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  Why relax the fascia and muscles?

  Before introducing the massage gun amazon (massage gun), first understand the benefits of relaxing the fascia and muscles. The cause of muscle soreness after exercise is not only the damage to the muscles, but the fascia may also make the muscles sore and uncomfortable for a long time due to tightness. Therefore, after exercise, apart from stretching the muscles to relax the muscles, the fascia should also be relaxed. However, the fascia is usually difficult to relax through stretching and massage. It must be assisted by massage tools such as massager gun amazon to restore the elasticity of the fascia and relieve it. Muscle ache.

  In fact, relaxing muscles and fascia are not only needed by athletes. Housewives often do repetitive housework, and office workers sitting in front of the computer for a long time will accumulate muscle tension, causing muscle soreness, shoulders and necks. Painful problem.

  Massager gun amazon massage principle|Why can massage gun amazon relax fascia and muscles?

  What is the principle of massage gun amazon?

  Massager gun amazon mainly uses the mechanical principle of vibration to give continuous and deep pressure to the muscles and fascia, shattering and relaxing the tight parts of the muscles and fascia. During the vibration, the temperature of the muscles will rise and blood circulation will be increased. , To achieve a relaxing effect, accelerate the elimination of muscle fatigue, and restore muscle function.

  Many people have questions, can you massage muscles with your hands to help relax? In fact, our muscles have quite high toughness and thickness. Simply using the power of hands to massage muscles can only stay on the surface of the muscles. It is effective in deep massage, so this is why, obviously I work hard to massage the sore parts until my hands become sore, the soreness does not decrease the next day.

  What are the effects of massage gun ireland?

  The main effect of   massager gun amazon is to relax muscles and fascia, which can help people who exercise for a long time, quickly recover from muscle fatigue and maintain sports performance. In addition, if the muscles are tight due to prolonged standing or sitting, you can also use massager gun amazon to help your body relax.

  Massager gun amazon usage teaching, how to use the massager gun amazon correctly?

  The method of using back gun massager is very simple. You only need to observe the following 3 principles to get started:

  massage gun amazon usage 1. Choose the right massage force

  Massager gun amazon can usually adjust the frequency of vibration. It is recommended to choose an appropriate massage intensity during massage, as long as

  It is recommended that novices use the massage gun amazon (massage gun), start with the lowest vibration frequency, wait for the body to adapt to feel the muscle soreness, do not need to deliberately pursue the pain.

  【Small reminder】Because of the way of vibration, it will reduce the sensitivity of pain. Therefore, the massage gun amazon directly uses high-intensity frequency, which may have exceeded the range of the muscle to withstand the injury without knowing it. Different parts have different strengths. Adjusting the strength in time can increase the massage effect.

  Massager gun amazon usage 2. No need to press deliberately

  When using a massager gun amazon (massage gun), you only need to stick it on the surface of the skin, move it up and down slowly, without special pressure, and hold the massager gun amazon (massage gun) not only to focus on the sore points, but also to change the angle at the right time. The muscles around the pain point can also be massaged, and the effect will be more divided.

  Because muscles are related to each other, for example, we often bend our arms and slide our mobile phones for too long, which will cause shoulder problems. If we use massager gun amazon to massage the sore shoulders, the effect will be greatly reduced.

  [Small reminder] When you feel that you are not strong enough, you can adjust the frequency of the massager gun amazon, so that in addition to saving effort, you can also avoid the paralysis of your hands due to rapid vibration.

  Massager gun amazon usage 3. Massage one part for about 30 seconds to 1 minute

  The vibration frequency of massager gun amazon (massage gun) is very fast. You don’t need to stay in the same part for too long when you massage. When you encounter a “sore point”, it can be effective after stopping for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. If it is too long for one Doing a hit will cause muscle injuries and bruises.

  【Small reminder】Using the machine gun massager (massage gun) the body can relax with it, so that it will not conflict with the power of vibration.

  massage gun amazon usage 4. Choose the right massage head

  The selection of    massage head is very important. It is necessary to choose the right massage head according to the massaged part to achieve the purpose of soothing and safe. The following 6 massage heads, the most common

  bullet head: used for deep muscles to strengthen local pain points

  Flat round head: the largest contact area with the body, suitable for whole body muscle pushing

  Pneumatic head: softly close to the body, suitable for soft tissue and muscle relaxation

  Big round head: suitable for body size muscles

  Small round head: suitable for body size muscles

  Fork head: suitable for the muscles on both sides of the neck and spine

  When using the percussion gun massager to massage, avoid the following 3 parts

  1. Places where bones, joints and nerves are dense

  In the process of using the massage gun amazon (massage gun) to massage, avoid bones, bone junctions, and nerve-intensive parts, such as the spine, knees, elbows, etc., so that nerves and bones will not be damaged.

  If you directly press the massage gun amazon (massage gun) on the bones, there is a risk of bone displacement. The safest massage area is the large muscles (thigh muscles, arm biceps)

  2. The injured area cannot be massaged at will

  If the muscles have obvious tingling sensation, they may have been inflamed, injured, or have open wounds on the body, and do not use the gun massager price (massage gun) to prevent the injury from becoming serious. It is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional doctor because of the massager gun. The effect of amazon is to help relieve kaka and tight muscles. Rather than treating muscle tissue that has been injured.

  3. Avoid the neck and spine

  The spine and neck are full of nerves and blood vessels. For example, there are 2 carotid arteries and 2 vertebral arteries near the neck of a person. When massaging, try to avoid these 4 blood vessels to avoid vascular damage caused by the massager gun amazon. It may cause symptoms of arterial dissection, cardiovascular congestion and even stroke. In short: do not use massager gun amazon on the spine or neck.

  The difference between massage gun costco and other massage tools?

  The massage gun amazon has not yet appeared. The most common tools are foam rollers (yoga columns) and fascia balls, both of which belong to static massage. Although some muscles cannot be massaged due to tool limitations, it also takes a little more. Press time, but it can also achieve a relaxing effect.

  The advantage of massage gun costco is that it can massage deep into the muscles quickly by high-speed vibration, which will be very impressive in a short time.

red shaker bottle

  Among the training tools, hula hoop is a very common tool. I believe that many people are familiar with it, and there are many benefits of hula hoop. Of course, it is very beneficial for us to use hula hoop frequently, but some people are not familiar with it. Know if hula hoops can lose weight. So, can hula hoops thin the meat on the belly? Let’s take a look together below!

  Can hula hoops thin the belly meat?

  Long-term persistence will have good results. Hula hoop weight loss is a kind of aerobic exercise. In the process of turning the hula hoop, it can fully burn body fat and calories. Because the hula hoop is moved by twisting the waist, it is particularly effective for thin waist and abdomen. At the same time, it can allow the stomach and intestines to get peristalsis, and promote metabolism and digestion. Exhaust all waste from the body. The hula hoop movement mainly relies on the twisting of the waist. When twisting, the psoas, abdominal muscles, and lateral psoas muscles are exercised. Then drive the whole body exercise, hula hoop exercise to reduce the upper body is more effective.

  The correct exercise method also has a considerable influence on whether a good weight loss effect can be achieved. It is impossible to achieve a good belly reduction effect after only one or two days. It requires long-term exercise. Once everyone decides to start exercising by turning the hula hoop, they must overcome the difficulties every day and persevere, so that persevering will not only quickly lose the fat on the stomach, but also make your body stronger. Just after eating, the stomach is more supportive, and the blood is mostly circulating in the intestines and stomach. At this time, turning the hula hoop affects digestion and is not conducive to weight loss. At the same time, it can also cause stomach problems. Therefore, if you turn after a meal, it is best to choose the relatively best time to turn 1 hour after a meal, because the food is almost digested in the stomach at this time, and exercise can also accelerate the burning of body fat. Getting up in the morning and turning hula hoop on an empty stomach is not good for your health. Because the body is excreted overnight, the body’s water and energy are insufficient, and the blood pressure and blood sugar of the person in the morning are unstable. If you use a larger amount of activity in the morning, it will increase the burden on the heart and cause hypoglycemia. Especially when the blood sugar is too low, it will affect the blood supply to the brain. If you must exercise in the morning, it is best to eat a small amount of food before exercise, such as a few biscuits, to prevent low blood sugar.

  Who should not turn to hula hoop

  Hula hoop is a waist rotation exercise. It is a moderate exercise intensity and is suitable for healthy adults.

  Adolescents, those with poor waist and abdominal muscle strength, middle-aged people with fat body, young men and women with a lot of waist fat accumulation, and those with a large proportion of waist circumference measured by physique. Children and the elderly should be cautious. It is contraindicated for patients with lumbar hyperostosis and lumbar disc herniation. It is not suitable for patients with hypertension and heart disease.

  The heavier the hula hoop, the better the effect

  The heavier hula hoop needs to be shaken with greater effort at the beginning, and then it becomes a kind of inertial movement. The important point is that the exercise must be long enough, otherwise the short-lived vigorous exercise will only belong to nothing. Oxygen exercise only brings muscle soreness and does not consume excess calories. In addition, the hula hoop will hit the organs in the abdomen and back when it is shaken. A hula hoop that is too heavy has a relatively large impact force, which may damage the organs! It is better to choose a moderate weight.