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  Pre-run warm-up and post-run muscle relaxation is an indispensable part of a complete training session, and is also a standard for a mature runner.

  Adequate, intense pre-run cooldown can effectively raise body temperature to increase heat dissipation, reduce the inertia of internal organs, improve running economy, and thus achieve better sports performance.

  Likewise deep and thorough muscle relaxation after running can help reduce muscle tension, promote fatigue recovery and prevent injury.

  From the perspective of training, the improvement of athletic ability is a: training – fatigue – recovery, then training – then fatigue – then recovery process, without adequate recovery, there is no athletic ability to improve.

  Obviously the recovery after exercise is as important as training, recovery is a continuation of training, not optional.

  Stretching is the basic means of relaxation after training for runners, but a single stretching means is not able to effectively, deeply and fully relax the muscles, you need a more diverse, rich and comprehensive recovery.

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  The VOLTRX massage gun is very helpful for CrossFit fitness athletes, warming up before training, speeding up recovery after training, and so on.

  This time I will take everyone to pay attention to some of the key areas that need to be paid attention to before and after CrossFit exercise, including the middle and lateral gastrocnemius muscles, which can optimize ankle dorsiflexion, help squat lower, and also talk about the iliac-tibial band, adductor muscles, and pear shape. Muscles (rotators of the hips), chest muscles of the upper body, trapezius muscles on the shoulders, forearms (because weightlifting can cause these muscles to be very tight, so you must be fully prepared and rehabilitation)

  Use the VOLTRX massage gun to start with the gastrocnemius muscle

  Slide up and down on the back of the calf, avoiding the calcaneus, find the sensitive and sore area and stay there for 30 seconds, because 30 seconds of vibration and pressure will stimulate the muscle receptors, which will relax the muscles and help stretch the tissues. stretch.

  After processing both calves, loosen the iliac-tibial band.

  Use VOLTRX massage gun to process the iliac band

  Starting from the outside of the buttocks, go down the outside of the thigh, and stay at the tender point for 30 seconds. At this time, everyone should avoid the knee joints, hip joints and hip bones. After both sides are loosened, come to the hamstrings.

  Use VOLTRX massage gun to loosen the hamstrings

  The hamstring is a large muscle on the back of the thigh, first on the outside and staying at the tenderness point for 30 seconds; then in the middle, sliding up and down, staying at the tenderness point for 30 seconds, and the piriformis muscles are loosened on both sides

  Use VOLTRX massage gun to massage the piriformis muscle

  The front and back of the hip bone are called the ilia, and the piriformis muscle is deep in the hip and stays at the tender point for 30 seconds. The health of the piriformis helps the squat depth during CrossFit fitness and prevents excessive stress on the knees, hip joints and back.

  After sitting down, relax the upper body, first loosen the chest muscles to avoid the clavicle, shoulder and biceps junction, and the acromion. Use the VOLTRX massage gun to loosen only the chest muscles. The same stay at the tender point for 30 seconds.

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  Next, measure the trapezius muscle on the shoulder, avoid the acromion, clavicle, and cervical spine, and use the VOLTRX massage gun to deeply loosen the trapezius muscle, which is very beneficial for warm-up preparation and sports rehabilitation.

  When relaxing the arm, replace the VOLTRX massage gun with a flat head to loosen the forearm.

  This helps in the recovery after lifting dumbbells, barbells or pull-ups in CrossFit.

  Use the VOLTRX massage gun to slide back and forth on the inside of the front half of the arm, avoiding the wrist bones and elbow joints, and acting on the deep flexors of the forearm. Stay at the tender point for 30 seconds.

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  Recently, the concept of massage gun has become popular in the sports world. More and more people know that to stretch, relax and strengthen the massage gun can not only prevent sports injuries, but also improve sports performance. However, the elderly actually need maintenance and activation of the massage gun. However, older people have to be more careful about stretching and relaxing the fascia than younger people!

  In the past few years, everyone has learned more and more about massage gun, and gradually everyone has established a correct concept. In the past, it was thought that massage gun only needs to be stretched. Later, the concept of massage was added. Finally, if the intensive training of massage gun is added, In particular, it focuses on improving the elasticity of the fascia. If these three aspects can be done well, the massage gun can maintain health.

  However, in fact, there is still another problem with massage guns, which is aging. If you have never done maintenance and training for massage guns before, then massage guns will gradually become less and less flexible over time and become more and more prone to injury and inflammation, so Many elderly people who have problems with massage guns come to see a doctor, and they often say: I do the same thing. I used to have no pain or inflammation. In fact, the problem is that the action is the same, but your massage gun has already aged and has become brittle and weak. Therefore, for the silver-haired family, activation and relaxation of massage gun is a very important topic, so let us look at the problem of massage gun from the perspective of the silver-haired family!

  A common problem of the fascia of the elderly is the deterioration of elasticity. Possible reasons include: lack of stretching or exercise, which causes the fascia to become shorter and tighter. It may also be due to insufficient water supplementation, which leads to dehydration of the fascia. Many diseases in clinic are caused by the brittleness and hardening of massage gun, and the more common problems are as follows:

  Plantar fasciitis: The muscle fascia on the back of the calf connects to the Achilles tendon, and then bypasses the heel to become the plantar fascia extending to the toes. If there is no special extension of the massage gun from the calf to the sole of the foot, then the sole of the foot The fascia will become tighter and tighter, eventually leading to inflammation

  Stiff neck and back pain: As long as a certain part of the massage gun from the back of the head, neck and buttocks to the back of the lower limbs is too tight, it may cause stiffness and pain in the shoulders and necks. Even the long bone spurs of the spine often follow these fascias. The problems coexist or cause each other.

  Tennis elbow: Excessive use of the muscles on the front of the arm or too tight fascia will increase the tension of the tendons on the front of the arm, causing inflammation at the junction of the tendon and the elbow bone. This is called tennis elbow.

  Massage gunitis around the knee joint: The knee joint is often the joint that is most likely to degenerate in the elderly, because the degeneration of the knee joint leads to chronic inflammation, and the inflammation of the joint will make the muscles around the knee joint tight and stiff. The muscles include the quadriceps on the front and outside of the thigh, the popliteus on the back of the knee fossa, and the muscles on the upper half of the hind calf. These muscles are tight because the joints are painful when walking and the muscles do not have enough strength. To share the weight of the body, the muscles have to become very stiff, as hard as knee pads, but excessive stiffness of the muscles will produce pain and inflammation. Therefore, as long as the degenerative knee joint takes a long time, it is often combined with a very serious massage gun. Pain problem.

  Massage gun inflammation around the hip joint: Same as above, the hip joint is also the same as the knee joint. The surrounding muscles include the gluteal muscles, iliopsoas muscles and adductors, etc., along with degenerative hip arthritis, massage gun pain can also occur.

  So, where are the silver-haired people suitable for relaxing the massage gun? Which methods are not suitable?

  The common fascia relaxation methods of the general ethnic group include stretching, roller, peanut ball, fascia gun, freehand massage, etc. Under normal circumstances, these fascia relaxation methods are all possible, but because of the elderly’s The blood vessels of the skin are relatively fragile, so the massage force cannot be too strong, and it must not be forced to stretch the muscles.

  If you choose to use a roller to relax, it is recommended to use a softer foam roller. If you want to do fixed-point reinforcement on certain tight parts, it is recommended to use a softer peanut ball. It is less recommended to use something that is too hard or has a small contact area, such as a golf ball. If you use a massage gun, it is also recommended to use a massage head with a lower intensity and a larger contact area.

  It is recommended to perform active stretching instead of passive stretching, that is, try to use your own strength or weight to stretch. This is called active stretching, because there is often a situation where the coach or classmates are too enthusiastic to reach out during stretching classes. Helping to stretch, often tearing the fascia or dislocation of the joints when pressed. Therefore, unless you are a professional medical staff, do not let others help you stretch, because it is very easy to strain, and even cause joint dislocation or spondylolisthesis. The most unhappy opinion is spondylolisthesis.

  Is there any benefit for the elderly to relax the fascia?

  Fascia relaxation can maintain the softness and elasticity of the fascia, and it is less prone to injury or inflammation of the muscles and bones. It is recommended that the stretching of the elderly must be done on the premise that there is no injury, so try to choose more stable movements and choose movements that are less likely to increase joint pressure. Therefore, stretches that can be done while lying down should be done as much as possible.

  For older and mature people, when doing fascia stretching and relaxation, what should you pay special attention to?

  Parts to avoid with fascia gun: The more vulnerable parts include spinal nerves and blood vessels. Therefore, do not use massage guns to hit the spine, head and face in the middle of the body. For people with arthritis in the wrist or finger joints, it is not recommended to use the fascia gun to relax, because the vibration force of the fascia gun may make the joints more inflammatory.

  Regarding stretching: The more problematic parts are the stretching of the cervical spine and lumbar spine. If you want to stretch these parts, you must be careful. It is best to stretch independently, not passively, that is to say, don’t let others help you to pull or press. For the spine, it is best to stretch as much as you can, and you should not be able to experience pain during or after the stretch.

  Regarding the roller relaxation: For the elderly, the roller is not suitable for relaxing the waist muscles, because the lumbar spine is inherently unstable, and the trunk strength of the elderly is relatively weak. Therefore, if the roller is used to roll the waist muscles, it is often It will cause a relatively large pushing and squeezing force to the lumbar spine, and severely may cause lumbar spondylolisthesis. Conversely, people with lumbar spondylolisthesis are not recommended to use a roller to relax the waist muscles.

  After stretching and relaxing: Because the elderly are more likely to have postural hypotension, remember to stay for a while from lying to sitting, and to stay for a while from standing. You can stand up without feeling dizzy, and remember Drink plenty of warm water after the end.

  Massage gun relaxation is something that everyone needs to do. People of all ages can use the massage gun to relax to stay healthy. They just need to find the most suitable massage gun method for stretching, relaxation and training, as long as they can maintain the massage gun. Elasticity can reduce the damage of many musculoskeletal joint systems and delay degeneration. There are actually many benefits, but it takes time to do it, and it must be done continuously, so as to prevent the aging of the massage gun or make the aging massage gun. Rejuvenation!

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  Most people rarely have high-intensity fitness, so there are many questions about such a fresh tool massage gun. Is this muscle fascia massage gun similar to Thor’s hammer useful? How to use it? Is it more effective than stretching exercises?

  I wonder if you “xiaobai” have the same problem? For this reason, Lao Wang has reviewed a lot of papers and materials before, and will share it with everyone in this issue: fitness, massage and relaxation have no magical tools, we have to talk more about science, not to talk about the product’s movement principle and use methods of equipment are hooligans!

  Massage gun is essentially a tool for post-fitness massage and relaxation. You can imagine that it is an enhanced version of artificial massage hammer, which can relax the muscles through the impact of different frequencies on the muscles, which can quickly restore our muscles and muscle strength. , The discomfort of soreness and fatigue is quickly eliminated.

  Its specific principle is that the massage gun will generate a certain amount of pressure when impacting the muscles with high frequency shocks, and the tension will increase, thereby activating the tension change receptors that exist in the tendon position, the Golgi tendon organ, and the Golgi tendon organ has a significant reduction in muscles. The role of tension, so that you can relax the muscles.

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  In addition, the massage gun can inhibit muscle length change receptor muscle spindles in muscle fibers. The purpose of inhibiting muscle spindles is to reduce muscle tension, restore muscle functional length, accelerate blood circulation, reduce fascial tissue adhesion, and achieve relaxation. The effect of muscle fascia.

  At the same time, our muscles produce a lot of lactic acid due to anaerobic respiration after strenuous exercise, which is also the main reason for our body soreness, especially the soreness of the calf and thigh.

  Muscle fascia massage gun uses powerful vibration to stimulate and relax the fascia and rigid and tense muscles, relax the soft tissues of the fascia, quickly defeat the lactic acid produced after exercise, and greatly shorten the muscle recovery time.

  Of course, it should be noted that there are some other brands of massage gun on the market that over-promote that “massage gun can lose weight”. The massage gun itself does not have the so-called weight-loss function, but exercise can lose weight. The massage gun is just an auxiliary relaxation tool for exercise. For those who want to lose weight, they have only two ways to control their mouths and open their legs.

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     Fascia guns have recently become popular in the fitness field. Compared with foam rollers and massage balls, fascia guns have become the massage tool of choice for many people because of their ease of use.

   But is the fascia gun really that amazing? Let’s take a look at the working principle and function of the fascia gun with us today.

   1. Principle of fascia gun

   Fascia gun mainly uses high-frequency vibration to increase blood flow to tissues and relax muscles.

   Improve muscle soreness

  Delayed muscle soreness refers to the obvious muscle soreness that starts the next day after exercise. Generally, the soreness will be relieved within 3 days, but some people can last up to a week. Delayed muscle soreness usually occurs in novices, that is, people who are not usually exercising suddenly start to exercise, or people who have exercise habits suddenly increase the amount of training or training that they have not done before.

   Fascia gun massage can help improve delayed muscle soreness

   When you have delayed muscle soreness, using a fascia gun can help you improve the pain, relax the muscles, and improve the mobility of the joints.

  Usually after strenuous exercise, such as thigh muscle stiffness after squatting, using a fascia gun can help relieve muscle tightness and increase joint mobility

   Can the fascia gun relieve the discomfort of the shoulder, neck and lower back?

   The fascia gun is also useful for the stiff shoulders and necks that are common in sedentary people, and the upper back trapezius is too tight.

   Stiff muscles will cause poor blood circulation, causing local muscle hypoxia and accumulation of metabolic waste products, which will cause muscle inflammation and pain, and the vicious cycle will cause muscles to become tighter…At this time, the fascia gun has the effect of reducing pain and relaxing muscles.

   However, it should be noted that this can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. The fundamental problem is poor posture, or maintaining the posture for too long, and not changing bad habits will not be good.

   2. How to use the fascia gun and precautions

   is mainly suitable for exercise muscles, such as lower limb muscle massage after squatting, shoulder deltoid muscle massage after upper limb exercise

  Method: Use the fascia gun for the same part for about 30-120 seconds, and the time should not be too long. The frequency can start from the lowest frequency, and gently place it on the muscles without heavy pressure. Deeper and thicker muscles (such as gluteal muscles) can increase the vibration frequency. The sore muscles are easy to feel sore when using the fascia gun. The correct frequency should feel that the muscles are gradually relaxing. If increasing the frequency will make people unconsciously tighten the muscles, then the frequency should be reduced.

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   cannot be used on joints or bone protrusions. The blood vessels and nerves passing through the joints are usually shallow. Direct use of the fascia gun here can easily cause damage to the blood vessels or nerves.

  3. Conditions not suitable for fascia gun

   Fascia gun is not suitable for “acute sprains”, such as sprained ankles or muscle lacerations.

   Delayed muscle soreness is not the same as acute strain and contusion. Laceration usually occurs at the moment and has obvious pain. Delayed muscle soreness is mostly caused by soreness the next day or longer after exercise.