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  Muscle massager is a tool for muscle relaxation, it is a high frequency impact type of relaxation, through the different frequency of muscle impact to achieve the effect of muscle relaxation.

  Fascial gun in high frequency oscillation impact muscle will produce a certain pressure, muscle tension will increase, thus activating the presence of tendon location of tension change receptors – Golgi tendon organ, and Golgi tendon apparatus has a significant role in reducing muscle tension, so that you can relax the muscle.

   In addition, the muscle massage gun inhibits the muscle length change receptors within the muscle fibers – myosin.

  The purpose of inhibiting the muscle shuttle is to reduce the muscle tone that also reduces muscle tone, restores functional muscle length, accelerates blood circulation, and reduces fascial tissue adhesions, thus relaxing the muscle fascia.

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  There are too many massage guns of various brands and price levels on the market, so I was dazzled by them and never got one. Now finally waiting for an opportunity to get Voltrx this back massager.

  Portable handbag

  This fascia gun value is really high, the whole machine design curve is very smooth, matte body with black handle, looks more professional, frosted texture is also very comfortable. It is equipped with six professional massage heads, which can meet the various needs of daily exercise and relaxation.

  The side of the body is set up with a switch button, the operation is very simple, the child can learn.

  I took it to the office, the gym and other places, every time I had a break at work, I would take it out to massage and relax for 10 minutes or so, feeling more relaxed and comfortable, after going to the gym to work out, take it to the tight muscles of the body to focus on relaxation massage, the next day the muscle soreness significantly reduced a lot.

  Voltrx this fascia gun is very durable, it is the internal use of quiet noise reduction imported brushless motor, even if the high-frequency massage mode will not disturb the people around, this I know when I use in the office.

  The bottom of the body is the total power on/off key and charging place, speaking of charging, strong lithium battery life really into a durable and lasting! I’ve used it for so long without charging it, and it feels very good to use.

  This fascia gun to my home after almost never idle, the family often used to massage relaxed shoulders and necks, each time after using a lot of comfort, children will also use it to relax the whole body, a neck massager, the whole family is applicable, it is really not a loss to get.

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  In the past few days, many friends asked about the price of this massage gun. Pharaoh said in [Is there a difference between a few hundred and a few thousand of a massage gun?], but there is no difference in terms of experience, but afterwards For fitness enthusiasts, the massage gun with a price of about two hundred yuan is still lacking in strength, and there is no high-priced massage gun that is more powerful! This involves the core motor used in the massage gun.

  People who have muscles that are more “struggling” can clearly feel that when a bad-quality OEM massage gun hits the muscles, it is like a “child tickling”. There is no deep massage effect at all. The consequence is that people are The word-of-mouth evaluation of massage gun is very low, such as “IQ tax”, “chicken ribs” and so on. And a massage gun with very good quality, the effect it exerts is “gun to the flesh, so you can’t stop it”, this is the sourness that people are looking for!

  Let’s discuss why there is such a big gap in the price of massage gun:

  1, brand premium

  Everyone will find that the price of domestic massage gun is much cheaper than that of foreign brands, and there is the problem of brand premium. For example, HYPERICE, the originator of massage guns, is priced at about US$299 abroad, which is about 2000 when converted into RMB. However, if you want to buy massage guns of the brand HYPERICE in China, the price is generally 3,000 to 4,000 yuan. The premium part of this difference includes: agents, taxes, promotion and other costs. And domestic products don’t have to consider so much, when all kinds of Internet celebrities bring goods, massage guns become popular. You only need to open a store on the major e-commerce platforms, and you can be successful with the price. By the way, Lao Wang bought the massage gun at a price of 59 yuan before, but the quality is really messed up!

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  2, select materials

  The material of    massage gun determines its cost. Cheap OEM massage gun will not consider the feeling in use at all. Plastic smell, motor, etc. are all problems. The massage gun that Pharaoh bought for less than 100 yuan is a wired connection, the noise is deafening, and the outer box is a soft bag. It can’t be used after using it twice, and the connection line is exposed and so on.

  3, the choice of motor

  The motor motor on the massage gun is considered more important, and the brushless motor must have a longer service life than the brush motor. The second generation of brushless motors will definitely be much better than the first generation, and the next iteration of the product will be developed in terms of efficiency. The difference in the price of the massage gun is due to the internal selection of the motor motor! For example, the Serikon Theragun G3PRO has a thrust of 18KG and an amplitude of 16mm. When it is used on the human body, the shock distance The attenuation is very small.

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  The tension of our trapezius muscles is due to our daily homework, typing, playing with mobile phones and using computers too much, causing our shoulders to be in a state of contraction and tension all the time!

  Therefore, in addition to relaxation and repair, we should also pay attention to the usual posture of playing with mobile phones and doing homework, let our shoulders sink as much as possible, and don’t keep shrugging our shoulders.

  And this kind of lifestyle can easily lead to tension in the front chest, and the imbalance of the front and back muscles of the neck together causes the neck to lean forward and hunch back.

  Tense trapezius muscles can also easily cause us to train the trapezius muscles when we practice chest and back exercises. It is difficult to use the muscles that we should train, that is, our back or our latissimus dorsi and other muscle groups.

  So we need to relax our over activated trapezius muscles and chest before practicing these places.

  People who don’t work out can relax the muscles that have been tense for a day after the end of daily work. This can relieve muscle tension and make our posture better.

  This method will use Tratai’s massage gun.

  A misunderstanding of many people using the massage gun is to press the inside of the muscles very hard, but in fact, not only does this vibration not only produce the maximum relaxation effect, but also not so good.

  The design of the massage gun and the way of vibration is to relax our massage to the maximum effect. The relaxation of the massage is the best way to use vibration. This is why the massage gun is a very special and irreplaceable existence. Because we can’t achieve such a high-speed vibration by manpower.

  But precisely because the massage gun relaxes the massage. So when we use it, we only need to let our gun stay on the surface. Then pressing down hard will not bring you more effects, and it will be easier to damage our instruments.

  When using it, don’t press hard on the inner bones of the muscles, but gently touch the tension on the surface, and then use it in the direction of the muscles. Its effect will be twice the result with half the effort. You can watch the video to introduce each place in detail. And how to use the head.

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  This Korean tratac massage gun is of very good quality, and the Korean translation also calls this massage gun a love body gun. His design is very intimate, it can be placed directly on the floor or on the table, so that your massage head will not get dirty, it is very suitable for people with cleanliness, and when he uses it, he can also hang the grip strap on his hand , To prevent slipping.

  This massage gun can be used continuously for four hours without charging. I think it is very suitable for people who need to use massage guns frequently. It is suitable for putting it in the gym for a whole day without charging. And the noise is very low and not noisy.

  The six massage heads are suitable for different parts. There are four levels of vibration frequency adjustment. The first level is very suitable for girls. It is more comfortable than all the massage guns I have used before! His head is also very comfortable. I don’t know what material is used on the skin and it feels very good.

  And the most important thing is that the motor it is equipped with is the best in the industry, but the price is much cheaper than hypervolt, so it is very cost-effective. Only if the motor is good enough can the massage be relaxed with deep and steady hits.

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  To eliminate tiredness from a day’s work or body aches after strenuous exercise, it is convenient and not to ask for a relaxing massage. Recently, the popular muscle massage gun has become very popular. The physiotherapist said that the massage gun has the effect of relaxing and tightening muscles and promoting blood circulation. It is especially suitable for people who feel muscle weakness and fatigue after exercise. However, they should also pay attention to the use of contraindications, including the front of the neck, both sides of the neck, and the heels. Should not be used, once sports injuries, the wrong use of the massage gun will aggravate the problem of muscle tears at any time.

  The principle of the massage gun is to transmit power to the muscles through high-frequency vibration, that is, about 2,000 to 3,000 times per minute, so as to achieve the effect of relaxing and tightening the muscles. It is a more convenient and labor-saving massage method, but Does not have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Hong Kong physiotherapist Huang Ruiqi said that the massage gun is suitable for use on a large group of muscles, such as buttocks, thighs, calves and hands. For example, people who feel soreness in their calf muscles after running or climbing can be used. But if it is used on the back, pay more attention to avoid shaking the shoulder blades, spine and other positions.

  As for some parts involving large blood vessels, it is not recommended, including the front of the neck and both sides of the neck, abdomen, underarms, and groin. The yellow finger should also be avoided in the heel and joints. If it is incorrectly used on the knee, it may cause too much pressure on the knee, which may cause damage to the periosteum or joints in the slightest, and may cause bone shock or fracture in severe cases.

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  Huang said that there was a man in his 30s who felt heel pain after completing a 20-kilometer long-distance running training. He then used a home foot massager to relieve him, but thought the effect was insufficient, and then used a massage gun to shake the heel of his left foot. When I got up the next morning, I felt severe pain in my left foot as soon as he landed on the ground. Huang said that the muscles of the soles of the feet are mostly thin muscles. Massage guns are not recommended. In addition, if the soles of the feet are painful, they may already have inflammation. If you use the massage guns indiscriminately, you can damage the fascia or periosteum at any time. The consequences may be large or small.

  Although the massage gun can help relieve muscle fatigue and soreness, the yellow finger is not recommended if it is the pain caused by the injury, otherwise it may tear the muscles and aggravate the condition. Injury refers to inflammation of the affected area, that is, redness, swelling, heat, pain and other symptoms, or “pain if you are not moving.” On the contrary, muscle fatigue after general exercise may decrease over time, or it is usually painful after exercise. If the public is not sure, it is best to wait for observation. For example, it is better to use the massage gun the next day after exercise to prevent injuries.

  There are also tips on how to use the massage gun. The yellow finger, for example, you can try it for 5 minutes in the initial use. It is not recommended to concentrate the power of the vibration at one point or one position. As for the more tight muscles, 15 minutes at most is enough. Too long may cause muscle bruising. The intensity of use should also be moderate, emphasizing that it is not “the more pain the better”, it should be mild to moderate, and it is best to start with mild.

  Huang said that there are some people who are not suitable to use massage guns, including those who have been injured, pregnant women, have cancer or have vascular diseases. In addition, patients who are taking aspirin are more likely to have subcutaneous bleeding problems and are not suitable for massage guns. He suggested that before using a massage gun, it is better to consult a professional such as a physical therapist, which is safer.

  Many people often suffer from shoulder and neck pain. Although a massage gun can be used to relieve muscle fatigue and discomfort caused by long-term use of a computer, the pain must be cured. The cause should be examined and daily improvements can be expected to eliminate the pain in the long term.

  In addition, it is necessary to cooperate with proper stretching, that is, to lengthen the muscles to maintain flexibility and reduce injuries. Muscle training is also indispensable, such as “retracting the chin”. As for the problem of low back pain, it is the same. You also need to pay attention to your daily posture and exercise your core muscles. Massage tools cannot replace the benefits of stretching and muscle training. People should pay attention to it.

  There are many tools in the market that have similar massage guns that can relax the muscles. Yellow fingers, such as tennis balls or massage balls that are ready to use, press on the back of the neck.