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  When exercising, we all use some equipment, but we must pay attention to the correct method of using the equipment. Otherwise, during the fitness process, it is easy for us to use the equipment incorrectly and cause ourselves injury. Of course, if we use the correct equipment, we should treat ourselves Your body is beneficial. The effects of different equipment are also different, so come and see if regular exercise bikes can reduce fat.

  Is it possible to lose fat by riding an exercise bike?

  I can lose weight by riding an exercise bike.

  Riding an exercise bike belongs to aerobic metabolism exercise, which can help improve the body’s metabolism and enhance the level of cardiopulmonary function. Moreover, the exercise bike can promote the consumption of sugar in the body and the burning of excess fat through continuous cycling exercise to achieve the effect of losing weight.

  How to ride an exercise bike to lose weight

  1. Warm up before riding

  Before riding an exercise bike, it is necessary to perform sufficient warm-up exercises so that the body parts can be moved and put into the riding in the best state, which can increase the weight loss effect. Before riding, you can jog for a few minutes, stretch your body and move your joints to make your body slightly warm.

  2. Ride time is more than 30 minutes

  If you want to lose weight by riding an exercise bike, you need to ensure that the resistance load is adjusted to an effortless state, and the riding time is not less than 30 minutes, in order to effectively burn fat and achieve the effect of weight loss.

  3. Adopt aerobic riding method

  aerobic cycling is more effective for weight-loss people, that is, the resistance does not feel strenuous. There are two specific methods:

  Free riding: The riding time is not less than 30 minutes a day, and the speed can be changed freely during riding, but the breathing rhythm should not change significantly.

  Limited riding method: Limited riding can actually be divided into two aspects, one is to limit the number of kilometers per ride, and the other is to limit the number of calories consumed per ride.

  4. Carry out intensity riding appropriately

  After getting used to the exercise state of the exercise bike, you can try some intensity cycling exercises. Such as warm-up cycling for 5 minutes and rest for 3 minutes; cycling at 80% intensity for 5 minutes and resting for 3 minutes; cycling at 100% intensity for 3 to 5 minutes and resting for 5 minutes; cycling at 50% intensity for 5~ 10 minutes, this can help strengthen the fat burning effect to a certain extent.

  5. Use the correct riding posture

  Wrong riding posture on the exercise bike will not only affect the weight loss effect, but also harm the body. The riding posture of the upright exercise bike is to lean forward slightly, extend the arms, tighten the abdomen, and adopt the abdominal breathing method, with the legs parallel to the crossbeam of the bike, keep the knees and hips in coordination, and pay attention to the riding rhythm.

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  The fascia is divided into superficial fascia and deep fascia. The fat layer between superficial fascia and skin is vertically aligned, and the two are not easy to produce sliding and can be considered as a whole.

  The fat layer between the superficial fascia and the deep fascia is diagonally arranged, and the two are prone to sliding; the deep fascia is closely connected to the muscle and can be considered as a whole.

  When the PH value in the body decreases after exercise, it will make the hyaluronic acid in its fascia become solid, which will affect the sliding between the deep fascia and the superficial fascia and make adhesions in that area.

  During exercise, the skin does not follow the muscles and if the superficial and deep fascia become integrated by adhesions, the skin will move along with the muscles during exercise and thus the brain will receive disordered signals, which in turn will send warning messages to cause discomfort in the area and affect the flexibility of the area.

  Over time, this will cause a decrease in joint mobility, which will affect their sports performance and increase their risk of sports injury.

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  Voltrx fascia gun is a very good product for sedentary office workers, you may have been facing the computer, cell phone, tablet and other devices.

  In the office, it is easy to face the computer with rounded shoulders, hunched neck and forearm muscles are usually very tight due to typing.

  How can I relax my forearm muscles?

  Use the Hypervolt to treat the forearm muscle groups

  Turn on the fascia gun and operate it on the forearm.

  It is important to take care of the deeper, larger areas of the forearm flexors.

  It is important to avoid the wrist and elbow bones and to work only on the muscular part.

  If you find a pressure point (sensitive sore spot), stay there for 30 seconds to release and relax.

  Use the fascial gun to treat the muscles in the front of the arm

  Use the fascia gun to treat the muscles on the other side.

  These are the extensor muscles, which are as tight as the flexors due to typing, again avoiding the wrist bone and elbow bone.

  How to relax the chest muscle groups?

  Avoid the clavicle and the sternum inside with the fascia gun

  When working on the pectoral muscles, avoid the clavicle and the inner sternum and work only on the muscles themselves.

  Fascial gun works at the trapezius muscle

  The pectoral muscles are tightened due to rounded shoulders and randomly move up to the trapezius muscle of the shoulder.

  Again, avoid the clavicular shoulder suture and the cervical joint!

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  In 2021, I gained close to 15 pounds in weight and had to replace some of my original clothes and pants, all because of obesity. So I like to use running to exercise body.

  But after each exercise, the muscles of the legs will be particularly sore. I always used to think that a simple massage would do, but in fact the next day this soreness is still quite unpleasant.

  It was only after seeing a popular article that I learned that this is actually the fault of the fascia. At the same time, also know that if you want to relax the muscles to relieve the feeling of soreness, it is necessary to choose a suitable fascial gun.

  Second, the appearance of the show

  The package clearly shows what the product looks like and comes with 6 massage heads. I prefer this storage case, even when going out for fitness and exercise, it is also convenient to bring.

  Third, the details

  The control and display area is on the back, with only one physical multi-function button. Long press for 2 seconds to switch on and off, short press once to switch gears. Massage head replacement is also convenient, just hold the massage head to pull outward. And about 20 minutes of massage every day, about a week to charge only, even if the frequency of movement is high, this range is also very good. So that’s why I chose this muscle massager.

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  What happens to unhealthy fascia? Body shape, obesity, chest tightness, and hunchback can all be caused by tight fascia. So let’s recognize the importance of fascia and relaxation tips!

  Many women have been feeling weird after having their second child, no matter how hard they try to lift their head and chest, they will be a little hunchbacked! Some people obviously also exercise their back muscles, but it is difficult to straighten their back in daily life, and their pelvis will also unconsciously tilt backwards making their hips look flat. Finally, I was told by my female friends that the abdominal fascia was badly stuck due to two surgeries, and usually the abdomen would be subconsciously tightened and rolled forward, so the pelvis would naturally tilt back, making it difficult to apply force to the hips, and the center of gravity was placed on the knees and thighs. The muscle strength of the lower body is not balanced, so the upper body must be hunched in order to balance the weight of the whole body, so the formation of a hunchback posture, long-term pressure will affect the thoracic spine breathing smoothly, only to find this key factor, through massage to relax the adhesion of the fascia, the body will slowly adjust back! So do not ignore the importance of fascia again!

  When does fascia tend to be tight and sticky?

  Poor posture


  Life style with little activity

  Unhealthy diet

  Overuse of muscles or muscle damage

  Excessive stress

  So to prevent and avoid fascial adhesions, it is very important to maintain a good lifestyle! Being active, exercising, drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and adjusting to stress are all important.

  Why do you recommend using a fascial gun to relax the fascia?

  Because there are friends around to learn massage (the formal kind), so follow the massage knowledge. For example, is the muscle relaxation too heavy or too light? Do you know the acupuncture points and tendons? Because also often give massage to friends, so often feel that the general traditional masseur is difficult to achieve complete relaxation of the fascia, after all, requires a lot of force but not too heavy, tight fascia is not by brute force hard pressure can be relaxed.

  Therefore, the role of the massager has become a big advantage for the general public to relax the fascia, because the little guns uses the mechanics of “vibration”, through the legital deep tissue massage gun gun will be transmitted to the “deep” fascia muscles (deeper than the artificial surface massage), so you can relax the tight muscles and untie the muscles and fascia dip than the foam axis and massage, acupuncture and other ways, the fascia gun is faster and more efficient, the effect Also excellent, that is, the most efficient massage tool is the precussor massager!

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  What should I do if I still feel tight after stretching? It’s okay! Give it to the muscle massage gun! Muscle massage gun, also known as vibration massage gun, uses the principle of vibration to make deep muscles and fascias that can’t be pressed with bare hands. To achieve a relaxing effect. There are a lot of muscle massage guns appearing after everyone’s awareness of exercise is high, but there are still many people who have not used muscle massage guns who don’t know how to use it correctly to relax the stiff muscles! Then follow Lao Wang. Get up and take a look.

  The principle of muscle massage gun: human muscles have a certain thickness. If you only massage with your hands, unless the force is great, it will be difficult to press deep into the muscles. The muscle massage gun uses the principle of vibration to effectively push the force to the deep muscles for slapping to achieve a relaxing effect. Because of the frequency of vibration, it may take several hours to massage by hand, and it may take only a few minutes to use a muscle massage gun to achieve a relaxing effect.

  Although it is said that the muscle massage gun can quickly relax the muscles, there are a few points that must be paid attention to when using it. If it is not used correctly, it may bring adverse effects. Please pay attention to the following points when using muscle massage gun!!!

  1, the size of the attention tract

  The purpose of the muscle massage gun is to adjust the strength of the muscle massage gun. There are many muscle groups in the body, which are divided into large muscle groups and small muscle groups. There is no problem with large muscle groups using strong power, but if When the small muscles are too strong, they may cause injury. In addition, it should be noted that the massage time should not be too long. If it is too long, it will not relax, and it will put a greater burden on the muscles.

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  2, pay attention to the timing of use

  Sometimes muscle soreness is not always good for massage. Muscle inflammation caused by excessive use is not suitable for muscle massage gun. It should first relieve the muscles’ strength. It is the best policy to make ice/hot compresses in accordance with the instructions of a professional instructor.

  3, pay attention to the part used

  In addition to the large and small muscle groups mentioned above, you should pay more attention to the joints and head. The nerves in these areas are densely distributed. If you press the wrong place or use it improperly, it may cause danger. Severe to paralysis. Therefore, when using these parts, it is recommended to ask a professional instructor for the best way to use it. There is also that many muscle massage guns clearly prohibit the use of muscle massage guns on sensitive parts of the human body in the manual, especially for girls! -.-!!

  4, choose the right massage head

  Not all the heads attached to the muscle massage gun are suitable for use. If you don’t know the soreness, it is recommended to use a round head for massage. If you use a too pointed head and press the wrong place, it may cause sequelae. Therefore, when using other shapes of massage heads, please be sure to ask professionals how to use them.

  How to use the muscle massage gun: The massage time will be different for different parts. The recommended massage time for small muscle groups is 3 minutes, and the recommended massage time for large muscle groups is 5 minutes. Just when the massage part changes from soreness to soothing, don’t overuse it. . If you feel unwell after the massage, please seek medical attention immediately to protect your own safety.

  Stretching is still very necessary: ​​in fact, the best relaxation is to stretch the muscles. The most effective training is to get the muscles to stretch properly! In each training, when resting between groups, it is best to do a stretch Movement, not only moderately relax the muscles, but also the lines you get out of exercises will look better!