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  I gave this electric shaker bottle to a friend as a Christmas gift. He uses the protein shaker bottle for his daily BCAA, pre-workout and protein shake. He really likes it. It looks cool. Every time we go to the gym, people comment on how cool the protein shaker looks. Super easy to clean, just put in some cleaner and water and turn it on. I even bought one for myself.

  It really mixes up in seconds and it’s the best for making protein shakes. I really like this protein shake blender. now working out is even easier for me. Very easy to clean. I am very happy with this purchase.

  This Shaker Bottle is a game changer for anyone who loves superfoods, protein, collagen and powder for every workout. No clumps, easy to clean!

  I really like this blender bottles. make sure you wash it after every use! Hit it with hot water and rinse the whole thing off. The middle blender blade is made of plastic, so I was worried about the long term durability of the protein bottle, but the glass shaker bottle is great for blending powders.

protein shake blender

  This is a great electric shaker bottle. I mixed my powder with the drink, but didn’t mix it in the right way, which is great. It is also great to bring it, because they are all twisted together. I only need to carry one thing, which makes me feel great at work because I have to carry more things to work like many other people.

  I told and showed many people who like this in my work.

  For only $8, you can get a well-made protein shaker and two additional storage compartments, which can be screwed to the bottom of the cup. I use the small one with an extra scoop of protein powder and the other one with some nuts. When I bought this bottle, I didn’t know it would have two blender bottles, which is amazing.

  Oh my. Jesus Christ. These are definitely the best and brightest protein shaker bottles ever. They have everything they need, my powder, my pills and everything else. We like them very much, so we ordered four.

  Shaker bottles have become a popular and convenient way to meet your caloric and nutritional needs anytime, anywhere. They are especially great for those who need instant nutrition and hydration. Shaker bottle can be used to make shakes, healthy shakes, meal replacement shakes and protein shakes without the need for a bulky blender. Their innovative and clever design helps to efficiently mix powders and liquids without clumping. They give you the flexibility to take your own drinks to the gym, office or park. They are leak-proof, so you won’t spill and make a mess. Most shaker bottles are compact enough to fit in standard cup holders found in most gym bags, backpacks and car and fitness equipment.

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  There are a variety of protein shaker bottle on the market, but I think the Voltrx Electric Shaker is my favorite. It has all the features of a shaker and is reasonably priced. If you need a blender cups, I suggest you go with the Voltrx .

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  Effects of glutamine

  Rapid Recovery

  Studies have shown that athletes can benefit from supplementing with L-glutamine to reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery time.

  This amino acid plays a key role in controlling the uptake of glucose (energy) by muscles after exercise and can help prepare us for the next workout by restoring energy stores. When the body’s muscles have optimal glucose reserves, we can perform better during exercise and can delay the body’s feeling of fatigue.

  Studies have shown that prolonged hard training lowers blood glutamine levels, so if you have a long history of going to the gym, then glutamine is the ideal post-exercise fitness supplement choice.

  Increase fat removal weight and build strength

  When combined with creatine, L-glutamine supplementation can increase fat-free body mass (Lean Body Mass) by enhancing physical endurance and strength. While L-glutamine supplementation may be more effective for those with low levels of glutamine in their diet, studies have shown that glutamine has other possible benefits , such as

  Reduced energy loss and muscle soreness

  Reduces fatigue

  Enhances endurance and allows for longer periods of exercise

  Enhanced immunity

  In addition, athletes who follow a rigorous training program often have a weakened immune system due to the constant stress of intense exercise on the body. L-glutamine, on the other hand, has a protective effect on the cells in our immune system and is therefore often used to help repair the immune system in severely ill patients.

  Studies have shown that L-glutamine plays a role in the production of immune cells (in sufficient amounts to fight bacteria) and also acts on intestinal function as a physical barrier against infection. So in summary, supplementing with L-glutamine may also be good for your immune system.

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  Now many friends have this concern, fat loss when eating muscle building powder will not be counterproductive?

  Fat loss principle

  Fat loss refers to the maximum degree of maintaining their own lean body weight, which, to put it bluntly, is to ensure that the minimum loss of their own muscle under the premise of maximum fat consumption. According to the previous study of muscle building powder, as well as the purpose of fat loss, it is easy to know that it is possible to take muscle building powder during fat loss.

  But muscle building powder provides higher calories, especially those of carbohydrates. In the case of exercise without reaching a certain level, if you eat too much muscle building powder, it will lead to the unconsumed muscle building powder will be turned into fat storage in the body, thus not only did not achieve the purpose, but the situation is counterproductive.

  Eating muscle building powder hinders fat loss?

  For this problem after the above understanding think we also know, hindrance is relative, their own consumption than absorption of more that is fat loss, and vice versa, that is fattening. So try to take less carbohydrates, supplements are best to choose protein powder. If it is a muscle building powder then you need to increase your own exercise.

  In fact, fat loss is very simple, as long as the total consumption is greater than the total intake can be achieved. Control the daily intake of sugar and fat to limit the total energy intake; and through the basal metabolism, exercise and eat some food with a higher caloric effect to increase our total consumption of one.

  How to properly reduce fat

  1, control calories and fat. Always pay attention to the calories of your diet, in your own diet should reduce the amount of fatty meat and increase the amount of fish and poultry.

  2, the diet should be light. Salt should be eaten sparingly, the more salty things you eat, the more you will want to eat. Those processed with sauce food should also be eaten less, these things are rich in sugar, salt and flour, the use will increase their intake of calories.

  3, often eat fruits and vegetables. To eat moderate amounts of fruits and vegetables containing more fiber, as well as whole wheat bread.

  4、Balanced meals. Customize their own diet plan, a balanced arrangement of their diet, do not eat indiscriminately. Also slow down the time to eat, preferably not less than 20 minutes.

  5, calorie negative balance. Keep in mind the principle of weight loss: the amount of calories taken in must be less than the amount of their own consumption.

  6, establish a good lifestyle. Learning a good way of life, in learning to correct past bad eating and living habits, can bring better results for themselves.

plastic shaker bottle

  Considering the price, I think the voltrx protein shaker is quite good.

  I hope they have metal mixed balls instead of clumpy plastic balls.

  I used the metal stirring ball from the old electric shaker bottle.

flip it cap for bottles

  Unless you use a voltrx protein shaker, there are too many compartments at the bottom.

  Make sure the lid is completely closed.

  Durability has yet to be determined. I don’t put the shaker in the dishwasher anymore. This is how the tip eventually breaks.

  These bottles are so well done, I can put what I want into the protein bottle. But the ratio is wrong. There is not enough space in the powder container or liquid container. Before it can work perfectly, they need to make it bigger. I need more protein than this protein, so the protein I use usually requires more than 20 ounces of liquid. So, if your needs are different from mine, this bottle will suit you very well.

protein shaker bottle

  I don’t think I’ve written a product review, I’m just doing it! I’m just an ordinary person, trying to improve my health. I am no stranger to protein shaker bottles, and I have never found a mixing bottle that can do this. Before purchasing, I was actually looking at a personal-sized Shaker Bottle so that I could use my meal replacement shake at work. I couldn’t find anything I felt needed. Encountered this problem when searching. At first, I rolled my eyes, but I bought it anyway, because in the worst case it can only be used as a kettle. I received the news yesterday and used it for the first time today. I used 2 tablespoons of chocolate whey (naked brand), 1 tablespoon of collagen (naked brand), 2 tablespoons of PB2 cocoa powder, and probiotic powder. Added 1.5 cups of water, half splashed. I didn’t shake the bottle in a special way, nor did I shake it vigorously. I shake! I drink smoothly! Unless I use Shaker Bottle, I will never be able to make my handshake smooth. No lumps, no powder at the bottom. Just a drink. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love this damn bottle! I am also glad that there is no small piece of metal to wipe the ball, and it must be wiped clean. Finally, the product has an advertising function. I am also very glad that there is no small piece of metal to wipe the ball, so I must wipe the track. Finally, the product has an advertising function. I am also very glad that there is no small piece of metal to wipe the ball, so I must wipe the track. Finally, the product has an advertising function.

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  Protein is the most important of all other nutrients. In terms of proteins and their functions, it is easy to understand why. Protein is used as an energy source to promote muscle recovery and muscle growth.

  Even if it is very important, sometimes it is difficult to meet all your protein needs, because protein is a source of protein supplements. Protein supplements are the most widely used supplements and are a very convenient way to increase protein intake.

  But if you ask yourself: “When is the best time to consume protein? Please know that you are not alone!

  In this article, we will explore the best time to consume protein based on your health goals.

  different forms of protein

  Whey Protein

  This is a dairy-based protein. It contains rapidly released protein.


  This is a dairy-based protein. It contains slow-release proteins, which are most beneficial for consumption before going to bed.


  This is a plant-based protein. This is a good alternative to animal protein, and it also shows health benefits.


  This is a plant-based protein that exhibits health-enhancing benefits.

  When is the best time to consume protein?

  The answer to this question depends entirely on the goals you set. Is your goal to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain existing muscle?

protein shake mixer bottle

  Here, we turn to science. According to this research, here are some of the best times to add protein to your diet.

  lose weight

  Protein plays an innate role in reducing fat.

  Research shows that eating a high-protein diet can help you lose weight. This is due to the thermal properties of protein. Protein also helps increase metabolism and reduce hunger.

  This means that eating high-protein snacks can help you fill your stomach. Eating snacks can help you reduce your calorie intake, which will make you feel fuller and less likely to be exposed to food stress.

  strengthen muscles

  Protein is a key factor in muscle movement.

  Building muscles requires a lot of resistance training to promote muscle growth. To help your muscles grow, you need to consume more protein. Protein is important for muscle protein synthesis. The window for maximum muscle protein synthesis depends on nutrition and exercise time.

  A study conducted by the International Sports Nutrition Association (ISSN) showed that protein intake within two hours after training is an ideal choice for improving muscle mass. [8] Therefore, after exercise, there is no real need to eat. On the contrary, protein will be consumed within two hours after finishing exercise.

  For those who train at the athletic level, it is particularly important to consider the issue of time. For the average person, it is more important to consider protein intake and comply with the recommended daily physical exercise guidelines.

  Prevent muscle loss

  As we get older, we are more likely to suffer muscle loss, fractures and diseases.

  Nutrition and exercise are an important part of strengthening bones, muscles and joints.

  It is recommended that the elderly add more protein to their diet to prevent muscle loss. This can be achieved by eating complete foods and supplements, with the recommended 25-30 grams of protein per meal.

  Can I have some protein before going to bed?

  The short answer is yes.

  Ingesting protein before going to bed can help you gain muscle faster. This is because during training, we break down the protein in the muscles. These broken down forms of proteins are called amino acids.

  The protein intake before sleep is low or zero, and the synthesis of muscle protein tends to slow down during sleep. By taking in these essential amino acids, your body will synthesize protein more efficiently during sleep.

  The recommended dose is 20-30 grams, about 30 minutes before going to bed. [11] When choosing a source of protein intake before going to bed, casein proved to be very effective because it is a sustainable form of protein. 13 Other sources include dairy products such as yogurt, cereals and berry snacks, or a piece of brown bread with cheese.

  How much protein is too much?

  Long-term intake of too much nutrition usually brings risks, just like protein.

  The recommended daily protein quality can be calculated based on your weight.

  According to Healthline, for most people who rarely exercise, experts recommend at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. [14] If you exercise mainly through weight or body weight for most of the week, you can eat up to 1.2 to 1.7 g/kg of body weight a day.

  However, some people, including elite athletes, may eat 3.5 grams per kilogram without any side effects.

  Generally speaking, experts also believe that most healthy adults can tolerate 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for a long time.


  In general, it is important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Adjust your plan to achieve your goals, whether it is weight loss or muscle growth, is the best for your health and can be maintained for a long time.

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  Shaker Bottle is mainly the material. Generally, the more expensive Shaker Bottle is very solid in your hand.

  Apart from this, I think there are roughly three types of Shaker Bottles.

  Multilayer Shaker Bottle

  Single layer Shaker Bottle

  Electric Shaker Bottle

  I use the multi-layer Shaker Bottle the most, and I have been using it all the time. There are usually 3 layers. One layer contains amino acids/granules/capsules for drinking water, and the other layer contains protein powder. The price generally starts at 30 yuan. The disadvantage is the capacity. Smaller, usually only about 450, and a bit cumbersome. We recommend the SMARTSHAKE signature Shaker Bottle. The price is about 30 yuan. The blender bottle Shaker Bottle is also very good. This brand specializes in Shaker Bottle, and there are many types, but the price is generally not Cheap.

  The single-layer Shaker Bottle is even the most common Shaker Bottle. The price starts at RMB 20. It is impossible to install anything except water at the same time. The advantage is that the capacity is generally larger, about 700ML. Some single-layer Shaker Bottles will have a similar The spring thing is convenient to break up all kinds of protein powder and amino acids. It is better than a simple stirring ball. I recommend Perfect Shaker’s superhero co-branded Shaker Bottle, which is for personal use, and the price is about 30 yuan.

funny shaker bottle

  Electric Shaker Bottle, the price is at least 50. It looks good, spicy chicken stuff. I regret buying it. It’s okay to use amino acids. It is basically impossible to open a little more protein powder or muscle building powder, and it is basically your own. Repair, cleaning is also very troublesome, it can’t be soaked in water, and it’s very inconvenient to get it to the gym. I bought one a long time ago, and if it breaks, I haven’t studied this spicy chicken stuff.

  My friends often give me some Shaker Bottles. Generally, I keep them for my own use or give them to others. The ones with a bad feel are given away at the gym. So I haven’t bought a few Shaker Bottles. Basically, I use them. Some mid-range gadgets, high-end ones that are more than 80 yuan or more, have basically never been used

shaker bottle ball

  The type of protein shaker that meets the subject’s requirements can only be an electric shaker bottle. Compared with the ordinary protein shaker, there is only one more small thing (removable) for mixing, and it is designed to be more sporty. Don’t say much, let’s start recommending~!

  Voltrx Shaker Bottle limited electric shaker bottle   

     This electric shaker bottle is made of Tritan material, with a small and fresh appearance design, with a capacity of 24oz and about 709ml. A brief introduction to what is Tritan™, Tritan™ has passed the FDA certification of the US Food and Drug Administration, and is a designated material for infant products in Europe and the United States. According to the National Standard GB-4806.6-2016 of the People’s Republic of China implemented on April 19, 2017, it is approved as a plastic resin for food contact, and the approved use environment is not greater than 100°C. It is recommended to use water temperature ≤50℃. If hot water is poured into the cup, high air pressure will be brought to the inside of the cup. Opening the lid will easily cause splashing and risk of scalding. In addition, it will accelerate the aging of the material in advance, reduce the performance and affect the appearance.

  American BlenderBottle Classic classic electric shaker bottle

  This electric shaker bottle is made of high-quality PP, free of BPA and phthalate. The wide-caliber design makes it easy to clean the cup. The classic screw cover and safety flip cover prevent water leakage and ensure that the cup does not leak. There is a scale on the side of the cup body, and the product capacity is 20oz about 591ml. A small steel ball is an item put into a cup for stirring.

cute shaker bottles

  Classic classic electric shaker bottle American BlenderBottle Classic classic protein powder electric shaker bottle sports protein shaker milkshake cup 20oz​

  Thermos Tritan electric shaker bottle TP4086

  This electric shaker bottle also uses Tritan material, with a capacity of 500ml or 710ml. The difference from BlenderBottle is that it uses an upside-down detachable grid, and the whole body is transparent without printing, and the design is more concise.

  Thermos Tritan electric shaker bottle Zhu Yilong same style electric shaker bottle Thermos sports cup Tritan plastic protein shaker Portable sports protein shaker Tmall​

  In addition, I recommend two cheaper protein shakers that I personally like.

  Pasha Paqi with scale can be heated high temperature cartoon glass

  PASABAHCE originated from Turkey, is a simple and elegant brand. Made of lead-free tempered glass, the pattern is fresh and lovely, the printing is firm and clear, without fear of high temperature, daring to ice, and strong temperature difference without cracking. The capacity is 570ml.

  Pasha Paqi with cartoon glass cup Pasha Paqi imported cartoon glass milk cup ins with scale microwave oven can heat high temperature protein shaker Tmall​

  Tupperware Yingcai portable protein shaker

  I used this protein shaker for four years, and I dropped it more than 20 times, but it did not burst. The cup body is made of PP material, transparent and logo-free design, the capacity is 430ML, and a variety of colors are available. The strong, durable and simple design is what attracts me.