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  This best electric shaker bottle is exactly the size I was looking for. It really doesn’t leave residue on the cup! If this is what you’re looking for, go for it!

  The quality of this portable electric protein shaker bottle is excellent. It has milliliter and fluid ounce measurements. There is no additional shaker ball inside and it has a stirring blade assembly attached to the bottom of the cup. The filter breaks down the powder when shaken. The lid has a good seal because it has an extra rubber piece that helps it lock in place. Good quality product.

  Compared to other brands, this mixer electric shaker bottle is great! It is made of thick, high quality plastic. It is made of thick, high quality plastic with clear measurement lines on the sides that have never worn out for me. I also like that it doesn’t have a separate ball like other brands, which I think is useless.

  At first I didn’t expect much from this promixx miixr electric shaker bottle, but love it! After using it, I realized that it blends perfectly with my protein and is really leak-proof and super tight suction. The best part is that the vibrator is attached to the bottom so there are no annoying balls. You should consider it!

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  The VOLTRX premium electric protein shaker bottle is the perfect size and I love cleaning it in the dishwasher, it really mixes well and doesn’t get clumpy. If you don’t use the dishwasher it’s easy to wash it yourself, just add some cleaning solution and water and let it work on its own. I’ve used jaxx, blender bottle and helimix, and this protein mixer (VOLTRX) is my favorite!

  Before this I was looking for a good electric shaker that could mix protein shakes quickly and this is exactly what I needed. I prefer that it mixes its own powder instead of those annoying metal balls that are always lost and hard to clean. This gym mixer bottle is just the right size, perfect for shaking at home or on the go.

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  What a cool product! I always buy the regular protein shaker, which doesn’t mix my protein shakes very well. So I bought this bsst electric shaker bottle and was really interested to see the difference. I was curious to see what the difference would be. The difference is huge!

   I was very surprised when I first found this item. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with my purchase, this voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle is easy to use and does not make noise.

  No more annoying glass protein blender bottle stirring noises in my house! This thing makes protein shakes so easy and there’s no risk of thick clumps sliding into your mouth! I love the charging feature and the power it has.

  It’s very neat that this product works right out of the box. I have never seen this portable electric protein shaker bottle before and I am very happy with this purchase.

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  This electric shaker bottle is amazing! It is an easy to use product.It works so well that I want to buy a second VOLTRX protein shaker mixer. this is the best electric protein shaker that looks so smooth. as soon as I received it I made myself a shake. I usually mix my shakes and wait until I go to the gym to drink them, and I noticed that with this, my shakes don’t taste as rough as they used to, but very silky smooth, which has been a huge advantage for me.

  So far I love my VOLTRX portable electric protein shaker bottle. it’s easy to use and mixes all my powders well, I even use it to mix my protein powder and matcha powder. I highly recommend it and I will never go back to a regular manual shaker bottle!I recommend this electronic shaker bottle to all my friends.

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  Ever since I got into the gym, drinking protein powder has been a problem. When adding protein powder to a glass protein shaker bottle, as long as there is a little water droplet on the wall of the cup, the protein powder will easily turn into a lump attached to the wall of the cup, often with a large piece of unmelted protein powder attached to the bottom of the cup, which is definitely not a good drinking experience. I bought this electric shaker bottle from VOLTRX on the recommendation of a friend who had always wanted to buy an electric shaker that could break up protein powder clumps.

  The best electric shaker bottle looks good. After unpacking there is a protein shaker mixer, a USB charging cable and instructions. Take a look at the cup, there is a scale indication. The bottom of the cup is the motor, which I don’t think is waterproof.

  But this best electric protein shaker is not without its drawbacks, I think the worst is that it does not come with a powder box, some people may not be very convenient to use. If you need to buy a shaker mixer machine with powder box friends, then you need to buy another powder box.

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  If you can’t move easily or prefer to leave the mixing to the machine, this battery operated electric protein shaker can do the heavy lifting for you.

  Anyone who walks into the gym, group fitness class or community park on Saturday morning has seen an electric protein shaker bottle or two. these bottles are small, noisy and smoothly mix your favorite protein powder or pre-workout supplement with your favorite liquid to help you maintain proper energy before, during and after your workout.

  The concept of the protein shaker blender is simple, but there are many different options for those who focus on pre or post-workout energy. Some promise you a protein shake that will stay cool for a long time, while others are drop-proof and virtually indestructible.

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  I read that this project is one of the best projects for mixing protein powder. I found it very real! After shaking my MP fighting protein powder with cold milk, its consistency is like a mixed or pre-packaged electric shaker bottle. Although the lid requires a little work, it is easy to clean. I didn’t divulge, but even if the top is in the “locked” position, you should be careful because it can be opened. All in all, it is easy to buy an electric shaker machine!

  These electronic blender bottles are awesome! I made various protein shakes in them! Great mix and match! We have washed them in the dishwasher at least 10 times and there is no problem at all! They work like new ones. I definitely recommend these! The black ones are still clear enough to see how much liquid there is, which is good. I bought a black electric shaker mixer and a transparent white portable blender bottle.

  I accidentally broke the lid of my existing promixx electric shaker bottle, so I replaced it with these two because the promixx ix-r electric shaker bottle is very expensive. I saved one for myself and one for my friends. They have no problems at all. I like the new rubber caps because they stick to them more easily and feel better than the previous ones.

  The cleanliness/odor of the protein electric shaker after use will be the only problem I have encountered. If you use plastic containers, you can expect to retain some of the smell, especially if you always use them for the same thing. miixr electric shaker bottle battery replacement seems to like to keep a little smell better than me, so I only use them to make protein shakes instead of mixing other drinks in it.