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  Speaking of Arnold’s recommendation, many people are familiar with it. In fact, Arnold’s recommendation is a well-known sport. There are many benefits to a person’s body to do Arnold’s recommendation, but there are some particulars to do Arnold’s recommendation, but many people don’t know where Arnold’s recommendation is. So, what muscles does Arnold recommend to train? Let’s learn about Arnold’s recommendation!

  Arnold recommends which muscles to train

  anterior and middle deltoids.

  Arnold recommends the right approach

  1. Sit on a flat bench press bench or a low-back bench press bench, and then hold a dumbbell in each hand, and place the dumbbell at the level of your shoulders. At this time, the way to hold the dumbbell is internal rotation (That is, the palm faces oneself). Look ahead at the same time.

  2. Rotate your hands outwards, open the dumbbells, to the palm forward position, and then push up! The movement track looks like a trapezoid! The top two dumbbells move closer together!

  3. Then slowly drop the dumbbell and turn your shoulders back to the starting position.

  Arnold recommends common mistakes

  Error: Shrugging, the elbow joint is overstretched and locked at the top of the lift, the arms are not turned from the front of the body to the sides of the body during the press.

  Solution: Keep the shoulder joint stable, keep the elbow joint slightly flexed, and turn the arms from the front of the body to the sides of the body.

  Arnold recommends matters needing attention

  1. Do not be too rushed to achieve rhythmic control to avoid injury.

  2. Try not to push to the highest point where the arms are fully extended, otherwise the elbow joint will be fully extended and locked, and the deltoid muscles will not exert much force, and the weight will be supported almost entirely by the bones. If you stop before straightening the elbow joint and start lowering the dumbbells, the effect of the exercise will be greatly enhanced.

blender bottle special edition

  This is my third classic electric shaker bottle. My first two experiences lasted for about a year, but both failed. The first time it was a bit rough and the butt gap was cracked. The second man made a slit in the spout.

  And, you see, these two problems have been solved in the second-generation classic voltrx protein shaker bottle. Be sure to like to listen to feedback and make improvements to the company.

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  Anyway, the 28-ounce classic voltrx protein shaker bottle has always been my favorite size, function, and price. It fits the center console of my car perfectly and is absolutely leak-proof. The new design, round bottom and protective edges seem to perfectly prevent future catastrophic failures.