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  This is a great electric shaker bottle. I mixed my powder with the drink, but didn’t mix it in the right way, which is great. It is also great to bring it, because they are all twisted together. I only need to carry one thing, which makes me feel great at work because I have to carry more things to work like many other people.

  I told and showed many people who like this in my work.

  For only $8, you can get a well-made protein shaker and two additional storage compartments, which can be screwed to the bottom of the cup. I use the small one with an extra scoop of protein powder and the other one with some nuts. When I bought this bottle, I didn’t know it would have two blender bottles, which is amazing.

  Oh my. Jesus Christ. These are definitely the best and brightest protein shaker bottles ever. They have everything they need, my powder, my pills and everything else. We like them very much, so we ordered four.

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  like this protein shaker. I used my voltrx with cranberry cherry juice for weight loss and a scoop of my Orgain cream chocolate fudge organic protein powder, and added filtered water. The protein shake blender is easy to use and clean, using the color I like.

  This is a gift for boyfriend. He is very picky, I never know what to give him. He likes this sport water bottles gift! He is an athlete and always needs a new shaker. I found this, and he said this is his favorite one, because all the drinks he had drunk in the past have leaked, but he said that he hasn’t missed it at all! I am very satisfied with this purchase and will buy more in the future.

  I was surprised by the sealing effect of this shaker bottles. I pour a smoothie in it every morning, and then throw it into the bag along with my clothes and notebook. I don’t care about this world at all, because I know it won’t leak or overflow. The protein bottle is light and easy to clean, just take it with you.

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  These protein shaker bottles are really easy to use. I always put the powder in, then throw the glass shaker bottle into my gym bag, and then add water at the end of the exercise. One thing I hate about protein powder is that some protein powders always seem to stick to the bottom of your cup. This product solves this problem. A few seconds of vigorous shaking will dissolve all the powder in the cup. The lid closes quickly (although it requires some effort) and looks very safe.

  I am 24 years old and I have seen many of these, but I have never bought it, because I am a cheap bastard, and because I have never used a protein shaker. I improved for a while and started to add, so now I have a use case. I received mine today. The quality is surprisingly high, you can use shaker bottles, and it is not as annoying as I thought. ——The shaking made things more than I expected. And nothing will be missed. Considering the shape and the necessity of violent shaking, I am a little worried.

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  In the exercise action, leaning over the bird is a very good action, and a person who often does the leaning bird is good for the human body, but if you want to do the leaning bird, there are some particulars, but many people I don’t know where to lean over the bird to exercise. So, where does the leaning bird exercise? Let’s take a look at where to exercise.

  Where can I lean over the bird to exercise?

  This exercise is actually the most important part of the exercise, which is our deltoid muscle back bundle, and everyone knows that the deltoid muscle back bundle, although it looks like an unobtrusive muscle, it greatly affects the beauty of our shoulders. . Generally speaking, the training of the deltoid muscle is very difficult. Once the shape is fixed, it is very difficult to change, and its angle range is also very small, so it is easy to be confused with the trapezius muscle. Therefore, we must remember Staying, leaning over the bird to exercise is the deltoid back beam.

  leaning over asuka action essentials

  1. Starting posture: Stand with your feet apart and shoulder width apart, with your palms facing the target exercise site: the back deltoid and upper back muscles. Holding dumbbells, bend your upper body forward to parallel to the ground, and bend your legs slightly so that your lower back does not feel tight.

  2. Action essentials: lift the bell with both hands to both sides until the upper arm is parallel to the back (or slightly over), stop for a while, then lower the dumbbell to restore. Do it again. To lift the elbow, you must first lift and expand the two elbows to start; if you lift the elbow and wrist slightly while holding the bell to the sides, you will feel that you can get better deltoid muscles. Contraction, shoulder control, and both shoulders exert force to control the lift; swing the wrist, following the movement of the shoulders and elbows, swing the wrist to the side to make a large lift. The three joints of the shoulder, elbow and wrist should be stretched and contracted, straight and bent, and stretched and retracted, and the strength is contained. During the whole movement, the mind should be focused on the muscle group that the target contracted, and don’t take advantage of the force. Inhale when you open your arms and exhale when you close your arms.

  Leaning Asuka Precautions

  1. It is not easy to grasp the essentials in a leaning posture, so choose a small weight first.

  2. Pay attention to steady movements in the dynamic, and cannot use the power of the swing arm to complete the movement.

  3. Minimize the swing of the waist and concentrate on the back.

  4. When the load increases to a certain level, the waist will feel overburdened.

  5. To ensure safety, keep increasing the load as planned to prevent lumbar muscle strain.

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  What are compound movements and isolation movements?

  The “compound action” is the action that can target more than one muscle group for exercise, while the “isolation action” is only for a single muscle group exercise action.

  The most common bench press is a compound action, because it can work out to the pectoral muscles, triceps and deltoid anterior bundle; while the biceps curl is an isolated action, because it can only target training biceps.

  NO.1 The advantages of compound action

  The training volume is the key to muscle growth. Therefore, from the point of view of muscle building, compound movements have greater gains each time.

  Also large weight low number of training, compound action will be safer than single joint isolation action, in other words, only compound action is suitable for large weight low number of training, isolation action should not be practiced with large weight low number at all. The effect of high weight and low reps training on muscle building has long been proven by research. Compound movements can promote the body to secrete growth hormones, the effect is better than single joint isolation movements.

  NO.2 Flaws of compound movements

  When doing compound movements, each muscle group is involved in a different degree, each action has a “major muscle group”, and this muscle gains the most, of course, other muscle groups have also been exercised, but because the degree of participation is not high, so the gains will not be as large as the major muscle group.

  For example, although the push-up is the prime action to train the whole shoulder muscle group, the stimulation of the anterior deltoid muscle bundle is greater than the middle bundle, so if you only do the barbell push-up, it will inevitably cause an imbalance in the shoulder muscle group, and the development of the middle bundle of the deltoid muscle will be weaker than the anterior bundle.

  NO.3 The advantages of isolation movements

  Isolation movements are more specific to the muscles, and often compound movements do not allow for full training of all muscle groups, but “full training” is especially important for muscle building.

  For example, although the hard pull is a good exercise for the whole body, but in the process of hard pull, no muscle is completely stretched and then completely contracted.

  Compared to compound movements, isolation movements are less taxing on the nervous system. Obviously, after ten sets of leg extensions you can still talk and laugh, while after ten sets of squats you are afraid that your brain will go blank.

  Just mentioned that compound movements have their own unique training pattern – large weight and low reps, while isolation training has its own special training pattern, that is, “exhaustion / high reps” training. Compound movements can rarely be trained to exhaustion with high weights because of the high risk factor.

  Whose training is better?

  Isolation movements are not necessary for novices because they do not build muscle as well as compound movements for the same muscle groups.

  People are genetically different and everyone’s rest and diet can’t be exactly the same, so they can only be used as a reference, but also less for newbies who should train mainly with compound movements.

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  The effects of nitrogen pump.

  1、Increase pumping sensation, improve congestion effect and dilate blood vessels.

  2、Increase attention bai force concentration.

  3, improve mood (resistance to training slack).

  4、Increase muscle capacity.

  5, anti-fatigue, anti-muscle soreness.

  6, other: reduce fat, increase testosterone secretion, etc.

  Side effects of nitrogen pump.

  Nitrogen pump contains creatine, long-term experiments have proved that if long-term within a safe amount of creatine (10 months ~ 5 years), has not been found to have an impact on kidney function. While individuals may experience nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, headache or a certain degree of muscle cramps, such people can supplement creatine in small amounts, each time the amount can be reduced.

  In addition, because the nitrogen pump is rich in arginine, it will produce urea, so you should drink more water to make urea eliminated in time. Otherwise, the concentration of urea is too high, and the burden on the kidneys will increase.

  A very important point to note is that: heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, pregnant women, for special physical conditions, it is not recommended to ingest nitrogen pump, any factors that can cause the body metabolism, blood pressure flow faster should be avoided.


  There is a strong connection between fitness enthusiasts and health supplements. For protein shakes, pre-workout drinks, post-workout drinks or weight-related supplements, you need a high-quality shake mixer bottle that allows you to mix your supplements well without clumping.

  Available in a variety of colors, the Voltrx protein shaker bottle is a popular choice for every fitness enthusiast. It has an easy to open lid so you can even open the lid with one hand and remove the supplements without interrupting your workout. It mixes the supplement well with the liquid and can maintain the smooth consistency of a healthy drink. Being a protein bottle, you can carry it around with you without having to worry about it. It also has a scale so that you can check the intake of the supplement.