protein shaker mixer

  Protein milkshake is a popular dietary substitute. It is a way to supplement energy after exercise and even help you recover. But now protein milkshakes are only available with or without sugar. Some have a variety of fruit flavors, but many people don’t like these single flavors. They like to make their favorite milkshake with an electric protein mixing bottle. This is also a very interesting thing. If you haven’t tried how to make one yet, let’s find out.

  Made with a shaker plastic bottle blender, some varieties can be added to the milkshake. Try using different ingredients to change the taste of the protein shake. It is suggested to add the following contents:

  Sweet: stevia, 100% fruit juice, honey, maple syrup

  Sour: fresh lemon or lime juice

  Seasoning: cocoa powder, shredded ginger, flavor extract (mint, vanilla, raspberry)

  Energy: Coffee / Espresso, seeds (Chia seeds, hemp, flax)

  These are the additives that people like to use. These can make the milkshake have different flavor, and the taste is different every time. You can also try to change the taste. You should know that if you drink one taste all the time, you will inevitably get tired of it. If you have different tastes, you are a master. Now you only need an electric protein milkshake bottle from the master. With it, you can easily operate any variety you want to drink. It would be a pity if you haven’t tried.

  Secretly tell you a little secret. You can also put fruit juice, ice water and other seasonings in the protein shaker bottle blender and press the button. After 30 seconds, you don’t have to go to the store to buy juice, because what you make is healthier and more delicious than what they make. Don’t tell anyone.

best blender shaker bottle

  Now you will find dozens of protein shakers of different models, different quality, different colors and different materials in the market. Indeed, many of these blender bottle protein Shakers can complete the work, but they all seem to have slight design defects. When designing our protein shake mixer machine, we tested many products for ourselves to find out these problems, so that our products can be improved and tested again and again. It aims to provide our customers with the best electric protein shaker bottle experience.

  Because even some of our favorite quiet protein shake blenders, one of the biggest defects we found was the difficulty of cleaning many of these products. Many protein shake cups on the market either adopt a thin design so that they can be put into the cup holder, but it is difficult to reach into the interior during cleaning, or they are designed wider to make it easier for users to clean, but they should be prevented from sliding into the cup holder easily.

  All our protein shaker blender botles are very clean. Just put some detergent and water and press the button to clean them. It really simplifies our lives.

  Description: protein shake mixer bottles can be used as both water bottles and vibrators, with detachable mixing device. It is thin and streamlined, suitable for the cup holder of the car, but the weight of 24 ounces is still enough to meet most exercise needs. It is made of environment-friendly materials without BPA and has complete functions.

  Mixing mechanism: the mixer uses a battery powered motor, like a mini mixer in a bottle, to achieve excellent mixing. It is removable, lightweight and self-cleaning. This mixing device is also detachable, so you can turn the best protein shake mixer into an ordinary beverage bottle.

  Size, color and material: 24 ounces, available in blue, black, red or gray. It is made of Eastman Triton plastic without BPA and has impact resistance.

  Closing method: this battery operated protein shake mixer uses a leak proof snap on the top, and the seal is leak proof. There are two drinking methods, one is a small mouth and the other is a wider opening, so that you can drink when you are really thirsty or in a hurry.

  Cleaning: these handheld protein shake mixers will clean automatically when you add some water and detergent and rinse them.

  Others: leak proof and odor proof, with anti-skid rubber base.

  Simple operation, intelligent and convenient life is the best protein shake mixer cup we pursue. I believe our specialty is worth it.