hyperrice gun

  In 2021, I gained close to 15 pounds in weight and had to replace some of my original clothes and pants, all because of obesity. So I like to use running to exercise body.

  But after each exercise, the muscles of the legs will be particularly sore. I always used to think that a simple massage would do, but in fact the next day this soreness is still quite unpleasant.

  It was only after seeing a popular article that I learned that this is actually the fault of the fascia. At the same time, also know that if you want to relax the muscles to relieve the feeling of soreness, it is necessary to choose a suitable fascial gun.

  Second, the appearance of the show

  The package clearly shows what the product looks like and comes with 6 massage heads. I prefer this storage case, even when going out for fitness and exercise, it is also convenient to bring.

  Third, the details

  The control and display area is on the back, with only one physical multi-function button. Long press for 2 seconds to switch on and off, short press once to switch gears. Massage head replacement is also convenient, just hold the massage head to pull outward. And about 20 minutes of massage every day, about a week to charge only, even if the frequency of movement is high, this range is also very good. So that’s why I chose this muscle massager.

cellulite massager

  In recent years, a massage artifact called message gun has become popular in the sports industry. Because of its super relaxing effect, it is not only popular in the sports industry, but also very popular among entertainment stars. Today I will introduce you to a message gun. The star product of the world-VOLTRX message gun.

  MERACH (VOLTRX) is a world-renowned fitness brand. The message gun introduced this time is the second season of VOLTRX’s joint variety show “This is Street Dance”. It is a special limited edition message gun launched and won the award from the instructors of the program group. Pro-ga, Wu Jianhao and Han Geng love it even more.

deep tissue massage gun

  Why is the VOLTRX message gun so popular? This is inseparable from its massage effect. Compared with traditional massage methods, it can comb and relax muscles and fascia more deeply and accurately, which greatly improves the efficiency of rehabilitation and facilitates users to adjust the most Excellent physical condition. Compared with ordinary message gun, what are its advantages?

  1. High-end batteries

  The VOLTRX message gun uses the world’s leading lithium battery cell, the same model as Tesla Motors. It has good stability, larger capacity than ordinary batteries, and longer service life. It can achieve a 7-hour long battery life. These are other things. Advantages that the brand message gun does not have!

  2. Efficient and silent

  The VOLTRX message gun is equipped with a powerful high-torque brushless motor. Through deep and powerful vibration, it relaxes the fascia and stiff muscles, relaxes tight soft tissues, and greatly shortens the time for muscle recovery. The multiple noise reduction and mute design allows it to achieve mute operation, and the sound under high-frequency operation is as small as a breeze.

  3. Humanized design

  VOLTRX, a message gun tailored for street dance program groups, is equipped with massage heads of different shapes, suitable for different body parts to relax; 6-speed variable frequency vibration mode, which can respond to various needs, and the silicone grip is equipped with a new cushion. The shock material will not feel numb after using it for a long time. It is available in three colors, and you will love its cool appearance!