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  After burning fat efficiently, your body must be all kinds of soreness isn’t it all coincidentally? Pectoral muscle pain, arm pain, abdominal pain, thigh pain and many other discomforts. Today the old king will teach you how to solve all kinds of muscle soreness after exercise, chest back legs hands are not in the conversation, that is kraft gun massager relaxation method.

  The general method of using the kraft gun to relax the muscle groups

  massage gun reviews through precise and powerful hit, penetrate deep fascia, reduce muscle and fascia adhesion, for the stiff muscle to do stretch, quickly eliminate muscle fatigue.

  Whether it’s sports and fitness, work, daily life caused by muscle aches and pains can be effectively and easily relieved. However, it is important to note that the fascial gun does not feel where the soreness is hit. If used improperly, it not only can not relieve muscle soreness, but also may stimulate blood vessels, causing muscle spasms. Well directly follow the old king’s “rhythm” for massage gun kmart the correct way to use.

  Upper trapezius bundle relaxation

  Take the superior trapezius muscle for example, the shoulder and neck area is very close to the bones and joints and needs special attention. The first step is to touch the upper trapezius muscle with your hand to feel the direction of the muscle fibers, and the second step is to feel the trigger point, for example, the trigger point of the trapezius muscle is concentrated in the central area. For muscle soreness caused by daily life, take out the fascia gun and tap along the muscle fiber course. Use the fascia gun to hold a single point against the trigger point for 20 to 30 seconds.

  Muscle relaxation in the upper arm area

  For muscle relaxation in the upper arm area, take the biceps as an example. First touch the muscle group on the anterior side of the upper arm to find the direction of the muscle fibers. Then feel the trigger point again Normally, the trigger point of the biceps is concentrated in the central area. Afterwards, take out the kmart massage gun and tap along the course of the muscle fibers, holding a single point against the trigger point for 20 to 30 seconds.

  Muscle relaxation in the thigh section

  The muscle relaxation of the thighs is based on the quadriceps muscle as an example, again following the above points. First squeeze your thigh to feel the direction of the muscle, then find the trigger point and follow the direction of the muscle and hit the muscle back and forth, again finding the trigger point for 20~30 seconds.

  Well, the above is the general use of the body massager gun for various parts of the body muscles, in this words for a summary of.

  The first step is to touch the muscles with your hands to feel the direction of the muscle fibers

  Step 2, feel the trigger point

  Step 3, take out the phoenix massager gun and tap along the direction of the muscle fibers.

  Step 4, stay at the trigger point for 20-30 seconds

  The above four-step method is a universal method for every muscle group.

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  After fitness and exercise, many people choose to use different equipment for massage and relaxation, such as fascia gun, foam roller, massage gun, etc., just to reduce their soreness and make the state recover faster. However, many people’s concept of massage relaxation only stays at the pain points of massage and stretching the muscle group, ignoring many details, and even using the wrong method, which increases the risk of re-injury.

  This article will teach you the 5 main points of massage and relaxation, and avoid common mistakes to make your body stronger.

  5 points for relaxing body massage

  1. Why do you need a massage to relax

  After weight training, the muscles will have small traumas, leaving scar tissue and small nodes (trigger points), which will affect the training performance in the future. Through massage and relaxation, these trigger points can be relieved and relieved.

  2. The principle behind massage and relaxation

  The reason why these trigger points can be effectively solved by massaging and relaxing the human muscles is because the mechanical receptors of the Gower tendon organ in the human body will tell the brain that there is a pressure on our muscles. When the brain receives this signal, it will relax the muscle to prevent muscle tearing as a protective mechanism for humans.

  3. How to properly relax and massage the sore area

  On the market, common massage equipment includes foam rollers, massage rollers, soft baseballs, peanut balls, fascia guns, etc. The principles of their use are actually similar. When you find a sore point in muscle tissue, you should first massage the muscle tissue around the pain point, slowly apply pressure to the pain point, and stay on it for 15-25 seconds and continue to apply pressure. At the same time, massage in the direction of muscle bundles, and massage for about 30-60 seconds (for each muscle group) according to muscle quality and soft tissue tension. The body should be completely relaxed and breathe deeply.

  4. How to use massage equipment

  Massage gun amazon is the most convenient and direct equipment. It can be relaxed through different strengths and gun tips, so that both shallow and deep pain points can be taken care of. When using foam rollers, massage rollers and other equipment, you have to adjust your body’s posture and transfer your body’s weight to change the massage intensity.

  5. Common wrong massage methods

  Press directly on the trigger point.

  The pressing time of the same trigger point is too long. If so, pressing too much on the same point may cause damage to the soft tissues and nerves, and it will take more time to recover later.

  Before relaxing the trigger point, do stretching exercises.

  The massager machine does not pay attention to the position of the spine during massage. In particular, when using the foam roller, twisting the spine may cause injury, and you cannot deliberately use the roller to protect your spine.

  Pressing and moving too fast will prevent the brain from having enough time to receive messages to relax the muscles. You should massage slowly to allow the superficial fascia and muscles to adapt.

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  Among the exercise tools, exercise bikes and spinning bikes are very useful tools. Of course, exercise bikes and spinning bikes are also beneficial to people, but many people don’t know the difference between exercise bikes and spinning bikes. In fact, there are mainly differences in appearance and structure. The three differences between differences and suitable crowds. So, what is the difference between an exercise bike and a spinning bike? Let’s find out together.


  First is the exterior structure of the spinning bike and exercise bike, both of which have handles, flywheels, mounts, and pedals. At the same time, the exercise principle and fitness effect of the two are also similar. Through the consumption of body heat by cycling, the effect of reducing fat and fitness can be achieved.

  Appearance difference

  To make a visual analogy, exercise bikes are like ordinary bicycles, while spinning bikes are more like mountain bikes. The more obvious point is that the seat position of the spinning bike is higher, and the person sitting on it is in a state of leaning forward.

  structural difference

  1. First of all, the obvious difference is the position of the flywheel. Most flywheels of spinning bikes are front-mounted, while exercise bikes have front and rear-mounted ones. At the same time, the flywheel adopts a package design.

  2. The resistance adjustment methods of spinning bikes and exercise bikes are different. Spinning bikes are mostly based on brake block adjustment, and exercise bikes are mostly controlled by magnetic control.

  3. Spinning bikes and exercise bikes have different riding methods. On a spinning bike, you can ride in a standing or seated position. According to the difference between the horizontal exercise bike and the vertical exercise bike, the exercise bike is divided into two types of exercise states: prone riding and seated riding.

  people suitble

  It can be clearly seen from the difference in the structure of the above spinning bikes and exercise bikes that the exercise intensity of spinning bikes is stronger than that of exercise bikes. Therefore, spinning bikes are often more popular among young people. The elderly need to be cautious when choosing spinning bikes. Exercise bikes are suitable for exercisers of all ages.