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  Recently, the concept of myofascial has become popular in sports. More and more people know that stretching, relaxing and strengthening myofascial can not only prevent sports injuries, but also improve sports performance. However, the elderly actually need more maintenance and activation of muscles. Fascia, however, older people’s fascia stretches and relaxes more carefully than younger people!

  In the past few years, everyone has learned more and more about myofascial, and gradually everyone has established a correct concept. In the past, it was thought that myofascial only needs to be stretched. Later, the concept of massage was added. Finally, if myofascial is added Intensive training, especially focusing on improving the elasticity of the fascia, if these three aspects can be done well, then the myofascial can be kept healthy.

  Elderly people need to relax myofascial membrane and use massager

  However, in fact, there is another problem with myofascial aging. If you have never performed maintenance and training on myofascial before, then myofascial will gradually become less and less elastic over time, and it will become more and more prone to injury. Inflammation, so many elderly people with myofascial problems come to see a doctor, and they often say: I do the same thing, I never felt pain or inflammation before. In fact, the problem is that the movements are the same, but your myofascial membrane has already aged, has become brittle and weakened. Therefore, for silver-haired people, activation and relaxation of myofascial is a very important topic, so let us look at the problem of myofascial from the perspective of silver-haired people!

  A common problem with the fascia of the elderly is the deterioration of elasticity. Possible reasons include: lack of stretching or exercise, which causes the fascia to become shorter and tighter, or it may be dehydrated due to insufficient water supplementation. Many diseases in the clinic are caused by the brittle and hard myofascial membrane. The more common problems are as follows:

  Plantar fasciitis: The muscle fascia on the back of the calf connects to the Achilles tendon, and then bypasses the heel to become the plantar fascia extending to the toes. If there is no special extension of the muscle fascia from the calf to the sole of the foot, then the foot The bottom fascia will become tighter and tighter, eventually leading to inflammation

  Stiff neck and back pain: As long as a certain part of the muscle fascia from the back of the head, neck and buttocks to the back of the lower limbs is too tight, it may cause stiffness and pain in the shoulders and necks. Even the long bone spurs of the spine often follow these tendons. Membrane problems coexist or cause each other.

  Tennis elbow: Excessive use of the muscles on the front of the arm or too tight fascia will increase the tension of the tendons on the front of the arm, resulting in inflammation at the junction of the tendon and the elbow bone. This is called tennis elbow.

  Myofasciitis around the knee joint: The knee joint is often the first joint that elderly people are most likely to degenerate, because the degeneration of the knee joint leads to chronic inflammation, and the inflammation of the joint will make the muscles around the knee joint tight and stiff. These muscles include the quadriceps on the front and outside of the thigh, the popliteal muscles on the back of the knee fossa, and the muscles of the upper part of the hind calf. These muscles are tight because the joints are painful when walking, and there are not enough muscles. The strength is shared to bear the weight of the body, so the muscles have to become very stiff, as hard as knee pads, but excessive stiffness of the muscles will cause pain and inflammation. Therefore, as long as the degenerative knee joints take a long time, they often have very serious muscles. Fascia pain problem.

  Elderly people need to relax myofascial membrane and use massager

  Myofasciitis around the hip joint: Same as above, the hip joint is also the same as the knee joint. The surrounding muscles include gluteal muscles, iliopsoas muscles and adductors, etc., and myofascial pain will also occur with degenerative hip arthritis. problem.

  So, which method is suitable for silver-haired people to relax myofascial? Which methods are not suitable?

  The common fascia relaxation methods of the general ethnic group include stretching, rollers, peanut balls, massager gun amazon, freehand massage, etc. Under normal circumstances, these fascia relaxation methods are all possible, but because of the elderly’s The blood vessels of the skin are relatively fragile, so the massage force cannot be too strong, and it must not be forced to stretch.

  If you choose to use a roller to relax, it is recommended to use a softer foam roller. If you want to do fixed-point reinforcement on certain tight parts, it is recommended to use a softer peanut ball. It is less recommended to use something that is too hard or has a small contact area, such as a golf ball. If you use a massage gun, it is also recommended to use a massage head with a lower intensity and a larger contact area.

  It is recommended to perform active stretching instead of passive stretching, that is, try to use your own strength or weight to stretch. This is called active stretching, because there is often a situation where the coach or classmates are too enthusiastic to reach out during stretching classes. Helping to stretch, often tearing the fascia or dislocation of the joints when pressed. Therefore, unless you are a professional medical staff, do not let others help you stretch, because it is very easy to strain, and even cause joint dislocation or spondylolisthesis. The most unhappy opinion is spondylolisthesis.

  Is fascia relaxation any good for the elderly?

  Fascia relaxation can maintain the softness and elasticity of the fascia, and it is less prone to injury or inflammation of the muscles and bones. It is recommended that the stretching of the elderly must be done on the premise that there is no injury, so try to choose more stable movements and choose movements that are less likely to increase joint pressure. Therefore, stretches that can be done while lying down should be done as much as possible.

  Elderly people need to relax myofascial membrane and use massager

  For older mature people, when doing fascia stretching and relaxation, what should you pay special attention to?

  Parts that should be avoided by massager gun costco: The more easily injured parts include spinal nerves and blood vessels. Therefore, do not use a massage gun to hit the spine, head and face in the middle of the body. For people with arthritis in the wrist or finger joints, it is not recommended to use a massage gun to relax, because the vibration force of the massage gun near me may make the joints more inflammatory.

  Regarding stretching: The more problematic parts are the stretching of the cervical spine and lumbar spine. If you want to stretch these parts, you must be careful. It is best to stretch independently, not passively, that is to say, don’t let others help you to pull or press. For the spine, it is best to stretch as much as you can, and you should not be able to experience pain during or after the stretch.

  Regarding the roller relaxation: For the elderly, the roller is not suitable for relaxing the waist muscles, because the lumbar spine is inherently unstable, and the trunk strength of the elderly is relatively weak. Therefore, if the roller is used to roll the waist muscles, it is often It will cause a relatively large pushing force on the lumbar spine, and severely may cause lumbar spondylolisthesis. Conversely, people with lumbar spondylolisthesis are not recommended to use a roller to relax the lumbar muscles.

  After stretching and relaxing: Because the elderly are more likely to have postural hypotension, remember to stay for a while from lying to sitting, and to stay for a while from standing, and to stand up without feeling dizzy, and remember Drink plenty of warm water after the end.

  Massager gun reviews Myofascial relaxation is something that everyone needs to do. People of all ages can use myofascial relaxation to maintain their health. They just need to find the most suitable method of myofascial stretching, relaxation and training. As long as the elasticity of myofascial membrane can be maintained, it can reduce the damage of many musculoskeletal joint systems and delay the degeneration. The benefits are actually very many, but it takes time to do it, and it must be done continuously, so as to prevent myofascial membrane. Of aging or rejuvenate the aging myofascial membrane!

massager gun

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