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  Sometimes when you are going to cut your hair, the shampoo will give you a head massage and use professional techniques to deeply relax the acupuncture points on the head. You will feel that the whole head is relaxed a lot. Envious that they have a good skill, not only can give customers a massage, they can also give a deep relaxation to the family when they go home; a proper head massage before going to bed at night, gun massager amazon can relieve the tiredness of the day and improve the brain Improve the oxygen uptake, eliminate tension and stress, so that the brain gains sufficient energy.

  Nowadays, many people pay more and more attention to their physical health, and start to keep their bodies in good condition from dietary conditioning and strengthening physical exercises. Some people can apply for a card in the gym, have one-on-one personal coaching, and some people I like to exercise outdoors and enjoy the fresh and good air while looking at the surrounding scenery, but sometimes it may cause ligament strains if I am not careful.

  Exercising is a gradual process. At the beginning, it may cause soreness in various parts due to physical discomfort. This requires a massager gun to moderately relax the body. The high-frequency vibration of the massager gun can effectively relax the muscles and ease exercise. The soreness caused by muscle tension, fatigue, etc., gives deep massage and relaxation to the fascia.

  Sometimes office workers sit for a whole day, and they often feel soreness in the neck, waist and back after arriving home at night. The elderly may suffer from injuries to the waist and legs when they are young, and they can also cause joint pain when they are old. The massager gun can effectively relieve the problems caused by sitting for a long time. Soreness, relieve muscle soreness caused by exercise, help the elderly relieve muscle pain, return muscle tissue to a normal state, and maintain physical health.

  Owning a massage gun can care for the health of the whole family. It can be used by multiple people to increase the utilization rate. It can meet the needs of all parts of the body. It can be used up and down the whole body. The brushless silent motor is low decibels without disturbing the massage process; it relieves muscles At the same time of tension, it can increase blood circulation, wake up body functions, relieve neck, waist, and back pain caused by long-term sitting; relieve muscle soreness caused by exercise and improve exercise status!

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  We have been educated since childhood: “Be sure to stretch after exercise to avoid muscle pain.” However, stretching can only be done for muscles. If you want to relax the fascia, it is recommended to use a fascia relaxation tool. It does improve the tightness of the fascia. Here are 3 recommended tools for fascia relaxation:

  1. Fascia relaxation ball (fascia ball)

  In fact, as long as you use tennis balls or golf balls with small size and moderate hardness, you can perform simple fascia relaxation exercises. Small balls are very suitable for small area massage and relaxation. When using the ball, put the ball on the pain. Place pressure with the weight of the body to relax the fascia. In addition, there are many fascia relaxation ball products on the market, you can choose the size that suits you.

  2. Fascia relaxation roller (foam roller)

  , also known as the yoga roller, is currently the most popular tool for fascia relaxation. It is mainly used to massage the muscles and fascia in depth by using one’s own body weight and roller rolling. It is usually used to massage the arms, back, and legs. Depending on the type of roller, the particle distribution and texture on the surface are different. You can choose according to your needs. Take the PiRoller Pro2 professional vibration massage roller as an example. In addition to the striped texture on the surface, it can also provide high-intensity precision vibration. Strengthen the effect of fascia massage.

  【Simple Roller Fascia Relaxation Surgery

  Whether it is for sports or when going to work, the calf is actually a part that we often use. Let us use the calf as a demonstration part below and teach you how to use the roller to perform simple fascia relaxation.

  Lay out a yoga mat on a flat ground and place a roller on it.

  Place the calf of one of the feet on the roller and press it back and forth.

  Lean your body to the left (or right) so that the calf can be pressed more fully.

  If you want to increase your strength, you can use your hands to support the ground, let your hips hang in the air, and repeat the above steps.

  3.massager gun costco (massage gun)

  Massager gun costco is the best fascia relaxation tool. It strikes a specific part with a rapid vibration, relaxes the deep muscles and fascia, and allows the muscles to recover quickly. When using the fascia relaxation gun, it is recommended to choose a product that can adjust the intensity and switch to the appropriate intensity according to your own muscle pain to achieve the best effect and avoid injury.

  【Simple massager gun costco relaxation technique

  Shoulder and neck pain is not just a condition that may occur after exercise, it is also easy to cause tightness in the shoulder and neck when sitting poorly at work. The following uses the shoulder and neck as an example to teach you how to relax the fascia with a massager gun costco.

  Sit upright, first confirm the massage area (the right-angle junction of the neck and shoulders to the shoulder muscles between the shoulder blades)

  Massager gun amazon is perpendicular to the massaged area, and massage from above diagonally downwards for 30-60 seconds

  switch to the other side, repeat the above steps