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  The name reveals the information that it is probably chain-like, and it is a chain-like structure composed of multiple amino acids, referred to as BCAA. three common amino acids in protein, namely leucine, valine and isoleucine are collectively called branched-chain amino acids. Why are they called branched-chain amino acids? It is because these three amino acids have branched carbon shelves, so they are not the previous guesses.

  These amino acids promote anabolism (muscle growth) in two specific ways: they promote insulin release; and they promote growth hormone release. The most important of the branched-chain amino acids is leucine, the precursor of KIC and HMB. kIC and HMB build muscle and provide nutrients to the body. bcaa make up almost 1/3 of muscle protein. bcaa slow muscle fatigue, speed recovery, reduce the loss of other amino acids from muscle during exercise, and help the body absorb protein. A deficiency of one of the three will result in muscle loss. Unlike other amino acids, BCAAs are metabolized in the muscle, not in the liver.

  It is commonly believed that BCAAs can enter the brain through the bloodstream and reduce the brain’s production of 5hydroxytryptamine, which can cause fatigue. Brain fatigue can be reduced by reducing the amount of 5hydroxytryptamine, and there is now a considerable amount of scientific research to support this theory. Generally to improve central fatigue through BCAA supplementation, a larger dose is required, but this brings with it a potential side effect of possibly causing an increase in blood ammonia levels. Ammonia is toxic to the brain, and an increase in blood ammonia also has the potential to impair muscle metabolism and cause muscle fatigue.

  BCAAs are competitive with each other in their ability to be absorbed, so they must be supplemented simultaneously to ensure maximum absorption. Branched-chain amino acids are also consumed rapidly in muscles during training, and supplementation before or during exercise can improve exercise capacity and delay fatigue. Branched-chain amino acids taken immediately after exercise or with a meal after exercise can reduce cortisol and quickly restore muscle levels of branched-chain amino acids.


  1. Amino acids

  Amino acids are the basic structural units that make up proteins. There are 20 types of amino acids that occur naturally in proteins. Different numbers of amino acids are connected in order of peptide bonds to form peptides or polypeptides of different lengths, usually those with relative molecular mass below 1500 are called peptides and those above 1500 are called polypeptides. Polypeptide is a subunit of protein molecule, some protein molecules have only one polypeptide chain, some are composed of several polypeptide chains.


  5-Hydroxytryptamine was first discovered from serum, also known as serotonin, widely existed in mammalian tissues, especially in the cerebral cortex and neurosynapses with high content, it is also an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

  These feelings are stronger than I thought-well done. The lids of protein bottles shakers are easy to screw on and can be fastened with a single tap. You can shake it safely without worrying about any leakage. A vibrator with steel balls made my protein powder drink shorter. I find that cleaning is just a matter of rinsing; although I wash with detergent from time to time. Just because. Highly recommend protein shakers bottles. I can’t think of anything!

  I took the chance of a random color and got an all-red one. This is my favorite color, so I am very happy! The ball is really an invincible part. This is what I need. I do have a bottle that I bought elsewhere without a ring, so this is an added bonus. My key is clamped directly on it.

  I even pick black and yellow, because it reminds me of Batman!

  These electric cup mixes are great. I like the choice of colors. I bought these milkshakes and a water bottle of the right size. You can track how much water you drink by measuring the value on the bottle. They don’t refrigerate anything, but I don’t mind drinking water at room temperature.

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  The powder is perfectly mixed without lumps, just rinse it off-even if you shake the voltrx shaker bottle with something nasty and sticky, there are no hard-to-reach areas. I shake everything, then pour it into a glass, and immediately rinse the promixx vortex mixer. These allow me to make a chocolate protein milkshake that can quickly kill candies in the morning without the noise and confusion of the portable shake mixer. I never thought that a stainless steel steel wire ball could make such a big difference, but it is true. These are also very large and spacious. I usually use about 10 ounces. Add protein powder, green powder and cocoa to the milk, plus three ice cubes (not completely melted, just cool everything), the container is almost full when shaken.

  Recently, I had to start drinking protein powder to help me gain weight. I bought these protein mixer electrics. They are very affordable and very good. They blend perfectly with protein powder, although you should put the liquid first, then the powder to avoid clumping at the bottom. I forgot the first time, that was the only time it was together.

  is cleaned in protein shakers bottles and will not leak. I am very happy about this because I have been spilling drinks. I will definitely buy these protein bottles shakers again and recommend them to anyone who needs to mix powdered mixtures.

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  I like. In addition to being a neat toy that can be shown off, the portable shake mixer is durable, suitable in size and easy to clean. Charge the battery 23 days ago and use it twice a day. Still strong. Compared to the standard protein mixer electric, the cup is not too expensive and looks good/cool. Would recommend. I will buy them as birthday gifts and so on. My circle will like them-weightlifters, bikers and hikers. This cup is super cool and very convenient

  I like lights, especially when I spin some blue mixed drinks. It can really drink the mixture or my peanut butter biscuit protein powder very well. No big ones.

  Ideal for mixing before and after exercise. Protein shakes are definitely not recommended. I added a lot of extras, but even without extras, it struggled a bit

  protein shakers bottles completed the work. Spray some detergent and turn on the stirring function to clean it. I am skeptical of the image of “Water Spout”, but it is true. Fill to 450 ml, slowly add three spoons of powder (about one minute), no lumps at all. The packaging is also very good, packed in a very beautiful white test tube with all the operating/cleaning instructions on it. If there are changes, I will update. Other comments said that the voltrx electric protein shaker bottle will start to appear in a few weeks.