yoga mat at home and lie on your back. The next thing you need to do is to keep your back as close as possible to the mat of the yoga mat, and your arms can be used to hold it during exercise. balance. After you tighten your legs, you can start exercising. The legs slowly rise. When we lift the legs to maintain a 90-degree angle with the ground, we can stop, that is to say, the legs It is perpendicular to the surface. At this time, the angle is 90 degrees, and the angle should not be greater than 90 or less than 90, otherwise, there will be some differences in the exercise effect.


  I bought it for my boyfriend. He exercises every day and uses a hake bottle mixer every morning and/or night to adjust the protein content. It never leaks when shaking and is easy to clean. The only part that is difficult to clean is the inside of the lid. There is a lot of space, but I only use chopsticks in it once a week, which is perfect work. The hake bottle mixer project is highly recommended.

  I like to use hake bottle mixer protein bottle to make protein shakes. I usually mix a scoop of powder with 8-12 ounces of vanilla almond milk. This kind of vibrator helps the two to mix evenly, so no thick lumps are left. Easy to use, clean and water-proof.

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  This is a gift for boyfriend. He is very picky, so I never know what to buy for him. He likes hake bottle mixer gifts! He is an athlete and always needs a new bottle. I found the hake bottle mixer protein bottle. He said this is his favorite protein bottle, because everything he drank before was leaking. He said there was no omission at all! I am very happy with this purchase, and will buy more in the future.