kmart massage gun

  Massage gun walmart has been popular for several years, if you don’t know the principle and effect, please read this one!

  massage gun ireland percussion massage therapy:

  Through concentrated high-frequency pressure pulses to target various parts of the body, it accelerates and enhances the repair of deep muscle tissue. This can increase blood flow to different key parts of the body, thereby relieving pain and improving the range of motion and function. It can also help stretch and stimulate muscles before exercise, thereby enhancing flexibility, athletic performance and physical reflexes. In addition, our brain is very responsive to high-frequency massage, which makes the muscle aches and pains become more sensitive and penetrates into the deep tissues.

  The magic massage gun walmart can relax your muscles in 15 minutes?

  Simply put, it uses high frequency (40 vibrations per second) and up to 80 pounds of strength to relieve muscle fatigue, promote blood and lymph circulation, reduce lactic acid accumulation, and activate the nervous system and muscles. Allow athletes or those suffering from muscle and muscle pain to have massage therapy at home.

  muscle deep tissue massage gun generally has 4 “massage heads”, it is recommended to choose according to the following conditions.

  Large round head: Use when pressing large muscles, such as thighs and calves.

  Thinner round head: Use when pressing on thinner muscles, such as the back and shoulders.

  Cone head: For specific locations, such as the feet, relieve plantar fascia pain.

  Attention: It is not recommended to use it above the neck, genital organs, wounds, wounds that are not completely healed, and children under 8 years old.

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  Some people are not very familiar with walking. In fact, walking is an exercise method between walking and race walking. Of course, it is very helpful for a person to walk regularly, and it is not dependent on age, Restrictions on gender, physical strength, etc. So, what are the benefits of walking 5 kilometers a day? Next, let’s take a look at the benefits of walking 5 kilometers.

  The benefits of walking 5 kilometers a day

  1. Improve cardiopulmonary function and endurance

  is prominently manifested in reducing the heart rate at rest and during exercise under the same load, as well as increasing lung capacity, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cardiac emergencies. If a cardiac emergency occurs, it can also reduce its severity;

  2. Weight loss

  Insisting on walking exercise can significantly reduce body fat weight, reduce body fat percentage, increase and maintain muscle weight, endurance and strength;

  3. Promote bone and joint health

  can increase bone density, bone and joint strength, increase the strength of ligaments and tendons, prevent damage to various bones, joints, muscles, and tendons, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis;

  How many steps is the best way to walk every day

  According to the calculation of walking for 30-40 minutes a day, the intensity of non-synchronization frequency is also different, then walking slowly (about 70~90 steps per minute), walking at medium speed (90~120 steps per minute), and walking quickly (every time 120~140 steps per minute), so you can calculate your total number of steps each time.

  How much speed or more is considered as active walking

  The speed of walking is a key factor in determining the effect of exercise. Usually the number of steps per minute should be at least 70~90 steps. Calculated according to 0.4-06 meters per step, the walking distance per minute is 28-54 meters, so roughly The speed is 3-5 kilometers per hour.

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  Before, Lao Wang had seen this saying: “Keep the hips and knees bent, and then do heel lifts (raise the heels) slowly up and down 15 times. Do 4 sets a day, and you can thin your legs.”

  What Lao Wang wanted to say was “What are you doing? Just leave it there and dream in white clothes.” If you can’t lose weight like this, you can’t use massage gun amazon or foam rollers.


  This time, Lao Wang brought related content about delayed soreness, which is indirectly related to the content of fascia gun and fitness exercise. There are three themes, the first is the relief of delayed soreness, the second is the role of fascia relaxation, and the third is “how to use foam rollers or fascia guns to relax muscles”.

  Then stop talking nonsense, enter the topic!

  How to relieve delayed soreness?

  The latest hypothesis about delayed soreness is that delayed soreness will occur when non-painful nerve fibers no longer inhibit the spread of pain. There are two situations. Delayed soreness will come very violently. See if you have been hit.

  The first is “I haven’t practiced for a long time, I have practiced my head on a whim, and the result is a week of pain”; the second is that I don’t practice kneeling today, I don’t practice vomiting, and I am a loser. These two situations gave me a common feature that compared to your current recovery ability, our training volume has passed!

  The natural trainer’s recovery ability is limited. It is not that you destroy more muscles, you will grow much longer. You have destroyed a lot, and you can’t grow so much. Especially for those who want to gain muscle, you will do more useless work. Of course, you don’t have to be discouraged. This recovery ability will continue to improve as your training years accumulate and your training level improves, until it reaches our physiological upper limit.

  I can talk more about this recovery ability in the future. So this is still a question of rationally arranging the amount of training, and of course “gradual overload” must be followed.

  Let me talk about a theory first. Regarding the effect of muscle relaxation after training on promoting muscle recovery, many experimental authors finally concluded that they are ambiguous, and they all say that they may have an effect on pain relief and promote recovery.

  Specific reasons for promoting recovery: active fascia relaxation, by increasing blood flow, promoting the elimination of lactic acid, eliminating edema and promoting the delivery of oxygen. What is the specific reason? As for pain relief: the evidence is unknown. Personally, I am more inclined to promote the local blood circulation and help the transportation of nutrients, thereby increasing the speed of recovery.

  What is the role of human muscle fascia for relaxation?

  There are actually many ways to promote blood circulation, such as aerobic exercise, massage, mace, fascia ball relaxation, fascia gun massage, and bathing. And it seems to be aerobic and fascia ball without spending money, basically the gym has it.

  The effects of using foam rollers and massage guns on joint range of motion, muscle recovery, and athletic performance: a systematic review. You can solve our three problems by reading a paper. The reference conclusions given at the end of the paper are as follows: “For improving joint mobility without affecting sports performance, then relax the muscles with a foam shaft for 30 to 60 seconds or relax with a fascia gun for 5 seconds to two minutes. Doing two to five sets may be helpful for warming up before exercise and improving joint mobility.”

  I’ve done this very early, and it does have an improvement effect, and then relax the foam roller after training or use a fascia gun to massage the muscles of the relevant parts. Combined with static stretching, it will also help the joint mobility. In fact, based on my personal experience, it is good to be able to hold on to a pain point for 20 to 30 seconds. Unless your endurance is particularly strong. As for stretching, many people like to do it before exercise and during breaks between groups, which can actually be counterproductive. The conclusion on promoting muscle recovery is: it is possible. Regarding whether foam rollers or massager machine relaxation improve athletic performance, the author’s point of view is that the evidence is unclear, and further research is needed.

  So Lao Wang personally sums it up, the way to combat delayed soreness is as follows:

  1. Control the total amount and intensity of each training session

  2. Regular and moderate foam roller or fascia gun relaxation may be intentionally restored

  3. Ensure a balanced and adequate nutritional intake

  4. Ensure adequate sleep and rest time

  Precautions and teaching for the use of foam roller or massager handheld

  Next, I will enter the practical part and teach you “how to use the foam roller to relax some of our relatively large muscle groups.”

  First of all, we must understand the use of foam rollers and precautions. Foam rollers are suitable for almost all the large muscle groups of the human body. The way to apply pressure mainly comes from our own weight. Press on a certain point of the muscle for 15 to 30 seconds, 15 to 15 For 30 seconds, only a small amount of movement within 1 to 2 centimeters is required. If the thigh is used, it will be more adequate to do a flexion and extension press. Roll through one pain point before proceeding to the next pain point. Then at the pain point, you can also rotate the thighs inside and outside to press more fully, then the muscles will extend to both ends, converge into tendons with the fascia, and connect to our bones. What we want to roll is the tendons at both ends. The part of the muscle between is not the tendon, so do not roll the tendon and joint. The part with strong pain can stay a little longer, and pay attention to breathing, tell yourself to take the initiative to relax, like this to relax the muscles, because the strong pain may make the muscles more tense and tighten the thighs.

  We just need to roll the three sides of the thigh, from the middle of the front to the inner side of the thigh, the muscles protruding from the upper end of the knee joint to about one-third of the femur. Then the protruding part from the lateral side to the root of the thigh, roll the two parts of the buttocks, roll the gluteus maximus while sitting upright, and press the gluteus medius and erector spinae slightly. When rolling the lumbar spine above the buttocks, it should be noted that the state of the area containing the thoracic and lumbar spine is maintained. If the erector muscle is particularly thin, it may roll directly. Just slightly sideways, support a part of the weight with your elbow, and then roll, maintain the above posture, continue to move up, you can roll to our middle and lower trapezius muscles. Then our heel is a fulcrum, buttocks are lifted, lift one. The arm can be rolled to our latissimus dorsi at 45 degrees sideways, and then the foam shaft can continue to go upstream, can be rolled to our triceps, and can rotate the big arm. Keep the posture of arms raised, and change the angle of the foam roller. About 45 degrees, it can roll onto our pectoralis major muscle. As for the forearm, the biceps, and the calf, you can use left and right strokes, press with your thumb, and the force of your thumb must be absorbed.

massager gun

  Recently, training has been intensified, and my muscle soreness and swelling have become more and more serious. I feel that the ordinary kmart massage gun can no longer meet my needs to relax my body. Let’s go to a professional instructor’s stretching class. A lot of money, at this moment, the fitness trainer recommended to me a professional-level fascia gun-VOLTRXplus muscle massager fascia instrument. According to him, in the fitness circle almost every trainer has one, which is super strong. The version of gun massager price, let’s share with you below.

  Professional technology, humanized design

  To be honest, I have bought some massage guns before, but when I got the VOLTRXplus muscle gun massager costco, I was really amazed. The pure black matte appearance and the metal body of the gun are slightly heavy in the hand. The above is very different from ordinary fascia guns. Whether it is a handle design or a silicone massage head, the material and feel are quite good. In terms of internal configuration, it adopts an enhanced motor with a power increase of 30w, which is designed for professional use. Bodybuilders are designed to further strengthen the massage stimulation of muscles. No wonder fitness coaches recommend it.

  Ordinary massager gun amazon can’t “penetrate” the enlarged muscles of their body. Only the VOLTRXplus muscle massager fascia device can do it. This fascia gun has three gears. The low gear is more suitable for weak and nervous. Rejuvenate muscles, high gear is suitable for high-intensity strength training or after participating in competitive sports competitions to help relax the whole body. However, it is not recommended to open strong gears for people who usually practice less intensely. Once I tried a strong gear accidentally, my god, it feels so sour, it can be described by the surging impact, and although I drove to the strongest gear, the shock effect is very obvious, but the gun body is not there. I leave the hand, there is no feeling of shaking and flying out, the shock is strong but the overall massager gun costco is very stable, and the strength instructions can be clearly seen where the gun body is facing me, which can more accurately take care of the body.

  Use experience sharing

  In the past, every time I finished high-intensity training, I really didn’t have the extra energy to go for stretching training. I would like to take a professional stretching and relaxation class. The time fee is not cheap, so I endure the soreness every time. My body, the next day’s training can’t beat my energy.

  Since I started with this professional level of deep relaxation VOLTRXplus muscle massage gun ireland, after regular fitness exercises, I sat comfortably on a stool and dealt with the sore parts of my body one by one. The particularly swollen parts were strengthened. Normally It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s like a full-body massage after 15 minutes of beating, and the depth of the beating muscles is better than the effect of manual massage. , The tight muscles can relax in a few minutes, and during the start-up operation, it is simply a super silent mode. If it is not for the indicator light is on, it is almost impossible to feel it is running when it is quiet. It is really what you pay for. This sentence is never wrong. After buying this massage gun benefits, I am more excited about fitness.

  Big brand high quality assurance

  VOLTRXplus muscle massage gun uk takes into account the two major modes of exercise and rehabilitation. It has a strong force. Like I use it to relax after exercising, my family uses it for massage. It can be said to be precise massage, deep in place, with After that, the massage chairs and massage beds at home were all left unused, not to mention occupying space, and it was troublesome to use. Compared with many professional-level brands, it is still the most reliable brand of VOLTRX, which is also used by professional athletes of all walks of life. And I also like to use it with a hot compress, which has a better effect of relaxing the muscles, and the body is warm and comfortable.

  to sum up

  The price of the VOLTRXplus muscle massager gun is not low, but its excellent experience and powerful functions make me feel that it is excellent value for money. Expensive things are naturally expensive. From the body material to the built-in core, every piece of hardware and software demonstrates its excellent quality.