electric shaker bottle

  This bottle electric is great. It is much easier than using a vibrating cup with a metal ball. If I can give it 10 stars, I will. First-class customer service. There was a problem with my cover (after using it 5 times a week for 18 months), the company responded on the day I sent the inquiry and sent a new cover. I am glad to know that there is such a company. As long as they sell products, they will have loyal customers.

  Okay, electric water bottle. It’s really durable and easy to clean. Sometimes I get 1 or 2 small pieces of powder, but very few. Just don’t let the protein shaker blender last too long. Once the protein powder liquid is added, turn it off and shake it well. One person finds it helpful. Great protein shakes shaker! It’s really a good blend of peanut butter drinks! Super heavy! If not because I have the strongest electric paint shaker. No ball to throw, good value for money.

  What else do you want me to say? I highly recommend this shaker bottle

blender bottles for protein mixes

  I bought this because I knew I would use this instead of my old shake bottle mixer. I carry this everywhere because it reminds me to stay hydrated by increasing my water intake. I drink more water than usual, and I don’t drink soda and juice most of the time. I like to join my BCA when I exercise. The best shake bottle mixer, put your hands down. Of course I recommend this!

mixer bottle

  These are great swings. I use these for pre-exercise training or BCAA drinks. I use other electric shaker bottles as my protein, just to separate them. It’s really just a choice. I haven’t tried it with my protein shake. I have put these (Shaker Bottle and top cover) in a very high or very heavy top rack dishwasher and there is no problem with Shaker Bottle melting or warping.