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  I bought this plastic shaker bottle specially for mixing protein milkshakes, because I’m tired of my old SHAKE MIXER bottle, which inevitably leaves lumps in every milkshake I’ve made. This electric protein shaker bottle eliminates almost all lumps and provides a smooth texture. So far, I only use it with almond milk + casein or ordinary protein, and the effect is very good.

  Vortex protein shaker cleaning is also easy. I just fill the cup with warm water about 3 / 4, open it and add detergent. Eddy actually did most of the work for me. I doubt I can go back to the ordinary shaker at this point. Found this. It’s absolutely perfect! No overflow, no shaking, just click the button and let it rotate for a minute or two! It’s much more expensive than ordinary bottles, but it’s worth investing in.

  I have been using electric shaker cup every day for two weeks. The highlight is: excellent. These vibrating screens look and feel very expensive. High quality voltrx electric protein shaker bottle.

  So I have been using one of those popular protein milkshakes brands, but one of my biggest problems is always forgetting an electric shaker cups for protein shakes that can mix water and protein. Not only that, but some flavors are always a little caked. After reading the comments, because this vortex mixer is new, I decided to give it a try. Some complaints are about charging problems and Cup loss of power. Now, if the battery is dead, surprisingly, the voltrx shaker bottle will be powered off, just as your phone screen will darken when the battery is in Fritz state to save power. I didn’t have a charging problem.

  I make sure to do this before the battery runs out. Whenever I do this, we will restore full power! If the electric shaker bottle loses a little charm, it’s no big deal, because the glass protein shaker cup can still play a role. Sports shaker bottle does leave a very small amount of residue on the side of the powder. Personally, I don’t think this is a big problem. The instructions are simple, make sure you follow them. Also know that this protein powder shaker is not a blender. It doesn’t have the blades to shred fruit or frozen food and all the happy jazz.

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  The chest muscle is a very large muscle group, which occupies a very large area in the upper limbs, and is also a very important muscle group. Many men like to exercise their pectoral muscles, but many people have exercised for a long time and still can’t get beautiful pectoral muscles. Why? Today, let me explain to everyone, look at the common misunderstandings when exercising pectoral muscles, and then look at how to exercise pectoral muscles.

  1. Common misunderstandings when exercising pectoral muscles

  (1) Do not practice the middle seam

  When doing chest exercises, many men will selectively ignore the midstitch and only train the pectoralis major with the largest area. This is a serious mistake. Whether the chest muscles are good or not depends to a large extent on the middle seam in the middle of the chest. There is a narrow gap between the two pectoralis major muscles. This gap is called the center gap. If we insist on exercising the center gap, the chest muscles will look very stylish. If we don’t practice the center gap, the chest muscles will hardly appear. With beautiful lines, the outline will be very blurred.

  (2) Do not lose weight, practice directly

  There are also some men who have a relatively high physique rate. They directly participate in muscle-building training without reducing fat and losing weight during fitness. This is a very serious mistake. Muscle and fat are two incompatible enemies. Muscle will burn a part of fat, and fat will cover up muscle lines and affect muscle force during exercise. Therefore, we must first lower fat and then gain muscle.

  2. Exercise plan to exercise pectoral muscles

  (1) Perform appropriate anaerobic exercise

  To develop beautiful chest muscles, we must perform proper anaerobic exercise. Some people only use dumbbell flying when doing chest exercises. This is a very serious mistake. Lazy people are not eligible for fitness. I suggest that you always maintain a good attitude of learning new sports during the fitness period. Here I have prepared some points that you need to pay attention to when exercising your pectoral muscles. Let us learn together!

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  (1) Not only exercise the pectoralis major, but also exercise the midstitch

  (2) Do not exercise pectoralis minor muscle through anaerobic exercise

  (3) After the exercise, stretch the chest appropriately

  (4) Adhere to the input of high-density exercise with the number of groups, greater density, and less rest

  (5) It is better to exercise for more than 1 hour at a time, don’t over-exercise

  (2) Maintain high protein intake

  High protein intake will also help us improve the quality of chest muscles. Protein not only helps muscle composition, but also has a good effect on eliminating fatigue after exercise. Here I suggest that you take in protein content according to your body weight. Each kilogram of body weight needs to consume 1.5 to 2 grams of protein. If you are a 65 kilogram person, you need to earn close to 100 grams of protein.

  But this value is only for your reference. Long-term intake of a large amount of pure protein can easily affect our kidney health. So we need to supplement properly, and it is best to supplement through natural foods.

  Concluding remarks: It doesn’t matter if the chest muscles are not good-looking. We can exercise through the methods introduced by this institute. If we persist, we will have very beautiful upper limb lines. I suggest that everyone keep patience and keep exercising. As long as you can persist to the end, you will definitely have a satisfying harvest. Well, not much to say, let us exercise together next!

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  I have tried many electric shaker bottles. It must be said that this is the best electric shaker bottle I have ever seen. It can be perfectly integrated without balls or pods. It uses one vortex to collide with another vortex in the opposite direction almost effortlessly. So it’s very good, and because there are no other parts to help the mixing process, it is easy to clean and will not cause confusion. Most electric shaker bottles produce eddy currents, but they can only rotate in one direction, and then they must be disassembled and cleaned. I use it to mix, extract energy drinks from whey protein, then juice, collagen, tea, etc. I like these two books very much, and I would recommend them to all my fitness and martial arts enthusiasts. In addition, customer service is something I don’t have.

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  I have undergone gastric sleeve surgery and tried many different types of electric shaker bottles and shaker bottles, as well as protein mixtures. Everything is more valuable than them, or even more unpalatable. Finally found a protein powder that I don’t hate, but it can only be mixed with an electric mixer. Until now! I have doubts about how this Shaker Bottle is used (to be honest, I am looking forward to returning it), but it does work, and I am a very happy alcoholic. This Shaker Bottle is a real game changer in the world of protein drinks!

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  The protein mixture I said will have these terrible small pieces and an ordinary Shaker Bottle, whether it has a wire ball, some kind of filter or other mixed insert. There are no small lumps in this Shaker Bottle! Other complaints about the lid are accurate, so be sure to put the lid down safely before shaking, but to be honest, I am still very satisfied with this magical Shaker Bottle.