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  I like them because the motivation cited no leakage or spillage, especially after cleaning the anime shaker bottle, but it was disappointing that one of the bottles had something or stains between the two layers of the small shaker bottle. Because at first I thought it was powder, bugs or bacteria left behind before exercise, but later I learned that it was a fragment of material. Maybe some parts got stuck accidentally during the manufacturing process. I have checked the other four small shaker bottles and they are all fine.

  Love, love these goku shaker bottles! We are a family of four, and everyone must choose the shaker they want. We really don’t use the one piece anime shaker bottle function, but use great enlightening information to exercise. We think of them as water bottles, but we like the vibrating filter-it’s very cost-effective and we will definitely buy it again.

  Pass to me the best blender bottle shaker company I have encountered in the past 10 years. I have used all of their products without any problems. The sealing is amazing, and the sasuke shaker bottle is everything you want. 5 packs are very cost-effective, now I have the stock, ready to harvest! Thank you VOLTRX for being the best in the game! Will recommend it to everyone I meet! Go for it!

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  We are familiar with collagen, a nutrient substance. Although it is protein, the effect of collagen is very different from that of whey protein or soy protein.

  Because collagen is present in our teeth, skin, bones and cartilage, collagen can improve the health of the skin, connective tissue and even the digestive system. No wonder these two years have been listed as a popular supplement.

  What role does collagen play?

  The role of collagen is different from other typical protein sources. For example, whey protein is digested and broken down into the basis for muscle growth and repair. Collagen works like this, but collagen can also send a signal to the body to automatically produce more collagen.

  In other words, taking collagen can “deceive” our body into thinking that its supply of collagen is decreasing, thereby producing more collagen.

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  Collagen can also naturally promote creatine, increase the growth of lean meat, and improve the recovery ability between physical exercises. Therefore, when people want to improve body composition and sports performance, collagen is a good choice for regular supplements.

  The source of collagen

  Since collagen is a natural protein, most supplements come from animals such as beef, pork and fish. Supplements can come in different forms, but hydrolyzed (or partially broken down) collagen seems to be the most beneficial to the human body. The public may be familiar with gelatin, which is a relatively low-processed collagen that is often used in cooking.

  Collagen Supplement

  There are many different types of collagen supplements, including types 1-4. These types target different body structures, teeth, skin, bones and cartilage, as well as the cushioning effect on joints and the health of skin, hair and nails. In addition to different types of collagen, different types of external supplements such as protein powders, beverages and topical creams are also sold on the market.

  Collagen Powder

  Collagen powder is probably the most widely used form of collagen supplement on the market. It usually exists in a hydrolyzed (or decomposed) form, so it is most easily absorbed by the body. It has shown its greatest effect in research and can be easily mixed with beverages, such as milkshakes after exercise. Current research supports that collagen powder can improve muscle health like other protein sources.

  Collagen Drink

  Collagen drink is another popular form of supplement. Collagen has been dissolved in the liquid and can be taken easily anytime. The benefits of these supplements depend on the type of collagen they contain, of which 1-4 are the most beneficial. But they are more expensive and often need to be refrigerated, making them inconvenient to carry on a journey.

  Bone soup

  Bone soup is another popular way for people to obtain collagen in their diet. Although they are not really “supplements” because they are actually food, bone broth contains high levels of collagen. In recent years, they have become very popular and are available in many supermarkets. It is also convenient to make at home. Topical cream

  Facial creams containing collagen are very common. They are said to help improve skin elasticity and have anti-aging effects. People can increase the collagen content in the skin through topical creams. Studies have shown that over time, continuous use of topical collagen products can increase skin moisture and elasticity.

  The benefits of collagen supplements

  Collagen powder is easy to add to food and beverages. Easy to absorb; increase muscle growth may not be suitable for vegetarians.

  Collagen beverages may be more expensive for instant beverages.

  The natural source of collagen for bone soup; it can be made by yourself, it may contain a lot of salt; it is difficult to distinguish the collagen content

  topical creams need to be used for a long time to increase the hydration and elasticity of the skin; it is difficult to determine the content of collagen

  The best way to get collagen?

  The best way to obtain collagen by eating may be in the form of hydrolyzed supplements, powders or beverages. Oral collagen is also good for the skin. When collagen powder contains type 1-4 collagen, its function is the most comprehensive.

  Although collagen supplements are very popular, there are several different forms that can be confusing. For maximum benefit, it is best to use the hydrolyzed form of collagen and check that the label contains the desired type of collagen.

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  Before, we wrote an article on how to exercise at home, and now a new question has arisen, that is, how can we fully obtain the results of hard exercise at home?

  Many people worry about losing the hard-earned muscle mass at home. So in this article, we have compiled a list of nutritional supplements that can build muscle at home, so that we don’t have to panic about the loss of lean muscle.


  Even at home, the basic principle of our muscle training has not changed-that is, focus on increasing exercise intensity and fully recovering the body.

  Adequate sleep, good stress management, a high-protein diet, plus attention to calorie intake for muscle exercise and supplementation of nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables are the basis for healthy muscle building.

  But the supplement is of course simpler, no need to think too much.

  1. Protein powder

  Our first choice. Of course it is protein powder! Protein powder is a well-deserved “super food”. It is not only an efficient source of protein, but also a complete and high-quality protein that can provide everything needed to repair and promote the development of muscle quality.

  Many people think that protein powder is only effective before and after training, more specifically after training. No! Although protein can enhance recovery and adaptability after exercise, adding protein powder to other meals of the day not only helps relieve hunger, but also improves body composition and even increases energy levels.

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  Add a scoop of oatmeal for breakfast, or mix a scoop of protein powder with water or milk, and eat some fruit. It is a super nutritious and delicious snack. These are just two examples where protein powders are widely used, and you can see how useful protein powders are.

  2. Creatine

  Our next nutritional supplement recommendation is no stranger to most people. Creatine not only helps to maintain muscle (we have also introduced it in the previous article), but it is also very effective in acquiring new muscle. Creatine also helps improve athletic performance and cognitive performance (makes people better concentrate on training).

  3. Pre-exercise supplements (with or without caffeine)

  Pre-exercise supplements are rich in ingredients, which can improve athletic performance and help recovery after exercise.

  Evidence-based dosage recommendations have been considered in our design. This pre-workout supplement from Myprotein can help improve blood flow components (such as l-citrulline), buffer lactic acid by-products to relieve fatigue (-alanine), and even increase power output (betaine anhydrous).

  Caffeine is an excellent supplement for all pre-exercises, which can increase calorie consumption and improve performance. If your body is not adapted to caffeine, we also have decaffeinated pre-workout supplements.

  4. General health supplements

  Does this sound a bit boring? Then think about it carefully, what will affect your athletic performance in the first place?

  The answer is: actual health. Health affects exercise, just as exercise affects health. Health management supplements:


  If there is a supplement that has nothing to do with sports performance that can be recommended to almost everyone, it is vitamin D. Vitamins can help solve everything from bone density to cognition and immunity.

  -3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid

  Continuous intake of adequate fish oil is very beneficial for maintaining or improving our health. Many people lack adequate omega-3 levels in their diets, so adding supplements may bring many benefits.


  Multivitamins are not a crutch for unhealthy lifestyles, but a safety net for eating habits, which can make up for any deficiencies missed in the diet.

  Multivitamins are especially useful for those who may be in the fat loss stage and have more dietary restrictions. If you are already healthy, they may not improve your health, but they can help you stay healthy.

  If you want to get a full exercise effect at home, you must start from the basics: sleep, stress management, exercise plan, and adequate food intake. On this basis, we can help improve muscle training and sports performance to a new level through correct supplementation.

  The supplements in the above list can indeed improve our ability to obtain lean meat and improve body composition. Being at home does not mean that we can no longer reach your goals.

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  My son’s physical condition needs to shake three times a day. Today I am familiar with various electric shaker bottles. Almost everyone has completed the work, but because the mixer is different, it is painful to clean.

electric shaker bottle

  Other brands use relatively soft plastics, which will gradually corrode over time. The gods in the house know what it is, and there is no ball/whiskey/loose phenomenon. I was very impressed by the quality of voltrx, and most importantly, its mixing effect is very good! 7-year-old father approved!

  My only complaint is that the top is huge! I have attached a photo containing a 12-ounce thermos for your reference. However, this is really critical. Great product. Will buy more!

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  Somehow, the simplicity of the twisted shape of the cup can do all the work of the electric shaker bottle with only one small ball. I have always hated cleaning steel balls, so when I made protein shakes the other day, I couldn’t find the balls, only the cups. Then, I decided to find another one on Amazon. I found this by accident and read the comments. I want to give it a try. I can easily return items that do not meet the requirements, but this method is effective.

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  Voltrx protein shaker not only blends everything perfectly, but also easy to clean. I opened my stuff 30 minutes ago, and I finished my first vanilla protein shake, and I had to write a comment in a hurry. This is a bonus that everyone might not have thought of. When you use the shaker ball type, then add fruit slices (fresh blueberries) like I did just now. When you drink fruit, the fruit will be entangled in the ball. not here. Every time I take a sip, I will encounter one or two blueberries. This is really great. Oh, it is made in China. I don’t believe in China Plastics.

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  just got it. Add 2 tablespoons of ketone powder instead, and 1 tablespoon of whey. It blends very smoothly!

  My old trick will never confuse this delicious food!

  no leakage, simple construction, easy to clean up, don’t worry about getting trapped. It’s been long enough, I hope it won’t smell.

  *has been updated* for several weeks, but still impressed! I just learned that there is no rubber stamp! This greatly helps reduce mold and odor!

  *clumping* Other people’s posts seem to happen only when you fill it into the top powder without leaving a proper space for the liquid to shake. You have to give it some space to mix!

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  What impressed me was that I added a tablespoon of cocoa powder, cold water, ice cream, whey and ice to the mixture. It is mixed with cold cocoa powder. Of course, I did add a lot. At this time, the glass was full, so some small pieces floated on it, but the ice melted a bit. After I drank some, there was more space in the bottle. I shook it again, completely smooth. Really impressed.

  Now. Please make an insulating board?

  So I have been here for a few months. Still impressed. I use it almost every day because it is just an ordinary water bottle. No mold, no smell! It is easy to clean because there is no place where anything can be trapped inside. Even if you just drop some soap and water and let the hybrid rise, it can also play a light cleaning role.

  I also tried putting peanut butter in the whey smoothie, like a meal of 3-4 tablespoons. The mixture is very smooth.

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  Summer is here. With the arrival of summer, you are crazy to sculpt to trim the fat, just in time for the week when you travel abroad in Lanzarote in the winter months. do not worry. In the coming time, I will use evidence-based practical recommendations to help you cheer up and ensure that you are as confident as ever.

  Let us roll with changes in diet and nutrition.

  First of all, please remember that the basis of weight control is energy or calorie balance. So, fundamentally speaking, the amount of food you eat during exercise and daily activities is related to the amount of energy you consume. Low sugar or high fat is not the secret to weight loss, nor is it an ancient diet, it’s just a lack of calories. This is physics!

  In order to replenish energy for the day and maintain your current weight, you need a certain amount of energy. You get energy from calories in food. The calories needed to maintain your current weight are called maintenance calories. If you eat more than maintain calories, you will get fat, and if you eat less than maintain calories, it means you (yes, yes) lose fat.

  All the food we eat is composed of three chemical substances (macronutrients). Protein, carbohydrates and fats. There are different roles in the body. Some roles are more important than others, but they can simplify things.

  Protein-build and repair muscle fibers after exercise.

  Fat-in addition to exercise, it can also be used for the formation of hormones and energy for daily activities.

  carbohydrates-get energy during high-intensity exercise.

  Set diet to reduce fat

  1) Calculate your calorie maintenance

  First, we need to calculate the amount of food you need to maintain your current weight, which is the calorie intake.

  You can calculate the maintenance calories through the link below

  2) Choose your lack of calories

  After maintaining the calories, you can subtract 300-500 calories; you have a starting point for weight loss.

  Quick preventive measures; although a larger deficit may mean that the fat on the other side loses faster, it may be more difficult to maintain, so start at 300 and work from there.

  3) Calculate your macronutrient ratio

  Protein; 1.5-2.3g/kg body weight (4 kcal/g)

  When we exercise, our muscle fibers are broken down. After this failure, what we did was cause muscle growth. In order to restore health, we need enough protein. This amount tends to be between 1.5 and 2.3 g/kg body weight. Protein can also keep you full for longer, so keeping you full throughout the day is a great strategy.

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  For men weighing 75 kg, it is recommended to use about 150 grams of protein. It is difficult to do this from whole foods containing 25-30 grams of standard chicken fillet. Whey protein supplements are basically filtered milk with concentrated protein content. It is a cheap, practical and effective option that can help you achieve your daily protein goals. Our whey protein range has some excellent protein supplement options. Blue whey protein provides 30 grams of protein per 35 grams, with only 1.1 grams of carbohydrates and 1.3 grams of fat. It is an excellent choice for weight loss. Fat; 0.8-1 g/kg body weight (9 kcal/g)

  Fat is a macronutrient with the highest calorie content, 9 kcal per gram, so it is generally recommended to be around 0.8-1g per kilogram of body weight. Choosing polyunsaturated or monounsaturated instead of saturated fat will produce a good balance of 3:6, thereby reducing inflammation in the body.

  If you eat oily fish at least 2 to 3 times a week, it is a good idea to supplement with Omega 3 to ensure that inflammation is relieved. Our evidence-based Acti Omega supplement is very good. Compared to a typical Omega 3 supplement containing 150 mg of EPA and 100 mg of DHA, Acti Omega contains 400 mg of EPA and 300 mg of DHA.

  Sugar; other calories/(4kcal/g)

  In order to promote your training and progress, you need enough carbohydrates. Choosing more nutrient-dense and fiber-rich sources will result in continuous energy release and fullness due to the increase in volume. Choosing more sugar is not very effective in using calories, and the energy level of the day will not be Unanimous.

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  Explore how amino acids can help build muscle

  If you want to improve your fitness and performance, or repair muscles lost due to injury, please understand how amino acids make up muscles.

  Exercise and nutrition to build muscle

  Exercise is an important part of muscle movement. However, if there is not enough nutrition and hormone balance in the body, it is impossible to build muscle by exercise alone.

  Enough protein (especially essential amino acids) and carbohydrates in the diet to help muscle growth.

  If you stop exercising, fasting or not eating for a period of time, muscle filaments may begin to break down faster than they grow, resulting in a decrease in muscle mass.

  What are amino acids?

  ”Amino acid” is a chain of compounds composed of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen.

  Amino acids are considered to be the basis of protein in your body. They are a source of energy and help to grow tissues, organs, muscles, skin and hair. Muscle growth or hypertrophy is one of many physical processes related to human amino acids.

  Imagine that a protein is a set of connected chains. Each link in the chain is an amino acid, forming a peptide chain (polypeptide). The more links on the chain, the larger the polypeptide. Protein is composed of many polypeptide chains.

  Amino acids can be divided into two categories:

  Essential (or dietary) amino acids-from the food you eat, mainly responsible for the construction of protein in the body

  Non-essential amino acids-the human body is synthesized by other amino acids and can be used as fuel

  How does protein help muscle growth?

  Muscle is composed of two types of filaments (actin and myosin), both of which are proteins. In order to grow muscles, two protein filaments need to be built and strengthened to make them larger than the existing size.

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  When muscles are more challenged in resistance exercise, the protein cells in the filaments send messages to activate their cell growth. Cells can use the available protein to build damaged muscle fibers to form new and more muscles.

  The balance between the available protein in the cell growth receptor and the protein mass needed to build muscle is regulated.

  Research supports amino acids to promote muscle growth

  The protein is too large to enter muscle cells. Smaller amino acids can easily pass through cell membranes to form peptides that are integrated into muscle proteins.

  It is important that your body has sufficient levels of essential amino acids to help build muscle. Summary All current studies on muscle growth show that the increase of circulating amino acids in the blood after exercise can stimulate muscle growth in healthy adults, but it can only increase the utilization of amino acids.

  The source of essential amino acids

  You can increase the utilization of amino acids in your body by eating some foods. Diet is an important source of amino acids, by ensuring that the diet contains enough protein (such as meat, fish or eggs).

  Research also shows that supplementing your normal nutritional intake with essential dietary amino acids from protein supplements or powders can help maintain a large amount of amino acid reserves, thereby increasing muscle mass over time. Dietary supplements containing amino acids can increase the utilization of amino acids to muscles. For example, the concentration of essential amino acids glycine, lysine and proline contained in gelatin supplements is higher than that of protein in food.

  Want to learn more about the benefits of protein supplements?

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  voltrx sports protein shaker bottle with stirring ball blue 600ml, made of high-quality PP material, high heat resistance, not easy to deform, healthier and safer to use; hanging ring can be rotated and adjusted, easy to lift; sealed design, not easy to leak; free to match powder Mixes, snacks, candies, milk powder, etc., is a good partner for exercise and fitness~

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  Voltrx is an American brand founded in 2000. Most of its products are designed for fitness enthusiasts. Its protein shaker bottle with patented stirring ball is the most famous. And this voltrx SportMixer protein shaker bottle is one of the main series of voltrx. It adopts new Tritan Copolyester material, does not contain BPA and phthalic acid, it is safe to use, and will not absorb any taste or residual odor; leak-proof design, no pressure to carry. Contains voltrx’s exclusive patented spring stirring ball. Lifting the water cup, the stirring ball can break the insoluble fitness supplements such as protein powder and muscle building powder in the bottle. It is more convenient to prepare and drink, which is very suitable for fitness people. use. The capacity is 643 ml.

shaker bottle

  voltrx protein shaker

  I feel that the quality is still very good. The acrylic material is matched with macarons. The capacity is 500ml. There is also a 710ml. I personally feel that 500 is just right. If it is only used in class, 500 is enough and more suitable for girls, but in fact The 710 is not very big. If you go out for more than half a day, the 710 is completely okay. There is a portable buckle on the top of the cup, and the water outlet is an elastic cover and a lock buckle, so the sealing is also very good, and it is convenient to use. This

  The protein shaker is used to drink juice, the color is relatively small and fresh, and the milkshake can also be shaken very evenly. voltrx protein shaker

electric shaker bottle

  The quality of the plastic is very good. It is a tritan cup, which is super thick and worthy of the price. This cup can really shake a whole piece of fruit into dregs like in the legend

  , Not so much that many people on the Internet say that it is so exaggerated. After using this cup, I especially like to drink water, soaking everything is high in value! Little fairies who don’t like drinking water can consider it. This sports protein shaker

  It is specially designed for summer. You can shake it yourself to make a smoothie milkshake. This green color scheme is really hard to find, which is very suitable for summer. It is the feeling of first love to see!