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  When exercising, we all use some equipment, but we must pay attention to the correct method of using the equipment. Otherwise, during the fitness process, it is easy for us to use the equipment incorrectly and cause ourselves injury. Of course, if we use the correct equipment, we should treat ourselves Your body is beneficial. The effects of different equipment are also different, so come and see if regular exercise bikes can reduce fat.

  Is it possible to lose fat by riding an exercise bike?

  I can lose weight by riding an exercise bike.

  Riding an exercise bike belongs to aerobic metabolism exercise, which can help improve the body’s metabolism and enhance the level of cardiopulmonary function. Moreover, the exercise bike can promote the consumption of sugar in the body and the burning of excess fat through continuous cycling exercise to achieve the effect of losing weight.

  How to ride an exercise bike to lose weight

  1. Warm up before riding

  Before riding an exercise bike, it is necessary to perform sufficient warm-up exercises so that the body parts can be moved and put into the riding in the best state, which can increase the weight loss effect. Before riding, you can jog for a few minutes, stretch your body and move your joints to make your body slightly warm.

  2. Ride time is more than 30 minutes

  If you want to lose weight by riding an exercise bike, you need to ensure that the resistance load is adjusted to an effortless state, and the riding time is not less than 30 minutes, in order to effectively burn fat and achieve the effect of weight loss.

  3. Adopt aerobic riding method

  aerobic cycling is more effective for weight-loss people, that is, the resistance does not feel strenuous. There are two specific methods:

  Free riding: The riding time is not less than 30 minutes a day, and the speed can be changed freely during riding, but the breathing rhythm should not change significantly.

  Limited riding method: Limited riding can actually be divided into two aspects, one is to limit the number of kilometers per ride, and the other is to limit the number of calories consumed per ride.

  4. Carry out intensity riding appropriately

  After getting used to the exercise state of the exercise bike, you can try some intensity cycling exercises. Such as warm-up cycling for 5 minutes and rest for 3 minutes; cycling at 80% intensity for 5 minutes and resting for 3 minutes; cycling at 100% intensity for 3 to 5 minutes and resting for 5 minutes; cycling at 50% intensity for 5~ 10 minutes, this can help strengthen the fat burning effect to a certain extent.

  5. Use the correct riding posture

  Wrong riding posture on the exercise bike will not only affect the weight loss effect, but also harm the body. The riding posture of the upright exercise bike is to lean forward slightly, extend the arms, tighten the abdomen, and adopt the abdominal breathing method, with the legs parallel to the crossbeam of the bike, keep the knees and hips in coordination, and pay attention to the riding rhythm.

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  Speaking of Xiaoyanfei, some people are quite familiar with it, but if a person practices Xiaoyanfei for a long time, it can bring a lot of benefits to the body, such as exercising the waist, abdomen, back, and buttocks. In addition to the above benefits, what are the benefits of practicing Xiaoyanfei’s movements? Let’s follow the editor to understand it.

  What are the benefits of flying Xiaoyan?

  Xiaoyanfei movement is a comprehensive training movement for a person to exercise our waist, abdomen, back, buttocks, neck and legs. Although this action is relatively simple, the effect of the exercise is also very good. We can exercise well to these parts during the exercise. In addition, Xiaoyanfei’s action has a high safety factor and is suitable for a wide range of people, so this action is becoming more and more popular.

  Xiaoyanfei standard action

  First straighten our legs, lie on the ground to relax our body, keep our legs still, use both hands to hug our head and lean back, let our body form a feeling, like the action of a bird taking off. Keep this action still for 40 seconds, then relax in place for 20 seconds, then restart this action, you can complete three sets a day.

  The difference between Yanfei and Xiaoyanfei

  First of all, I have already mentioned to you that there are certain differences between the movements of the two. The movements of Xiaoyanfei and Yanfei are different, especially the leg movements. Then the exercise effects of the two are also different. The Xiaoyanfei movement has no leg movement, so it does not have a good stretching exercise effect on our legs, but the Yanfei movement plus the leg movement can be used. To achieve a good exercise effect, there is also a hip lift effect, so the exercise effect is better.

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  I bought a shaker bottle to mix pre-workout and protein shakes. It was a bit rough when using protein powder, because I used two scoops for serving, but it was not intolerable. I have only used it for about 3 weeks and it is absolutely leak-proof so far, but plastic seems to be a bit cheap. I may update this review in the future, depending on the situation. All in all, blender bottles are a good wine at a reasonable price. For cleaning, I just add a little detergent to the water and shake it like other things. It’s very simple.

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  Supine leg lift is an effective exercise in life. Of course, if you often train supine leg lift, it is very beneficial to your body. However, there are some particularities in training the supine leg lift, such as the correct exercise, but many people don’t know the correct exercise. How to raise the leg correctly. So, what are the essentials for the correct action of lying on your back? Let’s learn about lying on your back and raising your legs.

  The correct movement of lying on your back

  1. Lie on your back and stick your back and buttocks to the ground. Put your hands on both sides of your body.

  2. Use your abdomen to lift your legs.

  3. Straighten your legs and raise them to 90 degrees with your body;

  4. Push your abdomen and slowly put your legs back.

  5. Beginners do 5-10 times, three sets each time. Then slowly increase the reps of each group.

  The benefits of lying on your back

  Lying on your back can not only help you achieve the effect of weight loss, but also allow you to exercise your abdominal muscles. It is also worth mentioning that regular supine leg lifts will keep our leg joints in constant motion, which can effectively prevent the leg joints from aging or hardening. People who often do this training may be less likely to get joint diseases when they are old than ordinary people of the same age. Therefore, regular exercise is also of great benefit and can help everyone prevent diseases to a certain extent. And let the whole body become more lined, the body will be stronger.

  Points for attention when lying on your back

  1. Use the abdomen to force, and the back and waist should be close to the ground to avoid hurting the waist.

  2. You may have displacement problems when you are beginning to learn, so it is more suitable to do it on a yoga mat.

  3. Do not relax your legs too much when they fall, so as not to hurt your feet.

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  Arnold’s recommendation is a well-known action. Of course, if you often do Arnold’s recommendation, it will have many benefits for our body. However, Arnold’s recommendation is exquisite, but many people don’t know the position of Arnold’s recommendation. So, does Arnold recommend the front line or the middle line? Let’s learn about Arnold’s recommendation!

  Arnold recommends the front or middle beam

  Target exercise parts: anterior and middle deltoids.

  Arnold recommends action essentials

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and curl, stand or sit upright, but ask to straighten your back, raise the dumbbell to the shoulder position, palm facing yourself;

  2. Then lift up like a dumbbell press, and start to rotate the wrist so that when the dumbbell is lifted to the highest point, the palm is facing forward;

  3. Pause at the highest point, then use the opposite trajectory to lower the dumbbells and repeat.

  Arnold recommends common mistakes

  Error: Shrugging, the elbow joint is overstretched and locked at the top of the lift, and the arms are not turned from the front of the body to the sides of the body during the press.

  Solution: Keep the shoulder joint stable, keep the elbow joint slightly flexed, and turn the arms from the front of the body to the sides of the body.

  Arnold recommends matters needing attention

  1. Don’t be too hasty to achieve rhythmic control to avoid injury;

  2. Try not to push to the highest point where the arms are fully extended, otherwise the elbow joint will be fully extended and locked, and the deltoid muscles will not exert much force, and the weight will be supported almost entirely by the bones. If you stop before straightening the elbow joint and start lowering the dumbbells, the effect of the exercise will be greatly enhanced.

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  In the exercise action, leaning over the bird is a very good action, and a person who often does the leaning bird is good for the human body, but if you want to do the leaning bird, there are some particulars, but many people I don’t know where to lean over the bird to exercise. So, where does the leaning bird exercise? Let’s take a look at where to exercise.

  Where can I lean over the bird to exercise?

  This exercise is actually the most important part of the exercise, which is our deltoid muscle back bundle, and everyone knows that the deltoid muscle back bundle, although it looks like an unobtrusive muscle, it greatly affects the beauty of our shoulders. . Generally speaking, the training of the deltoid muscle is very difficult. Once the shape is fixed, it is very difficult to change, and its angle range is also very small, so it is easy to be confused with the trapezius muscle. Therefore, we must remember Staying, leaning over the bird to exercise is the deltoid back beam.

  leaning over asuka action essentials

  1. Starting posture: Stand with your feet apart and shoulder width apart, with your palms facing the target exercise site: the back deltoid and upper back muscles. Holding dumbbells, bend your upper body forward to parallel to the ground, and bend your legs slightly so that your lower back does not feel tight.

  2. Action essentials: lift the bell with both hands to both sides until the upper arm is parallel to the back (or slightly over), stop for a while, then lower the dumbbell to restore. Do it again. To lift the elbow, you must first lift and expand the two elbows to start; if you lift the elbow and wrist slightly while holding the bell to the sides, you will feel that you can get better deltoid muscles. Contraction, shoulder control, and both shoulders exert force to control the lift; swing the wrist, following the movement of the shoulders and elbows, swing the wrist to the side to make a large lift. The three joints of the shoulder, elbow and wrist should be stretched and contracted, straight and bent, and stretched and retracted, and the strength is contained. During the whole movement, the mind should be focused on the muscle group that the target contracted, and don’t take advantage of the force. Inhale when you open your arms and exhale when you close your arms.

  Leaning Asuka Precautions

  1. It is not easy to grasp the essentials in a leaning posture, so choose a small weight first.

  2. Pay attention to steady movements in the dynamic, and cannot use the power of the swing arm to complete the movement.

  3. Minimize the swing of the waist and concentrate on the back.

  4. When the load increases to a certain level, the waist will feel overburdened.

  5. To ensure safety, keep increasing the load as planned to prevent lumbar muscle strain.

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  In the training exercises, supine leg lift is a more famous exercise, and training the supine leg lift is beneficial to the human body, but the training of the supine leg lift is also particular, such as the correct movement, but many people do not know the supine lift What are the benefits of legs. So, what are the benefits of training to lie on your back? Let’s learn about lying on your back and raising your legs.

  What are the benefits of lying on your back

  The benefits of lying on your back are actually very many, otherwise more and more people will not participate in this sport now. First of all, the abdominal muscles need to be continuously strengthened after exercise, so doing more supine leg lifts can strengthen the abdominal muscles and make the upper legs more beautiful. Another point is that it can significantly reduce the blood lipid content, so it is dangerous to improve the cardiovascular system, reduce the blood uric acid content, and prevent the aggregation of platelets, so it is good to make reasonable arrangements, and don’t be too anxious to avoid vascular embolism.

  Can you thin your thighs when you lie on your back?

  Supine leg lift is to help everyone to exercise stovepipe on the basis of abdominal exercise, so in terms of efficacy, there is still a certain effect of stovepipe, and everyone will make the whole body thinner and more lined with long-term persistence. Sense, this needs to test everyone’s perseverance.

  where to do exercises when lying on your back

  The exercise of supine leg raising is actually relatively comprehensive, so it is not easy to say which part of the specific exercise, because the position of this exercise is very comprehensive, which can not only help everyone to exercise the abdomen, but also help everyone to get the legs. All major muscle groups of the hip and buttocks have been exercised, and we can also see that these parts can be trained in the exercise of lying on the back, and then this exercise can exercise more muscles in more places.

  Lying on your back

  It’s not difficult to lie on your back and raise your legs. Just prepare a yoga mat at home and lie on your back. The next thing you need to do is to keep your back as close as possible to the mat of the yoga mat, and your arms can be used to hold it during exercise. balance. After you tighten your legs, you can start exercising. The legs slowly rise. When we lift the legs to maintain a 90-degree angle with the ground, we can stop, that is to say, the legs It is perpendicular to the surface. At this time, the angle is 90 degrees, and the angle should not be greater than 90 or less than 90, otherwise, there will be some differences in the exercise effect.

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  One, train with more multi-joint compound movements, such as: deep squats, hard pulls, bench presses, pull-ups, etc.

  Two, unless you have unlimited training time, please avoid individual single sex training and weight-bearing exercises involving only one joint, such as biceps curls.

  Use short set intervals (30 to 60 seconds) to stimulate a maximal growth hormone response.

  IV. Vary the weights and rest periods to make it easier for the body to adapt to the new stimulus.

  Fifth, to quickly achieve a low-fat body shape, ensure that you can regularly perform 3-4 fitness exercises per week, and each time to maintain an hour of serious training in.

  Six, 2 times a week low intensity long time cardio, 30-45 minutes jogging, jump rope can be, 2 times high intensity interval training, such as sprinting, or any other method, the time 15-20 minutes.

  Seven, in daily life to stay active and more activities.

  During the day often walk fast, often take the stairs, park your car in the farthest part of the parking lot, or do some physical work by yourself such as housework, from the smallest aspects of life to improve.

  Eight, use the time to watch TV, relax the body, do not just sit in front of the screen: such as stretching, rolling foam rollers, etc.

  Nine, redouble your efforts, if you do not get the expected results, on behalf of your efforts are not enough.

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  There are many kinds of nutritional supplements in life, such as protein powder, muscle building powder and so on. So is it okay to eat only these nutritional supplements, the answer is no.

  Who is suitable to eat protein powder?

  1, the daily diet does not get enough protein, living conditions do not allow. For example, three meals without eggs, beef and other high-protein food supplements, these types of people can eat protein powder to supplement protein.

  2, people who have a higher pursuit of muscle, bodybuilding muscle men need to eat protein powder. Because these muscle men from the daily diet is difficult to get enough protein.

  3, obese weight loss people also need to supplement protein powder. Obese people to lose weight is the need to consume low-calorie, high-protein food. At the same time low calorie intake will also lead to a lower metabolic level, affecting the weight loss effect.

  Protein powder can be supplemented with protein on the premise of low fat intake to ensure normal nutrition of people.

  What three types of people are not suitable to eat protein powder?

  1, patients with poor liver and kidney function

  2、Patients with gout

  3、People with weak constitution

  Protein can make you fat even if you eat too much? So is this true? Let’s take whey protein.

  Eating whey protein is not only easy to digest, but also has high biomass price, high efficiency, high protein efficiency ratio and high utilization rate, which is the best of protein. It contains all the essential amino acids required by the human body, and its amino acid composition pattern is almost identical to that in skeletal muscle Its amino acid composition pattern is almost identical to that of skeletal muscle, which makes it extremely easy to be absorbed by the human body.