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  The principle of fat loss is nothing but the burning of excess fat hoarded by the body, difficult it is in the end difficult there? Let most people can not stick to it!

  That’s right, the biggest problem with fat loss is that there is no fat loss perseverance, a long time to exercise to lose fat, in addition to control the diet, not all people who want to lose fat can do it. Although there is already a concept of fat loss in the brain, I want you to quantify it may still be “confused”, we all know to control the mouth, so how to control the specific, how much less calorie intake is better? What is the amount of exercise per day?

  In order to understand these in detail, we first need to figure out the difference between eating well, eating saturated eating propped up, eating full is not eating propped up. A meal eat well and eat full, there is a difference of about 1000 calories, more terrible is that the gap between eating saturated eating support is even greater, about 2500 calories. What we obviously want is to eat well. If you do not control the food you eat, then training more will not help.

  The key to fat loss is, first, through strength training to build muscle that can burn more calories; second, through diet to make the body moderate lack of calories.

  Each pound of body weight contains about 3500 calories, if we want to lose one pound per week, we can consume 500 calories per day less than what we consume. By controlling caloric intake, coupled with burning calories, the goal can be achieved. Weight loss of 0.5 to 1.5 pounds per week is appropriate, which will help prevent muscle loss, complete dieting or doing a lot of cardio are going to two extremes, which will cause muscle loss.

  The following are the main points of weight loss.

  1. control the total daily caloric intake, so that the caloric intake is 250 to 750 calories less than the consumption.

  2. eat five meals a day, one at 2.5 to 3.5 hour intervals.

  3. insist on compact, high-intensity strength training to build muscle, with strength training followed by about 45 minutes of aerobic exercise.

  4. ensure protein intake of 1 to 1.5 g per pound of body weight, with the remaining calories provided by low glycemic index carbohydrates and unsaturated fats, staying away from processed sugars.

  5. Do not over diet or overeat.

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  Sometimes when you are going to cut your hair, the shampoo will give you a head massage and use professional techniques to deeply relax the acupuncture points on the head. You will feel that the whole head is relaxed a lot. Envious that they have a good skill, not only can give customers a massage, they can also give a deep relaxation to the family when they go home; a proper head massage before going to bed at night, gun massager amazon can relieve the tiredness of the day and improve the brain Improve the oxygen uptake, eliminate tension and stress, so that the brain gains sufficient energy.

  Nowadays, many people pay more and more attention to their physical health, and start to keep their bodies in good condition from dietary conditioning and strengthening physical exercises. Some people can apply for a card in the gym, have one-on-one personal coaching, and some people I like to exercise outdoors and enjoy the fresh and good air while looking at the surrounding scenery, but sometimes it may cause ligament strains if I am not careful.

  Exercising is a gradual process. At the beginning, it may cause soreness in various parts due to physical discomfort. This requires a massager gun to moderately relax the body. The high-frequency vibration of the massager gun can effectively relax the muscles and ease exercise. The soreness caused by muscle tension, fatigue, etc., gives deep massage and relaxation to the fascia.

  Sometimes office workers sit for a whole day, and they often feel soreness in the neck, waist and back after arriving home at night. The elderly may suffer from injuries to the waist and legs when they are young, and they can also cause joint pain when they are old. The massager gun can effectively relieve the problems caused by sitting for a long time. Soreness, relieve muscle soreness caused by exercise, help the elderly relieve muscle pain, return muscle tissue to a normal state, and maintain physical health.

  Owning a massage gun can care for the health of the whole family. It can be used by multiple people to increase the utilization rate. It can meet the needs of all parts of the body. It can be used up and down the whole body. The brushless silent motor is low decibels without disturbing the massage process; it relieves muscles At the same time of tension, it can increase blood circulation, wake up body functions, relieve neck, waist, and back pain caused by long-term sitting; relieve muscle soreness caused by exercise and improve exercise status!

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  In recent years, the bodybuilding trend has improved, coupled with the popularization of health concepts, many people have begun to pursue bodybuilding. Improve yourself by going to the gym, eating fitness meals, etc., to achieve personal goals. As more and more people demand professionalism, even post-exercise muscle repairs are provided with special “massager gun” subsidies. However, the massager gun amazon can’t be pressed all over the body. If it is used in the wrong place, it may not be loosened, and it may be injured.

  Things you should pay attention to before using the fitness artifact “massager gun”. The massager gun uses the rapid vibration of the front head to massage the tight muscles after training, which can effectively achieve a soothing feeling. However, it is particularly reminded that the massager gun is only suitable for massaging the “large muscles” of the body parts. If it is pressed on the neck, spine and other parts with less flesh, it may damage the inverted ligaments or bones. Even, pressing on the neck will compress the blood supply, causing dizziness.

  If you want to massage the spine, there are different tips to do the replacement, and follow a fixed direction to massage. But remind everyone, don’t just take a kmart massage gun to strengthen the pain point because a certain part is particularly sore. This will cause nerve or muscle strain. The best way to deal with it is to vibrate around the sore point as a massage point, or directly ask a doctor for help.

  The function of massager gun costco is only to soothe and relax. If you have a sore problem, you still need to consult a professional doctor. Don’t use the massager gun as a tool for curing all diseases. If you accidentally operate it, it may be pressed on the wrong part. It is not cost-effective to cause more damage to the body.

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  After burning fat efficiently, your body must be all kinds of soreness isn’t it all coincidentally? Pectoral muscle pain, arm pain, abdominal pain, thigh pain and many other discomforts. Today the old king will teach you how to solve all kinds of muscle soreness after exercise, chest back legs hands are not in the conversation, that is kraft gun massager relaxation method.

  The general method of using the kraft gun to relax the muscle groups

  massage gun reviews through precise and powerful hit, penetrate deep fascia, reduce muscle and fascia adhesion, for the stiff muscle to do stretch, quickly eliminate muscle fatigue.

  Whether it’s sports and fitness, work, daily life caused by muscle aches and pains can be effectively and easily relieved. However, it is important to note that the fascial gun does not feel where the soreness is hit. If used improperly, it not only can not relieve muscle soreness, but also may stimulate blood vessels, causing muscle spasms. Well directly follow the old king’s “rhythm” for massage gun kmart the correct way to use.

  Upper trapezius bundle relaxation

  Take the superior trapezius muscle for example, the shoulder and neck area is very close to the bones and joints and needs special attention. The first step is to touch the upper trapezius muscle with your hand to feel the direction of the muscle fibers, and the second step is to feel the trigger point, for example, the trigger point of the trapezius muscle is concentrated in the central area. For muscle soreness caused by daily life, take out the fascia gun and tap along the muscle fiber course. Use the fascia gun to hold a single point against the trigger point for 20 to 30 seconds.

  Muscle relaxation in the upper arm area

  For muscle relaxation in the upper arm area, take the biceps as an example. First touch the muscle group on the anterior side of the upper arm to find the direction of the muscle fibers. Then feel the trigger point again Normally, the trigger point of the biceps is concentrated in the central area. Afterwards, take out the kmart massage gun and tap along the course of the muscle fibers, holding a single point against the trigger point for 20 to 30 seconds.

  Muscle relaxation in the thigh section

  The muscle relaxation of the thighs is based on the quadriceps muscle as an example, again following the above points. First squeeze your thigh to feel the direction of the muscle, then find the trigger point and follow the direction of the muscle and hit the muscle back and forth, again finding the trigger point for 20~30 seconds.

  Well, the above is the general use of the body massager gun for various parts of the body muscles, in this words for a summary of.

  The first step is to touch the muscles with your hands to feel the direction of the muscle fibers

  Step 2, feel the trigger point

  Step 3, take out the phoenix massager gun and tap along the direction of the muscle fibers.

  Step 4, stay at the trigger point for 20-30 seconds

  The above four-step method is a universal method for every muscle group.

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  Today’s article is ideal for fitness parties, people who work long hours, and people with very stressful lives, so read this tutorial.

  Of course, at the beginning there is a great need to re-mention the concept of fascia, this is very important, we all must know.

  What is massager gun amazon? It is one of the most massive connective tissue in our body, the outer layer of every muscle in our body is tightly wrapped around this fascia layer, and we usually stretch before and after exercise, in fact, it is stretching our ligaments and tendons, so our muscles and fascia it can only be relaxed through massage. This also brings out the difference between stretching and fascial relaxation from the side.

  Now some of you are used to using the massager gun to relax our fascia and muscles after working out, here we will teach you to use the fascia gun to relax our oblique muscles and our back muscles.

  The trapezius muscle on the shoulder is a block of muscles that control the head and shoulders, and it is easy to stiffen the trapezius muscle due to improper posture and playing with the phone.

  The trapezius muscle is suitable for the use of double claw head, cylindrical head

  Note: Avoid the cervical vertebrae and start with the meatier areas first

  The back is a large muscle group, including the trapezius, latissimus dorsi and erector spinae muscles.

  Use a single-point massage for muscle relaxation, small round muscles and other small muscle groups use the cylindrical head for massage relaxation, back and forth along the muscle massage to relieve back pain.

  Finally, when using the fascial gun to relax the oblique muscles, I would like to say a few more words of caution here.

  massage gun massage relaxation time limit: after exercise, each part of the massage one to three minutes can be

  Women in the physiological period: must avoid the stomach and its surrounding

  Pay attention to avoid bones, joints parts

  massage blade tool massage time do not apply pressure to the fascia gun

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  We have been educated since childhood: “Be sure to stretch after exercise to avoid muscle pain.” However, stretching can only be done for muscles. If you want to relax the fascia, it is recommended to use a fascia relaxation tool. It does improve the tightness of the fascia. Here are 3 recommended tools for fascia relaxation:

  1. Fascia relaxation ball (fascia ball)

  In fact, as long as you use tennis balls or golf balls with small size and moderate hardness, you can perform simple fascia relaxation exercises. Small balls are very suitable for small area massage and relaxation. When using the ball, put the ball on the pain. Place pressure with the weight of the body to relax the fascia. In addition, there are many fascia relaxation ball products on the market, you can choose the size that suits you.

  2. Fascia relaxation roller (foam roller)

  , also known as the yoga roller, is currently the most popular tool for fascia relaxation. It is mainly used to massage the muscles and fascia in depth by using one’s own body weight and roller rolling. It is usually used to massage the arms, back, and legs. Depending on the type of roller, the particle distribution and texture on the surface are different. You can choose according to your needs. Take the PiRoller Pro2 professional vibration massage roller as an example. In addition to the striped texture on the surface, it can also provide high-intensity precision vibration. Strengthen the effect of fascia massage.

  【Simple Roller Fascia Relaxation Surgery

  Whether it is for sports or when going to work, the calf is actually a part that we often use. Let us use the calf as a demonstration part below and teach you how to use the roller to perform simple fascia relaxation.

  Lay out a yoga mat on a flat ground and place a roller on it.

  Place the calf of one of the feet on the roller and press it back and forth.

  Lean your body to the left (or right) so that the calf can be pressed more fully.

  If you want to increase your strength, you can use your hands to support the ground, let your hips hang in the air, and repeat the above steps.

  3.massager gun costco (massage gun)

  Massager gun costco is the best fascia relaxation tool. It strikes a specific part with a rapid vibration, relaxes the deep muscles and fascia, and allows the muscles to recover quickly. When using the fascia relaxation gun, it is recommended to choose a product that can adjust the intensity and switch to the appropriate intensity according to your own muscle pain to achieve the best effect and avoid injury.

  【Simple massager gun costco relaxation technique

  Shoulder and neck pain is not just a condition that may occur after exercise, it is also easy to cause tightness in the shoulder and neck when sitting poorly at work. The following uses the shoulder and neck as an example to teach you how to relax the fascia with a massager gun costco.

  Sit upright, first confirm the massage area (the right-angle junction of the neck and shoulders to the shoulder muscles between the shoulder blades)

  Massager gun amazon is perpendicular to the massaged area, and massage from above diagonally downwards for 30-60 seconds

  switch to the other side, repeat the above steps

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  Muscle massage gun reviews are very helpful for CrossFit athletes, warming up before training, speeding up recovery after training, and so on.

  CROSSFIT is a fitness training system originated in the United States, founded in 2000 by Greg Glassman.

  How to use muscle after CrossFit exercise

  This time I will take everyone to pay attention to some of the key areas that need to be paid attention to before and after CrossFit exercise, including the middle and lateral gastrocnemius muscles, which can optimize ankle dorsiflexion, help squat lower, and also talk about the iliac-tibial band, adductor muscles, and pear shape. Muscles (rotators of the hips), chest muscles of the upper body, trapezius muscles on the shoulders, forearms (because weightlifting can cause these muscles to be very tight, so you must be fully prepared and rehabilitation)

  Use muscle massage gun ireland to start with the gastrocnemius

  Slide up and down on the back of the calf, avoiding the calcaneus, find the sensitive and sore area and stay there for 30 seconds, because 30 seconds of vibration and pressure will stimulate the muscle receptors, which will relax the muscles and help stretch the tissues. stretch.

  After treating both calves, release the iliac-tibial band.

  Use muscle massage gun walmart to treat the iliac band

  Starting from the outside of the buttocks, go down the outside of the thigh, and stay at the tenderness point for 30 seconds. At this time, everyone should avoid the knee joints, hip joints and hip bones. After both sides are loosened, come to the hamstrings.

  Use muscle massage gun to loosen the hamstrings

  The hamstring is a large muscle on the back of the thigh, first on the outside, and staying at the tender point for 30 seconds; then in the middle, sliding up and down, staying at the tender point for 30 seconds, and the piriformis muscle is loosened on both sides

  Use muscle massage gun to massage the piriformis

  The front and back of the hip bone are called the ilia, and the piriformis muscle is deep in the hip and stays at the tender point for 30 seconds. The health of the piriformis helps the squat depth during CrossFit fitness and prevents excessive stress on the knees, hip joints and back.

  After sitting down, relax the upper body, first loosen the chest muscles to avoid the clavicle, shoulder and biceps junction, and the acromion. Use the muscle massage gun to loosen only the chest muscles. Also stay at the tender point for 30 seconds.

  Followed by measuring the trapezius muscle on the shoulder, avoiding the acromion, clavicle, and cervical spine, using muscle massage gun benefits for deep relaxation of the trapezius muscle, which is very beneficial for warm-up preparation and exercise rehabilitation.

  When relaxing the arm, replace the massage head of the muscle massage gun deep tissue massager with a flat head to loosen the forearm.

  This helps to recover after lifting dumbbells, barbells or pull-ups in CrossFit.

  Use the massage blade to slide back and forth on the inside of the front half of the arm, avoiding the wrist bones and elbow joints, and acting on the deep flexors of the forearm. Stay at the tender point for 30 seconds.

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  After fitness and exercise, many people choose to use different equipment for massage and relaxation, such as fascia gun, foam roller, massage gun, etc., just to reduce their soreness and make the state recover faster. However, many people’s concept of massage relaxation only stays at the pain points of massage and stretching the muscle group, ignoring many details, and even using the wrong method, which increases the risk of re-injury.

  This article will teach you the 5 main points of massage and relaxation, and avoid common mistakes to make your body stronger.

  5 points for relaxing body massage

  1. Why do you need a massage to relax

  After weight training, the muscles will have small traumas, leaving scar tissue and small nodes (trigger points), which will affect the training performance in the future. Through massage and relaxation, these trigger points can be relieved and relieved.

  2. The principle behind massage and relaxation

  The reason why these trigger points can be effectively solved by massaging and relaxing the human muscles is because the mechanical receptors of the Gower tendon organ in the human body will tell the brain that there is a pressure on our muscles. When the brain receives this signal, it will relax the muscle to prevent muscle tearing as a protective mechanism for humans.

  3. How to properly relax and massage the sore area

  On the market, common massage equipment includes foam rollers, massage rollers, soft baseballs, peanut balls, fascia guns, etc. The principles of their use are actually similar. When you find a sore point in muscle tissue, you should first massage the muscle tissue around the pain point, slowly apply pressure to the pain point, and stay on it for 15-25 seconds and continue to apply pressure. At the same time, massage in the direction of muscle bundles, and massage for about 30-60 seconds (for each muscle group) according to muscle quality and soft tissue tension. The body should be completely relaxed and breathe deeply.

  4. How to use massage equipment

  Massage gun amazon is the most convenient and direct equipment. It can be relaxed through different strengths and gun tips, so that both shallow and deep pain points can be taken care of. When using foam rollers, massage rollers and other equipment, you have to adjust your body’s posture and transfer your body’s weight to change the massage intensity.

  5. Common wrong massage methods

  Press directly on the trigger point.

  The pressing time of the same trigger point is too long. If so, pressing too much on the same point may cause damage to the soft tissues and nerves, and it will take more time to recover later.

  Before relaxing the trigger point, do stretching exercises.

  The massager machine does not pay attention to the position of the spine during massage. In particular, when using the foam roller, twisting the spine may cause injury, and you cannot deliberately use the roller to protect your spine.

  Pressing and moving too fast will prevent the brain from having enough time to receive messages to relax the muscles. You should massage slowly to allow the superficial fascia and muscles to adapt.

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  Walking is a very good training exercise. I believe many people are familiar with it. In fact, walking is a sport between walking and race walking. Of course, walking is very beneficial to people, and it is not dependent on age. , Gender, physical strength, etc. So, how long does it take for ordinary people to lose weight by walking? Next, let’s take a look at how long it will take effect.

  How long does it take to lose weight by walking?

  It is recommended to walk 40 to 60 minutes a day. The specific number of steps varies from person to person. It is recommended to maintain 120-140 steps per minute, or even more than 140 steps.

  The benefits of daily walking

  1. Improve cardiopulmonary function and endurance

  is prominently manifested in reducing the heart rate at rest and during exercise under the same load, as well as increasing lung capacity, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cardiac emergencies. If a cardiac emergency occurs, it can also reduce its severity;

  2. Weight loss

  Insisting on walking exercise can significantly reduce body fat weight, reduce body fat percentage, increase and maintain muscle weight, endurance and strength;

  3. Promote bone and joint health

  can increase bone density, bone and joint strength, increase the strength of ligaments and tendons, prevent damage to various bones, joints, muscles, and tendons, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis;

  What are the misunderstandings of walking

  1. No lower abdomen

  Walking with a small belly straight, not only the posture is not good, but also the walking is difficult, and it is not easy to achieve the effect of weight loss. Pay attention to slowly tightening the lower abdomen when walking, and then slowly stretch it with the frequency of exercise. The abdominal muscles can be exercised well between the rest and the rest.

  2. Twisted limbs

  Some people like to shake their arms when walking, and think they can increase the amount of exercise. In fact, if the arm swing is too large, but the pace cannot be kept consistent, it will reduce the effective exercise level of walking, and it will become more tired as you walk, and the speed will become slower and slower. The correct approach is to relax your arms and allow your wrists to swing back and forth naturally, not higher than the shoulders.

  3. Walking with weight

  Some hikers carry backpacks and other items. If they carry too heavy things, their knees will be overloaded and will be easily injured. The weight should be carried so that they do not feel strenuous when walking.

  4. Quickly walk and stop

  Many people start without warming up, which tends to strain their muscles. Therefore, if you stretch moderately before walking, you can increase the speed when the feet are warm. Don’t slam the brakes when you want to rest. Slow down before stopping.