blender bottle 20 oz

  Speaking of Xiaoyanfei, some people are quite familiar with it, but if a person practices Xiaoyanfei for a long time, it can bring a lot of benefits to the body, such as exercising the waist, abdomen, back, and buttocks. In addition to the above benefits, what are the benefits of practicing Xiaoyanfei’s movements? Let’s follow the editor to understand it.

  What are the benefits of flying Xiaoyan?

  Xiaoyanfei movement is a comprehensive training movement for a person to exercise our waist, abdomen, back, buttocks, neck and legs. Although this action is relatively simple, the effect of the exercise is also very good. We can exercise well to these parts during the exercise. In addition, Xiaoyanfei’s action has a high safety factor and is suitable for a wide range of people, so this action is becoming more and more popular.

  Xiaoyanfei standard action

  First straighten our legs, lie on the ground to relax our body, keep our legs still, use both hands to hug our head and lean back, let our body form a feeling, like the action of a bird taking off. Keep this action still for 40 seconds, then relax in place for 20 seconds, then restart this action, you can complete three sets a day.

  The difference between Yanfei and Xiaoyanfei

  First of all, I have already mentioned to you that there are certain differences between the movements of the two. The movements of Xiaoyanfei and Yanfei are different, especially the leg movements. Then the exercise effects of the two are also different. The Xiaoyanfei movement has no leg movement, so it does not have a good stretching exercise effect on our legs, but the Yanfei movement plus the leg movement can be used. To achieve a good exercise effect, there is also a hip lift effect, so the exercise effect is better.

blender bottles for protein mixes

  We bought this for the eldest son, he likes to drink a little protein shake every day to adapt to his activity level. This blender bottles are great. This is a screw cap that children can easily open and close. The grip of this sport is also very good, so it won’t slip. I have started to wash my hands, my other plastic utensils BC, and I have seen some seals damaged by the dishwasher. This blender bottles can only be washed by hand. The effect is very good! We have given up several times!

g fuel mix with shaker cup

  We use electrolyte drinks to mix, usually using the classic protein shaker bottle. We bought these for this design. Compared to the flap design, our 2-year-old child is more difficult to open. They look great and easy to clean. It’s like a rubber drop design. They will not leak, but if they do it the wrong way, there will be a few drops when they fly out and shake.