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  The shaker bottle is perfect for mixing protein shakes and the electric shaker bottle has no plastic taste. The durability is great and the best electric shaker bottle looks stylish and easy to carry. If you don’t wash your protein shake after drinking it, the next time you open it is an absolute nightmare and you don’t want to know the taste.

  The electric protein shaker bottle is thin and long, I plan to buy a bottle brush to clean it. The blender is great for mixing protein powder completely.

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  The best blender bottle classic in history! I have experienced many glass blender bottles that were taken to the gym with protein powder in them. The original plastic bottle had a peculiar smell and nothing could be washed off, so I replaced it with a glass bottle. The glass is difficult to clean, and it is difficult for me to mix it evenly. I tried one of them is sweet sympathy jebus, this bottle is great. It mixes protein powder in the simplest and most effective way without any peculiar smell. I don’t know why plastics are not made of such non-porous materials, so I immediately bought four more.

  Then, once my wife discovered the same attributes as me, she started to borrow these as her lunch shake…We bought three more.

  Considering the price of pink blender bottle, even if it doesn’t work, what’s the disadvantage?

  This blender bottle classic really surprised me, because the blender ball can bring me to work and blend the milkshake well. There is nothing better than a wall-mounted home blender, but this is a great way to make a foam-rich blended milkshake that you can drink on your desk.

  Even if some of the powder gets wet and sticks to the bottom of the bottle, the vigorous shaking of the stirring ball will cause the powder to be mixed into the milkshake. It really works.

  blender shaker bottle is easy to clean and use. I didn’t miss it after I bought it. A product is just for something else, which is a big surprise.

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  like this protein shaker. I used my voltrx with cranberry cherry juice for weight loss and a scoop of my Orgain cream chocolate fudge organic protein powder, and added filtered water. The protein shake blender is easy to use and clean, using the color I like.

  This is a gift for boyfriend. He is very picky, I never know what to give him. He likes this sport water bottles gift! He is an athlete and always needs a new shaker. I found this, and he said this is his favorite one, because all the drinks he had drunk in the past have leaked, but he said that he hasn’t missed it at all! I am very satisfied with this purchase and will buy more in the future.

  I was surprised by the sealing effect of this shaker bottles. I pour a smoothie in it every morning, and then throw it into the bag along with my clothes and notebook. I don’t care about this world at all, because I know it won’t leak or overflow. The protein bottle is light and easy to clean, just take it with you.

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  When we exercise, we will choose the appropriate action in advance, and then we will exercise, which can exercise the target part more effectively. The exercise action of each part of the exercise part is different, so if we want to exercise the forearm muscles, we can choose exercises such as dumbbell lateral internal rotation, dumbbell weight walking and so on. So, how should men practice forearm muscles at home? Let’s find out together.

  dumbbell lateral pronation

  1. Hold a dumbbell in one hand, lie on your side on a flat bench, close your upper arm to your body, and bend your elbows so that your forearm and upper arm are at a 90-degree angle, with your palm facing your head. The other hand pinched the waist. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Keep the upper arm still, keep the arm bent at 90 degrees, rotate the forearm inside the body, and exhale at the same time. Until the rotation reaches the limit, keep the peak contraction for one second.

  3. Then slowly return to the starting position while breathing in.

  Dumbbell weight walking

  1. Choose a challenging weight and place the dumbbells on the ground on one side of your body. Bend your knees and squat, keeping your back straight, and pick up the dumbbells on the floor in a deadlift position. Then hold the dumbbells, keep your body upright, with your arms hanging down naturally on the side of your body, hold your chest and abdomen, and look forward. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Walk forward with dumbbells in hand, keep your body balanced, keep your weight-bearing arms straight and droop naturally, and your shoulders in a neutral position.

  3. One walks forward until a suitable distance is completed, and can turn if necessary.

  4. After finishing walking, control your body to squat slowly and put the dumbbells back on the ground. Don’t throw dumbbells directly on the ground.

  The essentials of wrist rotation

  1. Separate your feet, shoulder width apart. Raise your arms and extend them until they reach a height parallel to the ground. And parallel to the height of the ground, evenly in a straight line with the shoulders. Tip: Your torso and arms should form the letter “T”: your palms should be downward. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Except for the wrists, the whole body is fixed, and both wrists are rotated forward. Hint: Imagine you are trying to draw a circle with your hands. Maintain normal breathing during exercise.

  upright kettlebell high turn

  1. Hold a kettlebell, stand upright with the kettlebell hanging on one side of the body, this is the starting position of the action.

  2. Then swing the kettlebell back vigorously, and then swing it forward to lift the kettlebell to the shoulder position, with the arm bent at 90 degrees.

  3. After a slight pause at the top, lower the kettlebell and swing it backwards, and repeat the above actions.

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  At this time, I will tell you that, in fact, push-ups vary from person to person. There are thousands of people. Even for the same age group, there is no fixed standard. The standard for push-ups should be adjusted according to the individual’s physical condition and ability. Even for different genders, the standards for doing push-ups have their own merits. So everyone must be curious now, how many push-ups in a group can you get the perfect chest muscles? Don’t worry, you can read it patiently next, I will teach it slowly, and I promise to give you a satisfactory answer.

  First, if you want to truly master the exercises of push-ups, you must first have enough knowledge about push-ups.

  Once as a student, it must be difficult for everyone to forget the punishment for physical education, because at that time one of the punishments must be push-ups. But at that time, what we only knew about push-ups was the posture and number of punishments. The knowledge and understanding of push-ups was not comprehensive, but what we want to understand today is comprehensive push-ups.

  1. Push-ups are a basic training of military physical training. As we all know, not all actions are items of military training. Therefore, the selection of push-ups as one of the military physical training is the basic affirmation of push-ups.

  2. Push-ups are simple and easy to do, but the effect is better. It’s not that the more complex the movements of the exercise program, the better the exercise effect. On the contrary, although the push-up is simple and easier to do, its exercise effect is also very good. Moreover, by practicing variant push-ups, it is easier to train the perfect chest muscles.

  Second, the exercise parts of push-ups

  Although we often did push-ups when we were students, and many times we would choose push-ups when we did exercises at home, so which part of the body does push-ups exercise? Push-ups are a very effective exercise for strength training, so they mainly exercise the muscles of the upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially for the chest muscles. Therefore, many men and women who want a good-looking body line choose to join the push-up training program when they work out.

  Third, the exercise standard for push-ups

  Generally speaking, the standard of push-up exercise is not unique. It will change at any time according to the physical condition of each person, but there must be a general standard for your reference. Then for everyone’s needs, we recommend the following standards for men and women:

  1. Male:

  ①Beginners: Because you are just new to push-ups, you can practice two groups and try them. Normally, each group is 15 to 20 times, and you can make appropriate adjustments according to your physical condition;

  ②Athletes with a certain foundation: You can add a group to the beginners, and keep it at about 3 groups, and each group can try to keep 20 times;

  ③Push-up expert: add another group, try 30 to 50 reps in each group, do 4 groups, but be sure to pay attention to the breathing rhythm;

  ④Ultra-high level people: You can do 50 to 100 repetitions. As for the groups, you can adjust yourself according to your body’s acceptance status.

  2. Female:

  ①Beginners: Generally, the training intensity of women is lower than that of men, so the first time is to do two groups, but each group can do 5 to 8;

  ②Athletes with a certain foundation: you can try to do 3 or 4 groups, each group is about 8 to 10 times;

  ③Push-ups: try to do 4 to 6 groups, each group can be appropriately increased to 15 to 20, and you can keep breathing smooth;

  ④Ultra-high level people: You can challenge to do 6 to 8 groups, each group keeps more than 20, but you must do according to your own physical condition.

  Fourth, the practice of push-ups

  1. Keep your body in a prone position, with your arms stretched out into parallel lines, and your hands should be shoulder-width apart. If you can’t hold it, you can also make your hands slightly wider and shoulders, so that you can really exercise your pectoral muscles.

  2. While inhaling, bend your elbows so that the outline of your chest is close to the ground, but do not directly touch the ground. At the same time, do not arch your lower back excessively to avoid injury.

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  3. Slowly push up your body until your arms are completely straight and parallel.

  5. Slowly exhale through your mouth at the end of the action, don’t act too haste, so as not to lose your breath.

  Five, the benefits of push-ups

  After introducing push-ups for so long, everyone must be particularly curious about the benefits of doing push-ups? Don’t worry, I will explain clearly to everyone one by one, the benefits of push-ups are probably the following:

  1. It can better improve one’s own balance ability, and at the same time can promote blood circulation, activate bones, thus promote physical development, and further improve everyone’s athletic ability; at the same time, it can also train perfect chest muscle lines.

  2. It can reduce the physiological aging of the human body and improve the muscle memory to a certain extent. Through activities, it can increase the strength of the person to stretch forward, thereby preventing accidental falls;

  3. It can enhance the physical fitness, and at the same time, exercise can improve the active ability of motor cells, strengthen the willpower of the person, and have great benefits for the long-term development of physical and mental health.

  Six, warm tips for doing push-ups

  1. Push-up variants: When doing push-up exercises, you can exercise different parts of the pectoralis major while changing the inclination angle of the thorax, so that different parts of the pectoralis major can be exercised. Depending on the angle, the parts that can be exercised by the pectoralis major will be different. This is also the most critical part of training the perfect pectoral muscle.

  2. Matching companion: Since standard push-ups are more suitable for exercising pectoralis major and triceps, in order to achieve better exercise effect, you can strengthen the exercise of triceps when exercising pectoralis major.

  3. Kneeling push-ups: Because the main part of the push-up exercise is the pectoralis major muscle, beginners can try the kneeling push-ups in order to better master the push-ups.

  4. Types of push-ups: In addition to the postures recommended by beginners, we also recommend postures for exercisers of other stages of push-ups, such as diamond push-ups, one-handed push-ups, diagonal push-ups, wide and narrow distance push-ups, handstand push-ups, etc. But these push-ups in trick postures are more suitable for push-up players with a certain foundation.

  All in all, how many push-ups do in a group can finally train the perfect chest muscles. You must constantly adjust according to each person’s physical condition. Don’t blindly follow the trend and make a training plan that is not suitable for you. That will not only fail to exercise the effect, there are It may be self-defeating and damage your health. I hope our suggestions can help you all.