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  There was no electric shaker bottle before, but now there is. Because protein powder is now fitness people often drink things, whether fitness or no Many people who are new to fitness always feel that drinking protein powder is a necessity and that not drinking it seems to affect their fitness greatly. But the traditional bottle of drinking protein powder is either stirred with a spoon or shaken by hand. There are too many inconveniences, when you finish working out to drink protein powder, in the gym you have to find tools, or shake by hand, accidentally inside the liquid splashed out, which is really not a small embarrassment. This is when the electric shaker specifically for mixing was born. Here we go together to see why people drink protein powder.

  The difference between drinking protein powder and not drinking protein powder at the gym

  Is it good to drink protein powder for fitness?

  In fact, protein powder is only a nutritional supplement, there is no big difference, muscle actually need to train to have, and generally people as long as the long-term exercise will have a good muscle line, the role of protein powder is not too big. The 30 minutes after the fitness absorption is better than usual, so you can eat protein powder at this time. The other time morning and evening can be, the difference is not much. The protein powder is eaten one or two spoons at a time, once or twice a day. The temperature of the water in which you soak the protein powder should not exceed your body temperature.

  Protein powder is a protein supplement, but protein can be supplemented by food, if the body is lack of protein, then the choice of protein powder is very good, but adhere to the exercise is the best. Protein powder is the most beneficial for the body to absorb. And can be more quickly digested by the body, just rely on meat to supplement protein, the intake of calories will be quite a lot. Protein powder is slightly cheaper than beef and lamb in terms of its own price, which is why it is sought after by gym goers.

  The difference between drinking protein powder and not drinking protein powder for fitness

  The difference is not very big, the short term drink protein powder to train out the muscle is also need constant training to maintain, but sometimes protein powder is just as a food supplement, through the protein powder or compound creatine powder muscle because of the normal workout out of the muscle speed some, because no matter how strong your muscle fiber degree, when your muscle amount reaches a certain amount, muscle fiber degree will slowly improve.

  Protein powder is a good looking food, but there is still a difference with general food, but it comes down to the point that you have to stick to the workout to get good muscles, protein powder is just an aid to help with training. Choose protein powder / muscle building powder to meet the body’s energy needs, if the daily diet can meet the body’s needs do not need to drink protein powder / muscle building powder, remove other aspects as long as the body’s daily energy needs to meet the muscle will be able to gain.

  Nowadays, when people go to the gym, they need to drink protein powder to supplement their nutrition. If you are still using a manual protein shaker bottle, then you can need a professional electric protein shaker bottle, with it you will find that your life becomes easier and simpler.

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  High-knee is a very famous exercise, but also an easy to train exercise, of course, if you often do high-knee, it is very helpful to the human body, and high-knee requirements for the venue is very low, as long as there is a suitable place to do high-knee at any time. So, what is the effect of practicing high leg exercise? Here’s a look at the role of the high leg raise!

  What is the role of high leg raising exercise

  1. help train leg strength

  High leg exercise process, our ankle, knee and other lower limb joints and other muscle groups have a good effect, because in the process of practice, the need to use the legs, waist and abdomen and other muscle groups, can help improve the lower limb strength, but also help exercise flexibility, our lower body has a very good exercise effect.

  2. venting stress

  High leg training process, if the use of Dantian training, can promote the lungs “turbid gas” smooth discharge, can help vent the depression between the heart and chest, if the recent psychological stress, do more high leg training is also good.

  High leg raise can train abs?

  Every day adhere to the high leg walk 10 minutes, can make the taut legs get relaxed, fully exercise the waist, abdominal muscles. High leg raising process, muscle movement can make the blood flow back to the lungs, smooth venous circulation, conducive to the health of the heart.

  Below the waist there will be a strong and extremely acidic reaction, which will strengthen the detoxification, and finally in sweating, the toxins will be discharged. The high leg raise long-term adherence also helps to eliminate the small belly, exercise the abdominal muscle Oh.

  The key to the movement of the high leg raise

  1. small step running

  Torso straight, shoulders and arms relaxed, lift the heel to maintain a high center of gravity. One leg extended knee stirrups the ground a leg bent knee swing forward, thigh active down knee joint relaxation calf natural slightly forward and downward, then the forefoot quickly forward and downward on the ground. The landing should be cumulative and elastic. Arms bent elbows swing back and forth, small steps with a fast frequency, the whole action with a coordinated and coherent.

  2. leg lift running

  Torso is straight, keep a high center of gravity, the size of the legs folded high swing thigh, parallel to the ground, the other fully extended. Then swing the leg thigh down with the forefoot on the ground. Both arms bend elbows to swing back and forth with small steps and fast frequency, the whole action is fast and powerful.

  3. back pedal running

  Stand with both feet in front and behind, with a slight forward lean of the torso. The back leg leads with the knee, the big and small legs fold forward, while the supporting leg stretches fully and sends the hip, the moment the stirrups end, the swinging leg actively presses backward with the thigh, lands on the forefoot and turns into the back stirrups, the other leg folds forward with the big and small legs. Both arms bend elbows and swing back and forth, the whole action is fast-paced, the center of gravity fluctuates little, and the action is large and powerful.

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  In the fitness movement, there are a variety of sports, and each fitness exercise has its own effect, such as some sports can build muscle, some sports can burn fat. In fat-burning sports, there are sports that burn fat in general, and there are sports that burn fat fastest. So, what are the fastest fat-burning exercises ever? Here’s a look at it!

  1. cycling

  Cycling is one of the fastest aerobic exercise to lose weight, cycling can also be used as a way to travel in everyday life, people often travel by bicycle, especially in this modern society, cycling is already a fashion, this sport can not only be used as a very good way to travel, but also as a way to exercise the body, fat burning and slimming weight loss, regular cycling can not only make the leg muscles become tight, can make your leg lines more wonderful, while cycling can also make the ankle and foot joints to get a certain degree of exercise.

  2. Jogging, walking

  Jogging and walking are very good aerobic exercise, but also a very simple and easy way to exercise, these two exercises on the heart, blood circulation has very great benefits, adhere to the daily exercise for more than half an hour, can effectively burn fat and slim, if you want to increase the effect of exercise, you can combine the two ways to carry out.

  3. volleyball

  Volleyball is very effective for exercising the arm muscles and abdominal muscles, playing volleyball requires frequent bouncing and hitting the ball with the hands, so it can also improve the flexibility of the body.

  4. Swimming

  Summer is coming, swimming is a very good way to burn fat and slimming exercise, not only has a very good fat burning effect, but also can play the effect of shaping a good body shape, is a very good aerobic exercise, swimming for more than half an hour a day, can effectively let the body fat burning, abatement, out of the body.

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  Since the first day, the quality of the electric protein shaker is very high. I have never missed it. I need to change it after falling on the floor too many times, or just to change the color of the vortex shaker bottle. These new pictures are great too!

  My toddlers and babies often run away, throwing my cute electronic blender bottle around. There is still no leakage, no cracks, and the top is closed.

  The price of this electric shaker, this shaker is very cheap

  I’m so in love! It’s so cute!

  I use it to drink water all day long.

  I am a breastfeeding mother, so I drink water often. The shape of the electric shaker makes it easy to handle. I like the size of my mouth, because the protein shaker bottle kmart allows me to run without spilling.