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  I like. In addition to being a neat toy that can be shown off, the portable shake mixer is durable, suitable in size and easy to clean. Charge the battery 23 days ago and use it twice a day. Still strong. Compared to the standard protein mixer electric, the cup is not too expensive and looks good/cool. Would recommend. I will buy them as birthday gifts and so on. My circle will like them-weightlifters, bikers and hikers. This cup is super cool and very convenient

  I like lights, especially when I spin some blue mixed drinks. It can really drink the mixture or my peanut butter biscuit protein powder very well. No big ones.

  Ideal for mixing before and after exercise. Protein shakes are definitely not recommended. I added a lot of extras, but even without extras, it struggled a bit

  protein shakers bottles completed the work. Spray some detergent and turn on the stirring function to clean it. I am skeptical of the image of “Water Spout”, but it is true. Fill to 450 ml, slowly add three spoons of powder (about one minute), no lumps at all. The packaging is also very good, packed in a very beautiful white test tube with all the operating/cleaning instructions on it. If there are changes, I will update. Other comments said that the voltrx electric protein shaker bottle will start to appear in a few weeks.

rechargeable protein mixer

  I love voltrx shaker bottles. the quality is always good! This one, the color is a little darker than I thought it would be, but it’s still great for my protein shakes anyway.

  I had to replace the old shaker when the protein shakers bottles lid finally started cracking. So far, I really like the new one. I haven’t used the balls you can use for shakes, but I’m sure the protein bottles shakers are great too.

  Absolutely amazing prolixx vortex mixer. doesn’t leak at all. Just make sure you close the lid and seal it well (you’ll hear a click). I use it for so many things – whey protein shakes, lemonade, etc. Be sure to wash the protein mixer electric in hot water after each use.