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  As a pain relief tool, the wand massager can help relieve a variety of discomforts, including tension, knots, pain, and also muscle soreness, and it can also help break down scar tissue.

  Scar tissue helps repair damaged fibers in the body. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same elasticity as other muscle tissue in your body. Therefore, breaking down this type of tissue can help reduce pain. Massage guns can also bounce back after strenuous exercise.

percussion massage gun

  A massage gun deep tissue can use percussion therapy to deliver targeted vibrations to your muscles. This therapy helps improve circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to enter your muscles, which reduces pain and helps you heal faster.

cellulite massager

  Generally, there are two parts of the back muscles that we relax, one is our latissimus dorsi muscle, and the other is the firm spine muscle.

  For people who have been hunching over the back for a long time, the spinal muscles will be more tense, so the use of the back massager will have a certain relaxation of the tense spinal muscles, just like we stretch. But it is difficult to stretch to really loosen the whole deep spinal muscles, so it is time to use the fascia gun.

  As mentioned above, a fascia gun can be used to loosen the firm spinal muscles. For the latissimus dorsi muscle, it is a very wide part in the whole back position, and as such a large muscle group, it usually only works for some of our rib pulling movements, such as when pulling distal objects towards the body, which is usually dominated by the latissimus dorsi muscle.

  Anyway, the focus will be on giving you a relaxing massage on these two muscles using a fascial gun.

  Myofascial gun massage on the erector spinae muscle

  When relaxing the back with the fascia gun, let’s first understand what is the erector spinae muscle. Many people may not be familiar with the erector spinae muscle, but the loin muscle that you see every day is actually the erector spinae muscle. So the two sides of the spine are the areas that need to be loosened.

  When releasing the erector spinae muscle, the head of the fascial gun needs to be replaced with a U-shaped head that perfectly avoids the spinal ramus and acts on the muscles on both sides of the spine. The erector spinae muscle grows from the back of the pelvis below and continues along the spine to the back of the head.

  We focus on loosening the back vertical spinal muscles from the thoracic region to the lumbar region. Turn on the fascial gun with U-shaped massage head to second gear amplitude, first slide your hand down the spine to find the force point of the fascial gun, followed by the massage.

  Vertical spine muscle massage time is generally controlled at about 3 minutes per group.

  Myofascial gun massage of the latissimus dorsi muscle

  The above is the relaxation of the erector spinae muscle by the fascial gun, and the following is how the latissimus dorsi muscle should be handled. The latissimus dorsi muscle is located on the lateral side of the back. The latissimus dorsi muscle grows from the thoracic lumbar vertebrae to the back of the pelvis, and the muscle fibers follow the side direction of the body until the front of the shoulder joint, and the latissimus dorsi muscle is the largest fan-shaped area of the human body.

  Since most people’s latissimus dorsi is relatively thin and touches the rib cage directly through the muscle, when combing the latissimus dorsi with a fascial gun, you should not choose an excessively strong amplitude and sharp massage head, so choose a relatively flexible massage head.

  To loosen the latissimus dorsi, we start with the thoracic vertebrae and gradually work our way to the lateral shoulder joints. Then start from the head, only this time the starting point is moved down a little. Because the entire area of the latissimus dorsi is large, the entire muscle fiber needs to be combed evenly.

  If there are too many painful points while combing and massaging the latissimus dorsi, you can stay for about 30 seconds to massage the painful area.

  Well, this is the correct way to massage the erector spinae and latissimus dorsi muscles of the back by using a fascial gun and different tips of the massage gun.

muscle massage gun

  In the past few days, many friends asked about the price of this massage gun. Pharaoh said in [Is there a difference between a few hundred and a few thousand of a massage gun?], but there is no difference in terms of experience, but afterwards For fitness enthusiasts, the massage gun with a price of about two hundred yuan is still lacking in strength, and there is no high-priced massage gun that is more powerful! This involves the core motor used in the massage gun.

  People who have muscles that are more “struggling” can clearly feel that when a bad-quality OEM massage gun hits the muscles, it is like a “child tickling”. There is no deep massage effect at all. The consequence is that people are The word-of-mouth evaluation of massage gun is very low, such as “IQ tax”, “chicken ribs” and so on. And a massage gun with very good quality, the effect it exerts is “gun to the flesh, so you can’t stop it”, this is the sourness that people are looking for!

  Let’s discuss why there is such a big gap in the price of massage gun:

  1, brand premium

  Everyone will find that the price of domestic massage gun is much cheaper than that of foreign brands, and there is the problem of brand premium. For example, HYPERICE, the originator of massage guns, is priced at about US$299 abroad, which is about 2000 when converted into RMB. However, if you want to buy massage guns of the brand HYPERICE in China, the price is generally 3,000 to 4,000 yuan. The premium part of this difference includes: agents, taxes, promotion and other costs. And domestic products don’t have to consider so much, when all kinds of Internet celebrities bring goods, massage guns become popular. You only need to open a store on the major e-commerce platforms, and you can be successful with the price. By the way, Lao Wang bought the massage gun at a price of 59 yuan before, but the quality is really messed up!

hand massager

  2, select materials

  The material of    massage gun determines its cost. Cheap OEM massage gun will not consider the feeling in use at all. Plastic smell, motor, etc. are all problems. The massage gun that Pharaoh bought for less than 100 yuan is a wired connection, the noise is deafening, and the outer box is a soft bag. It can’t be used after using it twice, and the connection line is exposed and so on.

  3, the choice of motor

  The motor motor on the massage gun is considered more important, and the brushless motor must have a longer service life than the brush motor. The second generation of brushless motors will definitely be much better than the first generation, and the next iteration of the product will be developed in terms of efficiency. The difference in the price of the massage gun is due to the internal selection of the motor motor! For example, the Serikon Theragun G3PRO has a thrust of 18KG and an amplitude of 16mm. When it is used on the human body, the shock distance The attenuation is very small.

deep tissue massage gun

  This type of neck massager developed for sports has stronger vibration than general home massage equipment. Many users believe that neck massager can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and speed up recovery. Is it really that amazing?

  High-frequency vibrations transmit power to deep muscles

  The price range of neck massager currently on the market is very large, ranging from 100 to 4,000 yuan, but it is still popular among gymnasts. This type of neck massager has 2000 to 3000 high-frequency vibrations per minute, which transfers power into the deep layer of the muscles, which helps relax muscles, improve blood circulation, accelerate the elimination of lactic acid, and relieve muscle soreness. “Muscles have a certain thickness. Human hands or home massage equipment can only reach the surface layer of the muscles. The high-frequency vibration of the neck massager transmits the strength to the deeper muscles and the effect is more obvious.”


  Neck massager has been favored by many sports enthusiasts, hoping to improve muscle tension and improve sports performance. But many people use it incorrectly, and the result is getting worse. “Not all pains can be treated with a neck massager reliably, and the time and frequency of use also affect the effect.”

  Oh, yes, Lao Wang has updated an article titled [The correct way to use neck massager on different parts of the body]. Those who are interested may wish to check it out.

  Do not use for muscle strain and inflammation

  Misunderstanding 1: Any pain after exercise can be massaged with neck massager.

  Answer: neck massager can improve muscle soreness, tightness and other strains; but muscle pain accompanied by redness and swelling in sports injuries may be acute inflammation. Do not use neck massager to press the affected area, otherwise it will aggravate the injury.

  After running, a man developed pain in the back muscle of his right thigh. At that time, there was no redness and swelling in the affected area. It was mistaken for muscle soreness and fatigue. After applying ice, his condition did not improve. So he used a neck massager to relax the muscles behind the thigh. Problem: When I got up the next day, my right thigh was very painful and swollen. It affected my movement and I had to seek medical attention immediately. I found that my muscles were injured. Misuse of neck massager made the injury worse. Finally, I had to receive physical therapy.

  Press for 5-10 minutes at the same location for a limited time

  Misunderstanding 2: Use neck massager to relax muscles. The stronger the strength, the more effective, the longer the time, the more comfortable.

  Answer: Too much strength or time can cause injury at any time. Under high-frequency vibration, the force first passes through the skin, fat layer, and fascia layer, and then enters the muscle layer; the force passes through each layer of tissue, and the strength decreases gradually. The skin, fat layer and fascia layer are the first to be stressed. If the force is too strong, it is easy to bruise the surface tissues and even slightly tear the muscles.


  Neck massager is suitable for large groups of muscles, such as the buttocks and quadriceps. Due to the large muscles, a deeper massage is required. As for areas with a thinner muscle layer, such as the shoulders, they may not be subjected to too much force and can easily cause bruises. It is recommended to use manual massage with gentler force.

hypervolt massage gun

  As for the time, every time you use the neck massager, you can’t massage in the same position for too long. It is recommended to press for 5 to 10 minutes. The neck massager can be equipped with neck massager heads of different sizes and shapes, which is convenient for users to choose according to their needs. The vertebral neck massager head is suitable for small muscles such as the forearm. , The use time should be shorter, not more than 5 minutes; the ball-shaped pipette tip has a larger area of ​​contact with the skin, and the force is more average, so press it for 10 minutes at most.

  does not improve joint pain, misuse or damage to the fascia

  Misunderstanding 3: Joint pain after exercise can be improved by neck massager.

  Answer: The neck massager is only applicable to muscles, and joints include bones and ligaments; when high-frequency force is transmitted to the bones, the force rebounds to the ligaments, and eventually may be injured due to excessive load. A man suffered from ankle pain after running and used a neck massager to relax. The ankle swelled the next day. The ankle muscles are thin, and the neck massager is like a hammer that keeps hitting the ankle, finally hurting the fascia.


  For muscle soreness, massage to increase blood circulation can be improved; but joint pain can be caused by different reasons, such as cartilage inflammation, abrasion, or ligament strain. These reasons cannot be treated by concussive massage, but by stretching or strengthening muscles. To improve, you can ask a physiotherapist for help when necessary.

  Neck, chest, abdomen and axillary should not be used to avoid injury to blood vessels, heart, lungs and nerve lines

  Misunderstanding 4: All muscles in the body can use neck massager.

  Answer: Neck massager is not suitable for the following locations:

  carotid artery or femoral artery location

  Although the wall of the aorta is thicker, it may be damaged if it is continuously subjected to gravity, and thrombus will appear in the damage. Once the thrombus falls off, the blood flows into the brain and blocks the cerebral blood vessels, which can lead to ischemic stroke.


  Because it is close to the heart, lungs and other major organs, it may cause shock injuries.


  The armpits are covered with lymphatic tissues and nerve lines, which may damage and inflame the lymphatics, or damage the nerve lines, causing paralysis of the hands.

  lower head muscles are less flexible, hand massage is better

  Misunderstanding 5: The neck, shoulder and waist pain of the head-down family can be relaxed with a neck massager.

  Answer: Soreness caused by poor posture or insufficient muscle strength does not necessarily need to use such a high-frequency massager. Especially people who often sit for a long time and have poor muscle strength have poor muscle elasticity and cannot withstand the high-frequency force of the neck massager and are prone to injury. In fact, the general backaches and backaches can be massaged with hands or ordinary household massage equipment to relax. The strength will not be too strong and the risk of injury will be reduced.

hyperrice gun

  Lao Wang sorted out VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun: Although I am a rookie who just joined the company, I actually bought the first product-an electric toothbrush four years ago, I became an iron powder!

  It’s easy to buy things, but it’s not easy to buy the right things. Buying the right things while taking into account the price is not a simple matter. Every product recommended on the website is actually used and compared before it is recommended to everyone, and Relying on a large number of purchases to reduce costs is directly reflected in the price, which is why we have become a diehard iron fan.

  VOLTRX deep muscle for men and women

  One week before work, the second pre-ordered muscle massage gun arrived! Because both of us are office workers, we often have shoulder, neck and calf pain, especially on weekends, we are playing sports, and we shout every day. Here is sour and sour, if you are still considering whether to start, you can take a look at this post-use experience, I really recommend it!

  This group of VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun has a total of four massage heads that can be replaced-cylindrical head, spherical head, U-shaped head, and flat head. The usage rate of the four heads is very high. According to the sole of the foot, I use the cylindrical head, belly and waist. I use a ball-shaped head, a U-shaped head for my feet, and a flat head when I lie flat on my back, shoulders, and buttocks.

hypervolt massage gun

  There is an LCD screen behind the gun body, which will display the current gear speed and power display. There are a total of six gear speeds adjustable, and it is found that no matter how many gears are adjusted, the sound during use is very small, and the TV volume does not need to be adjusted up. , The child can’t hear the sound even while sleeping in the room.

  In addition to going to work on weekdays, I play basketball on weekends, so I often shout that my whole body is sore. In addition to exercise, my muscles are big and hard. After several massages, I say that I am not strong enough. If I can’t press the real point, I feel like a waste of money. Go again.

  VOLTRX deep muscle for men and women

  With this VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun, you can operate the massage yourself, press which side you feel sore, and adjust the high speed in the thicker muscle layer. I am very happy to say that I only know my point!

  Usually first press the upper and lower arms and legs, then lie on the yoga mat, and then help him press the back, waist, buttocks, etc., he likes to press the side under the armpit, the relationship between sports and pitching is tight and sore. Going to the outside to massage will not be there at all, and the angle problem is not easy to press force. The muscle massage gun can be used to quickly and powerfully vibrate in, immediately relax and soothe it, which is more powerful than a real person.

  I have tried other brands. The price of a good muscle massage gun is more than ten thousand, and the cheap one is two or three thousand, but the depth is not enough, and the sound is loud. Until the website launches this VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun, it is not only after the trial. Depth and strength are enough, and the voice is low.

  Because it is relatively sturdy, it is used in gears 4-6, and I use it in gears 1-2. It is obviously a muscle massage gun. With the same strength, I can’t use this VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun. It hurts. I first press the thighs and calves by myself, and then lie down and let my husband press the back shoulders, back, waist, buttocks, etc. I really feel the ass. I sit at work and have poor blood circulation in my butt, the more I sit. The bigger you are, every time you press your waist and butt, you will feel comfortable when you loosen it and don’t want to get up!

  VOLTRX deep muscle for men and women

  If you wear high heels a lot, or if you need to stand for a long time at work, you must try to press the bottom of the foot with a cylindrical head, it is really super comfortable~! Itchy or painful to massage the outer soles of the feet, this is directly and deeply penetrated. No pain at all and super soothing, it can be adjusted to the 3rd gear by pressing the sole of the foot.

  VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun has its own storage box, and the four massage heads also have its own small storage box, which is very convenient to store or take out.

deep tissue massage gun

  The working method of deep tissue massager is like the breaking hammer of an excavator, all of which are reciprocating and sudden. But the driving principle is actually quite different, just as much worse as Gatling and Pea Shooter.

  We have seen a lot of breaking hammers, rock and cement can be beaten, and behind it is a powerful and reliable system to support it. To put it simply, the hydraulic and pneumatic system cooperates with the reversing valve to drive the drill rod to move up and down. The deep tissue massager is used to relax human muscles. It does not need to be as strong as a breaker, and the exercise method is also very simple.

  So during the period when the price of deep tissue massager was high, some DIY players would buy special massage heads separately to install on the jig saw, and with their little hands, they transformed into an affordable alternative version of deep tissue massager.

  What is the jig saw used for? I am proficient in cutting wood, rubber, and gypsum boards, but because the power of the jig saw is too large, it needs to be plugged in and the wire is dragged and the speed cannot be adjusted. The noise and vibration take off directly. Coupled with the 899, 499, 199, and 99 yuan of domestic manufacturers that later entered the game, the market share of the curve drama has directly tended to zero.

  Back to the topic, the structure of most deep tissue massagers on the market. Simply put, it is powered by a lithium battery. The drive board provides the functions of variable speed and digital display. The motor drives the eccentric wheel, the eccentric wheel drives the transmission rod, and the transmission rod drives the massage head. The massage head protrudes.

  In the design of the internal mechanism of the deep tissue massager, the horizontally placed eccentric wheel is the dominant one. To be less, 99% of the deep tissue massagers have this structure. In fact, the placement of the motor and battery is mainly considered. The structure is arranged in this way. More convenient. The eccentric wheel can be placed horizontally or vertically. For example, some mini deep tissue massagers will place the eccentric wheel vertically.

  Some structures are as mentioned above, which are more mainstream, and others are very non-mainstream.

  Let’s pick a more representative one. At the AWE in Shanghai two days ago, Lao Wang saw the deep tissue massager with this structure and it was an eye-opener.

  Plane transmission, nothing new! Three-dimensional transmission is more advanced.

  What is the actual difference in the structure of these alternative deep tissue massagers? That is probably when running at a high speed, the direction of the center of gravity shift will be a little different, and there may be a certain difference in the direction of the jitter.

  The difference between deep tissue massager at different prices

  After talking about the structure, let’s talk about the cost!

  ”Brushed” or “Brushless” of deep tissue massager

  From the perspective of cost ratio, the most expensive is the motor. It is better that the size of the brushless motor is 42 or even 55 mm upwards, and the cost is basically 50 yuan upwards. The speed and torque life of these motors are relatively cheap for the deep tissue massager, and the quality will be more guaranteed.

  And the cheapest deep tissue massager with a brush motor is cheaper than the one in the four-wheel drive that we played when we were young, basically it can be won for eight or nine yuan.

  So when you buy a deep tissue massager, look for the keyword “brushless” in the details page. If there is, then it is a better brushless motor. If not, there is a high probability that there is a brush motor.

  deep tissue massager battery

  The second most expensive item in the deep tissue massager cost list is the battery. This is also expected, after all, a Tesla model 3 with a cost of 200,000 yuan, the cost of replacing the battery of 100,000 can not be beaten. In the deep tissue massager, the battery should be more expensive.

  Electronic module of deep tissue massager

  Further down is the electronic module of the PCB board. Your deep tissue massager has a number to show that mine is not, yours has five speeds, mine has only three speeds. Provide deep tissue massager with rich functions, which is the function of the electronic module.

hypervolt massage gun

  It is the three most expensive things in a deep tissue massager: motor, battery and electronic module.

  The above mentioned some differences in structural materials. The reason why the deep tissue massager, which is also used for “suddenly”, sells 88 for the East and 880 for the West. If Boss Du has made it, he may sell it for 8800. This is not only due to the premium of the deep tissue massager brand, but better design materials can bring richer functions, clearer digital display, and make the product more advanced and more comfortable to use. .

  Both structure and materials are important, and the following content is even more important.

  How to use it for the first time?

  Like many “net celebrity” products, the deep tissue massager that was born out of the sky served the professional field in the early stage, such as some sports stars and fitness giants. Later, consumer-grade products gradually came to us, but if the big guys massage and relax their muscles and bones, they will usually be guided by someone to use them.

  The deep tissue massager is no exception, and now that we buy the deep tissue massager and open the package, we can hardly see the professional instruction manual. A neat row of 5 or 6 massage heads, which one to use for which part, and how many speeds to gently place it on the skin, still need to apply pressure.

  Most of the users who come into contact with deep tissue massager for the first time know nothing about it. There are many brands of deep tissue massager, and most of their thoughts are indeed spent on improving the quality of the hardware, including better motors, better control panel design, and smaller body jitter, but they just ignore this.

  As a massage tool used for the rehabilitation of human soft tissues, the product itself is of high quality, and at the same time, it can be used properly to bring better results. If you use the deep tissue massager without learning, it’s like: the massage therapist assigned to you by the massage parlor is full of muscles, and he’s very powerful at first glance, but he just says “Big Brother, I’m going to work the first day today, Master Say let me try first”, are you afraid of this?

  I still remember that about a year ago, when I was young, I ran back to the bedroom and picked up the newly purchased deep tissue massager. It was a hammer to myself. At the same time, I also pursued the principle of vigorously creating miracles. The result was naturally more pain the next day. Now, as a young and strong I, it took a lot of rest for me to recover.

  Buying a deep tissue massager is not the same as buying a watermelon. The deep tissue massager products on the market are actually quite mature. Basically, you don’t need to do much homework, and the products with moderate prices are already very good. Long-term stable use is definitely not a problem, and the most important thing is that after you get it, don’t rush to use it. Do your homework first and watch the instructional video. If the doctor recommends anything, you should understand it before you get started.

  Reason “beat”, science “beat”.

hand massager

  Some experimenters have done related experiments on the subject of the comparative study of the effects of shoulder massager gun and stretching and relaxation on muscle fatigue after exercise. 40 non-sports major college students were selected for the test, and they were divided into 4 groups, each of which was blank. Group, stretching and relaxation group, using shoulder massager gun group and a combination of the two groups. To record their muscle state and muscle strength recovery respectively, and conclude that:

  1. If effective active relaxation is not implemented immediately after exercise, the muscle state will recover slowly and return to normal after 24 hours, but the muscle strength has not recovered to the initial level after 48 hours, and the person is in a state of fatigue.

  2. Stretching and relaxation have little effect on the recovery of muscle state, but it is helpful for muscle strength recovery, and it will return to the original level after 48 hours.

  3. The shoulder massager gun can restore muscle tension and stiffness in time. The recovery will be more obvious after 24 hours, and it will basically return to the initial state after relaxation. Compared with the blank group, it has both strength recovery and a certain promotion effect, which will be restored after 48 hours. normal level.

  4. Use in combination. The recovery effect is better, but the recovery of muscle strength is not as good as using a machine model gun alone.

  So how do we use the shoulder massager gun scientifically and what are the precautions?

  First of all, when we use the shoulder massager gun, do not use too much force. Do a good job of massaging along the texture of the muscles. The relaxation time of each part should not be too long, 3 to 5 minutes.

hypervolt massage gun

  It is recommended to use the shoulder massager gun in places with abundant muscles, and avoid the following parts as far as possible: joints, bones protruding positions, lymphoid tissues and nerves rich positions, organ positions, arteries rich positions, pay special attention to injuries during exercise 24 Do not use the shoulder massager gun within hours, otherwise the injury may be aggravated, so you should pressurize ice or seek medical treatment in time. People with plaques and thrombosis are also not suitable to use the shoulder massager gun.

  Knowing this, for our daily use of the shoulder massager gun, everyone should pay more attention to it.