The Voltrx massage gun is a portable massage gun with a lightweight carrying case so you can take it with you when you need a deep tissue massage. It charges quickly and lasts a long time.

  This handy portable sports massage gun is especially good for targeting an area of the body that is often overlooked in traditional massage therapy, namely the buttocks. With the help of a deep tissue massage gun, you can focus your attention on any area of the body that needs attention, even those that are hard to reach.

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  Your muscles feel different every day, so your massage should be different too. the Voltrx muscle massage gun features 20 intensity levels so you can customize your massage therapy to the way your muscles feel on any given day.

  In addition to customized intensity levels, you can choose from one of six massage heads to target the specific muscle groups and body parts that need the most attention. You don’t have to use one massage head for all your aches and pains; you can use six different massage heads to meet your individual needs.

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  The most popular equipment for relaxing muscles is the massage roller, massage ball and massage gun. The physiotherapist reminded that these massage devices do have the effect of relaxing the muscles and fascia, but it is important to remember not to hit the bone protrusions and vascular nerve convergence, not to over-pain, or to stretch in order to achieve the best effect without causing injury. I think the hand massager is better.

  These popular massage tools can indeed achieve certain muscle relaxation effects, including massage rollers for large areas; massage balls can emphasize a small area; Back massager is similar to massage balls, through mechanical vibration more effort.

  Force should be applied to the fullness of the muscle

  If the muscles are swollen or tight after exercise, mechanical pressure, rolling and vibration can not only stimulate the mechanical receptors in the muscles and relax them to a certain extent, but also squeeze out some space between the muscles and fascia to unblock the adhesion, promote the flow of body fluids and help the muscles contract and slide more smoothly.

  It is important to note that these massage tools should be applied to the fullest muscles and avoid bony protrusions and important vascular and nerve areas to avoid bleeding or nerve damage, such as the crotch, armpits, front side of the neck, eye sockets, knee sockets, are not suitable.

  Massage force in the tolerable range

  In addition, the massage force should be appropriate, the pain should be within the tolerable range, the feeling should be more and more soothing, not more and more pain. If the force is too large to cause excessive pain, but will make the muscles defensive contraction, but more tense after the press. If the body parts have severe pain, twitching, numbness, or the external appearance of obvious swelling or depression and other deformation, may have been injured musculoskeletal, but also can not massage, should seek professional assessment and assistance as soon as possible.

  Massage is a passive pressure, stretching is the active contraction of the muscle, the two purposes are different, can not replace each other. It is recommended that those whose muscles are easily tightened and less flexible should have a slight massage after exercise, and then stretching to promote the relaxation of muscle contraction and sliding.

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  Massage guns can reduce muscle stiffness and pain, improve the overall health of the body’s soft tissues, and can heal inflammation caused by them, where adhesions between fascia and skin can be painful. Muscles can be a difficult area to prevent fasciitis.

  Four massage heads that target all muscle groups attached to the massage gun. Flat adapter for strain targets, bullet adapter for specific muscles, fork adapter for indirect fit with muscle-centered targets, spade adapter for relaxing and shaping different parts of the muscle; air plug adapter for full-body spherical adapter muscles, targeting large muscles

  Easy to operate: one-touch adjustment to the desired mode through the power switch Vibration adjustable, effective massage and relaxation of muscles

  Ergonomically based body massage gun ensures not only durability but also durability The cylinder handle is both soft and easy to handle, and firmly fixed to ensure you have complete control over the frequency and intensity of your muscle treatment. Perfect for relaxing after work or a workout. The muscle massage gun activates muscles and stimulates blood flow, greatly reducing muscle recovery time, reducing pain and relaxing from head to toe.

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  Stretching and relaxing the myofascia can not only prevent sports injuries, but also enhance sports performance, voltrx massage gun can help you. Older people actually need to maintain and activate the myofascia, however, older people need to be more careful than younger people in stretching and relaxing the myofascia!

  In the past few years, we have been understanding more and more about myofascia, and slowly we have built up the right concept. We used to think that myofascia only needs to be stretched, and then we added the concept of massage, and finally if we add myofascial strengthening training, especially focusing on improving the elasticity of myofascia, if we can do all three aspects, then myofascia can be kept healthy.

  However, there is another problem with myofascia is aging. If you have never done maintenance and training for myofascia before, then myofascia will slowly become less and less elastic over time and more and more prone to injury and inflammation, so many elderly people with myofascia problems come to the clinic and often say: I do the same thing, how can I not get pain and inflammation before? In fact, the problem is that the action is the same, but your myofascia has already aged and become brittle and weak. Therefore, activation and relaxation of myofascia is a very important issue, so let’s look at myofascial problems from the perspective of the elderly!

  The common problem of myofascia in the elderly is the deterioration of elasticity. Possible causes include: lack of stretching or exercise, which leads to shortening and tightening of the myofascia, or insufficient hydration, which leads to dehydration of the myofascia. Many clinical conditions are caused by myofascia becoming brittle and stiff, and the more common problems are as follows.

  Plantar fasciitis: The myofascia at the back of the calf connects to the Achilles tendon and then wraps around the heel to become the plantar fascia extending all the way to the toes. If special efforts are not made to stretch this section of myofascia from the calf to the bottom of the foot, then the plantar fascia will become tighter and tighter, eventually leading to inflammation

  Stiff neck and back pain: From the head, neck, back, buttocks to the back of the lower limbs, as long as there is a certain part of the myofascia is too tight, it may lead to stiffness and pain in the shoulder, neck and back, and even, spinal degeneration and long bone spurs are often co-existing with the problems of these fascia or as a result of each other.

  Tennis elbow: Overuse of the muscles on the front side of the arm or too tight fascia can increase the tension of the tendons on the front side of the arm, leading to inflammation at the point where the tendons meet the bones of the elbow, which is called tennis elbow.

  Myofasciitis around the knee joint: The knee joint is often the earliest joint to begin to degenerate in older people because the degeneration of the knee joint leads to chronic inflammation, and the inflammation of the joint makes the muscles around the knee joint tight and stiff, including the quadriceps on the front and outside of the thigh, the popliteus on the back of the knee fossa, and the muscles on the upper part of the rear calf. These muscles are tight because it hurts to bear the weight of the joint when walking, and the muscles do not have enough strength to share the weight of the body, so the muscles have to become very stiff, so stiff that it is like a knee brace, but the excessive stiffness of the muscles will produce pain and inflammation, so the degenerative knee joint, as long as the time is long, often combined with very serious myofascial pain problems.

  Myofasciitis around the hip joint: As above, the hip joint is also the same as the knee joint, and the surrounding muscles, including the gluteus and iliopsoas muscles and the adductor muscles, will also be accompanied by degenerative hip arthritis together with myofascial pain problems.

  So, what are the appropriate ways to relax myofascial muscles in the elderly? Which methods are not suitable?

  Generally, the common ways of myofascial relaxation are stretching, roller, peanut ball, myofascial gun, freehand massage, etc. Under normal circumstances, these ways of myofascial relaxation are possible, however, because the skin and blood vessels of the elderly are more fragile, the force of massage should not be too large, and stretching should never be forced.

  It is recommended to do active stretching, not passive stretching, that is, as much as possible with their own strength or weight to do stretching, this is called active stretching, because there is often a situation is, when the stretching class, the coach or students are too eager to help stretch out, often a pressure on the fascia to tear, or joint dislocation and so on. Therefore, unless you are a medical professional, do not let others help you stretch because it is very easy to strain or even lead to misalignment or slippage of joints, etc. The most unwelcome is spinal slippage.

  Are there any benefits of myofascial relaxation for the elderly?

  Myofascial relaxation can maintain the flexibility and elasticity of the fascia, which makes it less prone to injury or painful inflammation of the tendons. The recommended stretching for the elderly must be done without injury, so try to choose a more stable movement and one that does not cause increased pressure on the joints.

  What should I pay special attention to when doing myofascial stretching and relaxation for the elderly and mature people?

  The parts that should be avoided with a fascial gun: The parts that are more likely to be injured include the spinal nerves and blood vessels, therefore, the spine in the middle of the body, the head and face should not be hit with a massage gun. People who have arthritis problems in their wrists or finger joints are not recommended to use the fascia gun to relax, because the vibration force of the gun may make the joint inflammation become more serious.

  If you want to stretch these parts, you should be careful, and it is better to stretch on your own rather than passively, that is to say, don’t let others help you to pull and press the spine, it is better to stretch within the range you can do, and not to have pain during and after stretching.

  About roller relaxation: For older people, rollers are not suitable for relaxing the lumbar muscles because the lumbar spine is already relatively unstable, plus the trunk strength of older people is weaker, so if rollers are used to roll the lumbar muscles, it will often cause greater pushing pressure on the lumbar spine, which may lead to serious lumbar spine slippage, and conversely, people with lumbar spine slippage are not recommended to use rollers to relax the lumbar muscles.

  After the stretching and relaxation: Since older people are more prone to postural hypotension, remember to stay from lying to sitting and from doing to standing for a while, so as not to feel dizzy before you can stand up, and remember to drink more warm water afterwards.

  Myofascial relaxation is something everyone needs to do, and people of all ages can maintain their health through myofascial relaxation, they just need to find the most suitable myofascial stretching and relaxation and training methods, as long as they can maintain the flexibility of myofascial, it can reduce many musculoskeletal joint system damage and slow down the degeneration, the benefits are actually very much, but it takes time to do, and must be done continuously. This will prevent myofascial aging or rejuvenate the aging myofascial!

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  If your idea is still stuck in the head massager is exclusive to fitness and sports people, it is very wrong, nowadays, with the fascia gun fever soaring, more and more people realize that the fascia gun relaxes the muscles of the wonderful use, not only in the sports exercise after the muscle repair, daily sedentary can also be “dislike” at any time, more people are imaginative, will The fascia gun is used to beat the beef, maybe it can really make the taste of beef balls.

  In fact, many people even have the will to buy, but every time you open the shopping site is a confused face, the face of so many similar appearance, but the price is very different fascia gun, how can you pick the performance quality is good enough, the price will not be “ripped off” too much reliable fascia gun?

  That must be said to the core structure of the fascia gun – the motor, which determines both the performance of the fascia gun, but also determines the price of the fascia gun.

  Motors can be divided into two categories – brush motors and brushless motors. The brushless motor can be said to be an upgraded version of the brush motor, with many advantages, low noise, high stability, high safety, not easy to heat, and long life, now buy a fascia gun, basically do not have to consider using a brush motor fascia gun, although cheaper than the brushless motor, but the feeling of use, safety, use time is not guaranteed, it is better to get a “small dolphin “.

  In addition to the brush motor option, the motor should also look at what configuration?

  A. Speed

  Some people think that the higher the speed of the fascia gun, the better, in fact, this is the wrong idea, if the speed is too high, it may be difficult for the body to bear, not only can not relax the fascia may also bring harm, and if the speed is too low, and can not play a role, so the motor speed should be controlled in the scientific, suitable for the human body to bear the range of the interval, in general, the speed of 3200 rpm is already a good fascia gun. As for 6000 rpm or even more, that is most likely a lie. But if the highest speed of a fascia gun is less than 2000 times per minute, I do not recommend buying it. Take some of the better reputation of the fascia gun, such as Voltrx massage gun, for example.

  2, torque.

  Motor torque to a certain extent represents the power performance of the motor, in the experience of the effect is the strength of each hit, so not just a fast frequency can be, the product needs to have a certain torque, generally speaking, the greater the torque, the stronger the power. Because many fascia gun is not clearly marked torque.

  3, amplitude.

  In addition to speed and strength, if you want a better sense of striking, but also depends on the fascia gun amplitude. The higher the amplitude depth, it is easier to reach the deep muscle groups. Generally speaking, the choice of fascia gun amplitude is not less than 10mm, if the amplitude is too small, fascia gun hit the body soft like scratching, no massage to the muscle, there is no feeling of relief. I have also tried some low-cost products on the market, because the amplitude is not deep, the blow only stays on the surface of the skin, just like scratching, so you can say no effect.

  4, noise.

  Noise for the hand massager experience is also very big impact too much noise may not only damage the hearing, but also make the use of experience greatly reduced, therefore, the selection of fascia gun is a major criterion: noise should not be higher than 70 decibels. There are two ways to reduce noise, one is to fundamentally reduce the noise, and one is to add sound insulation materials. The current fascia gun is the first method, work on the motor, too cheap cottage products are often used brush motor, or with the curved saw transformation of the machine, the noise is very large, with a long time easy to damage the hearing. And brushless motors than brush motors do a better job on the noise, which is why the focus of choosing a fascia gun to look at the motor.


  First to give you a ummary. Fascia gun is worth buying, especially for friends who often run, cycling and other aerobic exercise, but be sure to choose the right one for you! Now there are a lot of questions on the network about the efficacy of the fascia gun, in fact, it is not surprising that there are questions, as an emerging fitness aid, the fascia gun on the market is mixed, many people use the fascia gun in a misleading way, leading many people to believe that the fascia gun is “IQ tax”. In fact, the role of the gun in relieving sports pain and promoting post-exercise recovery is based on clear scientific evidence.

  So, what is the scientific basis for a fascia gun to work? What is a good fascial gun? And what are the misconceptions about using a fascia gun?

  How the gun works

  To understand the working principle of the fascia gun, we must first understand the fascia. Fascia is a dense connective tissue that runs through the body, which surrounds muscles, muscle groups, blood vessels, and nerves. There are several layers of fascia, called superficial fascia, deep fascia, and visceral fascia, which stretch through various structures in the body from the subcutaneous to the visceral level. Fascia is a dense connective tissue that contains collagen fibers arranged in a tight regular pattern, which are oriented in the direction of tensile force, so that it has strong unidirectional tensile properties. Fascia is generally referred to as the muscle fascia that wraps around the skeletal muscle. It is somewhat like a “muscle suit” that wraps around the muscle and connects it to the whole body. The muscle is restrained by the fascia, which is wrapped around it. The muscle contracts over time, and the corresponding fascia contracts, and the soft shell formed by the compressed fascia restricts the expansion of muscle fibers, and thus keeps the compressed muscle in its original state. When the human body often performs relatively strenuous exercise, the myofascia, as part of the skeletal muscle stress structure, may also be damaged in the process of exercise. Of course, due to the existence of the body’s self-repair mechanism, this damage is often reversible. However, the damaged and repaired fascia will often develop adhesions in the process.

  When myofascial adhesions or damage occur, the body will experience many uncomfortable reactions, such as muscle stiffness, tension, low local skin temperature, muscle tissue laxity, inelasticity or decreased elasticity, depression, and irregular blocks or strips of hard tissue between the deep subcutaneous muscle bones. The presence of a large number of adhesions and folds of fascia is like putting a tight, inelastic plastic leather coat on the outer layer of the muscle, which cannot be fully stretched and relaxed, and will affect muscle function and limit body mobility over time. To relieve this stiffness and pain, and to restore flexibility and mobility to the limbs, we need to relax the fascia.

  The traditional method of relaxing the fascia is mainly through manual massage, such as physical therapist (PT) by pressing and moderately stretching the agonizing pain points, which has a relaxing effect. Here is not recommended ordinary blind massage, because this massage is often more suitable for less active people in daily life, such as chronic neck, shoulder, lumbar and leg pain, and does not adjust for the characteristics of sports injuries in the more active people. Professional physical therapists (PT) generally charge by the hour, the price is often not cheap, even if only 1-2 times a week, accumulated over the years is a considerable amount of expenditure. So more people often choose to relax at home by themselves, where the most common tool is the foam shaft. People can use the foam axis and their own weight to apply moderate pressure to specific muscles or muscle groups, allowing the body to slowly roll on the foam axis and stop for 20 to 30 seconds at the location where the pain is felt most strongly, to play a relaxing role. This method is low cost, a foam shaft, a yoga mat can be done. The downside is that some deep muscle groups are difficult to reach. And the foam shaft is inefficient, relaxing the whole body muscle groups may take 30-60 minutes, for people who often exercise is also a matter of time. So is there a convenient, cheap, easy to use, relaxing fascia efficient tool to solve this problem? This is to talk about our protagonist today – fascia gun.

  Myofascial gun is a kind of external sports massage equipment. It is through high-frequency vibration perpendicular to the muscle force, the tense muscle fascia by vibration to let it soothe and disperse, to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain, promote blood circulation and other effects. Compared with traditional sports massage methods such as manual or foam shafts, the advantage of high frequency vibration of the fascia gun is that it can act on the deeper layers of the muscles that are usually difficult to reach, and can improve the efficiency of relaxation and save time. The effectiveness of the myofascial gun has been proven by numerous studies. For example, studies have shown that myofascial gun vibration therapy is as effective as massage therapy in preventing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Massage was more effective in restoring concentric strength, but vibration therapy provided early clinical pain relief and was effective in reducing lactate dehydrogenase levels up to 48 hours after exercise.


  Possiamo vedere che molti atleti useranno la pistola a fascia per rilassare i loro muscoli dopo una gara. Infatti, non solo gli atleti, e poi le palestre straniere all’interno, quasi ogni allenatore può essere detto di essere uno pro capite.

  Principio di funzionamento: Utilizzando il principio della risonanza muscolare al tessuto muscolare profondo per colpire e vibrare, accelerando così la circolazione del sangue, alleviare il dolore – accelerando il recupero dopo l’infortunio.

  Caratteristiche della macchina

  1, una varietà di scelte di cinque testa di massaggio flessibile tridimensionale, secondo le esigenze di diverse parti della selezione della testa di massaggio adatto, incorporato timer automatico di temporizzazione sarà impostato per 15 minuti per tempo di massaggio.

  2. Manopola della velocità e della frequenza:

  Accelerazione di rotazione in senso orario ‘+’ alta frequenza di vibrazione 6500 volte al minuto, decelerazione di rotazione in senso antiorario ‘-‘ bassa frequenza di vibrazione 1000 volte al minuto, secondo le esigenze reali della regolazione.

  Caratteristiche funzionali.

  1, sostituire e liberare la mano del massaggiatore, in modo che il massaggiatore in uno stato rilassato di lavoro, non a causa della fatica a lungo termine nel lavoro di nocche professionali diventano grandi, lavorare per ridurre la fatica e quindi aumentare l’efficienza, evitando efficacemente il contatto della pelle mano del massaggiatore con la pelle del paziente, per evitare malattie della pelle di contatto;.

  2, facile da regolare liberamente la forza del massaggio, nella gamma efficace di lavoro per regolare liberamente la frequenza e la forza di pressione, ha raggiunto il buon comfort del cliente.

  3, la macchina può efficacemente regolare la forza, la frequenza, con il massaggio della mano è inferiore alla penetrazione super, è attualmente sul mercato rilassamento muscolare profondo e pettinatura della fibra muscolare

  Buona scelta.

  4, la macchina nel lavoro può essere applicato alle parti del muscolo dall’interno fuori del calore naturale, taglio può penetrare profondamente, senza la necessità di applicare altri problemi come impacchi caldi, riscaldamento, e la temperatura in modo che il corpo umano si sente molto confortevole, naturale, più facilmente accettato dai clienti.

  5, in vista della macchina nell’uso del corpo in modo che il trattamento del corpo parti del corpo dall’interno fuori effetto di calore, così ha un certo effetto locale di perdita di peso, perché è nello stato di lavoro di grasso muscolare nel movimento sottocutaneo e consumare un sacco di grasso e generare energia termica fuori del corpo;.

  6. Questa macchina ha l’effetto di rilassamento muscolare, circolazione del sangue, circolazione, massaggio di grado, mentre dissipa efficacemente una grande quantità di creatina prodotta dalla fatica del corpo umano nello sport, nel lavoro e nella vita, e ha un ruolo molto buono nell’alleviare la fatica muscolare.

  7. Questa macchina ha un effetto molto buono sull’espansione del gap vertebrale, spalla congelata, tensione muscolare lombare, massaggio del piede e l’aumento della portata del sangue.

neck massager

  Many people who love sports now have a massager gun in their hands. It has a super obvious effect on muscle relaxation after exercise, and it is very comfortable after use. Let’s learn more about the effects of the lower massager gun.

  What is the massager gun for

  Fascia gun is a physiotherapy instrument that uses impact and resonance to loosen soft tissues. In popular terms, it is a vibrating massager that dredges the meridians and relaxes muscles. Its birth is closely related to the development of massager theory and the NBA’s increasing demand for rehabilitation.

  Fascia (myomassager) is the connective tissue that wraps all parts of the body. It covers the body wall, inserts into muscles, attaches to bones, and surrounds blood vessels. It is a three-dimensional network matrix that wraps, surrounds, protects and supports the structure of the human body. Fascia itself has varying degrees of elasticity, can contract and relax, so it can respond to load, compression and stress. It has a supporting and restraining effect on the organization, can change the traction direction of muscle strength, regulate the operation of muscle strength, and has postural and motor functions. Many symptoms of soreness and health problems can be alleviated through conditioning and treatment of related massager.

  What is the principle of the massager gun

  As a soft tissue rehabilitation tool, the effectiveness of the massager gun depends on the skill of the operator. Just as a kitchen knife cuts tofu into hair in the hands of a master, it will not be of maximum value in the hands of a layman. Dr. Clarke, chairman of NASM Sports Medicine Association, said: “If users can really learn to use the Hypervolt massager gun to take care of their bodies, they can greatly improve their quality of life and work efficiency.”

  Dr. Clark explained that stress and vibration can stimulate the body’s mechanical, neurophysiological and adaptive potential to help the body repair itself. The operating principle of massager lysis is related to various mechanical receptors (machanoreceptors) in the massager, mainly including Golgi receptor, Pacini receptor, and Pain-like bodies ( Paciniform receptor, Ruffini receptor and interstitial receptor. Through these receptors, the massager transmits information to the brain (mainly the autonomic nervous system) to trigger subsequent effects. Schleip (2003) proposed the autonomic nerve feedback path to explain how myomassagerl relaxation surgery affects the nervous system to relax the soft tissue through the receptor.

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  At the same time, connective tissue has a tendency to conduct electrical information (piezoelectric phenomenon) when it is stressed, similar to liquid crystal. Connective tissue tends to become liquid when it is treated with pressure, and becomes more solid when it is not treated (thixotropy). Massage and exercise can play a very good role in this. The pressure and vibration cooperate with the exercise to help the matrix become thinner and softer, and it is not easy to condense.

  Does the massager gun work?

  The effect of the massager gun is still there. The next day I will feel that the muscles are not so sore, and the recovery speed is indeed accelerated, reducing the probability of injury, because I have just used it for two weeks. The group has deep relaxation, compared to pure stretching. Girls can also use the massager gun to stretch their calves and thighs after running. It is said that it also has a shaping function, but I have not personally used and experienced this. Friends who are interested can try it by themselves. This massager The gun is relatively good in domestic production, and the price is also close to the people, and it has been given to friends by Amway.

  Precautions for the use of massager gun

  1. The massager gun is used to relax muscles. The bones of the elbows, knees, head and back of the hands cannot be used to relax. Such use is like knocking your bones. , It will cause great pressure on bones and tendons.

  2. Places like our neck where there are large arteries, under the armpits, abdominal cavity and other parts that are close to blood vessels and organs cannot be hit with a massager gun.

  3. The use time of the massager gun is not as long as possible. It is recommended that the average use time is about 10 minutes.

  4. It is not recommended for you to try personally modified massager guns. You have no way to guarantee the safety of your modified manual version of massager guns, and you cannot get safety guarantees.